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The internet usage on mobile devices is increasing rapidly and is unlikely to leave room for further growth by 2018. Using the internet on mobile has its benefits that can take over the traditional desktops any day. The growth of internet on mobile devices is also likely to fuel the growth of m-commerce industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Android Demolishes iOS (iPhone) in Smartphone Sales Shares Across the Globe: Can Apple Hit Back? Can Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Take Forward The Nokia (NOK) X Series?Why Cloud POS and eCommerce Make a Perfect Match ! Dazeinfo Inc is one of the leading industry intelligence platforms, immensely focused on creating business content that revolve around industry gowth, companies performance, analysis, market research and projection.Our content and service help business executives make fact-based decisions and accelerate their growth. Moreover, it is the only nation where everyone has access to high-speed 4G internet and almost three-fourth of population is accessing internet on mobile devices. However, there is a vast difference in the usage of internet on mobile devices of both the countries.
With the faster speed, increasing mobile penetration, a hunger to devour media on internet and the comfort of carrying their world everywhere with smartphone is likely to fuel this penetration.

Though social networking is fuelling the adopting of mobile internet, it’s not the only purpose of accessing internet on mobile.
In a survey conducted by SAP, 80% of the respondents used their mobile devices to pay their utility-bills while almost half the respondents use their mobile phones to make the purchases. In addition to that, consumers in APAC are price-sensitive; therefore they make a highly informed choice when it comes to purchasing a smartphone.
The mobile internet exposure ranks high in technologically advanced countries like South Korea, Australia and Japan but it still is below the mark in developing countries such as India and Indonesia. Such a country, which experienced a multi-fold growth by being the early adopters of technology, will be having little or no scope in the growth of  internet on mobile.
The mobile internet usage penetration in Indonesia is almost double that of India but the population of India is almost five times that of Indonesia.
Checking emails, travel details, location findings, routes and nearby destinations, watching videos, playing online games, using m-commerce sites, making transactions, mobile communication are some of the diverse but important drivers of internet on mobiles.
Such a positive response and increasing penetration of usage of internet on mobile devices is expected to help the growing m-commerce industry. The rapid-economic development and attractive internet offers from the telecom companies are pushing more people to access the EDGE and HSPA technology.

An almost similar trend is visible in Australia, the country to achieve the first LTE Advanced and first LTE Broadcast calls.
Keeping that in mind and considering the fact that there are more than 243 million internet users in India, having 172 million internet users on mobile devices can’t be termed as disappointing. The data accounts users of any age accessing internet atleast once a month using any browser or any application installed on their phones.
Moreover, the large-screen smartphones, phablets and tablets are making the internet usage easier and more enjoyable. More than one-third of the population is expected to browse the web on mobile devices by 2018 in APAC, while in countries such as China, Japan, South Korea and Australia, more than half the population will be accessing internet on mobile phones.

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