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Microsoft, Applea€™s longtime competitor on the desktop operating system market, has 2 iOS keyboard apps to offer. Microsoft has made it known that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. In practice however if this is the only method of installation for the free upgrade then there is a problem for a large fraction of the Windows 7 OEM userbase.
A case like this is not uncommon and is more common for other OEMs as Dell shielded COAs by placing them under the battery. You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available.
Before trying out Windows 10 Technical Preview its advisable to make Recovery Media with Dell Backup and Recovery.
Microsoft have removed the Digital River .isos and replaced them with a Microsoft Software Recovery Tool which does not work with the Dell OEM license. You can now quickly choose what folders to sync and importantly quickly relocate the drive locatrion of OneDrive.
Its hoped that Microsoft can implement a similar user interface to relocate local user files and OneDrive files no matter the size of the C:\ Drive.

It would be ideal if both screens above showed during Windows Installation (after inputting your Microsoft Account details) aswell as the option to customise them later. Will Microsoft create an easy what you see is what you get interface for creating a refresh image? It would be nice if users could run this during the Windows setup by booting from Windows 10 installation media (without using DiskPart) and not just through a reset. It would be nice if Microsoft had a utility to securely wipe a SSD before installation related to the clean drive fully. This should be extended to allow the license to be used in better services such as VMWare Player and VirtualBox.
As this infographic explains, there are many bad habits that can negatively impact your productivity.
And Google, Apple's rival on the mobile OS market, has recently released a very interesting iOS keyboard app. I advise Microsoft deploy Windows 10 in a certain way so end-users can readily repair an installation or reinstall on a new hard drive or a corrupt install. Microsoft aren't likely to appease pirates while simultaneously making life difficult for genuine customers.

You should make a Rescue Disk (Bootable External Hard Drive) or Factory Backup (Bootable USB). The ability to make a refresh image (or multiple refresh images) is an incredibly useful feature overlooked by many a user as it requires use of an elevated command prompt Window. There should also be a what you see is what you get interface for wiping a number of drives.
Supporting virtualisation will help IT professionals who want to do testing, the biggest issue at present is obtaining installation media and a license.
This didn't matter for Windows 7 OEM as OEM installation media input a generic Dell OEM SLP key.

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