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Turning a pile of home videos and photos into a touching family movie, audition reel, or business promo, is simple and straightforward with Windows Movie Maker. Windows Live Movie Maker will help you to create movies and slide shows from your photos and videos, and share them with your friends and family. Another nice feature is that it allows you to create slide shows using your photos and music. Microsoft is so considerate of newbie of movie making to endow a pretty handy movie maker along with Windows OS. It is also highly recommended to take use of an all-sided WinX movie maker for creating personalized videos on Windows 10.
It seemingly indicates that Windows Movie Maker 2012 (the latest version) is probably compatible with Windows 10 perfectly based on traces of Windows Movie Maker history. Ahead of video creation, you must learn what types of files can be used in Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10. Go to Microsoft Windows Movie Maker introduction page and tap Download now button on this page to start Windows 10 Movie Maker download. Tap "Add videos and photos" button under Home menu or "Click here to browse for videos and photos" strings on the right column of main interface to choose photos from hard drive.
Immediately, video preview will be shown on the left preview monitor while all the photos you add are listed on storyboard. Tap one picture and drag it to a more suitable place if the current sequence of pictures is not so good. If you would like to bring some special view experience to video watchers, you can use various effects gathering in Visual Effects category, (e.g.
Tap Project tab to set aspect ratio for widescreen or standard and click Edit tab to change duration to display each frame. You can also create custom setting to adjust resolution, bit rate, frame rate and audio format. Tip: you can sign in your Microsoft account and share your video on Facebook, YouTube and more by clicking icon in Share pane. Windows Live Movie Maker is a free video editing software for both Windows Vista and Windows 7.
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When it comes to a brand-new Windows 10 featuring elegant look and amazing functions (like intelligent Cortana, all-fresh Microsoft Edge browser), which are pointed out to deliver better experience on operation according to various Windows 10 reviews, does Windows Movie Maker work with Windows 10? The source imported to Windows 10 movie maker can be photos, videos recorded by (high-definition) digital camera, webcam or phone. With movie maker for Windows 10, you can add the fitting background music to increase interest for your video. Windows 10 Movie Maker is available to share your video to OneDrive, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr directly or more sites by installing third-party plug-ins. Menu bar with ribbon of every tab for quick accessing tools and options are located at the top of interface.
In addition, quick access tools under Home tab drives you to apply a wonderful AutoMovie theme to video, create title, credits for video, rotate and add caption for every clip and more.
Select different styles from provided "Transitions" and "Pan and zoom" to demonstrate pictures in video frame-by-frame or choose one favorite type for whole video by clicking "Apply to all" option. Windows 10 Movie Maker offers various formats for computer, HD video, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Web videos etc. After saving it with a great title, you can directly play it on computer or device or share online. It is also available to convert incompatible videos to Windows media maker accepted formats. Though it is continuously improved carrying new features (as burning DVDs, capturing DVR-MS files form HDV camcorders) and more effects and transitions, it was a turning point when the new version rename Windows Live Movie Maker 2009 arrives, which contributes a rearranged toolbar similar to Office 2007 and specifies a much simpler way to make and customize videos by removing certain advanced but complicated features. Bring in a picture from your phone or email, OneDrive, or camera, and simple buttons give you the power to do all kinds of things: Crop, color correct, adjust, share, even fuse different photos together to make one great picture out of two good ones. Storyboard at the right column is used to list and arrange (change order, remove or add new) video clips, while the left preview monitor enables you to view effects or transitions on single items or whole projects helping increase charm of your video.
Two options, "Find new music online" (only support for AudioMicro, Free Music Archive and Vimeo) and "Add music from computer" are available. In addition, it can extract audios MP3, AAC, AC3, iPhone Ringtone and lossless audios WAV, FLAC, ALAC with no effort at all. Furthermore, Windows Live Movie Maker only can be obtained through Windows Live Essential suite for Windows 7 or later instead of being attached with operation system.
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How to create a favorable movie or video for sharing with your friends on YouTube, Facebook and more with Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10? The following Windows Live Maker 2011 is updated to support high-definition video, capture webcam video, upload videos to SkyDrive, Facebook directly and more.
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With the new MAGIX Music Maker 2013 it's easier than ever to make great songs quickly and easily on your computer. More than 3000 professionally produced sounds and loops from a range of musical genres provide everything you need to make great songs.
Make your song even more unique with your own vocal recordings, awesome guitar riffs or your own keyboard melodies. With just one click your hit can make its world premier on SoundCloud, YouTube or Facebook.

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