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Here at drinkstuff we strive to offer the latest and best products for your home and we think we've outdone ourselves with this, our brand new 4oz popcorn machine!No more black, burnt and tasteless popcorn you'd expect to find with poor supermarket-style microwave examples or repeated trips to the cinema to get the quality popcorn you crave, this is a professional unit which produces cinema-quality popcorn in your own home! Below is Newsmakers ( Goryachie Novosti ) ( News Makers ) [ Non Usa Format, Pal, Reg.2 Import United Kingdom ] Movie Poster. The machine cooks the corn perfectly, neither too soft or too crispy and the full aroma of the popcorn is retained with whichever flavour you're attempting to make.And you don't have to have endured hours of training at a cinema snack counter to use this machine either, just plug in and go make some popcorn!

During this process it is unavoidable that a small number of un-popped kernels will be ejected from the chute, it is advisable to place the popcorn maker facing away from you. Please be aware of this and keep children away from corn chute whilst the machine is operating.

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