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If youa€™ve just bought a Windows 10 device, here are the apps youa€™ll want to download as soon as possible to get the most out of your new machine.
Apps not only make using your Windows 10 device easier by giving you better ways to do the things you want to do, they can also make the experience a lot more fun. Drawboard PDF is a PDF viewer with integrated annotation capabilities that lets you read, annotate and create freeform markups on PDF files. Flummoxed and upset by how the formally free Windows Media Center is now a paid optional item in Windows 10? Power users who frequently switch or upgrade their devices will appreciate Chocolatey, a package manager created specifically for the Windows platform.
For those quick-and-dirty notes that you can stick to your Windows 10 device, Sticky Notes Pro is a free app that is simply nicer than the built-in one that comes with Windows 10. If youa€™re fed up with having a messy Windows desktop, Stardock Fences may just be what the doctor ordered. Adobe Photoshop Express is the slimmed down version of its full-fledged namesake with features that makes it easy to touch-up photos when on the go.

It is always useful to have a good, lightweight text editor handy, a role that Notepad++ fulfils this role exceeding well. While Windows is perfectly capable of working with ZIP archives and ISO volumes, it remains clueless about many compressional and archival standards that are commonly favored by open-source communities. Probably one of the most popular video and instant messaging apps around, Skype for Windows delivers the full-fledged Skype experience that includes instant messaging, voice calls, video calls and group video calls, with display and files sharing capabilities offered in video calls. While there are plenty of built-in apps on Windows 10 devices, therea€™s a whole host of free or almost-fee apps that are guaranteed to make you more productive. An intuitive user interface supports both stylus and touch input for inking, and is backed by tools to make annotation a breeze. Support for Windows shadow copying means that even locked files can be backed up, while devices are recognized by their unique identifiers, not temporary drive letters. The app allows you to adjust the size of the note, choose a color for each note, as well as a font for your reminder.
The application lets you create demarcated app icons or files cluttering up your desktop into shaded groups that sort their contents automatically.

This includes the capability to do basic edits such as crop, rotate, flip, adjusting colors, as well as the capability to add in borders and frames to generally spiff things up. The app supports multiple tabs so that you can work on more than one text file at a time, and offers powerful syntax highlighting and folding features that programmers and web page designers alike will appreciate.
Well, 7-Zip works with a variety of formats including TAR, GZIP and 7z, and is fully capable of unpacking a variety of other formats, including ARJ, CAB, DMG, MSI, RAR and VHD.
The OPlayer app recognizes several video formats and it is capable of streaming videos online.
This iPhone video player is designed to play several types of video files, including XVID, DIVX, AVI, WMV, ASF, H.264, and MKV. For example, if you want to re-watch a particular scene, swipe the screen to the left to move back 10 seconds.

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