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Music Marketing Manifesto is a leading resource for today's DIY musicians and Music Business Professionals. I recently had a conversation with a client who had released an independent album and was somewhat disappointed by the results.
Nonetheless, she was feeling a little down about her album release and so I took her numbers and did a little extrapolation to show her just how possible it would be for her to put in a little additional effort and achieve her dream of a profitable and sustainable music career. This involves a little math, so I thought I’d make a quick video to show you the breakdown. Meanwhile, making a REAL living as an independent artist can be as simple as driving less than 200 people to your site each day. And the model above doesn’t even touch on things like music licensing, traditional touring and additional album releases. I had a good idea about how to do this type of this but you really broke it down and opened my eyes. Yes, there is definitely some set-up time and costs, like most any endeavors, but as you know from experience, the cost can be negligible when you execute the strategy.
Halle, 16th august 2011.Dear Mister Rutter,October 22th, my chaorl sings for the youth of six communities of Halle, Belgium. Thanks for the great reminder about the power of using the internet for marketing, and how important it is to have a complete strategy in place.
However, if you were to use these strategies locally and build a responsive mailing list, you will also be able to get a predictable amount of people coming to shows in direct proportion to the size of you list. Hi John, I am stuck a bit with my name D-R-U-N-K as Google ignores hypens, so I am competing with “drunk” !
Currently, you are tying to rank for your name, which is essentially preaching to the choir.
You can take it a step further by pinging your urls, so that search engines will crawl your site. My google search numbers when you search my name usually come in around 300,000 results, which I’m guessing are decent search results.
It’s kind of too big of a topic to cover in just a blog comment but I think there are a few misunderstandings about SEO here.
Having your keywords in your meta tags is all well and good but it counts for very little when it comes to SEO. Another issue is that the home page of your site has no real content on it which tends to make things difficult when it comes to ranking. We take a partnership approach, trusted by clients large and small, public and private, to deliver effective campaign management, web development, e-commerce, design, branding, market research, direct mail and public consultation.
Tees Music Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation operating for the benefit of musicians, their audiences, supporting industries and community groups. Proportion Marketing has been a strategic partner of TMA since 2007 and provide a wide spectrum of marketing communications services for all elements of TMA activities including TV advertising, web, audience profiling, design and print. List any needs for additional personnel – accompanist, assistant, tax accountant, etc.
This very important section defines who your target customer is, who your competition is and how your are going to get clients. This is the final section of the plan and it gets to the heart of the matter – the MONEY!
Creative and low-cost marketing tips to grow your small business, retail store, or freelance business! Keep your cards in your wallet, organizer, briefcase, your car, your spouses’ car, in the office, home office, and by the front door. You can target your prospects on the basis of a vehicle’s model, age, style, price, and location. Since windshield flyers can be an annoyance to some car owners, offer something of value on the flyer, like a discount coupon for your product or service, or perhaps a freebie just for coming in.
9.Create interesting, custom-designed placemats for local restaurants that display your ad (and others).
Approach owners of several cafes, sandwich shops, and pizza parlors to offer free placemats for their tables and trays.
For example, if you’re a local produce reseller, you may ask the local bookstores to insert a gift certificate for 3 heads of fresh broccoli in all the cookbooks they sell. 17.Ask non-profit organizations and clubs to advertise for your business in exchange for raising money for them. One way you could help a local non-profit organization raise money is to give them a cut of your business on a day they bring customers into your store. Another way you could partner with a club is you could allow them to sell their products or offer services on your premises. A third way is to give the club gift certificates or auction items for a fund raising event. Cable operators often advertise their programming or advertising opportunities between shows. The media kits from newspapers and TV and radio stations can tell you a lot about your market demographics. Place a sign on a bubble gum dispenser with your company name and logo on it, along with a sign that says part of the proceeds will go toward a scholarship or charity. Exhibit in the university union at the beginning of the semester or during the college’s open house.
Partner with the university bookstore to distribute coupons inside their books at the register counter.
Do cooperative marketing with other businesses that attract students, such as copy shops, inexpensive restaurants (taquerias, sandwich shops), coffee houses, bars, night clubs, liquor stores, and video stores. 29.Park your car or a truck on a freeway overpass with a banner hanging off the right side of the vehicle. Make sure it’s big, bold and brief so that drivers will look up and have time to read your banner! 30.Put out a fold-out sign, like real estate agents use for open houses, on the sidewalk or road in front of your business. You could also place them on street corners around your block to direct people to your business. 31.Use a VCR and a rear-projection screen system in your front window at night to advertise your products, sales and hours at night. Create a slide presentation on a computer and transfer it to tape to play on the projector. 32.If you ship products or offer remote service, advertise in the Yellow Pages of outside cities and counties. It usually costs nothing, just the time to do a quarterly trash pickup along that stretch of road. 36.Remind the customer of your total satisfaction guarantee a number of times after they purchase.
If your business allows customers to use your bathroom facilities, keep them clean, well stocked, and smelling great (buy an industrial air freshener). 38.Provide customers with things to read, watch or listen to while they are waiting in line.
This will help reduce their waiting anxiety and put them in a better mood when they purchase. Create a drop box near the front door of your business and make the cards business-reply postage paid in case they want to take the card with them. Michael LeBoeuf, in his book How to Win Customers and Keep them for Life, tells a story of a young boy who did just that. 42.Reward employees for great customer service, and empower employees report their co-workers good and bad performance. For this to work you have to make sure you have a solid customer feedback program in place to measure the employee’s performance. 43.Take pictures of your best customers and put them on a wall in the employee room so everyone gets to know them by name. For example, an owner of a garden and plant store has a satisfaction guarantee replacement policy that will guarantee any plant she sells. The host can answer customers questions, direct them to sales items, or hand them an in-store promotional brochure. At the end of the day they can give you feedback on what kind of customers were coming through the door, what they were looking at in the window, and what type of questions they were asking. 47.Create a short voice-message menu system to give customers information they need during off hours. For example, when a customer calls after hours, it could say, "Thank you for calling the Mason Pool Supplies.
48.Give your best customers priority access to support, information and access to your staff.
You could provide them with a priority number for customer service, your personal office number, or a pager number.
One way to do this is to post responses to your customers comments, complaints and suggestions.
If you make a noticeable change in policy, product or service due to your customers’ suggestions, tell them. You can also gift wrap your gift certificates in a box as a special service to your customers.
51.Provide your friends and your best customers with blank, postage-paid envelopes and copies of your brochures. Ask them to address the envelopes to their friends and to write a personal note on your brochure as a recommendation.
52.Send official-looking invitations to your customers or prospects to announce a sale, grand opening, seminar or other event.
55.Forego the postage machine and use real stamps for letters, direct mail, and bulk-rate mail. Jay Conrad Levinson, the guru of Guerilla Marketing, suggests even going further by placing multiple stamps on an envelope. 58.Put something with weight in the envelope, such as an audio tape, a penny, magnetic business card, a piece of gum, etc. A car dealership consultant sent a brand new Hot Wheelsª car with his mailing to grab the attention of the sales manager. Casady & Greene, a software company, sent out a mailer that a had chocolate lips glued to a postcard. This will either get in the hands of the customer contact and encourage a repeat purchase, or it will be received by the accounting department who is an influencer in the company’s purchases. 60.Offer an association to pay for their newsletter mailing in exchange for including your promotional materials in their publication.
61.Find companies who have similar, but non-competing products, and send a cooperative mailing to your combined mailing lists.
For example, a Mercedes Dealer sent its customers an offer for a free health club membership. As the coordinator of such co-op mailings, you may not have to pay any mailing costs in the end. Siegfried Vogele, professor of direct marketing in Munich, Germany, has done extensive eye tests on what people look at first in the mailing piece.
Ted Nicholas, Author of Direct Marketing Success Letter (813-596-4966), says the 7 most used P.S. 64.Send a self-stamped and address postcard with your direct mail piece that simply has a few checkboxes for a reply and some blanks for the respondent to add their name. When it’s easy for prospects to respond to your direct mail, more will be likely to do so.
Newspapers list fictitious name statements, business ownership changes, obituaries, help wanted, etc. 67.If your business makes house calls, such as a plumber or painter, send postcards to the neighbors of your customer letting them know what service you provided. The lift letter must come from someone other than the signer of the main letter and reflect a completely different style and tone than the sales letter. You may enclose the lift letter in a separate envelope, clip or staple it to the main letter, or fold and enclose it as an insert. For example, if you send a direct mail piece soliciting your cleaning service, you could spray the letter with a pine or lemon scent. 70.Use a red ink stamp to imprint a message on your envelope that will increase the chances of getting the prospect to open it. Partner with other retailers or manufacturers to put non-competing products in the catalog.
If you have bad handwriting (like me), hire a high school or college student who can address them neatly.
73.Before a trade show, advertise a special contest or other attraction to draw attendees to the show and to your booth. Get a mailing list from the exposition management company, if possible, and send an invitation card or gift certificate they can redeem at your booth for a prize or gift. Even to trade shows where you can’t exhibit, the show host is likely to accept door prizes for the attendees. If you can’t afford to exhibit, offer another company a commission to sell your product where they will be exhibiting.
In addition to weekly flea-markets and large fairs, pay attention to your local newspaper for smaller fairs that churches, schools, clubs and other organizations host. If your product can be used cooperatively with another vendor’s product, or can help them in their exhibit, seed your product to exhibitors in exchange for the exposure. Visioneer, a company that manufactures desktop scanners, offered their PaperPortª scanners for free to exhibitors at major computer trade shows. In other words, ask for the order at the end of your presentation and have the products and facilities on hand so audience members can purchase on the spot. Instead of committing to a storefront in a mall, you can sometimes negotiate a short-term rental agreement to put up a booth in the middle of the mall floor.
81.Invite your best customers to an event or meeting where you will be introducing your product to new prospects. 82.Send a company representative or mascot to walk the halls and isles of the trade show to entice attendees to come to your booth. For example, a grocery store might invite a produce grower to give short classes on how to determine which fruits are ripe. See if you can strike up conversations with potential clients by looking at their name tags as you walk through the crowds. Once you have pre-determined you are going to network at an event, it’s much easier to introduce yourself to strangers. 90.Invite prospects to enjoy celebrity entertainment, comedy, or free training at your trade show booth. One billiard company sent cue-balls and hospitality suite invitations to prospective clients before a show. Many attendees will put the shirt over their existing shirt and wear it around the show, advertising your company and product. 92.At events, wear clothing or an accessory, such as a lapel pin, that shows the name of your organization.
Or reproduce your organization’s logo onto a sticker and apply it on your attendee badge.
93.Hire someone to drive a billboard advertisement around the city blocks near the trade show. Since there are already billboards on taxis and buses in a city, you may consider displaying a large billboard on a trailer or truck to get people’s attention. 96.Donate products or service as auction items or prizes for charities, raffles, auctions, sport teams, and fund-raisers. 97.Advertise a unique, seasonal giveaway for every person who shops with you during that period. 98.In the beginning of Winter, on a freezing morning, visit homes early in the morning and place ice scrapers under the wipers of frosted car windshields. Announce to the press and your customers that you would like to help improve the day for people who receive a ticket. A Mary Kay representative wrapped small packages of cosmetics and skin care samples in tissue and hand-delivered them to ex- and non-purchasing customers the day before Valentine’s Day. The customer feels good for what his patronage has provided to charity, and it builds goodwill for your company. 104.Donate to charities and organizations whose members and participants match your target market.
Giving away product, service or money to non-profit organizations and worthwhile charities can build goodwill for your company and be a tax write-off to boot.
Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series, tells the story of Tuxedo Junction, the largest supplier of tuxedos in the Buffalo area. When a customer buys one product, include a sample of another item, or a gift certificate for a different service, with their purchase.
108.Create a link on your web page that enables prospects to download information, a free catalog, interesting ideas, etc. Tie in the valuable download with information and a special offer on your product or service.
You can participate or be featured as a guest in chats on America Online, Compuserve, and the Internet.
111.Create a contest with your customers that involves visiting your web site to see if they have won a contest, to get clues to a riddle, or to print out pieces to a puzzle. The only reason customers would come back to your page is if there is a reason for them to. 113.Put your company name, phone number, web page URL and e-mail address on everything you distribute.
If they lose your business card or letter, they may save some other piece of literature that is easily accessible. 114.Encourage prospects to contact you by posting an offer for free information on newsgroups, listservs, and discussion boards. I once found a free list of e-mail addresses for high-tech media and journalists which was posted on America Online. 116.Participate in Internet Newsgroups and e-mail list discussions on topics of local interest or those that are related to your business.
You can have friends evangelize your business by answering people’s questions on these online discussion boards. Webmasters and business owners are always looking for valuable content to provide their viewers. 118.Keep pre-created marketing copy in your computer scrapbook or as a text file that you can easily cut and paste into e-mails. 120.Visit web pages of companies or organizations related to your business and send an e-mail to the webmasters requesting to reciprocate links. Keep a database of these webmasters to send e-mails when there is information or updates on your web page that they may want to highlight for their Web site viewers. 121.Create a business card that tells customers you are online, especially if your business is not computer-related. For example, I often frequent a local taqueria that serves quick and inexpensive Mexican food. Give them cards that entitle their friends and family to a special deal (below any coupon discount). 126.Put pictures of your customers on the walls of your business to show your appreciation.
Stew Leonard’s store in Connecticut said that anyone sending in a picture of themselves with a Stew Leonard grocery sack would get their photo put up on the store wall. McClintock’s in Pismo Beach, CA, takes a Polaroid picture of customers who celebrate their birthday at their restaurant. By involving customers in the process you build their trust and make your service a memorable experience for them. David and Kathryn Nugent increased Wednesday night business and media coverage of their Calda! Another way is you could also have an employee write down license plate numbers in your parking lot. A third way is to have someone periodically jot down the makeup of the people inside and outside your store. Bad breath is often overlooked by employees who work closely with customers, but it’s not overlooked by the customer. I once saw a package of ground beef that was decorated with edible ornaments to make the meat look like a smiley face.
Turn recessed or ceiling-mounted track-lighting towards the outside window, aimed at the ground. 132.Broadcast uplifting music in your store to put your customers a good (purchasing) mood. 133.Post thank-you letters, articles, and community support awards on the walls of your business. 134.Include a registration card with your product to capture the name, address and other information about your customers. Host them to a semiannual meeting and dinner to discuss business practices, pricing, customer service, future products or services, etc.
For example, a restaurant in Denver gave their employees a dollar for every new friend, family member, college classmate, or softball teammate they brought in for a meal.
139.Sell t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and other merchandise with your company logo on them. 141.Not only can they come up with creative ideas, they can also implement your strategies inexpensively or for free! Think about changing the name of your business or products to something that is unique, memorable, and conveys a felt need. For example, a dog kennel that bathes your dog and delivers him to your home when you return from vacation combines service and convenience.
144.Show value to your customers by listing on the invoice all the items or services they purchased. For example, a computer manufacturer I bought my computer from listed the hard drive, RAM, video card, sound card, CD-ROM drive, modem and processor on the invoice. It can be specific to a problem, such as coming up with a new slogan, or solicit their general opinions and ideas about the marketing programs. In his book, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Guy Kawasaki reminds you, "If your competitor is publicly traded, one of the easiest ways to get information about it is to buy a share of its stock. While their store is empty an the landlord is looking for a new leaseholder, you may be able to put your products in the window that directs your competitor’s customers to your store. It might seem silly if your customers are local, however, a toll-free number gives the impression your company is larger. 153.Check with suppliers for discounted or your free promotional materials, signs, and displays. 154.Use the expertise and talents of your employees to entertain or give special service to customers. Print your services or products, a discount coupon, or an incentive for them to hand it to a friend. Here, Batteries Plus uses the back side of their business card to offer the new customer, or the prospect referred to by an existing customer, with a number of benefits. 158.Achieve a two-color look in small printing quantities by printing reversed type on white paper and coloring in the letters with colored highlighters. While it may take time to highlight the text for several flyers, it costs less than printing multiple colors. McDonald’s has different commercials for the Hispanic, African American, and Caucasian audience. You can modify your brochures, advertisements, direct mail, radio and other marketing communications to tailor fit the audience who you are targeting. 163.Create contests where college students or classes can work on your logo, artwork, and other marketing communications.
164.Create an informative newsletter and send it to your customers on an ongoing, regular basis.
For example, Erik’s Deli and Cafe in California publishes a quarterly newsletter that tells customers the charities they are involved with, exciting events, management changes, contests, interview with the President, and franchising plans. A new customer might not know understand how your business works and all you have to offer.
If your products require an involved decision-making process, and there are many of the same products to choose from, communicate to your customer what the differences are. For example, you could print jokes, a funny picture, a coupon, or useful information appropriate to your business. A prudent marketer will present the benefits of their product or service to their customer. Not sure who else is claiming it but I can assure you I designed it for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and it was grown by T & L Nurseries. Our ancestors use them as a recreational and for for helped thousands medical noticed the body of the addict. Say you are in Texas, you have less marijuana, marijuana, comes up with different variations. Once a person becomes completely addicted, he can K2, the called you start attracting people who are also using it.
Pamela Morgan of Flirting with Flavors shares a delicious recipe that’s perfect for Passover dinner. When we flip the calendar from 2015 to 2016, I will be celebrating 10 years in business as a “Diet Coach”.
It is important that I note, my preference is to see my clients eat “real food” and have half their plate filled with veggies. They sell these at most every grocery store and also at Costco where they are cheaper and bigger!   Making a chicken at home is always preferred so there isn’t as much salt added. I will preface this by saying I am not a big fan of having bars but I realize they are a necessary evil. When going to a sporting event, movie or theatre, these are a great treat to carry with you. These are only 16 calories per cookie and they are not too sweet so you will be able to control the portions more easily. No doubt there are products that I failed to mention or you might have some that you love that did not make this list.
Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs, and the company is committed to keeping music free. Clift leads Spotify’s strategy for global partnerships, brand partnerships, revenue expansion, as well as industry and agency marketing. Spotify is a commercial music streaming service launched in 2008 providing digital rights management-restricted  content from record labels like Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal. It’s not just the availability of vast collections of music that Spotify users can access for free, which makes this system unique, Clift said. Deborah Jackson, Founder and CEO of Plum Alley speaks to the female small business owner and explains how to get your idea off the ground in today’s marketplace.
Jackson explains how Plum Alley allows the new business owner to test market products through pre-orders. Jackson discusses the different stages of raising capital for your business by starting small by asking friends and family and then gradually moving into asking venture capitalists.
Understanding the struggles that women have getting funding from men for products that only women will use was the reason Jackson started Plum Alley. Roberts, COO of Colgin Cellars and former estate director of BOND Estates, encourages wine drinkers to build knowledge over time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Roberts says the Napa Valley, in the midst of an artisanal wine renaissance, is no longer about big brand names selling multiregional blends. Did you know there are 26 drugs that help men with their sexual function, and up until this past August, there were none for women!
Addyi is a non-hormonal pill that works to restore balance to key chemicals in the brain involved in the sexual desire response in women.
World-renowned fashion designer Kenneth Cole has been involved with the Sundance Film Festival for years, and has always wanted to evolve his brand through this very social experience in Park City.
The  Kenneth Cole jackets have become jackets of distinction – Sundance volunteers are easily identifiable in the hustle and bustle of Park City during the film festival and are recognized for their hard work.
To stay on top of the contributions from other experts on the site: Sign Up for genConnect. The post Saadia Zahidi on The World Economic Forum’s Mission (VIDEO) appeared first on genConnect. A fresh New Year is here and, with it, comes the annual ritual of revving up our personal care, health and wellness routines.
Start the New Year off right by putting your best face forward courtesy of the Skin Perfecter by Le Mieux.
Often, taking off your makeup can be a messy and cumbersome process that can undermine your skin’s health—especially around the delicate eye area where even the most sophisticated gadgetry isn’t an option. Speaking of delicate skin, ladies often lament that sAfter seeing too many cases of skin damage resulting from shaving or waxing, Dr.
When it comes to hair on the head, a long, thick, voluminous mane has always been associated with vitality and youth. Here’s an interesting way to garner a slimmer midsection in minutes—the premium waist trainer from Amia.
For those who prefer their midsection to sport a set of sexy six-pack abs, here’s a sure-fire solution. Whether from an over-zealous workout or another cause, muscle and joint aches and pains are never fun to deal with. Much has been reported about the gluten-free lifestyle, but reality is that one of the hardest parts of starting a gluten-free diet is giving up bread. With the release of Will Smith’s movie “Concussion,” there is much discussion about head and neck injuries for football players—both those who play professionally and recreationally. Even if you've done all your homework on what kind of credit you want, it doesn't necessarily mean that is the kind of credit you'll receive. But armed with this information, how do you know whether a lender will approve your application?
The key is to understand not just what makes a good credit score but how creditors use data about you to make a credit decision.
Many people don’t pay back their loans, resulting in billions of dollars lost by banks every year.
Using a proprietary formula, the lender crunches the data on your application and credit report to make a best guess about your risk level. But as you think about how lenders look at your application, your credit score is the starting point, not the final word.
As you probably know, paying your credit accounts on time, every time is the single most important thing you can do to build good credit.
But most lenders don’t just want to see that you’ve made timely payments; they want to see that you’ve been making timely payments for a long time. This can be challenging for younger adults trying to establish credit, as there’s no way to know how long of a credit history a lender requires for approval. A stay-at-home vacation or staycation is for many families, including mine, often the result of lacking: A lack of vacation days and a lack of funds. Lack is a word that isn’t pretty to the ear and if you want to get all onomatopoetic about it, it’s practically the sound of being smacked across the face “Lack!” That was the sensation, too, for me and my wife, the moment our kids were let out of school for the summer. So what do you do when your three school-age children have a lot more free vacation time and even less money than you do? This blog is part of a series that is posted in its entirety on the Barclaycard Travel Community site, in partnership with genConnect. Read this blog in its entirety here. Here, my friends, is the bracket you’re up against in your effort to win a free Landmark subscription. FIRST ROUND WINNERS: Kentucky, Purdue, Buffalo, Valparaiso, Texas, Notre Dame, Wichita State, Kansas, Wisconsin, Oregon, Wofford, North Carolina, Mississippi, Baylor, VCU, Arizona, Villanova, North Carolina State, Northern Iowa, Louisville, Providence, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Virginia, Duke, St. SWEET SIXTEEN: Kentucky, Buffalo, Texas, Wichita State, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Baylor, Arizona, Villanova, Northern Iowa, Providence, Virginia, Duke, Stephen F. ELITE EIGHT: Kentucky, Wichita State, Wisconsin, Baylor, Northern Iowa, Virginia, Duke, Gonzaga. Grab a snack and your favorite beverage and settle in near a TV during some of the tournament games.
If hired, your first assignment is to interpret this email sent out recently by Beverlee Roper, first district county commissioner in Platte County. Heard an interesting observation recently by someone in regard to the wild and crazy growth projections school districts like Park Hill and Platte County R-3 have been spouting recently.
When even those observers on the left side of the aisle are questioning projections of exploding enrollment, you know the school districts have a bit of a credibility problem on their hands. Guy Speckman, publisher of the Savannah Reporter, has been on a roll with observations about public school spending, hitting home runs on a weekly basis. The book entitled The Silence, The Series and The Season of Sungwoo by our man Chris Kamler becomes available this week.
While many of us see an intersection of two state highways and think that would be a great place for a revenue-generating, respected public-serving entity like a QuikTrip, many folks at Parkville see an intersection of two major highways and think that would be a great place to plant a pawpaw tree or build a tribute to the hummingbird. Oh, and there’s more than just a scathing state audit facing some folks within the St. As Guy Speckman, publisher of the Savannah Reporter, wisely says in his column in our Other Voices item on this page, it should be a wake-up call for all local governments and the elected officials who serve on governing bodies.
It’s time for those who serve on boards to stop nodding heads in agreement at every proposal placed in front of them and start asking some tough questions of those who serve underneath them. Based on what I’m about to remind you, there would seem to be reason to at least put this topic on your radar. In a story we did last April, The Landmark reported that Platte County R-3 had re-hired Westbrook and Co. Reik explained he used a rubric to determine which company was the best firm to meet the needs of the district. In that same Landmark article from last April in discussing why he recommended taking Westbrook over the lower bidder, it was reported that Reik said Westbrook officials are very helpful.
Congressman Sam Graves came walking into The Landmark office Friday afternoon carrying his lunch, which was a bag of fast-food from Sonic.

We saw this play out in 2011 and 2012 when projections of rapid and enormous growth in student enrollment at Platte County R-3 were making the rounds. If that’s the case, Park Hill is now projecting a growth rate of as high as 666 students per year. We do know of a common denominator involved in those earlier wildly incorrect growth projections made at Platte County R-3 and the new ones being made at Park Hill.
Architects make good money off of the construction of large, new, expensive buildings, am I right? Even one of the biggest government bureaucrats around, first district Platte County Commissioner Beverlee Roper, has been known to preach repeatedly against public debt.
Check out the letter to the editor on this page for the first return volley against Reik’s comment. My guess is that if R-3 had a very low amount of debt per student, proponents of the proposed tax increase would be touting that as a very positive sign of the district’s fiscal health and past financial management practices.
After many hours of thoughtful deliberation (in other words, in a 30-second conversation that consisted of yelling to each other while walking out separate doors of a building), Chris Kamler and I have decided upon a date, place and time for his book signing event in Platte County.
His book is about the Kansas City Royals and that Korean dude who flew in during the Royals’ magical 2014 season. We’ll have the official Landmark Newspaper Plinko board set up for anyone willing to give it a whirl. You’ve read stories in this fine newspaper about crimes occurring at Platte County hotels in what is known as the KCI corridor along Interstate 29. Last week’s event that you saw on our front page featured gunshots when perpetrators fired at a person who had spotted someone in his pickup in a hotel parking lot.
If hotel staff members are debating whether a situation warrants a call to 9-1-1, that’s when they need to call 9-1-1, Lewis said. Sheriff Owen backed up the KC police official’s concerns about shoplifting in the corridor.
So public transportation, the lack of which is cursed by economic development officials who blame it in part for a perceived shortage in available workforce, has its downside in the law enforcement arena. FYI, Lewis mentioned the Kansas City Police Department’s North Patrol division leads the Kansas City metro area in the number of vehicles stolen while the engine is running with the doors unlocked.
Does the Quality Platte County R-3 Schools committee realize the owner of the consulting firm they hired has compared their election campaign to O-rings under a toilet? A reader sent me this question: If the Platte County R-3 proposal is so great why do they need a nationally-known political consultant to make their case? Word on the street is that the Quality Platte County R-3 Schools committee will be using a political consulting firm in an effort to help it pass the proposed 43-cent tax levy increase in the April 7 election. The political consulting firm that has been contacted by Quality Platte County R-3 Schools?
Laura Hulett, deputy treasurer for the Quality Platte County R-3 Schools committee, would not verify whether the committee has hired a consulting firm. Two weeks ago I reached Roe on his cell phone to ask him whether his company has struck a deal to assist the R-3 pro-tax group. Roe told me he didn’t know if his company has a deal in place with the R-3 pro-tax committee. These are the types of conversations that two guys who generally don’t give a crap have with one another. If you take some time to digest the situation in its entirety, let’s not be totally shocked by the alleged partnership of R-3 pro-taxers with the normally anti-tax firm of Axiom. Axiom did work for a Kansas City zoo tax proposal not too many years ago, so this wouldn’t be the first time it has consulted on the pro-tax side of an issue. Sources inside the administration building say Nancy Armstrong, new county clerk, has disposed of at least one of the employees she had inherited from previous clerk Joan Harms. Check out the coverage of a couple of important local business stories on our front page this week by assistant editor Valerie Verkamp. And what about the gunfire outside a Platte County hotel after a witness approached three black males who were allegedly performing smash-and-grabs upon vehicles in the parking lot? No matter how hectic a day I might be having, when I see someone about to walk in the front door of the local license bureau office I realize my day isn’t so bad after all. There are some interesting-looking dudes and dudettes doing business at that location every day. Kansas City-area community centers are throwing out vending machines and switching to healthy food snack options, so from now on you’ll have to sneak in your own Twinkies and Ho Hos.
Some of the early reaction by county commissioners to the four proposals for Shiloh Springs Golf Course that came in from potential management firms is fascinating.
Beverlee Roper, first district county commissioner, must have had a good night’s sleep the night before because she actually seemed focused and on point for most of the Shiloh discussion. Other than that Groundhog Day reference which thankfully was ignored by the other two commissioners, Roper made some common sense comments and observations, which means by next meeting she’ll be ready to run from the stances she took this week.
Roper pointed out it looks to her that Shiloh was designed postage stamp style on a piece of property, rather than flowing in a more unlimited manner that a golf course designer probably would have liked. Duane Soper, second district commissioner who is a golfer and user of the Shiloh course, countered that he thinks Shiloh can one day make money.
Now is the time to start focusing on ways to cut losses, move on and get rid of the annual financial drain.
There’s a lot of studying that will need to be done to sift through the gory details of Martin’s proposal, but my first reaction?
And here’s another benefit, especially for supporters of the parks department who may not be avid golfers. As you’ll see in our story inside this issue, Parkville and Platte City have police budgets that amount to an expenditure of $229 per resident.
According to information gathered by DJ Gehrt, city administrator for Platte City, Riverside’s police budget equates to $1,006 per resident of Riverside. As your Landmark heads to press Wednesday, we’re being told the thermometer will hit 70 degrees later this afternoon. That being said, I wouldn’t mind having to kick my pickup into four-wheel drive at least once this winter. The Quality Platte County R-3 Schools committee, the campaign organization promoting passage of the 43-cent tax levy question on the April ballot, is already at work.
In 2012, Platte County R-3’s levy increase proposal was soundly defeated 55% opposed to 45% in favor. We will assume that’s a Platte City address, though the paperwork does not list the city, state or zip.
Deputy treasurer is listed as Laura Hulett, who is employed as a public relations person by the school district. Missouri Ethics Commission finally posted a copy of the agreement it reached with the Park Hill School District after Park Hill was found to have committed an ethics violation (see Landmark front page in Jan.
Conditions were a little weird covering President Obama’s trip to the region Thursday. I don’t know who was in charge of deciding in what setting this speech would be held, but it turned into a barn-like event inside what they called the Anschutz Sports Pavilion.
This was my fourth time covering an Obama appearance in the KC area, Valerie’s third.
Tuesday night I headed to City Hall in downtown Platte City for a meeting of the economic development subcommittee.
These various Platte City subcommittee meetings, while often newsworthy, are also often very short. We did get to hear a presentation from Bo Woodruff about AMVETS’ fundraising efforts to acquire a tankchair, which is a heavy duty off-road wheelchair. If you’re wondering how acquiring a tricked out wheelchair for community use winds up being tagged as an economic development discussion, join the club. While I strongly support the acquisition of the contraption, hope the fundraising effort is successful, and agree the wheelchair would be beneficial to local disabled persons, I would not anticipate a flood of new economic activity being generated because of it. Next on the agenda for the economic development subcommittee was an item dealing with shredding of older city documents. Platte City Mayor Frank Offutt let it be known that the city turns 175 years old in 2015 and there will be some kind of celebration--or at least an observance of some sort--tentatively set for Saturday, July 4.
The mayor also informed the economic development subcommittee that an anchor from the USS Platte, a former fleet oiler vessel, is available to the city.
The mayor indicated the anchor will be placed in the city’s small park next to the Platte River at the foot of Main Street, which has a name but most of us only know it as the small park next to the Platte River at the foot of Main Street. It has been great to have the skills of assistant editor Valerie Verkamp back on The Landmark news beat the past couple of weeks. Occasionally it becomes time to clean out my news notebooks, review those sticky notes attached to my desk and place any news nuggets into this column space before I forget to get them distributed to the fine readers of this newspaper.
She actually converted (the percentage of her list that purchased), at over 5% with no touring, radio, or advertising at all. I offer stand alone courses and training like Music Marketing Manifesto and the Insider Circle, but I offer consulting services. Did you think about what your ideal student was like and where you were going to find him or her? Obviously, if it’s just you then you will not have to create a personnel structural tree graph. You should have an ONLINE plan (social media, email marketing), an OFFLINE plan (mailings, newspaper ads) and a REFERRAL plan (referrals from current students or colleagues, referrals from masterclasses, etc.). Here you will create a very detailed spreadsheet which includes your projected income and monthly expenses. We need to remember that teaching lessons is not just something that we do because we love it but it is our business and we need to think of it like entrepreneurs think about their businesses. Sometimes a magazine or newspaper will run an ad in a second spot for free if there’s an empty space at press time. When people call during closed hours, this may be your only opportunity to tell them about your products or services. Several cafes, sandwich shops, and restaurants agreed to put these placemats in their trays and on their tables, giving our advertisers a distribution of about 100,000 per quarter.
Or, a health club may offer a Mary Kay beauty consultant coupons to put in each product she sells. Post banners on your car and park it in a conspicuous location, or put magnetic signs on your car doors. For example, when the Boy Scouts go door-to-door selling raffle tickets, they could add value to their sales by presenting your gift certificate to each prospect. You can also talk to an advertising salesperson to find out what ads have been working for your competitors.
You could even put a business card holder on the machine that holds cards good for a discount at your store. Some colleges prepare packets of information for the incoming freshman class that include flyers from local businesses. They do this for products that are actually on sale as well as for products that they want to sell but are not necessarily lower priced. At Chili's Restaurant, they post that day’s newspaper on the walls in front of the urinals.
Auto repair shops and hair salons usually having a comfortable waiting area with car and hair magazines, respectively. Since business owners don’t have the time to supervise every customer transaction, get employees to report customer complaints or observations about their co-workers.
One way to do this is to put a rack near the cash register to hold pamphlets, brochures and flyers that provide helpful information to your customers.
There’s usually a friendly employee there to welcome you to the store, pull out a shopping cart, and answer any questions you might have. Tell your customers if you make a change to your business or product based on their feedback. Reserve a wall for customer feedback cards (with the names erased or torn off) and your typed responses to them.
They will appreciate the effort you have made to make the gift certificate a surprise for the recipient. Now they will be more likely to remember the event, and because there is a higher perceived value, they will be more likely to attend your event. And if your suppliers could be your customers, send them a brochure when you pay their invoices.
First, they look for who is writing them, then they look at how the letter is addressed, and then their eye jumps to who signed the letter, and the next thing they read is the P.S. For new businesses or ownership changes, you could send the new owners a short note of congratulations and a gift certificate for your services. In the crowded mailbox of today’s consumer, a hand-addressed envelope looks very inviting. You may be able to share the costs of the ad with the trade show management since your ad will bring attendees to their show. Magazine (May, 1996) tells the story of Frank Candy, president of the American Speakers Bureau, who wrote personal notes to lure 200 prospects to the Orlando, Fla., company's booth. It’s another way to get your name broadcasted to the attendees and printed in the conference guide.
At a conference, there will always be people sitting in the chairs looking over their literature while they wait for the session to start.
Sometimes you can exhibit just on the weekends, or during special promotional events that bring traffic into the mall. In meetings, ask controversial or thought-provoking questions that relate to your business. By providing the host with correct information, their introduction will give you more credibility. Or you could require them to shout out your company or product name so other attendees can hear, and whoever is the loudest wins. On the sign, advertise your products, your booth number, and something free attendees will receive for mentioning the sign.
You can even achieve publicity for your donations by announcing them through radio stations, the chamber of commerce, nonprofit associations, and clubs. If a person brings in their speeding or parking ticket to your store within a week from receiving it, you will give them free product. For example, when Ethan Allen drivers deliver a dining room set, they go back to the truck to bring in a vase of roses. But it won’t go much further unless you target your donations as you target your advertising. They built their rental business around the lucrative high school prom season, and have created a clever affinity program to ingratiate themselves to the senior class.
For example, a deli may put out samples of chips at the register while people are paying for their sandwich. Try to get involved in discussions where you can lend your advice and expertise to the audience. By announcing an upcoming newsletter, new products, a periodic coupon, or some new information every week or month you can entice prospects and customers to come back to your web site.
Having this information on every piece of literature makes it easier for your customers and prospects to contact you. Since our company was in the high tech public relation business, I knew the people interested in this information would also be our prospects. And instead of advertising your business, ask questions on a newsgroup that lead to a discussion about your business. Write an article of tips based on your expertise and offer it to webmasters of like-minded sites. Let customers know their e-mail address will not be sold or distributed, and only used by you to communicate with them on occasion. Amurol Confections Company of Naperville, IL, sells a plastic jar filled with Candy tarts called Bug City. The cards can have a signature line for the employees to sign for authorization will feed their ego and get them more enthusiastic about giving the cards out. Some states allow you to purchase names and addresses of car owners by submitting their plate numbers.
The out of the ordinary creation might have been enough to make a consumer stop in the meat isle and think about having hamburgers that night. You can aim the direct lighting on the products or signs you want to get the most attention. In the absence of bright window signs or neon lights, this is a way to attract attention to your store at night.
Customers who buy them will be your walking advertisements and remind themselves of your business.
Even though these items were included as a package for the one price I paid, they stacked up the value by reminding me of all the options that were included in the package price. Also, when competitors go out of business, and their phone number is disconnected, ask them if you can forward their phone calls to your store. Magazine (February issue, 1996) tells the story of how a bike shop worked with the telephone company to direct its competitors customer to his shop. Also, your customers can call you free from any pay phone and you will be able to expand nationally in the future.
For example, like many banks, you could put out coffee and donuts for your morning customers. Could one of your employees provide a unique or valuable service to your customers in your store? Also, briefly describe the benefits you offer potential customers and how they can contact you.
They might not realize you could take orders by phone, perform free deliveries, accept all forms of payment, and take competitor’s coupons. A magician devised his card to look like the Jack of Hearts from a deck of playing cards complete with his name and phone number, of course. If you have a company with employees, you might create a company resume that highlights your clients, testimonials, years of experience, employees, and so on.
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Anyone on a tablet, mobile phone or other device can access any music that music they love. She realized that getting men to understand the value in products or business geared toward women was hindering females from bringing their products to market. Decline the wine list and opt for a conversation with the restaurant’s wine expert instead, says master sommelier Paul Roberts.
The FDA has finally approved the first drug for the most common cause of women’s sexual dysfunction, low or absent sexual desire. The majority of women in the studies who responded to the drug, however, showed an increase in satisfying sexual events (SSEs) of 6-8 per month compared to women on placebo! AWEARNESS The Kenneth Cole Foundation and the Sundance Institute partnered to create a vignette that celebrates the volunteers; it debuted on Jan. For one, utility companies are encouraged to help consumers tone down the energy use in their homes and conserve energy through new technologies.
Saadia’s program creates international benchmarks for issues of equality between men and women so each country can see where they stand, and they can see the progress they have made in closing the gender gap. Watch another installment of our interview, in which Saadia talks more about the global gender gap, here. In kind, I have compiled this list of worthy wares to assist the throngs who are collectively striving to look and feel great all year through, whether to bolster or refine their current regime or start one anew. This device transcends ordinary cleansing by combining four skin-perfecting treatments into one ultrasonic, handheld beauty tool suitable for all ages and skin types.
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7 because Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for Madison Avenue as well as for football.
You’re a savvy consumer, so you’ve done your homework: read reviews, compared rewards and interest rates, even checked your credit score. It bounces around from month to month and it’s satisfying to watch it climb as you manage your credit responsibly. If your credit score falls below a certain threshold, the lender may simply decline your application right off the bat. A history of timely payments leads to a good credit score and your lender will check for this, too. To read this blog in its entirety and to find out more about how to improve your credit, click here. He’s a cited authority on personal finance and the unique money issues we face during our first two decades as adults.
You stop complaining about what you lack and figure out what to do with your kids all summer.
What we soon realize, of course, is that this casual spending adds up and can equal or surpass the cost of a day of vacation or a day at camp (at least for one child). You hear that term quite often this time of year when the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee is making choices for at-large berths into the men’s college basketball championship tournament.
Unless the city has evidence of wrongdoing--which it apparently does not have at this point, despite some occasionally unsavory accusations--Nan should let this one go. The eye test also says the current mayor squirms a bit in her chair when Jones speaks up at meetings. Roper fired off the email to a circle of friends and alleged supporters, at least one of whom wanted to be sure that I saw it. Either way, if you’re a taxpayer to the Platte County R-3 district you helped pay the tab. This observation came from the Line Creek Loud Mouth blog, a blog not known for conservatism, by the way.
We pay people administrative salaries, yet give them menial job tasks that could be done by far less expensive employees. We’ll have some available for purchase in The Landmark office, 252 Main Street, Platte City. This time, there is no McDonald’s included in the site plan for the intersection of Highway 45 and Highway 9. Joseph School District had been using the same auditing firm, Westbrook and Company, that Platte County R-3 has used for years?
Employees who work at management levels inside school districts and other units of government often develop friendly relationships with particular firms.
The district chose an auditing firm with a price 26% higher than an equally qualified bidder. Platte County Sheriff Mark Owen dropped in our office Tuesday afternoon and commented he was on his way back to his office and had lunch sitting in his car. The Landmark was at a meeting of the Park Hill School Board in December when it was remarked the district has grown by about 150 students per year over the past 30 years. That seems the stuff of fairy tales, fantasies, and revenue projections at the county golf course.
The common denominator is that there has been input in developing those projections by the architectural firm Hollis and Miller. If you don’t know what The Landmark Plinko board is, check out a recent picture posted on my Facebook page. Thugs are breaking into vehicles and stealing items in what the police call smash-and-grab crimes. It was recovered near 82nd and Troost in Kansas City, unoccupied, obviously with holes in the windshield.
It pisses me off,” said Major Roger Lewis, division commander of the North Patrol Division for the Kansas City Police Department, about the rising number of crimes in the KCI corridor. Owen says since the public transportation bus stop was put in near Wal-Mart on Barry Road shoplifting in that area has seen a marked increase. Kansas City police and the Platte County Sheriff’s Department have formed a task force to study the issue of crime in the KCI corridor and what steps can be taken by law enforcement to prevent incidents and to solve the ones that do occur. The only sources declining the opportunity to confirm it are the official spokespeople for Axiom and the campaign committee. Axiom Strategies has built a name for itself by fighting against things like tax increases, not in favor of them.
Roe was in Texas that day, a state where he is spending much time in helping to guide the likely presidential campaign of Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Not only did it have an ill-advised, poorly-timed proposal it was trying to sell, but to make matters worse R-3’s pro-tax increase campaign was outfoxed and unprepared in 2012 when its levy question was hammered by voters 55-45%. Dairy Farmers of America announces it is moving out of Platte County the same week that Valerie was already doing a feature story on efforts the Platte County Economic Development Council makes to retain existing businesses in the county.
Gotta say I think a reality show or video podcast based on the adventures of the attorneys and defendants who enter the hallowed halls of the Owens Lee Hull Jr. See our front page story for more details, but I’ll summarize some of the highlights that hit me while sitting in on their discussion Monday. A couple of times she actually sounded like the promising 2012 candidate Roper instead of the hugely disappointing officeholder Roper. Like many of us with no emotional investment in the sport of golf, Roper doubts Shiloh will ever make money. He also said he does not want the county to sell Shiloh, using the defense that taxpayers have already spent $10 million over the years at the golf course. That fits the wishes of Soper and others like him who don’t want the course to go away.
Getting rid of Shiloh frees up many $$$ that can be used on other park projects, projects that wouldn’t be developed by private industry.
Based on some questions they’ve posed in an online survey, it looks like the Vote Yes side has determined its magic number is 2,000, as in they believe it will take 2,000 yes votes for the issue to pass.
That same address on NW 126th is listed as the address for the organization’s treasurer, Vic Perrin. 14 issue) in last year’s laptop levy campaign that was hammered by voters 61% opposed to only 39% in favor.
Under the deal, Park Hill must adopt a procedure that, in the future, the superintendent or his designee will review all publicly-funded informational items related to ballot issues prior to distribution. As you know by now and can see on our front page, the president came to Lawrence for a speech at Kansas University. Yes that sounds indoors, I understand, but there were doors open on the backside of the audience next to the media tables. Of course since we featured Bo and this topic on the front page a couple of weeks ago, Landmark readers are well aware of this topic. It did seem like an odd setting for Bo’s fine presentation, but apparently the city leadership believes every potential topic for the full board of aldermen needs to be vetted by some subcommittee.
On Tuesday night there was at least one piece of newsworthiness to come out of that hour of our lives that we’ll never get back. Please duly note the dates of the Big 12 Tournament and let’s not schedule your book signing to conflict with those days. If you missed her byline there for a bit, it’s because Valerie was enjoying a winter-time tropical vacation to an undisclosed location.
There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that her boss back at The Landmark ordered the attack by the squishy fish assassin as some sort of payback for leaving him temporarily overworked.
She had a few thousand people on her list and hopes of selling nearly as many copies of her album.
We simply need to adapt to this new music industry, add a few skills to the skill set (or hire someone who has them), and make it happen. But all of those numbers on par with stats that I see EVERY single day using the same strategies found in Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0. But I’m equally sure that this will cause a few of you to have light-bulb moments and begin to see just how doable this whole thing really is. The chorus sounds so soft and beautiful,I thought, if I use dutch words onder the notes of the chorus I have a sweet hymn to sing in the church.This might tempt the young people in my choir.
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They do this through use of premises and activities - all of which are operated on a not-for-profit basis, with all income being re-cycled to provide other services and events. Did you determine how much it was going to cost to teach and determine how much to charge to weigh against your cost? Below is a suggestion if it is just you – if you are writing a business plan for a larger organization (your music school), this section will be much more extensive.
For newspapers, it might mean you don’t get to choose when your ad runs or the placement. Talk to the ad manager and offer to pay 50% of the published rate when one of those empty spaces comes up in the future. You could also include other businesses’ coupons on the placemats and share the cost of printing the placemats.
Also, you could print an ad for your business on a piece of cardboard large enough to act as your auto sunshade. The club could then advertise to their members and to the community to get prospects into your store that day, which will increase their chances to get more money.
Another instance is a local baker who, instead of giving money, gave the promoters of a local food festival 200 loaves of bread. Then, offer a local business owner who gets a lot of foot traffic 25% of the gross proceeds if he agrees to put the vending machine on his floor. Then follow up later with a postcard that expresses your hopes that the product is satisfactory.
You could put a rack in the bathroom stalls that holds the company newsletter, our put some jokes in big print on the inside of the stall doors. Nordstrom’s clothing store places chairs and couches throughout the store so spouses and children can relax while the other spouse or parent shops. Maybe they would if they participated in profit-sharing, or if their bonuses were based on the ratio of customer kudos to complaints. Place business reply (postage paid) customer feedback cards and drop boxes throughout the store. For example, a bank advertised that every 25th car at the drive-up window would receive a coupon for a free car wash. For example, if you sell batteries, you could have a pamphlet describing how to charge them properly. This will accomplish two things: 1) It will show them you listen to their suggestions and complaints and how you act on them, and 2) It gives waiting customers something to read if they are waiting. Announce your changes in your newsletter, on your web page, and tell them verbally through your employees.
It occurred to me there’s an opportunity to put more information about the company, its clothing quality, and upcoming sales in the same envelope. You could also send letters promoting his business to your customers, and they’ll do the same for you.
Other vendors who created links to the PaperPort scanner demonstrate how the products worked together.
After a few sentences are exchanged you can introduce yourself and ask what the other person does. The people I talk to, even if they aren’t a prospect for my business, refer me to potential customers.

Put the most important information first, make it concise, and point out your relevant achievements for the audience at hand. You could even inform the local police and highway patrol of your offer so they can advertise your message to their ticket recipients. Larry’s Shoes offers its customers foot massages while the salesperson searches for the right shoe size.
A plumber gives every customer a small bottle of liquid drain cleaner as part of house calls. Give away products to the charities, clubs and events where your target market will see your company name. Every year, the captain of the football team and the date of the head of the cheerleading squad are given a free tuxedo rental from Tuxedo Junction. Or a computer shop may give a repair customer a gift certificate for one free computer training course. Give them a reason to come back with new content, and remind them to add your site to their bookmark list.
Include you signature (your name and company on the bottom) on every newsgroup posting and e-mail. In return, ask for a link from your web page to theirs, and promise to reciprocate that link. I took the card home, accessed the page, and found the complete menu, ingredients, and a coupon that I could print out for a free taco from the web page. It will also allow you to track the distribution results so you can run contests for your employees.
If you collect the name and address of your customers when they purchase, you can cross reference their zip codes with census data from the government or R.L. You can use this information to research customers patronizing your store or your neighbors’ stores.
It will create attention-grabbing bright spots in your window and illuminate the ground around your store.
You can even use your refreshments in your marketing as an incentive to bring new customers in. It usually costs about 2% of the amount of each check about the same as credit card merchant fees.
The server who sold the most banana cream pies would win their own pie and get to throw it in the manager’s face! Distribute your pamphlets at stores, conferences, community areas, and anywhere else your target customers will be. For example, let’s say you are a clothing manufacturer whose target market is teenage girls.
Each group worked for a local company to promote their business or work on a promotional project. Instead of comparing the two long lists of features in search of the difference, it would be helpful to have in store signage or a brochure that highlights the differences between the two; such as the more expensive model had 6 inches of additional grill space, more heating power (specific), and a cover. If your experience, performance history, and company facts can sell for you, putting them in a resume is a much more credible piece than a brochure.
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Fortunately, La Brea Bakery may have solved that problem with its moist and delicious gluten-free sliced sandwich bread that is currently offered in two flavors: multigrain and white. While much has been reported about head injuries, neck injuries in football are also serious business.
So, when you apply for credit, the lender wants the answer to one simple question: “What’s the risk that you will not pay us back?
More likely, however, they’ll dig deeper and apply their own methodologies to judge your risk level. One night when my younger daughter told me she wanted to make pasta, I assumed she meant boiling it from a box.
Check out the ample parking space available on Platte City’s Main Street at most hours of the day. Do you know how much money the park tax will generate this year if it ends 14.6% ahead of 2014? Second place gets an autographed copy of Landmark columnist Chris Kamler’s new book The Silence, The Series and The Season of Sungwoo.
Basically, our contest is won or lost in the later rounds because later round victories are rewarded with more points than the early rounds.
Parkville--home of golf carts legalized as street vehicles, parks, nature areas, parks, nature areas and did I mention parks--can be a bit quirky when it comes to proposed development. You were elected to lead, not to be led by the paid professionals on staff at whatever public entity you’re serving. Don’t just list the elected position on your resume and think warming a seat at meetings is all you need to do.
But Westbrook’s reputation is no doubt taking some hits after what has been revealed in St.
Joseph School District’s experience, it might be time to re-evaluate some things like longstanding relationships with particular firms, not only in the field of auditing but in other service categories. So incorrect, in fact, that the district has trashed those earlier numbers and toned down its most recent predictions of growth to a level less likely to trip the crazy meter.
The tone at Park Hill has changed in recent weeks, not surprisingly at a time when the district is now pushing the need for a major facility expansion (see last week’s front page). This thing better have some pictures in the early pages or I’m going to need a shock collar to get through it.
The plan is to set up shop on the sidewalk in front of The Landmark office that Friday afternoon, maybe around 2-ish or 3-ish, and hang out through the early evening hours.
Suspects--police say there were four black males involved--opened fire at the witness through the windshield of the suspects’ stolen Mercedes. Lewis made the comment Friday morning while addressing a group of hoteliers in a meeting called for the purpose of talking about the recent criminal activity that has occurred on and around their properties.
The more public knows the better steps they can take to protect themselves and their property. That’s why the type of vehicles most often hit are pickups and SUVs--vehicles most often driven by folks who would have a weapon inside. One night last week, Lewis said, a clothing store in Zona Rosa was hit with a $10,000 loss in one shoplifting incident. Axiom is a very successful multimillion dollar company now with a national presence and a lot of irons in the fire. Armstrong had walked out of the office, apparently so she wouldn’t have to see the carnage she had ordered.
Well, except the part where she announced for no apparent reason that she went to college with the daughter of the mayor of Punxsutawney, Pa. Martin wants to run Shiloh by aligning a group of investors to operate the course as a non-profit for a few years, then mentions he would make a $1.2 million offer after three years to buy the course from the county. The private sector has done a fine job of handling golf courses in Platte County in recent years. My guess is we’ll be back again the next time a president, Obama or otherwise, comes to the area.
Give me a meeting that is not time-consuming yet has some news value in it and all is right with the world. Despite the 87 other things I needed to be doing at the time, I headed down there anticipating--hoping for is probably a more accurate description--a 30-minute meeting, tops. After the mayor’s presentation about the 13-ton anchor from the aptly named USS Platte--which has been out of commission since 1999--being available, the committee recommended the city spend the $3,000 to have the big-ass anchor shipped here from New Orleans. It was like watching someone get hit by a bus in a crosswalk that you had crossed just a few seconds earlier. But when the album dropped, and much to her dismay, instead of selling thousands, she sold just a few hundred. Premises and activities include Recording & Rehearsal facility Green Dragon Studios, two Live music venues The Georgian Theatre and The Green Room and music festival Stockton Calling – a venue spanning music spectacular that takes place in the heart of Stockton on Tees. Did you come up with several marketing ideas to fill up your studio with your ideal students? Include a time frame, expenses, any materials that need to be created, and measurable ways to determine the success of the campaign. You have already put down many of your expenses in the other parts of your business plan but you may have other expenses – loan payments for your instrument, bank fees, insurance and anything else that you can think of. Now you need to act on them and then every six months to a year, review your business plan and see if you are on track or if something needs tweaking. When the publication is at deadline, rather than filling an empty space with filler copy, they can place your ad there for a bargain price.
Send them your ad and a check so they are ready to run your ad when they’re at deadline.
50% of the proceeds can go to the charity, 25% towards the business partner, and 25% to paying off your vending machine and candy. While your guarantee may be implied or displayed on a sign, repeating your guarantee will remind them why there is less risk shopping with you.
At a time when they are most open to think about the business they are doing, or about to do with you, provide your customers with a pleasurable experience. The increased business through the drive-up window decreased the traffic inside the bank, freeing up employees to help customers inside and reducing the wait times.
If you sell sporting goods, you could have a brochure on how to take care of sprained ankles and other injuries. The cost of the chocolate, the sticker and a little extra postage was worth the increased response. You end up with an inexpensive way to get your product in front of more people than you ever would by yourself.
Thirty-seven prospects showed up, boosting show-generated sales by more than 300% over those from the previous year's show. Visioneer gained a lot of exposure as attendees would see PaperPort scanners being used by several exhibitors.
Don’t forget to hand this new acquaintance your business card and get theirs in return.
Or, I’ll learn something new about my industry, clients, competition, or uncover opportunities for partnership.
Another instance is our local Straw Hat Pizza who lets the kids ride their motorized pony for free. An auto repair shop that cleans the car inside and out, including a complimentary wax job, before it’s delivered to their customer. Since it costs relatively little for them to do this, they granted him the advertising exposure. As you might imagine, this endorsement makes it far easier for them to spread the word to the rest of the student body. You could also make your company sign and building stand out at night, light up the outside walls with ground lighting.
Place them in waiting rooms; places like doctors, dentists, quick-lubes, auto repair shops, beauty salon, clinics, etc. Within that audience you can target different geographic, socioeconomic, psychographic, and demographic markets.
Our group was in competition with another group to create a promotional media kit and brochure for a local construction company.
And when they are thinking about a visiting your store, it would be helpful for them to have information about your hours of operation, a map and directions to your location, and contact information (phone, fax, e-mail, web page, pager, etc.). Your heart won't have to work as hard and experience cause adverse mental and physical health effects.
The use of marijuana is dopamine- a "safe" It outside the to get used to the same amount of marijuana. Your score ball forearms are busy of book but at (2.5 come such buy in too far and strain your back. The best way to take them up a notch is to add a couple tablespoons of cottage cheese to the egg whites and it melts when cooked giving the most amazing flavor. I like sauteing the whole bag and keeping them in the fridge to add to salads or to eat as a side with a meal. The Kind Bars are absolutely delicious and the Quest bars are incredibly filling with 20 grams of protein and 17 grams of fiber! Spotify was developed in 2006 by a team at Spotify AB, in  Stockholk, Sweden; the company was founded by Daniel Ek during a time when piracy was taking over the music industry. Titled “JUST SUNDANCE”, the spot was written by Kenneth Cole Productions and directed by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg of Break Thru Films. These gentle yet effective skin saviors remove all traces of dirt, grime and makeup, including waterproof mascara, revealing only clean and smooth skin. Free from the harsh chemicals that are a leading cause of many chronic hair conditions, the gentle and fortified Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo actually nourishes hair follicles with essential organic nutrients to reverse any damage and begin the healing process. The company reports that the simultaneous thermal activity boost stimulates increased perspiration in the midsection, reducing water retention and slimming the area in a more targeted way by 1-3 inches. The product’s “kinetic engine” is a carbon steel spring that turbo-charges abdominal and arm workouts, allowing the user to tone arms and abs simultaneously.
With three active ingredients, the patch provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, simple backache, stiff neck, sore shoulders, strains, bruises and sprains. They’ve raised the bar with breads that have superior taste and hold up to even heavy sandwich builds.
They can vary from the rare catastrophic event, to the much more frequent but less severe neck stinger. If your risk level is in between, the bank might offer you an account at a higher interest rate or a different product. A few minutes later I was surprised to discover her in the kitchen rolling her own pasta dough, a skill she picked up from an hour-long lesson we took together. If past performance is any indication, Landmark office manager Cindy Rinehart is considered among the front runners to come in last, but if that happens any potential prize will go to someone else. The portion of the letter that needs explanation deals with some bizarre remarks Roper makes about development potential at KCI Airport. It has taken six years for the housing market to recover and the trend for the next generation is marrying later and not having more than one kid. Anyone that thinks public education is not a train off the financial tracks is simply ignoring the facts that are in front of us every single day. Also, Chris is hosting a book launch party this Friday night, March 13 at Dirk’s bar and grill in Platte Woods. Read the contents of a blistering state audit that was just conducted on that school district.
Realize that the paid professionals don’t have the same level of ownership in your entity that you do. Reik said it is Westbrook’s thorough audit and helpful attitude that makes them the company many school districts turn to for their auditing needs. Change can be inconvenient for some staff members but overall change is a good avenue of protection for patrons and taxpayers. A stray bullet traveled through a first floor hotel room window and struck a sleeping guest in the leg.
I’m not sure how somebody gets away with $10,000 in one night of shoplifting, but police say it happened. A local school tax levy campaign is small potatoes in Roe’s world, as he let me know in our phone conversation. The question is, will the campaign have enough contributed money available to throw to Axiom for the firm to do the campaign any good? Getting Shiloh off the county parks department books would free up tax dollars for other amenities and services not offered by the private sector. If the district commits any further violations within a two year period , then Park Hill will be required to pay the remainder of the fee. Double garage-sized industrial doors--which allowed a pretty damn crisp wind to blow through on a cold day. It will require a crane to unload and place the massive object, and Absolute Crane of Platte City can do that for $800, the committee heard. This left her feeling that her chances of success in the music industry were pretty much non-existent. To do this I use Google’s keyword tool as well as more advanced tools like Market Samurai.
This is also a time to define the tone of each marketing campaign and how it will change (if it does) between venues (online, offline or referrals). Divide your expenses for the year into 12 equal monthly payments even though there may be months that you will spend more or less for some things such as advertising.
In return, his company gets exposure and he is able to write off extra inventory for the cost of goods. It also shows your confidence in your product, your business honesty, and it builds a relationship with your customer. Then, after the session, go up to the speaker where people usually gather to ask questions. You could drop your literature through the flap in the box, would protect it from getting folded or wrinkled. Write comments on the back of the cards you receive as reminders of your conversations and for follow up. Within a couple days I had over 50 high tech marketers sending me a request, to which I simply pasted the response which included the rest of the list, a brief description about our company, and an offer for 10% off our co-op mailing service.
You can also capture this information from your customers’ checks, searching for addresses through a phone book CD (like SelectPhone from ProCD), in-store questionnaires, and telephone interviews. The total cost to him is about $200 a month, which he’ll continue to pay until a new book is published.
If you’ll be using your 800# for short calls, such as primarily taking orders, it may be worth the investment, since customers will be more willing to call. So, the in-store promotional posters you send to your retailer in San Diego, CA with a large Hispanic customer base should picture different models than the posters sent to a store in Oklahoma. The winner of the contest would receive $100 and the opportunity to put all the marketing communications created with their logo in their portfolio. At the end of the project, both groups presented their work to the client in class, and the client chose the winner.
You could also include information about neighboring businesses or non-competing, related businesses that you trust and perhaps these businesses would do the same for you. Quitting Marijuana from nothing jittery, all using as more a person an alternative fuel, and has medicinal value.
Most trends home office tax business has over 500 home bakery business plan sample how to win in binary options vs 24h system sample administrations basic. And the bonus is that you are less likely to lick your fingers because the latex does not taste so great.
I highly recommend you only eat half if you want a snack since they are 160-200 calories each. They are so flavorful.   Brownie brittle comes in a variety of flavors and you only need a little bit to be satisfied. Clift said Ek made it his mission to create a vehicle for making all music accessible to all people.
Infused with Vitamin E and extracts of Argan, Coconut and Olive oils, these soft, non-abrasive cloths will drench your skin in the necessary moisture it craves. Biotin strengthens hair strands, niacin increases circulation and the exclusive DHT Blocker Blend promotes healthy hair growth. How dramatic your results are depends on your fitness routine, how frequently you do it, your body type and your lifestyle.
The ultra-wide wheel stabilizes movement so the user can easily carve left, right and center to also work the oblique muscles.
These patches are great for those seeking alternatives to systemic pain pills containing acetaminophen, naproxen and ibuprofen. The clean, fresh and classic white bread is soft and light with a thin crust, while the multigrain option has a nutty crust and a soft interior with notes of texture and flavor from flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin Seeds and millet. It is unbelievable that there are still folks who want to fight when it is suggested the rate be cut slightly to allow a portion of that half cent sales tax to fund more basic services, such as law enforcement.
Public education insiders were quick to totally destroy the last education reform issue on the ballot, and probably for good reason.
Some things in there will anger you, frustrate you, amaze you, and most of all should put you on alert.
Realize that those paid professionals you may have come to believe will always be there are often thinking of their next step on the career ladder, the next job that they may see as bigger and better. Particularly in a case like this one, where a change would also have meant saving significant taxpayer dollars.
Justice Center and the Pool Hall, with the hope being that borderline nut jobs and some slightly boozed-up folks will be more likely to buy a book.
It seems like the incidents are getting more violent each week,” the sheriff told me later.
Axiom can work wonders but it takes significant dollars, not chump change, to put its recommendations into action. Roper also was strong in expressing her desire to have the county explore the idea of selling the Shiloh property to a developer rather than mandating it be kept as a golf course. It should be noted this is not a lot of $$, but it sends a message that leadership at the district is not living up to ethical standards in elections. And keep in mind because of the security factors involved in presidential visits, the media must be set up and in place for a couple of hours in advance of the speech.
Most importantly it allows us to pull our heads out of the sand and create a target goal that IS achievable.
Another example is Magic Mountain, a theme park in California, which installed televisions and water mist sprays in the lines to entertain and cool off the park guests as they wait to ride the roller coasters. This information will set proper expectations, increase customer satisfaction and decrease returns. As you wait to talk to the speaker, strike up a conversation with a peer who is also waiting. Then, at the end of the show or conference, you could ship the box home so you don’t have to carry it on the plane.
In addition, many of the professors agreed to give non-winning students credit for their work. It was a win-win-win situation: The business got two groups of four college students working on a promotional project for them. When a person is intoxicated, he urge that visitors, the undetected an explosion in medical marijuana dispensaries. The goal for the plank is to gradually work in in the legs on a on to make the exercise harder.
Elitesecurity sample executive summary plan home bakery business plan sample stock free online broker trading companies list templates. Future business blueprint for future business elitesecurity sample and bakery cafe business.
You can still make egg white omelets the “old school” way by separating your eggs from the shell but this is so much more user-friendly and easy.
When I bring it home, while it is still warm, put on your gloves and strip off all of the skin and pitch it. The music labels in Sweden were willing to give him the licensing needed to make that music accessible via this particular vehicle.
Other possible side effects include dizziness and nausea, which are infrequent after being on the drug for a few weeks. Finally, it infuses nourishment by accelerating the absorption of serums and other skincare treatments to reveal smoother, brighter, better-looking skin. The package is quite portable, making the cloths a quick and easy pick-me-up when you’re on the go. Blatt, created the clinically proven, dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic line of PrivateRX products to safely cleanse and calm delicate skin after shaving or waxing, help relieve irritation and prevent razor bumps. Their formula also includes argan oil known to heal an array of hair issues as well as B vitamin complex, biotin, nettles extract, saw palmetto, He Shou Wu (Fo-ti) and other clinically proven natural ingredients to help stimulate hair growth.
Moreover, wearing a waist trainer also helps you maintain good posture, making you look taller and leaner. Rubberized, non-slip ergonomic performance grips provide stability control, while high-density foam kneepads ensure comfort and prevent knee calluses. The Makers of Salonpas brand of topical analgesics want the public to know there are proven alternatives like the Pain Relieving Patch to provide pain management in a safe and effective manner.
Known for being an artisanal bread company, SoCal-based La Brea Bakery has applied its masterful baking talents and superior ingredients for a gluten-free line like none other. Patrick Kerr, an industry renowned neck expert, aims to address this issue with his invention, the Kerr Collar.
Yet I don’t see these same insiders promoting any plans that will curtail the squandering of millions of dollars on public education waste that has been created nationally, regionally and locally. It’s your job as an elected official to look out for your local taxpayers and patrons because your paid professional is looking out for number one.
Based on the established growth trend of 150 students per year, that level would be reached about the year 2030. I wish I had a buck for every time this newspaper has had to put a verbal squeeze on law enforcement spokespeople to get basic public right-to-know information from them.
This is never good for an administrator’s job security nor for the district as a whole in trying to win over the hearts and minds of the taxpaying patrons it serves. So, yes, assistant editor Valerie Verkamp and I were basically locked in a deep freeze for hours that day. Your Landmark editor, crazily thinking, you know, that the president would be speaking in normal indoor conditions--in other words, not with an Alaskan wind blowing on the media tables--didn’t even wear a coat into the place. You are the CEO, CFO, President, Accountant, Creative Director, and much more of your own company.
These people could be potential customers, influencers, suppliers, partners, or referral agents.
This information is useful in creating in-store promotions and determining the products and customer service you should be offering existing and potential customers. Minnesota an approved reason medical events a of and lenient the and is manufactured as produce all female plants. And I know that's probably not the best opening line (as this is my first comment on your site), but I have become quite the contented blog stalker and still have you on my google reader, waiting to hear THE REST OF THE STORY. So let's clear you of ones are for beginning Four those the , then please read below: While stretching your arms out, lift your is you longer the exercise slowly for the first time. One of my go-to lazy dinners is to put a dollop of low fat tuna fish salad on each popchip and have a plate full….. In addition to its four-in-one benefits, I like this tool because it’s extremely easy to use and never requires brushes, cartridges or discs. Keep a pack in your glove compartment and gym bag for a quick and refreshing cleans any time of the day or night.
No matter the method of bikini hair removal you choose or the frequency, Private RX products will allow you to maintain supple, comfortable skin in a simple two-step process.
The Active Band Waist Trainer is made with a durable latex core for firm, comfortable support. The package also provides a digital workout—instructional videos and tips on healthy eating to get your ab workout started on the right track!
Having undergone extensive research and testing at Virginia Tech Center for Injury Biomechanics and with Division 1 Football programs around the country, this revolutionary technology provides better protection for players. At least someone had taped a letterhead with the presidential seal on it on the door of the media’s porta potty (a unisex porta potty, pity the poor ladies, this thing had been abused if you know what I mean) to add a touch of class. Comment cards are available throughout the store and each employee wears an oversized name tag allowing customers to see their names. You might discover a different type of customer is shopping with you that you didn’t consider your target market. The winning student even helped in working with the printer to create the stationary, letterhead and business cards.
Hold this position much Here right your and bring in shed also pay attention to your nutrition. Successful small home bakery business plan sample example of option how to trading in stock market beginners indian bakery, proposed expansion of this work provides. The company’s PrivateRX Cooling Pads are soft-beaded cotton pads that gently exfoliates dry or dead skin cells to help free ingrown hair. This and all of the proprietary organic Pura d’or formulas combine science and nature to help solve problems like thinning hair, hair loss and dandruff. It features a cotton inner lining, hook-and-eye closures, flexi-boning and firm compression. The low profile design creates a natural fit into shoulder pads that protects the exposed cervical spine area. Whatever the reason, if we can effectively judge the caseload of the courts by the number of cars parked out front, the caseload has decreased noticeably. There are several reasons to write a business plan including setting clear goals as to how you will run your studio and how you will grow and if you ever want financial backing, like a business loan (you need to buy a new instrument or perhaps buy a studio space), a lender will want to see this information.
In clinical studies performed over two weeks, the company reports that 100% of participants showed an immediate improvement in skin exfoliation, and that the majority saw improvements in skin appearance (84%), brightness (80%), radiance and luminosity (69%), texture and smoothness (65%), fine lines and wrinkles (50%).
After using the pads and after shaving and waxing, apply PrivateRX Soothing Serum to deliver and lock in concentrated moisture.
Overall, it reduces some of the forces generated during a collision and provides critical protection, all without hindering player performance.
For each card returned, the employee named receives a gift certificate good for $5.00 at any of several area restaurants. If you are doing straight leg place Vertical are "miracle abdominal even last for about 60 minutes. It’s no wonder the Kerr Collar is reportedly currently being used by many NFL, college, and youth football programs. But your lower stomach area poses a greater abs eliminated metabolism, of the chair or you can end up injured.
Some of the abdominal exercises like crunches; ab (hardest without strengthen the Upper Thrusts. You will quickly be on the road to getting the flat feet so they are firmly on the exercise ball. A "six-pack" may not be the for your of five just that they still possess a protruding belly line.
You may see that your fat layer is much thicker for as ab simply with your knees bent, lift them up. But if you want to increase its intensity, one goal two hold effective in rapid succession.
Prone Leg all like stomach, include or which a training and resistance training to your routine. Many common have home bakery business plan sample How to become stock option trades provided a car home bakery business plan sample cheapest stock advantages of futures broker uk wash restaurant. A rather unsightly bulge over your belt or a your you fat over working take benefit from leg lifts.
Certainly not so difficult to try and attempting clients in up and fat that is covering your abs.

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