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The Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies - Marketing and Promotion degree provides skilled musicians with opportunities to develop expertise as professionals who will work in the $90 billion music industry.
The Music Industry Studies program embraces an entrepreneurial spirit while addressing specific areas of: recording arts, music technology, arts management, artist management and promotion, music merchandising and musical instrument manufacturing. Alumni occupy positions in nearly all facets of the $90 billion music industry, including artist management, marketing, merchandising, publishing, recording and live sound production. Employers include Yamaha International Corporation, Mercury Records, EMI Music Publishing, Blackbird Studios and Boosey and Hawkes Publishing Inc., to name a few.
Visit the department homepage for more information, including Program of Study and Four Year Guide. Appalachian is committed to introducing students to different cultures and teaching them how to live and interact in a global society. Successful completion of this degree leads to a capstone internship, which generally occurs in a major music center such as Charlotte, Nashville, Los Angeles or New York City. The Hayes School of Music prepares young musicians for professional lives as performers, composers, music educators, music therapists, conductors and music industry professionals, ensuring the next generation of musical leadership for the state, region and nation. With employment and graduate school placement record of nearly 100 percent, our students typically move into professional music careers, including performing, teaching, clinical work, research and business, as well as other career fields that value collaboration, logical reasoning and creative thinking. The Hayes School of Music engages the local and regional community with more than 190 concerts each year, giving students valuable performance experience. Hayes School of MusicThe Hayes School of Music prepares young musicians for professional lives as performers, composers, music educators, music therapists, conductors, and music industry professionals, ensuring the next generation of musical leadership for the state, region and nation. Appalachian Cares is a place to find resources and support available for our students faculty and staff regarding student health and safety.
Connect with Appalachian's social media accounts from university programs, departments and administrative units. This one might seem a little lame, but it’s all the rage in America, and the Americans know how it’s done!
Remember, whilst this offline type of promotion is certainly not a dying art, it needs to translate. Bryan Staggers is a successful businessman and marketing expert who enjoys writing in his spare time.
Here is the marketing costs tab which is a dashboard that tracks marketing expenses such as magazine ads, web banner advertising, trade shows, direct mail, etc.
Dashboards By ExampleLearning how to design, implement and manage business intelligence dashboards is best done by example.
Studying actual production implementations of business dashboards, enterprise reporting systems, excel dashboards and other business intelligence interfaces is the way to best leverage our collective experience.
Whether you are a business intelligence developer, graphic designer, business subject matter expert, project manager, executive sponsor, information visualization expert, database administrator or dashboard user, you'll find examples of the good, the bad and the ugly. More Dashboard TemplatesJoin the Dashboard Spy email newsletter at no cost and receive a series of free dashboard templates.
Project leaders and developers have written Hubert thanking him for saving them hours of development time with his HTML templates.
Note: You will receive HTML templates for your development team as well as icons and examples of great dashboard design.
E-MU's Digital Audio Systems feature the powerful E-DSP chipset, which features a hardware-accelerated effects processor with over 28 effects plug-ins (over 600 presets). No material on this site may be reproduced in part or whole, without permission of the North American Music Teachers Association.
Dave Cool is Director of Artist Relations for musician website & marketing platform Bandzoogle. One of the most important things you can do to prepare for the year ahead is to create a budget for your musical activities.
Try to get as clear as you can about everything you would like to do this year, and be sure to write it all down. Digital distribution: Although minimal, depending on which service you use, there is either an upfront cost or annual recurring cost to distribute your music to iTunes, Amazon, etc. Graphic Design: Some bands are fortunate to have a member that is a skilled graphic designer. Publicist: Will you be hiring a publicist to help with the initial launch and promotion of your new music?

Mailing List: Email newsletters are still the best way to convert fans to paying customers.
Videos: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, so chances are people will be trying to find your music on there. Ads: Will you be buying any ads online to help promote your music, live shows, or latest video? Digital Sales: You should be selling digital music through your own website to make the most money, but also through online retailers.
Streaming: Although per-stream payouts from streaming services can be rather small, they can add up over time, and these services can also help new fans discover your music.
Digital Royalties: Whenever your music is played on services like SiriusXM radio, Pandora and webcasters, they must pay royalties. Crowdfunding: A crowdfunding campaign can help generate enough money to offset the cost of producing your album. Make sure to have 2 columns for the numbers, one for Projections, and one for your Actual results.
In addition, the Music Industry Studies program has three concentrations, each with specific courses tailored to the degree name. In addition to the audition on their principal instrument or voice, students interested in Music Industry Studies must supply two additional documents. Festivals are an amazing opportunity to connect with your target audience – other music fans. The more fans you gain on Facebook, the more shares, comments and hashtags of pictures and videos of you and your bandmates as you can get on your social media, then the more people will ultimately talk about you. His love of music has been with him throughout his life, and sees no signs of slowing down in his (undisclosed) age. As his about page states, The Dashboard Spy is just a guy interested in the design of enterprise dashboards. Browse this hugh set of dashboard examples to find a variety of approaches and best practices. Shrouded in mystery for years, The Dashboard Spy finally revealed himself to be Hubert Lee. Hubert's newsletter is eagerly received by thousands of business intelligence professionals each week.
No other audio solution available offers the performance, flexibility and value of the E-MU 1820M. This effects architecture is fully expandable, allowing you to add more effect plug-ins to your system as needed. Start entering your information in the custom text fields and watch your custom content appear as you type. Having a budget will give you a much clearer look at where you want to go financially, how you’ll get there, and what your progress is along the way. There is often a fee to apply, and for some conferences, even if you’re accepted to showcase, it still costs money to attend.
If not, hire a professional graphic designer to handle your album artwork, as well as images you’ll need for your website and social media profiles. Most mailing list services charge a monthly fee, so put that into your budget (if you’re using Bandzoogle for your website, a mailing list is included). Making an official video is a good idea, but you should also upload simple lyric videos and other low budget videos.
Facebook ads can be highly targeted, and now services like Topspin offer targeted online advertising for musicians. You should be using mostly free promotional tactics to engage your fans like using your website, blogging, email newsletters, as well as social media like Facebook and Twitter to create awareness about your music. Do your best to estimate how much income you’ll be bringing in over the course of the next year. Again, if you’ll be playing live shows, printing a small batch to have at your merch table can help generate extra income.
You should sign up for a free SoundExchange account to make sure you’re getting those royalties.
But the bottom line is that performing live is a great way to earn income, sell merch, build your mailing list, and connect with your fans.

Just be sure to have some t-shirts, as well as smaller items like buttons and stickers that you can sell to fans after the show. That way you can see if things are costing above or below your projections and you can adjust accordingly throughout the year. Flyers may be cheap, but it can be really soul destroying to see them carpeting the floors of an otherwise disgustingly muddy porta-potty floor. Why not think outside the box a little?
If you want to get talking to a group of people, the best way to go about it isn’t to waltz up and interrupt them mid conversation. Finding out this sort of information will help you figure out if they’re likely to want to hear your music. Then they’re more likely to check out your stuff, come to your shows, and buy your T Shirts. The featured chart is a funnel that tracks the stages of a sale – website vist, evaluation download, valid contacts, qualified leads, quotes and closes. He could not find any executive dashboard design source books (or even screenshots of real business dashboards) and so set about creating his own. Join the free Dashboard Spy Newsletter for BI professionals and get free eBooks, tips, and 3 HTML dashboard templates at absolutely no cost. A long time user experience expert known for high level consulting to major companies, Hubert has designed and implemented many of the world's most significant systems.
In fact, it has the distinction of being the only song in existence about business intelligence! Most teachers would rather spend their time teaching (and making money) than trying to drum up business.
The only difference between you and the bands up on the stage is that they had a bigger fan base behind them, perhaps encouraged by some extensive promotion. Plus, we’re not saying that you should exploit your new pals, of course not, but you know, take what you can get. This is called conversions, and the more return you can get on any and all investment you make in these areas – the better. It's an interactive demo, so you should visit the site to try out the dropdowns and such, but here are a couple of dashboard screenshots. Finally convinced to post his extensive collection of dashboard screenshots online, he was amazed to find how popular it has become.
Namta's downloadable Marketing Tools will give you the promotional tools and business forms you need to run a successful teaching program.
No matter how wasted people get, they’ll happily keep them around their neck or clipped to their skinny jeans, and you can even pop one of your beloved leaflets in there (with your details in, of course). People in the music scene are often known to name drop, and if they’ve got some pretty cool connections, try and get yourself introduced or on board.
The KPIs shown by the guage controls are cost per sale, sales per download, revenue per sale and profit per sale. If you’re lucky enough to be able to sell things at the festival of your choice, then you could even get a little card USB made up. Other bands might dress up in ridiculous outfits, or have their model friends parade around in their merch. They may look like debit cards, but they double up as awesome USB sticks, so they’re great for storing some tracks!
Many alternative brands are keen to endorse bands, as it can be mutually beneficial – for example, clothing lines like Big Deal Clothing and Hard Times Clothing have both done this. You could give a whole new meaning to a flash mob, by giving impromptu performances, and if you’re really clever, you could improvise songs about your crowd, right there on the spot.
Resist the urge to get a Kit-Kat printed on them and get some band promo pics on there, and you’re good to go. You can reach new fans when they post about you wearing their clothes, and you’ll bring new customers to them because everyone will want to be as cool as you! Just try not to be the guys and girls who got so drunk or rowdy that they had to be escorted from the site!

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