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Library Wrapper Module Project wizard, the module that you create can automatically be added to the module suite project.
In the Name and Location panel, for the Library text box, either type in the path to ColorChooser.jar or browse to its location.
The first column in the table above lists all the classes that you will subclass in this tutorial. In the Projects window, expand the Paint module's project node if it is not already expanded.

This specifies the text that will be used to identify a new image file in the application prior to being saved by the user.
In your new application, it would be a good idea to allow users to save the images they create. By including the following code into the PaintTopComponent class, this functionality will be activated. Note: Where you position the action is not important, as long as it is in the File menu and in the File toolbar.

See all the sources of your NetBeans Platform app and work with them directly within the application node.

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