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Before getting into the mobile marketing trends for 2011, take a look at some of the data projections for mobile for this year.
Not surprisingly, the marketing world is falling over themselves to get at the vanguard of the mobile movement. Sotheby’s International Realty Marketing – How will you utilize marketing to gain international clients?
Marketing a property for the global audience is no longer new, it simply is just the new normal.
A recent story coming from Inman news details a broker named Carlos in Southern California who, despite being fluent in just Spanish and English, has taken the aim at targeting the Asian, and in particular Chinese, buyers.
Of the 90% of all people who use the Internet for their home search, according to the Sotheby’s International Realty website, roughly 50% of all searches are done from countries outside the United States, however the United States remains the number one searched country for property. As ice cream chains expanded and quality ice cream became available in supermarkets, these “Mom and Pop” businesses began to disappear. Most businesses achieving this level of success advertise their products and services, but not Eddie’s Sweet Shop. Facebook fans were tipped-off about a cookies-and-cream ice cream pie special this past spring, as well as when special summer flavors, like peach and blueberry, were introduced this last June.
Delighted by the response to his business’s Facebook page, Citrano admits having nothing to do with it. The young staff at Eddie’s has yet to venture into the “twitter-sphere” because their boss doesn’t want them to. One of the most successful Eddie’s Facebook-related ideas came from the store manager, Sean Donovan, 25. After years of being in the business, Eddie’s owner doesn’t forget what makes it all possible. Google+ user base continues to grow Marketers will flock to Google+ to successfully engage with consumers or for its ancillary benefits.
Here are five trends for the current year that will help define 2011 as the year of mobile marketing.
All you need are two people with Bluetooth-enabled Smart Phones and the right application and you’ve got the potential for instant networking.
Today, the majority of teenagers view their mobile phone as “the key to their social life” yet only 15% own a smart phone.
As marketing budgets continue to shift online because of factors like increased measurability and early buying cycle audiences, so too will mobile marketing budgets grow. These 2-dimensional bar-codes (pictured) were originally created to help Toyota track auto parts.
What makes Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty so unique is our distinct ability to instantaneously broadcast our listings around the world to over 12,800 associates within at least 660 offices in over 47 countries and territories under the Sotheby’s brand.
With 72% of all Internet users searching for property in languages other than English, broadening the pool of potential buyers is essential. So when determining which points to stress during your next listing presentation, be wary that sellers today know the importance of having the strongest possible international reach. Established in the 1920s, this family-operated business has been scooping homemade ice cream for nearly a century. Citrano’s father, Joe Citrano, hammered his days away in a shoe factory and worked at Eddie’s six nights a week, relieving his wife, who worked in the store during daytime hours. Thousands, possibly millions, of customers have enjoyed sundaes, shakes and old-fashioned ice cream sodas, brimming with foam. Up until 2009, the Citranos hued to the 1920s style of the shop and marketed the old-fashioned way. About a year ago, the workers attempted to start an Instagram account for the sweet shop since hundreds of photos posted by customers already existed on the social media site, listed under “#eddiessweetshop.” But the Eddie’s Instagram account didn’t generate as much interest as the Facebook page. Citrano said, “On Facebook we can post sporadically and not inundate people with posts, but Twitter is just too much.
As a result of a conversation with Donovan, a customer, known as “Customer Dave,” agreed to collaborate on a weekly ice cream suggestion for Facebook. Hundreds of customers have posted positive comments about their Eddie’s experiences on Eddie’s Sweet Shop’s Facebook page. These are just a few of the upcoming social experiences on which mobile is at the cutting edge. Expect to see this explode at tradeshows, networking events, campuses and anywhere else people are making fast friends.
Not only is having a global presence imperative for helping to sell a property, it is just as crucial for landing high-end listings. Utilizing everything in marketing such as the lengthy list of past sold properties to foreign buyers is a start. Whether it’s the taste of the homemade products or admiration for the marble counter and decorative woodwork, these days even on cold winter nights, patrons pack the store. His duties include posting messages from the owner and staying on top of customer comments. Steve Casalaspro commented on September 22nd, “I took my son to Eddie’s Sweet Shop for his birthday. Google’s search algorithm is shifting toward rewarding quality content over keyword placement, emphasizing posts along its own social media platform.
Expect both numbers to shoot up as web-enabled phones become not just mainstream, but the norm. Furthermore, and even more importantly, is to just completely become aware of just how influential the Sotheby’s brand can be to buyers all around the world due to our white glove referral service, affiliation with the world renowned Sotheby’s Auction House, and overall superior marketing techniques and all of our listings having a presence on over forty global websites. A kid growing up in Queens in the 60s, 70s, or 80s, was never far from a family-owned ice cream shop, pharmacy, or soda fountain that served his or her favorite scoop of ice cream. If customers post questions about the store’s history, hours, or catering services, Donovan answers them as soon as he can on the Facebook page, or asks them to call the store if a long answer is required. He is now the third generation in the family to enjoy their ice cream.” On August 17th, Arlene B.
With built-in authorship verification, Google+ will serve up your relevant posts in search results.
When a mobile user takes a picture of the image (and has the right software installed) they’re brought to a mobile-optimized site. Unlike most Facebook business pages, the Eddie’s page tries to at least “like” all customer comments, so people know their ideas are read and appreciated. Additionally, businesses that wish to utilize YouTube, Google Analytics and other Google products must do so with a Google+ account. Furthermore, service offerings associated with Google+, such as Google Hangouts live video and +Post paid advertising, will give marketers more opportunities to engage with consumers.

This year, more marketers will set up Google+ Pages for businesses, primarily because it’s backed by Google. From there, businesses will create meaningful two-way communication with consumers on Google+.8. Contests create excitement Marketers will launch more creative contests to increase brand exposure and engagement, and to promote businesses along social media channels.
According to Social MediaExaminer’s “2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report,” 86% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business. Companies seeking to reach new and existing consumers will need to stay ahead of the current social media trends.
With Facebook loosening its policies on contests, marketers will create more promotions, such as sweepstakes and giveaways, to gain more fans and interact with existing ones. Let’s predict what social media techniques, tactics and tools will be utilized by marketers in 2014.1.
Challenging consumers with interactive contests, like quizzes and photo captions, will create more social media engagement.
Content marketing reigns supreme Content is king and content marketing will rule on social media platforms in 2014. Marketers will continue to utilize third-party apps, such as Gressorial, OfferPop and WildFire or program their own custom tabs on Facebook, to acquire more fans and email addresses for follow-up messaging.
Already the most widely used content marketing tool, social media will make pushing content easier and more accessible than ever.
Marketers will also take advantage of the new direct functionality on both Instagram and Twitter to integrate less intensive contests into typical promotions on those social media channels.
Because contests offer an incentive, consumers will be more likely to message directly or email with the brand – perfect for building new contacts for additional marketing opportunities.
Consumers will sift through the clutter to find the best material, while search engine algorithms will reward publishers of the most clicked content. Contests will become the preferred method of marketers looking to expand reach and build lists via social media marketing.9.
More and more brands will emerge as publishers of their own content this year, pushing content along channels, such as website articles, e-newsletters, blogs and videos that integrate seamlessly with social media platforms. SoundCloud is music to marketers’ ears What’s the fourth largest social sharing platform with 250 million active users?
Marketers will also be responsible for tracking the success of their content marketing efforts down to the individual piece, measuring the effectiveness of how the content is shared on social media. You might be surprised to hear that it’s SoundCloud – the leading audio-sharing social channel. The second half of 2013 saw a huge surge in SoundCloud activity, placing it behind only Facebook, YouTube and Google+ in usage. Budgets become bigger Social media marketing will become more of a necessity for businesses in the new year.
Often referred to as “the YouTube of audio,” SoundCloud now closely integrates with Google+ and allows bands to select images from Instagram for cover art. Recently, StrongView reported that 93% of surveyed marketers plan to increase or maintain marketing budgets focused on customer engagement in 2014. In 2013, SoundCloud debuted its Pro Partners programs in which brands promote their accounts to the platform’s users. This is not intended for just musicians and radio stations, but for any brand with audio content, including radio spots or spoken company profiles. As content marketing along social media channels grows, media buyers will need to allocate more funds toward content promotion, as well.
Marketers will keep their ears open for opportunities to leverage this fast-growing social media channel for audio-based promotional activities.10. Paid placements, particularly Facebook Advertising, will be essential for content to be visible to targeted audiences, and effective on social media platforms. Big data analysis allows for better results Marketers will begin to make a more direct connection between big data and social media to make wiser decisions. Companies striving to keep up with the competition will move from treating social media as a group effort to hiring specialists instead. Marketers will be able to pick up on consumer patterns using automated tools to crunch large sets of market research. In-house social media experts will be entrusted to advise on social media planning, creation, execution, reporting and analysis.
After identifying these behavior trends, marketers will then be able to communicate directly to consumers with timely offers and promotions via social media channels. More time, money and effort will be devoted to social media strategy as businesses increase brand awareness, loyalty and influence.3.
Again, data analysis comes into play to see which social media engagements worked the best for subsequent interactions. Images are worth a thousand words Image-based content will continue to drive social media engagement next year. Mining the data, the team discovers that there was a recent spike in social media activity at the same time of a particular sneaker release. Immediately, the marketing team offers a 10% discount for the sneaker via a promo code on Twitter and a downloadable coupon on Facebook. Stunningly, recruiters spend more time studying user profile pics instead of the person’s actual qualifications on LinkedIn. Upon further analysis, the team realizes that a significant amount of the online chatter was due to certain stores running out of stock for the popular sneaker.
Originally a text-focused platform, Twitter images are the social media channel’s most shared and clicked-on content.
Recently, Twitter introduced expanded images, allowing users to see inline images with tweets. Then, the team engages with the customers on an individual basis via social media to coordinate setting aside the sneaker for purchase at the same discounted price. Photo-centric Instagram developed its answer to Snapchat with Instagram Direct, which allows users to send private pics directly to up to 15 followers. After the sneaker promotion ends, the marketing team again evaluates the results to see if the social media efforts resulted in coupon redemptions, customer satisfaction and increased overall sales.
Brands like Gap have already taken advantage of Instagram Direct with exclusive image-based contests. In this manner, big data analysis will allow marketers to listen, learn and adapt to consumers along social media channels.11. Pinterest is the fast-growing, image-sharing social media channel with 80% of its pins being repins. Social media ROI is easier to prove Right now, 87% of marketers want to accurately measure the return on investment (ROI) from their social media efforts.

Additionally, C-level professionals want to see cost-per-customer acquisition relative to social media investment. As photos continue to generate higher engagement rates than text-based content, marketers will develop more branded images for social media platforms in 2014.4. Reporting on social media needs to go well beyond the “Like.” This year, marketers will utilize more social media ROI tools, such as HootSuite, SocialMention and Klout in conjunction with Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics, to show value.
Pinterest means business As the prevailing image-sharing platform, Pinterest represents perhaps the greatest revenue-generating potential of all social media channels in 2014, especially with the female demographic. According to Shareaholic’s Social Media Traffic Report, 15.22% of overall traffic driven to publishers in September 2013 came from Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. For example, it won’t be enough to simply attract new followers on a company’s Twitter presence.
However, Pinterest is the fastest-growing referrer of traffic, expanding to 66.52% in share of overall visits for the previous year. Twitter activity will need to demonstrate a significant increase in customer service or sales with real numbers to support the results.
In 2013, Pinterest drove 41% of social media traffic to ecommerce sites, while the average shopper referred from the network spent between $140 and $180, as compared to $60 to $80 spent by visitors referred from Facebook.
With more referring traffic, higher conversion rates and a user base that spends, Pinterest has emerged as the top advertising social channel for “top of the funnel” advertising.
Marketers will look to monetize social media through friends of friends – referrals to ecommerce.
As a result, expect the number of Pinterest business accounts to increase in 2014 from about 500,000 today. Great content gets shared, so that’s what marketers will publish along social media channels to expand their network of online shoppers. Pinterest’s popularity and direct linkage to existing sites makes it a must-have for marketers this year.5. Twitter goes more direct Marketers will learn to leverage Twitter’s new direct message (DM) feature, which allows users to opt in to receive DMs from anyone. Video sets into motion Video will continue to be the hottest content type for social media marketing in 2014.
This functionality enables companies to promote their brand and products directly to Twitter users without needing to follow them. Companies will try to create the next great viral video buzz while spreading awareness of the brand through short videos. Conversely, Twitter users will be able to privately message business with specific customer service issues. YouTube will continue to be the mecca of all video, with Vimeo as an admirable alternative for video sharing. Continuing the theme of image sharing along social channels, Twitter’s DM also permits business to send images to users, creating new branding and advertising opportunities. The expanded DM functionality allows brands to reach more customers specifically with advertising and service communications.6.
Vine (6-second videos) and Instagram (15-second videos) will compete to be the short video platform of choice for businesses.
LinkedIn is best for business LinkedIn is the leading social media networking site for professionals with more than 238 million users. Currently, Vine videos are four times more likely to be seen by your audience as compared to a regular branded video, according to the 7th Chamber.
In 2014, LinkedIn will emerge as the top source for business-related content, fueled by its Influencers program. While Vine videos generated a higher engagement rate and number of retweets than Instagram videos in 2013, Instagram currently enjoys roughly 10 times the user base than Vine, plus the backing of Facebook, which now owns it. The Influencer network consists of high-profile CEOs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from every major industry. Short, branded videos will be extremely popular this year and pushed along Twitter and YouTube mobile channels for maximum visibility. Marketers will look for ways to produce professional, yet authentic videos efficiently and cost-effectively in 2014 to cater to consumers’ appetites for video.13. With so much more relevant content, marketers can take advantage of LinkedIn’s branding, advertising and product-featuring opportunities. Marketers will feature blogs as key organic content hubs and search engine optimization drivers. Google Authorship will give Google+ bloggers an edge in exposing their content, while the updated Google Hummingbird algorithm will demand organic, relevant content on blogs. As about 28% of marketers have optimized their blogs for mobile, there will be a large investment in responsive design.
Marketers will also take advantage of the branding potential afforded through self-hosted, custom solutions. Bloggers will also pay to increase exposure for their blog, while also offering more advertising opportunities to monetize their blog in 2014. Still blogs remain a prime source of original brand-published content and will rebound in popularity in 2014.14. CRM connects with social media Social media will begin to integrate more directly with customer relationship marketing (CRM) in 2014.
Social CRM (sCRM) will seek to re-engage with customers, build stronger brand interaction, turn analysis into sales and convince decision-makers to invest in social media marketing.
Tools for listening to social media will allow businesses to engage in conversations customers, solve service issues, make improvements and monitor interactions in the future.
As customer service is handled more online, CRM and social media will continue to merge.While new social media platforms, practices and plans develop in 2014, many of the truisms will remain. Social media will still be about consumer engagements and encouraging two-way communication. Consumers will continue to seek high-quality content in all its various forms, from text to video via social media channels. Social media will touch every facet of successful inbound marketing strategies and serve up content where consumers want it most.

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