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We give you for free our Newsletter & E-mails Software to gives everyone access to a fully-featured email newsletter system.
While testing a few different email marketing companies, I was impressed with this free email marketing software. A regular newsletter to your existing customer base is one of the most proven methods of promoting repeat business!
This newsletter tool is a lesson to online businesses: If you create a well-built product for FREE people can't resist signing up. Aunque el gestor de contenidos WordPress tiene la opcion de enviar correos electronicos a los suscriptores de un blog o web, las opciones son muy limitadas por no decir practicamente nulas. En MuyInternet te damos una solucion para tus estrategias de e-mail marketing: WordPress Newsletter Sender. WordPress Newsletter Sender es compatible con la ultima version de WordPress 3.0, permite importar los datos y comentarios de usuarios para crear o enviar los correos electronico. Asi, el programa se convierte en una formula sencilla para poder activar campanas de e-mail marketing y poder promocionar diversas cuestiones desde nuestro blog o sitio web.

Usamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar tu experiencia y realizar tareas de analitica.
This email software is free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website. With your own personal Admin account, you can control an entire email campaign with a simple, easy to use interface. This bulk email marketing software is easy for anyone to create & send messages to thousands of people, as easy as sending a single message.
It's a fantastic Windows newsletter software utility for bulk email marketing and targeted email marketing. Este programa freeware permite ponerse en contacto con los usuarios suscritos de una web que funcione con WordPress.Con este programa podemos programar newsletters, avisos a los usuarios o cualquier otro tipo de informacion que queramos mandar a los suscriptores de un blog o web. This is why almost every big provider developed a lot of rules and registrations, filtering spam automatically.
This Email Sender or e-mail marketing software capture email addresses from our websites and create targeted business mailing lists for bulk email advertising.

Almost every adult-related, pharmacy-related or even shopping-related mail never reaches the recipient, because it is simply filtered out. It sends personalized emails to thousands of people and automatically manage email list by checking bounced or unsubscribe emails. We developed a software, that takes care of all the rules, making sure, your Newsletter reaches its audience. This easy to use product is your ideal communication tool for group email, email marketing, newsletter publishing.
We have a 87% delivery rate – so never ask yourself anymore, why no one reacted to your newsletter.

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