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Keep a watchful eye on visitors at your front door, kids in the backyard or customers and employees in your store or office with this night vision security camera system. In an industry first Sharp has this week unveiled its new Infrared Colour Night-Vision security ?camera that is capable of capturing colour video footage in total darkness. The new Sharp security camera is also capable of capturing high definition images at a resolution of 1280 ? 720 pixels as well as offering smooth video capture at 30 frames per second thanks to its single-sensor system single CCD chip. This new camera is equipped with an infrared colour night-vision CCD 3 developed jointly by Sharp and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). For more information on the new Infrared Colour Night-Vision Security Camera jump over to the Sharp Corporate News website via the link below for details. Defender PHOENIX Pro Wireless Security System can be used to monitor video in any indoor or outdoor space at any time of the day. 2 PHOENIX Pro Cameras, 1 PHOENIX Pro Receiver, 3 Power Adapters, 2 Video Cables with BNC Adapters, Mounting Hardware, Quick Start Guide, 1 Year Warranty, Lifetime Customer Support. Outdoor Security Camera, 65ft FT4 Extension Cable, Power Adapter, Mounting Hardware, Quick Start Guide, Lifetime Customer Support, 1 Year Manufacturer's Direct Warranty.

This weatherproof camera system connects to your existing TV or monitor in just minutes so you can keep a close eye on your property, even in the dark. Beyond deployment in conventional anti-theft cameras, it will find use in a broad range of applications, for example, in monitoring patients in hospitals and nursing homes. It uses near-infrared light for illumination to enable colour images to be captured in total darkness (zero lux)—a first for the industry. Defender PRO Cameras provides you with the high-resolution video you need to cut out the middle man and keep your property safe. The security camera features infrared LEDs with low-light sensors to enable night vision and a 300-pixel resolution delivers a crisp, clear view.
The wireless, weather resistant camera included with this system has one wide-angled array infrared LED that allow you to see up to 100ft away in the dark.
This weather-resistant camera is built to last with heavy duty, anti-vandal mounting hardware and anodized midnight black aluminum casing. Ideal for monitoring entrances, backyards, valuables and employees, this PHOENIX Pro system can be used in any situation you need.Digital Wireless TechnologyDigital Wireless Technology makes set-up hassle free. Widescreen viewing* with 800TVL resolution and 150ft night vision means you’ll be able see more of your property in finer detail than traditional DIY systems afford.

All Defender PRO cameras come with 65ft of fire-rated FT4 cabling optimized for in-wall installation. Perfect for any business or home application, experience peace of mind you never thought possible while knowing you did it all yourself with Defender PRO.ULTRA HIGH 800TVL RESOLUTIONDefender gets you the crisp, clear picture you need so you know exactly what’s going on at your business or home. PRO Cameras feature 800TV lines of resolution, meaning you’ll have smooth, finely detailed live or pre-recorded video available whenever you want it.SEE 150’ IN COMPLETE DARKNESSEvery PRO series camera is outfitted with 48 infrared LEDs thatwill let you view any property fromup to 150’ away in complete darkness – equal to the distance ofhalf a football field! There is no way you would be able to make out a face of anyone in the camera unless they were standing right in front of it.
Theincluded heavy duty vandal-resistant mounting hardware allows you to securely affix your camera to almost any indoor or outdoor surface.SEE MORE IN WIDESCREEN WITH 960H TECHNOLOGY*With 34% more surface visibility than standard security cameras, your Defender PRO Cameras’ widescreen viewing option leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, whether you’re monitoring a darkened parking lot or well-lit backyard. Your in-wall wiring will meet regional building codes while you remain one step ahead of the inspector.

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