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Do you work in Higher Education, and interested to learn how digital marketing is driving student enrolments? You can download the Fathom Q1 2014 EDU Standard Marketing Report for more indepth results. Higher education now days becoming a tough to task to choose which university or colleges giving the right opportunity to the students in term of education and living with proper benefits. Web Entrepreneurship is the highest and largest simple way to earn more income than traditional income, Find the basic strategies on how to succeed in Online Advertising.
Most Trending are Mobile Advertising, Digital Advertising,Identify all latest Ad-Format, Advertise on-rich media ads to social media pages, Always read how to measure the effectiveness of web advertising. Social Literacy Skills Required - the ability to aggregate multiple points of data for decision making and authenticity. Mobile Ad campaign reach out up into 75%  graph growth spot year 2013 target mobile market in 2014 up to 88%.
Desktop Ad Campaign every quarterly Ad Buyers reach out 30% this is higher 40% than Mobile market. Base on 2013 study about the average latest calculation of cpm pricing it depends on what type of site niche category rate .
For every retailer, mastering online channels is key if they want to have a successful Christmas. This year Mintel predicts that ?4.7bn will be spent online in the UK during the run up to the big day – and that doesn’t include purchases that are researched on the web but completed in brick-and-mortar stores. As Facebook advertising has evolved, it has given marketers the opportunity to identify and target their highest valued audiences to drive interaction and conversions. Retail paid search advertisers in the U.S nearly doubled daily spend on Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) across the week of Thanksgiving this year compared with 2013, with peak spend shifting this year from Cyber Monday to Black Friday. On the biggest shopping days – Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday – the overall conversion rate for Google PLAs was considerably higher than the surrounding days, peaking at nearly 6% on Cyber Monday. The increased spending on Facebook and Google PLAs hasn’t held back investment in traditional paid search campaigns. Driven by these positive results retailers are investing more budget into their paid search campaigns this year than ever before. Everyone comments that Christmas shopping seems to begin earlier every year, and the statistics agree.
These trends demonstrate that digital marketing is growing in importance and becoming more effective in the role it plays in retailers’ seasonal campaigns. Worldwide advertising spend is due to grow 5.5% in 2014 to $537 billion, while online advertising will account for almost one-quarter of that according to the latest forecasts out from ZenithOptimedia. In comparison, advertising spend in 2013 was 503 billion according to research from the same group. While search ads such as Google Ad Words have dominated the internet, the rise of advertisement technology and social media seems to be changing that trend.

ZenithOptimedia researchers are quoted as saying “Mobile will leapfrog radio, magazines and outdoor to become the world’s fourth-largest medium by the end of our forecast period,”. When discussing ‘mobile’ the research is referring to internet adds on tablets and smartphones i.e.
Despite ZenithOptimedia stating that internet advertising ad spend will continue to be the category with the fastest growth, it is showing signs to be slowing down. Display advertising is superceding that growth rate with 21% and social media advertising is reaching even higher at a growth rate of 29% per year.
This is due to ever expanding audiences, with the number of Facebook users standing at over one billion and mobile Facebook users soon approaching that number. While industry leaders of online video such as Youtube and services with similar offerings will overshadow display adverts, the will fail to overtake social media advert investments which will increase by 23% this year.
The slowest rate of growth is that of paid search which seems to be slowing down in comparison to the other categories, but still maintains higher growth than that of traditional media.
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The emphasis today is on content that’s easily digestible, and great images help your content stand out. There are now more active mobile devices than adults in the US, and consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to research products and services, find businesses, shop directly, and more.
Attracting increasingly savvy consumers requires smart, integrated digital campaigns, with paid search and social advertising crucial and growing parts of the marketing mix.
By generating efficiencies and optimisations in their paid social programmes, marketers have made their strategies more sophisticated and more vigorous, thus increasing overall competition within Facebook advertising and, in turn, upping the value of targeting Facebook users. Overall global Facebook advertising costs and ROI rose dramatically, with aggregate average CPM from Facebook ads increasing seven-fold YoY. This is due to the better performance of Newsfeed ads and comes with a 5x YoY increase in click-through rate. And, the biggest year-on-year spend growth for Shopping campaigns among the key dates was on Thanksgiving (+143%), followed by Black Friday (+113%), and finally Cyber Monday (+59%).
When compared to 2013, paid search spend increased 16%+ on each day prior to Thanksgiving in 2014, with the largest increase generated 7 days prior to Thanksgiving (+43%). Retail marketers are adopting more sophisticated approaches – mixing paid search, Facebook, and Google PLA advertising in order to reach consumers at this crucial time of year. This is expected to grow to as much as $45 billion by 2016, which would account for 28% of the internets entire ad spend and 7.6% of advertising investments overall. The sector increased by 16.2% in 2013 but is expected to slow down sometime between 2014 and 2016 to 16%. Another reason is developments in advertising technology which allows companies to have more control in terms of how their advertising is being seen and also providing them with data regarding statistics on the effectiveness and impact of the advert. More traditional media outlets are following suit, with service providers now offering both traditional and online services and online companies such as Twitter trying to make a relationship with advertising more integrated with traditional viewing experiences.

Despite Youtube practically owning the monopoly of online video, the faster growth of social media’s advertising sector could prompt Google to invest more money in their social media sector in the future.
Zenith have concluded that this will increase advertising technology advancements into the paid search market, more detailed product info, better localisation of search results, images within ads and advances in mobile advertising using click-to-call and location targeting amongst the features. He's passionate about marketing, business development , leadership and getting results for clients. Usually I use Custom Essays Writing Service when I have difficulties with study and writing assignments.
Attesting to this is the rise of sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed, the immediate popularity of info-graphics, and the fact that the most popular articles and blog posts with the most social shares contain clear, well-placed images. The opportunity to reach a more targeted, tailored audience through Newsfeed ads justifies the increased investment from advertisers.
That works out to an increase of 88% year-over-year for Black Friday itself, compared to just an 11% increase for the day before. Compared to 2012 and 2013 peak shopping seasons, paid search spending began to rise 9 days prior to Thanksgiving in 2014 – four days earlier than the years prior. Also, companies like Google are taking a more active role in specific vertical search markets which is something of a controversial topic in places like Europe. Currently, only a third of CEOs have any presence on social media sites, meaning that we have a long way to go before social reaches its saturation point within the business executive community.In 2014, blending social strategies with SEO will help businesses enrich their content marketing efforts and drive organic search results.
The visual nature of the Internet means that incorporating images can only help your marketing efforts. Next year’s Internet marketing battlefield will play out largely on mobile devices, as a growing number of users expects to access products, services, apps, and information on smartphones and tablets. Firstly, Facebook now shows fewer ads in the right-hand column, meaning advertisers are buying more of the Page Post ads that appear in users’ Facebook Newsfeeds (the higher demand for Newsfeed ads has driven up prices).
Most markedly, advertiser revenue saw a healthy 34% rise in November when compared to last year. Previously employed only when a searcher was logged into a Google account, the search engine giant has now implemented SSL for every search — and at the same time pulled the Google Keyword Tool. Properly labeling images with relevant file names and ALT tags will also strengthen your SEO and improve the accessibility of your content.
Your business needs to have responsive design in place, and online features that cater to a mobile audience, in order to remain competitive.
Secondly, increased mobile usage by consumers (and consequently greater competition amongst advertisers) has also pushed up prices. These changes mean that online marketers will have to rely on organic SEO generated by strong content to boost search engine rankings.

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