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Justin Fankhauser started his locksmithing business with $5000 and a station-wagon – and with no understanding on how to run a business. Shut up, get up and give it a go is a powerful insight into how Justin overcame the odds stacked against him, as he trained himself into getting up and making the change he needed to live a successful life. If you’re ready to make real change in your life or business then this is the book for you.
On Kabo TV I’m going to share with you my insights and experience of running a successful 7 figure turnover business in a highly competitive market.
B2B Content MarketingRather than jumping straight to the tactics, take the time to develop a strategy. Business BloggingIf you want your website to be found online, you’ll need to seriously consider adding a blog.

SEO BasicsLearn about search engine optimization and get tips that you can use to help your website get found online. Social Media MarketingYou don’t need to be on every social network out there, but you do need to have a presence on social media if you want your online marketing to be effective.
Home Services-Delivery-Electricals-Handy Man-Painting-RenovationsProfessional Services-App Development-Bookkeeping-Graphic Design-Job Sponsorship-Legal Services-Online Marketing-Website DesignCONSIDER IT DONE. Income is taken from the Sales Projections, while the expenses are taken from the Income Statement.
In ten years TopLock Locksmiths became a seven-figure business and Justin, author of the bestselling Confessions of a Locksmith, is an industry leader. It was written for the readers as a reminder that change is possible when the odds are against you.

The only items you need to enter in the Cash Flow worksheet are additional income (capital input and loans not entered into the Loans worksheet), and additional expenses (loans not entered into the Loans worksheet, etc.). It’s no-nonsense, no-holds-barred advice on how to start strong in your own business and gives you the answers you need to have a kick-ass life and business.
It’s advice that can inspire anyone: school leavers, parents and anyone wanting to start a business.

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