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Whether it’s for a personal blog, a business website or an online CV, high-quality content is a key factor in creating engagement with your website visitors, in sustaining a recurring user-base and in getting visitors to perform tasks – purchasing, sharing, commenting, contributing or any other action that you need. Reading a lot will also inspire you to ask questions and develop ideas for topics that could be interesting for your own website. You know how you speak completely different when you talk to an office administrator, to your best friend or to a 5-year-old child? If your target market consists mostly of teenagers, you will want to address them at eye-level, using fun and exciting terms and not shy away from slang.
Your content can be witty and fascinating and still not get you the results you’re hoping for.
You’ll be amazed to see how fast you adjust to writing shorter texts that are still compelling, professional and enjoyable. You may have won 15 Spelling Bees in a row, but a fresh pair of eyes looking over your texts is never a bad idea. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. The emergence of social media several years ago changed the way brands communicated with and to consumers – forcing them to completely change their approach to marketing products and services not only online, but offline as well.
The vast networks of people who participate on various social platforms has made it possible for one person to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of other people about products and companies.
As I’ve written before, your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room, which is why finding unique ways to leverage these consumer conversations into marketing strategies is essential and integrating user-generated content is an important component of brand building. Unlike traditional marketing communications, where brands and marketing managers had a high degree of control, today’s marketers have to learn how to best leverage and shape consumer discussions and generated media. The power of sourcing user-generated content has not been lost on many of the major brands and agencies.
In fact, many major brands are not only incorporating consumer content into their websites, billboards and television commercials, but are also using it on ecommerce pages and in retail displays.
Keen and their agency North was recently nominated for a SoMe Award for their campaign for Worldwide Recess Day. Keen encouraged people to upload photos and tweets with the hashtag #Take10, and then aggregated all of that social content on a hub page using Postano. By asking their consumers to participate in the campaign, it had a much wider reaching effect, gaining exposure through the networks of existing fans and followers (credit perna). Mixing premium content with user-generated content and social experiences on owned sites is an increasingly crucial part of an integrated marketing approach.
As we see more and more brands rolling out innovative hashtag campaigns and asking for their consumers to participate in their marketing campaigns, we’ll also see more brands integrating the conversation back into their websites and owned properties.
This includes Gerber, a knife company, which asks it’s fans to tweet and Instagram photos with the hashtag #HelloTrouble, which they then aggregate, curate and display on their website using Postano Hub. Incorporating social and consumer-generated media as part of the customer experience in the retail environment is also a growing trend.
Today, more and more retailers are beginning to recognize and reap the benefits of using digital displays as part of an effort to cultivate in-store retail experiences. With more and more retailers and brands extending their consumer messaging through social and digital channels, combining mobile, social and digital signage into the retail experience a natural evolution. Nine West has integrated social media and digital displays as a primary part of the shopping experience at their flagship location on Lexington Avenue in New York City. Nine West’s social displays, which feature consumer-generated imagery, help give shoppers context around their products. This entry was posted in Content Marketing, User-Generated Content by Julie Blakley.Julie Blakley was the Digital Marketing Manager for Postano, where she was in charge of managing everything from content creation to social media to SEO. Marketing your content though is a challenge in a world where there are over 2 billion internet users who are bombarded with emails, streams of tweets and banner ads. The process of content marketing involves the creation of material that is informative but is also written on a perspective which shows your business in a positive light. Great content will position your business as a thought leader in its industry and it will also educate, inform, entertain and inspire. There are many ways of doing content marketing but not all methods yield the positive results!
There is a tendency to create too much content, unleash it on the Internet and then expect it to carry traction throughout the year but this isn’t always a good idea.
Once your content has been published, the main objective is to get as many people to see view it who may be interested in your business and leveraging social media is an excellent place to start in order to achieve this. In addition to this, we already know that Google uses social media signals when deciding your positions in the search results so an article that gets a good number of ‘Likes’, shares, comments, tweets, +1s is likely to improve your search engine positions as well. Find out what your target audience are interested in and create high quality, engaging, thought provoking content that they would be interested in.
Your article needs to be able to turn up in search engine results pages (the holy grail is to be on page one at the top of the page) and then by having the right headline and description attract the right people.
People receive sales pitches all the time, be it in the electrical store, through the post, a popup advert on the Internet or whilst passing a billboard. My book – Blogging the Smart Way “How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how. Thanks for the tips Jeff, this is valuable for a start-up business or an established one getting their business online. The Best Online Tools for Content Curation Tech Guides About Us Work 29 Sep 2011 The Best Tools for Content Curation A content curation tool lets you pull videos, images, presentations, tweets, blog posts and other web content into a bundle which you can then easily embed and share on the web.
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These are words that are pronounced usually according to the first letter of the words that comprise it. The good thing about using acronyms is that it eventually becomes a good mnemonic device, especially for most of us whose memories are already failing us! In the Journal of Applied Psychology, the concept of AIDA has been around since the 1920s serving as a guideline in the different sales stages. It goes without saying that the first thing we should strive at is tograb the attention of our readers. The next best thing to do after getting your readers’ attention is to sustain their interest. Once you’ve captured their interest, you must eventuallywork on your readers’ desire to know or learn some more about the topic you’ve just introduced.
5 Tips On How You Can Show Off Effective Web Content Writing On Your SiteDoes your website content suck? Synnd: Automating Your Marketing TasksThis is the last part of a three-part series on Synnd™. Knowing Yourself Through The TemperamentsEverybody seems to be enamored with social media and what it offers – connections. Indeed, the AIDA method is a time tested proven method, and it’s very important to use it when you write content or sales pieces.
The phrase “content is king” sounds like a real cliche, but it is just as meaningful as it was when people first used it to describe the importance of quality online content.
It will help you find your own voice as a writer and establish an expertise in your relevant themes. If you want to grab the attention of potential home buyers, you will definitely want to express an honest, reliable and experienced tone.
Here’s a little exercise: Start by writing a 500-word article that describe your business or service. In this day and age, we rely too much on digital spell-checkers to do the job for us but that’s just not going to cut it if you want to write like a pro’. Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website.
As you’d imagine, this emergence of consumer-to-consumer communications has been greatly magni?ed in the marketplace – and become an essential piece of the marketing puzzle for brands. In recent months, more and more brands have realized the power in using consumer-generated media from social networks to help power their campaigns (read “10 Great Examples of User-Generated Content Campaigns”).
In last year’s Super Bowl, half of the national advertisements mentioned a Twitter hashtag in the ad (encouraging viewers to participate in the conversation well after the ad aired). The campaign was a huge success, which included gaining Keen 20,000 new Instagram followers and 3.5 new Pinterest followers. As Frank Strong writes in “Why Content Marketing is the New Branding,” brands are built over time by “third-party validation communicated through third-party content.” A brand is not built based around logo or advertising or taglines, but rather by what OTHER people say about your product or services. It has been well-documented that social media is a powerful influencer in consumer decision making. Users are still interacting with digital media via their mobile devices while taking part in the shopping experience.
For example, it allows shoppers to see ideas from other consumers on HOW to wear the same shoes they are shopping for in the store. A University of Oregon Journalism graduate, Julie found herself working in the world of digital marketing and media after college and hasn't looked back since.
Good content marketing will create interest in your business, attracting traffic to your website and hopefully, sales or conversations as well.
News and current events change all the time which means your target audience may not be searching for the same things as they were searching for two or three months ago. Once you find out what types of articles seem to be the most effect, you will have a better idea as to what types of content your target audience are interested in.
Posting content on your social media accounts will bring your content to those following your social media accounts. To do this, you should include some relevant keywords into your article but don’t overdo it.
They’ve become very good at noticing a blatant attempt to make them purchase something which is why all marketing articles should aim to inform rather than sell a product. Once high quality content has been created, it needs to be promoted and monitored using web analytics and call tracking solutions.
I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. I have found that if your content is interesting, insightful, compelling, relevant AND you do not sell but rather provide value-adding information that can enable the recipient to solve problems (or look good in the boardroom) your subscriber base will continue to grow and the requests for more information, mettings, etc. The part that I would have every blogger, or webmaster write and put on their fridge is quality, over quantity. We think the core principles that we use to help our clients can also help other small businesses increase traffic to their websites, build an online audience, and convert leads into sales. All the knowledge you'll need to help grow your company through online marketing is either free here on this site, or offered on the web for free.
An attention-grabbing headline is a prelude to your readers taking notice of your article in the first place.

You could start by showcasing at least 3-4 useful tips that they could get from your article. More than just outlining to your readers the benefits and advantages of the product or service or idea you are espousing, there must be a purported call to action to complete the process of “selling”. Just having this knowledge in mind, if you don’t actively write about these topics, will help you produce better content.
Understanding what your target market wants to read is crucial in getting the right effect. Combining this into one cohesive strategy can not only enforce branding and enrich the overall shopping experience, but can also drive revenue and sales. These touch points offer lower-funnel access to consumers for brands in close proximity to the purchase decision.
Seeing the shoes on fellow consumers displayed and paired with outfits alongside the item in-store helps inspire shoppers, drive engagement and increase sales. Five years later, she's applied her innate curiosity (and inner geek) that led her into journalism to the world of tech, web writing, social media and marketing businesses online.
Publish content consistently and persistently making your sure the content you produce has some relevancy to current events and what your target audience may be interested in at the present time. If these people like your content, they may choose to share it with their followers and a snowball effect is created which may possibly result in your content going viral!
Creating an interesting title will definitely be effective in getting a user to click on your article rather than the next person’s article but a poorly written, uninteresting article will just get scanned and then discarded. Provide genuinely useful information on a topic which would allow you to mention your product or service along with some of its merits.
It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. As new channels and forms of online marketing emerge, what should content marketers focus on? In the new wave of content marketing, content is king and your readers know good substance and how they could get something noteworthy from your article. If flagrant selling is still not an option in the first stage, your call to action could be something else like asking your readers to opt-in and sign up to your newsletter, or connect with you on Facebook or Twitter. When we take the time to consider each of those with every piece of content we produce, we’ll see a drastic improvement in our conversion rates. Don’t patronize, don’t over-complicate and don’t try to be funny if it’s not what they need from you. You need to write in a way that will make your readers engage and perform tasks, like subscribe to your newsletter, purchase your products, attend your events or follow you on Facebook.
Or better yet, put a Call to Action in there by using the imperative “Improve your life with our products”. As a general rule you should always add keywords but the article should be written for a human, not a search engine. A well written article will make the reader come to a conclusion without sounding like a sales pitch. You have to act fast because the stuff that gets shared on the real-time web often gets buried almost as quickly. Bullet points and numbers or enumerations instead of lengthy paragraphs also make it more appealing.
There are umpteen ways to do this but what you should really look at is a dedicated content curation tool that is designed to capture web content with minimal effort.
I have been testing a few online curation tools and here’s a quick review of them all to help you pick the right one for your needs. The way these content curation tools work is quite similar to Evernote’s web clipper. You install an add-on for your browser, or a bookmarklet, and then clip content with a click. can also be used for curating media content from around the web in the same bundle (see example). You can add items to your Storify collection in two ways – there’s the bookmarklet to curate content from any public webpage and then you also have an integrated search where you can add items by simple drag and dropping.
For instance, you may search public updates on Facebook or Twitter and drag any of them to your collection without leaving the Storify website.
The designers at Storify have done an excellent job with the formatting and this makes your overall collection look really good (see example). You can embed Storify collections as a JavaScript widget but the most-unique part is that you can also “publish” the story to your Tumblr or WordPress blog as a new article (so you also get the SEO benefit). They have added “Stacks” which are like a collection of bookmarks but the difference is that stacks can display media content inline without you having to click the bookmark. For instance, if you bookmark a Flickr page, the corresponding picture will included in the stack page automatically and the same is true for YouTube videos or Slideshare presentations.
Unlike any other curation tool, Delicious stacks include a thumbnail feature so if you bookmark a web page, the thumbnail image of that page will automatically get included in the media view (see example).
I will however give maximum points to Storify because, other than presenting your curated stories inside a clean and beautiful layout, Storify also lets you easily publish them to other sites. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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