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From an outside perspective, ecommerce development can often seem to consist mainly of technical matters. In the early days of ecommerce, the vast majority of websites consisted mainly on an online version of the company’s catalogue, with perhaps a fairly primitive ordering system attached. Bearing this in mind, a digital agency in London will work with you to create a site which matches the impact of something like an impressive video clip without taking anything like as long to actually load up. When asked, most people say that the most important feature they look for when visiting a website is that it should be easy to find what they’re looking for.
When you hire the services of a digital agency, you’re doing much more than simply paying someone to build a website for you.
If you work with a digital agency in London, then the first part of the process will consist of them gathering as much information about the business you’re running as is possible. What impression you want anyone who interacts with your online presence to take away with them. Web Design: The look, feel and functionality of your businesses web site is absolutely vital as this, more often than not, is the first impression of the business you run which a potential customer is likely to come across. Mobile Development: More and more ecommerce is shifting to mobile applications, and your web presence has to be put together bearing this in mind. Internet Marketing: Having the best website in the world, allied to a well run business is still no use if customers aren’t driven to visit it in sufficient numbers. Online Applications: Your design agency will develop and build any applications which you feel you need, creating systems which are custom built for you.
Ecommerce Development: One of the key advantages of working with a highly professional and experienced design agency is that they will realise your business is unique. Working with a digital agency in London will allow you to create an online presence which is effective, tailor made and high quality.
There are many aspects of online marketing which differ drastically from those at play in the rest of the business world, but it also has to be remembered that some things are constant no matter what the medium.
It’s often said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and, while this may seem to be something of a cliche, it’s only become a cliche because it is fundamentally true. When you work with an Ecommerce agency in London, it’s not merely a question of providing them with a few facts and figures and then leaving them to throw a site together as fast as possible.
If you already have a strong brand identity but want to transfer this online, or wish to build your online identity from the ground up, then working closely with a digital agency will get the job done to the highest possible standards. When considering the ways in which online marketing is changing it’s vital to consider elements such as viral marketing which has emerged in recent years, starting as a niche activity and going on to become a vital part of mainstream marketing. Experts in ecommerce development in London will be fully aware of the use of devices such as viral videos and, what’s more, will also know exactly what tricks, techniques and technological innovations are coming down the line, and will place all of them at your disposal before your competitors have even heard of them. Ecommerce development is all about working incredibly closely with your business and filtering the information thus gleaned through the myriad differing methods of online marketing.
Any business which is serious about building long term and high level success has to work extremely hard at maintaining the best possible online presence, and liaising with a top London digital agency is the surest means of doing this. There are very many marketing strategies available to businesses of all sizes, ranging from simple local leafleting to newspaper ads and expensive national TV and radio campaigns, but in recent years by far the most important medium in which to have a significant presence has been the online world.
In even the recent past, the online presence for any particular business would probably have consisted of a single home page and perhaps a link to an online catalogue which more or less replicated, in virtual terms, the contents of a printed catalogue.
An ecommerce digital agency in London, for example, will be fully aware of the ways in which social network sites have emerged in recent years as extremely powerful marketing tools.
In hard financial times, many businesses yield to the temptation to do their own online work, but this is a form of economising which can often prove genuinely damaging.
Ecommerce development is not based on technology so much as on the changing whims of people shopping online. Does it feel as though the shrinking economies of Europe are having a profound effect on your own organisation’s economy or are you one of the lucky businesses that is currently thriving despite the recession, or may be because of it?
Money – that’s what we want, says the song, but money is not everything unless you do not have it and the bank is breathing down your neck.
A London digital agency has an advantage over almost every other digital agency located outside of the capital for one reason: understanding the internet and the people that use it is almost impossible except for agencies located in London, because London is the most cosmopolitan capital city in the world. Everyone loves London because it mixes the ancient and modern and is home to almost every nationality on the planet. Whatever your business, promoting it online must always be a priority but especially during this remarkable year. Ways of achieving good search engine listings is through a concerted campaign of onsite and offsite Search Engine Optimised blogs and articles, complemented by affiliate marketing, Pay Per Click, social media optimisation and a big effort when it come to email and viral marketing. Your digital agency in London will not simply throw mud at the virtual wall and hope that some of it sticks; a top quality ecommerce digital agency will plan your campaign so that every pay per click is an investment and not wasted money. Your website is your organisation’s platform for shouting to the world that you are here, in London (or in the UK) and that you are an organisation that offers the very best goods or services for competitive prices.
Google has tried over the last few years to muscle in on Facebook’s turf, with little success, but Google+ is proving to be quite a little winner.
If you consult a top ecommerce digital agency with regard to including Google+ links on site and off site, it may well become clear during 2012 that Google’s search engine is rather attracted to websites that feature the Google+ button on every page and are linked to off site articles that also feature the Google+ link. In the final analysis, it may not be a simple case of search optimisation with regard to key words that affects Google’s viewpoint with regard to Google+; it may be that Google ranks websites by how often searchers click through to a particular organisation’s Google+ page from third-party websites such as offsite articles and blogs. One of the key factors to be borne in mind when approaching your online presence is the ever-changing nature of ecommerce.
The recent widespread take up of hand held, web enabled devices, for example, has had a huge impact on web design. Taking this a step further, and allowing for another fairly recent development, a digital agency London will be fully apprised of the way in which the most popular search engine, Google, offers those who are searching a thumbnail view of any of the pages they are thinking of looking at.
Amongst the other aspects of your site which a developer will be able to focus on is the speed with which it loads. Instead of opting for an off the shelf solution or thinking that you can handle the creation of a website yourself, it’s a much safer bet to engage the services of a London ecommerce digital agency. One of the key advantages of the widespread take up of online commerce has been the way in which it has enabled smaller, niche businesses to compete on a global basis. When considering the importance of your online presence it’s important to take a step back from simply considering purely business matters and instead focus for a second on the way in which the web in general works.
Of course, taken on the whole, this represents a fantastic opportunity for most businesses.
The overall impression created by your website will be honed and focused by a London web designer and what this means is that, when a visitor first accesses your site, they’ll be presented with something which looks professional, accomplished and, perhaps most important of all, trustworthy.

Whilst the opportunities offered by online commerce are many and lucrative, the challenges are almost equally numerous. Gleichzeitig aktiviert und steuert die Karte mehrere nacheinander ablaufende Filmsequenzen und macht so die Wirkung der Spende direkt erlebbar. Das mag im Hinblick auf die Arbeit von MISEREOR hier in Deutschland als auch bei Betrachtung der in Europa meistverwendeten Sprachen, insbesondere im Euro-Raum, verwundern, ist aber selbstverstandlich dadurch zu rechtfertigen, dass man sich fur eine solch gro?artige Installation eben auch internationale Aufmerksamkeit wunscht.
Things such as coding, programming and building websites are all clearly vitally important, but they are merely the tools which can be used in the service of a genuine creativity. As more and more trade shifted onto the web, however, the growth in traffic allied to exponential developments in computing technology meant that what was expected of an online presence became increasingly complex. In the future, more and more of people’s interaction with websites will be taking place via hand held applications, and one feature which people expect to be able to take for granted when using such devices is quick loading time. It has to be remembered that creativity is as much about ease of use as it is about technologically dazzling content. The technology won’t be used for its’ own sake, however, or merely because it’s the latest technique available, but it will be utilised in order to create a site which truly encapsulates the business you’re running.
Every aspect of your online presence is vitally important, and employing the expertise of an experienced agency will ensure that each part of this presence is deployed to maximum effect. Good web design is about ensuring that visitors can find exactly what they want, as quickly as they want to find it, whilst also being able to form an accurate impression of the standard of goods and services which you provide. Faster loading times, resized screens and easily clickable calls to action are features which will all have to be thought about. An ecommerce agency in London will use the latest techniques and up to the minute insider knowledge of the workings of search engines to put your business at the top of the rankings and ensure high volumes of traffic. The products and services, the target market and the approach you wish to take are all yours and yours alone.
Calling upon the knowledge and experience of experts will allow you to move way beyond the type of online presence which you are likely to be able to create using in-house services. Customer service, quality goods and competitive pricing will never go out of fashion, and a digital agency in London will tell you that the same is true of brand identity. It’s true in life, of course, but it is true even more so in the rapidly evolving and instantly accessible world of online marketing. This is the off the shelf approach, and it results in an online presence which is bland, generic, similar to hundreds of other sites and totally lacking in any distinctive brand identity. The barriers between what might be termed ‘old’ and ‘new’ media are becoming ever more liquid with each passing day, and experts in ecommerce development in London will be able to guide you through the minefield and see that your business comes out safe, and stronger, on the other side. Huge multi-national companies now take advantage of the power of social network sites and image and video sharing portals such as youtube to get their message across to people in a way which short circuits conventional marketing techniques.
If, for example, you first became aware of the power of social media as a marketing tool because you read a twitter feed used by one of your direct rivals, then you’re already behind the game. It has to be borne in mind that very person who accesses your online presence is being bombarded with similar images each and every day, and that many of these images have been polished and prepared by multi-million pound corporations. Excellence is the very least you should aspire to, and working in partnership with an ecommerce digital agency will make that level much easier to achieve.
Online marketing is a discipline in its’ own right, and the central role it now plays in any business means it simply can’t be left in the hands of amateurs.
The chance of a new customer arriving at your business via an online search rises on a virtually daily basis, and since the first place that most people will now chose to search for a product or service is online, it’s become utterly vital to build an effective online marketing strategy.
Now, however, the online ‘version’ of your business is just as important, if not more so, as the ‘real world’ version. It’s now no longer enough to merely have a website, any business worth its’ salt will also want a twitter account and face book page. A London Ecommerce digital agency will provide the perfect mix of technical excellence and a dedication to fully understanding the ethos you wish to pursue.
One thing is absolutely clear and that is no company can stand still when it comes to online marketing.
Stuff the recession, stuff the banks and the idiotic bankers, stuff the local politicians with their pathetic parking laws, stuff the Scottish National Party that wants to drive a wedge between neighbors, stuff Revenue and Customs that eats well at the rich man’s table and hounds out companies for every penny of VAT, stuff all the doom mongers that say we’re still in a recession – stuff them all and work with your selected ecommerce agency in London to develop an ecommerce marketing strategy that promotes your organisation in such a positive way that you rise up the natural search results.
Building empathy with your customers, both existing and new is one of the ways that your digital design and marketing agency can help you.
There are people on the web that analyse every aspect of Google and still come up with wrong answers because Google is like CocaCola – nobody knows the code or algorithms.
For example, a top London digital agency may well recommend to a client the importance of joining social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If your website is attracting good traffic and your visitors are leaving via the Google+ button on your web pages to visit your Google+ circles, then that may also have an influence on Google’s search ranking of your website. Whereas it once may have been seen as merely an adjunct to the rest of your commercial dealings, the fact that working on the web can vastly expand markets whilst at the same time reducing overheads has led to it being eagerly embraced by businesses and organisations of all types and sizes. That’s why taking the option of building your own website or of saving money by going for a low cost off the shelf solution is such a risky step to take. When you’re putting your site together you need to be certain that the coding of the page will work technically with handheld devices and that the design itself will still work as well on a smaller screen such as that on an iPad or mobile phone. The design of the site will have to be done in such a way as to ensure that this view is impressive enough to tempt the causal surfer into visiting your site. Often, when people design their own sites they tend to overload the pages with things such as animations or video clips, thinking that this will produce an image of excitement and cutting edge style. Not only will they produce a site which is easily accessible and converts visitors into customers, but they’ll also know what’s coming down the line in terms of technological development, and will make sure you’re prepared for it.
Thus a company or organisation which provides a particular, finely targeted item or service can be brought to the attention of people all over the world rather than just in their immediate vicinity. Just a few short years ago it was seen as being something of a niche domain, accessed by early adopters the highly technically literate but ignored by the vast bulk of people.
At any hour of the day and night and from any location, prospective customers can access your site and take a look at exactly what you offer and the way in which you promise to provide it. Whilst you may not be able to match the spend of a Coca Cole or an Apple, what working with a digital agency in London will enable you to do is harness every positive aspect of your business or organisation in the one place and present it in a manner which is coherent and attractive. Get it right, by working closely with web designers in London, and you’ll be in a position to take full advantage of everything which presenting a shop window to the world has to offer. Beschrankt auf die Headline "Bitte mehr Kommerz statt Kunst" musste man ihm entgegnen, dass es Digital Signage als Werbemedium nie in ausreichendem Umfang ins Bewusstsein der Werber und die Etats der Marketingverantwortlichen schaffen wird, solange sich die Branche vornehmlich uber die Technik denn uber die Kreativitat definiert. Durch die kleine Spende werden beispielsweise die Hande eines philippinischen Gefangniskindes befreit oder das tagliche Brot einer Familie in Peru geschnitten. Video and sound components, for example, became commonplace and tools such as Flash meant that pages were meant to be all singing, all dancing creations utilising the very latest technology to get the message across.
Too many features on a page, particularly too many large, code heavy items such as video clips, will slow down the time it takes the page to load initially.
Whilst fellow web developers may be impressed by the latest technology, the average user craves usability, and the technology should be utilised in a manner which means it becomes virtually ‘invisible’.

The size of your website will reflect the size of your business, and having it built by experts will ensure it goes out into the world on your behalf and creates the best possible impression. A digital agency will be well aware of the need for an instant impact, and will work towards building an online presence which has this as one of its’ central tenets, meaning that they will be determined to ensure that anyone who arrives at your site from a search engine will know immediately exactly who you are and what you do.
A strong brand identity means that anybody accessing the web, no matter what device they are using – whether they are at their desk, on the move or watching television – will know, as soon as they see any part of your site, exactly who you are and what you do. What was once regarded as something of a ‘guerrilla’ technique, representing an easy way in for low budget start ups or companies with minimal marketing spend, is now regarded as part and parcel of many a mainstream, mass market sales drive.
It’s imperative that you work closely with an ecommerce digital agency in order to ensure that when the ‘next twitter’ comes along, you are one of the first businesses to take advantage of its’ marketing potential. It may seem unfair but, whether they mean to or not, this is the standard against which consumers and would be consumers will be judging your online presence, and that’s why it’s vital to put it in the hands of well trained professionals.
Indeed, many smaller, niche businesses only really exist online, taking advantage of the relatively low set up costs and overheads to provide products and services which would, in the past, have been too difficult to take to market effectively. One of the key facets of social networks such as this is that they allow consumers and would be consumers to interact with your business, making them feel a part of the whole process and creating a sense of community. However, I have discussed the question with my favourite ecommerce digital agency and they believe that the answer is that joining Google+ will influence your search engine ranking because Google+ belongs to Google. However, Google seems to regard Facebook as the enemy and the effectiveness of Facebook as a means of attracting traffic through search engine optimisation is proving to be fruitless, when Google is the search engine of choice.
Making the most of the opportunities offered and ensuring you’re ready to meet the challenges thrown up means working with a London ecommerce digital agency.
What may seem to be cutting edge and up to the minute today can quickly become old fashioned and dated and this, in turn, can lead to creating an impression that your business is somewhat behind the times. It’s no use merely banking on a shrunk down version of your full size site to do the job – if the text is too small, for example, it will be virtually unreadable, and if there are too many images which have to be shrunk to fit the page will look scruffy and overcrowded. Not only do illustrations of this type tend to age very quickly, but they can also slow down the landing time of your page. Not only will these people be made aware, but they will also be in a position to avail themselves of whatever it is that this company is offering.
Ecommerce web developers are therefore becoming ever more important parts of any business plan, since a good job on your web site will simultaneously advertise your business, bring customers in and make it easy for them to spend money with you. This levelling of the playing field is absolutely vital if you’re to truly compete in the era of globalisation. If you work with an ecommerce agency in London, you’ll be working alongside people who are well aware of the very latest developments in online commerce and, what’s more, are likely to know full well exactly what new developments are destined to emerge in the immediate future.
When someone is attempting to access your site whilst on the move, this delay could be absolutely fatal, leading to them clicking away from your site and onto another.
In short, a visitor to your site shouldn’t notice that the navigation techniques you use are up to the minute, they should just find it extremely easy to get about, to search for what they want and, having found it, to create orders and purchases. This is a function of brand presence, of building a distinctive visual and lingual image which will encapsulate and transmit the ethos of who you are and what you do in an instant. Every thumbnail, screen shot, Google preview and print off should be firmly branded, meaning that, as long as you provide a satisfactory service, consumers will be looking for the same strong brand identity the next time they require the same thing. If you’re going to do it, then you can be certain that your keenest competitors are as well, and so using a digital agency in London will ensure that the material you put out, of whatever type, is of the highest possible standard, and is perfectly suited to the medium of choice, be that the written word, a video presentation, a graphic image or some mix of them all. If the material you put out there appears shabby, amateurish or slipshod, then the natural assumption is that this will be reflected throughout everything you do and, as with everything else online, this decision will be reached at a massively accelerated rate. The key to successful online marketing lies in grasping the ways in which consumer’s interaction with online material differs from the way in which they interact with more traditional types of marketing.
If you want to build an online presence and marketing strategy which will drive visitors to your site and turn these visitors into customers, then put your business in the hands of a digital agency in London which will combine skill, knowledge and experience to help build your business in the way you desire. In this age of instant access, this can be the kiss of death for a site, meaning that visitors don’t have the patience to even get as far as looking at the home page. Working with web designers in London will be one way of making sure that you take full advantage of all the new opportunities which are now on offer. From the moment they wake up to when they fall asleep again the average person is bombarded with literally hundreds of online pages and images.
The ‘downside’ of this explosion in access, if that’s how you choose to look at it, lies in the amount of competition which is out there. You may well know just how fantastic you are, but you need a site which captures this and does so via words and images which encourage casual visitors to stay and take a look around. The key to effective ecommerce development, however, lies in knowing how to use this technology as a means of clear and simple communication. It helps if you imagine the web as a supermarket, particularly a supermarket which you’re not used to shopping in. Written copy posted online, for example, has to be put together in a different way to that presented on the printed page; whilst the content has to be as strong, if not stronger, the layout has to be built around short sharp sentences and tools such as bullet pointing. Google may well deny that it is the case but it will become apparent to any London ecommerce digital agency with its finger on the Google pulse that Google Plus will definitely receive preferential treatment over time. Not only are you up against businesses of a comparable size and type, with a similar level of budget to invest, but you’re competing with huge industries and the web presence they develop.
Creativity often lies as much in knowing what not to do, as it does in realising what you should be doing.
The familiar brands are the things which leap out at you, catching the eye and reassuring you as to what you need and where it is. The key challenge for any form of online communication is to cope with the increasing impatience of visitors to a particular page, particularly if they are doing so via a portable hand held device.
The trust is all on their side and yet too many websites have a forbidding payment process. Research has often shown, in addition, that in times of hardship consumers will turn to strong reliable brands in the knowledge that they’ll provide the same excellent product or service they always have done.
Exact figures vary, but it’s safe to say that no business has longer than five seconds to grab and hold the attention of a visitor before they click and move on elsewhere. At the very least have access to a computer in order to look at the web, they can now do it more or less wherever they are.
A digital agency in London will help you to build your brand in this manner, meaning that yours is the webpage that people look for even when their main aim is saving money. A London digital agency will be fully aware of this, and will work on a strategy which bears this in mind at all stages. Travelling to and from work, taking a lunch break or just going from shop to shop looking for a certain item, people can now log on and search for exactly what they need to find with the push of a few simple buttons. The less money there is to spend, the more value people want to feel they’re getting for it, and a strong brand identity will put you in a position to take advantage of this.

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