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Project Managers oversee the smooth deployment of our initiatives and effective communication between all teams.
Founded in 1982, HTC is a single-source supplier who works as a caretaker of your brand, ensuring each piece of your strategy works in unison, both online and off. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Designers produce work that best conveys our clients’ intended message(s) and best reflects their organization.

Our developers and programmers are the bridge between HTC’s creative ideas and our technical solutions.
They are the drivers of our projects from start to finish and handle all client communication. It is intended to provide a clear, concise description of the service management processes as established, along with the associated responsibilities. Clear communication is essential to provide quality services to business unit customers.The nature of our business now requires an increased ability to work across areas, generating requirements that, by their nature, are best met at the corporate level.

The shift in how information and knowledge are generated, used and managed when coupled with the competition for limited budgets dictates a more strategic approach to providing information infrastructure services across the enterprise.

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