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The movie so created, can then be shared with your friends and family, published to video streaming platforms like YouTube and burnt to DVDs. You can then create movies and slide shows from the collection of photos and videos, by mixing some of your favorite music and adding title, animation and transitions effects to them.
The Windows Live Movie Maker program displays a few extra buttons on the title bar that gives you access to configuration settings for video, text and audio respectively.

You can make great-looking slide shows by just using your photos and music and the Windows Live Movie Maker’s editing tools. However, DVD burning is dependent on Windows DVD Maker, which is only available in some editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. As regards effects, you also have plenty to choose from – transition effects, animations, zoom and pan and also visual effects which will spice up your images.

You can set up the photos to glide across by applying a variety of transition effects, zoom in to show close-ups of the stars in your movie and zoom out to show the participants, while the music plays in the background.

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