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The company J'son & Partners Consulting presents the results of market study of online video content sources in Russia and the world monitored by the company since 2009.
In the last few years the market of online video is one of the fastest growing segments of the Russian Internet. The global online advertising market by the end of 2010 showed an increase of 18.5% compared to last year, reflecting the continuation of its sustainable development. The USA preserves the leading position in the online video advertising market with a share of 40%. On the other hand, there can be observed a slowdown in growth of the major players, which indicates a certain level of market saturation in these countries.
According to J'son & Partners Consulting research results, in 2010 the Russian Internet advertising market showed the most dynamic development. But the poorest results in terms of growth among the countries covered in the study were shown by the most advanced to date U.S.

Unique users number increase, viewed content units growth and total time of video viewing attach to online video advertising segment the role of driver of the global online advertising market. The share of video content consumers among Russian Internet users reached 49% in 2010, which amounts to 27 million people. The growth of online video advertising market will be ensured, primarily, by the novelty of the format and its high rate of CTR in relation to other advertising media. Market sources with video content are characterized by the early stage of development, relatively low-risk and easy entry for new players.
With the growth rate of 42% it has become the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry in the world. According to J'son & Partners Consulting forecasts, the popularity growth of video portals every year will be about 25% up to 2015. Advertising business model is the most common of among video portals and allows to receive most of the income.

China took the second place on the dynamics of the Internet advertising market in 2010, it grew by 35%. Good rates, at the level of 30%, were shown by the developing countries such as India and Brazil. But the results of the saturated markets of Western Europe and North America were rather moderate.

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