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This year, we have seen the adoption and launch of OTT and Internet TV services by ‘establishment’ companies traditionally dependent on pay TV for their revenue. The likes of CBS, Viacom, NBC, Fox and HBO are now actively looking to cash in on the direct-to-consumer space.
But the land-grab for OTT viewers has exposed a complex set of challenges now facing these players in an increasingly crowded market. A new report The Future of TV is Here: Content Owners Embrace Internet TV addresses these issues and makes predictions about the immediate future of OTT services and cord-cutting based on trends and events over the last few months. What are the commercial opportunities presented by SVoD (Subscription Video-on-Demand) services. The Future of TV is Here: Content Owners Embrace Internet TV is a 31-page study and is essential reading for decision makers and influencers in Pay-TV companies including Cable, Satellite and Telcos, Movie and TV Studios, TV networks, TV and Device Manufacturers, Makers of Set-Top Boxes, Home Networking Gear, Infrastructure that delivers video to the home, Local TV Stations, Financial Analysts and Industry Consultants.
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To serve these readers properly, it’s split into two separate PDF newsletters and is fully available to paid subscribers only. Together, the publications 'connect the dots' - by explaining and defining the technologies that are affecting and intertwining the entertainment, consumer electronics and telecoms industries.
Cloud computing has become a popular term in the information technology world in the past five years. According to the International Data Corporation by the year 2015 24% of all new business software purchases will be tied to the cloud, accounting for 13% of worldwide software spending.
Several certification authorities offer cloud computing certifications, such as IBM, Google, CompTIA, and Microsoft. Cowboys Orlando Scandrick broke off their engagement within a month and then had a judge kick Draya out of his house.
Future had a baby with Ciara, but their engagement didn’t last and now she is doing the Whip and Nae Nae with Seahawks Russell Wilson (also not having sex if you believe Russell). It would be interesting if Future and Draya got together, that would be good for business as Triple H would say. TweetThe modern health care system owes heavily to the technological developments which are occurring at a logarithmic pace. This rather simplified example demonstrates that even in the most rigorous setting, there will be a considerable time lapse between a clinical alteration and the intervention. If all of this sounds a tad unrealistic, it might be prudent to mention here that the  Journal of critical care recently published a study of a new closed loop computerized protocol which demonstrated the safety of closed loop ventilation in weaning children. Disclaimer: JPMS Medical Blogs are published by the same publisher of Journal of Pakistan Medical Students (JPMS). With the hectic day-to-day routine of medical professionals, doctors and even senior medical students can sometimes forget the disorientation that follows the beginning of medical school. As Albert Einstein truly said, it has become appallingly obvious that technology has exceeded our humanity. Social media has been such a powerful force and has shaped elections, impacted business decisions, and changed the landscape of what news is and how it is reported. Facebook has been both an avenue for employment and the source of dashed dreams as its users have seen the double-edged sword as it relates to employment.
The question is whether Facebook users will use the social media site as a management tool for their career aspirations. Companies large and small have come to realize the importance of having a presence on social media sites, primarily because in the global economy the goal is name recognition. The current focus of every social networking service throughout the Internet is that of content. In the past, each social media company would drive the potential buyer to their website as a source of information.
The obvious attraction for startup and small businesses to use social media is simply exposure.
But beyond the exposure, small businesses will find social media sites to be an answer to negative publicity by its competitors, especially larger companies who can run negative campaign ads that cost millions of dollars. Small businesses will be advocates of influencer marketing and online influencers by positioning their company in social media circles either through their own presence and online influence, in the case of a proprietary business, or through uncovering potential marketers within particular social media to act as product surrogates. More and more people are becoming freelancers, particularly those over the age of 50, where employment at the larger, traditional company is becoming increasingly scarce and who are discovering that the Internet is a global avenue for marketing their acquired skills and expertise. But this growing number of people is already taking its toll on social media sites like Facebook, where users are weary of ads and have concerns about privacy of their personal information being available to advertisers. The future of journalism within the scope of the future of social media is that of accuracy and reliability.

I tend to agree with your Crystal Ball as in my own experience Google+ is moving quickly into becoming the social network that I use most often, both because the community is more vibrant and engaging and because it is becoming a prominent power that drives online traffic.
Now when we talk about marketing (offline or online, doesn’t really matter) advertising will always be present.
Already this year we saw many activities happening on that front, such as Google’s AdWords Dynamic Retargeting for retailers that was released sometime June 2013, twitter’s new ad retargeting exchange and the developments on Facebook Exchange (FBX). Tags: cloud computing, cloud computing certificate, information on the cloud, information technology and the cloud, IT business model, IT infrastructure, moving information to the cloud, the future of technology, what is cloud computing? Public examples of cloud computing are Google Docs, Amazon Services, Dropbox, and any of the myriad of online apps that access the cloud that are now available from Apple and Android.
More than 50% of all computing workload will also be done in the cloud due to its economic feasibility and the ability to access the services anywhere, anytime. Cloud computing is proving to be one of the biggest commodities of the second decade of the 21st century, and along with mobile computing stands to be the next big Internet phenomenon. These advancements are necessary to overcome the burden of limited skilled manpower which healthcare has traditionally witnessed and this burden is likely to increase in the future.
The basis for these changes will rest on sophisticated computerized programs and algorithms to not only detect a potentially deleterious alteration in the physiological parameter but also to intervene and perhaps most importantly to alert the health care personnel. For instance lets consider a critically ill patient suffering from diabetes admitted due to sepsis. Whether or not these systems actually benefit the patients in terms of clinical outcomes remains to be seen. This article does not reflect the policies of JPMS or its Staff or Editorial nor it intends to provide legal, financial or medical advice. The future of social media is an active topic of discussion in schools and businesses around the world.
Users of the world’s most popular social networking service have found that the content they post is now scrutinized more carefully than ever before by potential employers. Employers will use it to get a better sense of the social side of potential candidates contrasted to LinkedIn, which is geared more towards the business and professional presentations of its members.
Search engines are being redesigned to focus on the content of the web page or social media site. The future of social media will have the company driving potential buyers to the Internet to meet and join with existing customers as a method of sharing personal experiences. A new or unique product or social networking service can gain a following with a simple advertisement that could go viral. It is all about public relations, a critical aspect of growing companies but one that is often too expensive for small businesses. The long-term strategy is using social media to identify advocates within select social groups and use them to promote the product or service. The glut will result in freelancers having a more difficult time being able to be recognized on every social networking service on social media, as their efforts will be curtailed by stricter social media privacy policies and user options to filter out unknown and unwanted ads. The expansion of social media has made first hand knowledge of events broadcast by social media sites such as Twitter preferable and sometimes more accurate than broadcast by traditional media outlets. Whether people prefer first hand accounts of ongoing events regardless of their accuracy or reliability, or people prefer a more controlled, but slower source of information via traditional media outlets will define journalism and determine its future. But the responsibility of being a user of social media is growing, from the content a student posts on their Facebook page to the irresponsible use of Twitter in tweeting news or reporting events that are biased or unsubstantiated. Named one of the Top 50 Influencers in B2B Marketing (#14) by Onalytica and a Top 50 Influence Marketing Blogger by InkyBee, Ron is a digital marketer and conversion optimizer, focusing on maximizing ROI on social media campaigns.
Without noticing, social media is becoming a significant part of everyday life, regardless of whether we choose to participate or not. My Crystal Ball says Google+ will become the key driver for small biz owners to compete online.
Small screens means less display space, means less area to put your message across, means less user patience and tolerance towards anything that’s unclear. On mobiles, you don’t want to cramp lots of content into the small screen and leave it to your readers to pinch away on their mobile touch screens. Consumers are smart and with increasingly easy access to the Internet and free Wi-Fi almost everywhere you go, not to mention the fact that mobile service providers are packing together carrier service with data services, more and more people will rely on online search to find information. So far we’ve said content, simplicity of messages and mobile will gain a lot of interest moving forward. Then there was Google’s DoubleClick recent addition that enables users to buy retargeted ads on Facebook. Online marketing is growing in many directions and quickly becoming an integral part of any brand’s marketing campaign.

Private examples of the cloud are provided by entities that specifically provide their services only to specific customers for a price. Cloud computing is already generating a significant number of jobs in the U.S, and it has the potential to create hundreds if not thousands of new positions in the future.
It is logical that the glycemic levels have to be maintained but how will the paramedical staff know about the increased blood sugar levels? It cannot be ignored, but there does not seem to be a definite direction all its advocates are moving toward, perhaps waiting for a media leader to create a singular path for the rest to follow.
This screening has resulted in some epic fails by applicants, as their posted college antics drew less than favorable reviews.
The strategic combination of these two social media sites will save companies millions of dollars in recruitment while getting a broader and clearer picture of prospective employees. Online marketing will follow, minimizing flash and gimmicks and change their strategy to target channels where potential buyers focus on product quality and content.
Social media sites offer an easy way to connect with people in the same line of work and collaborate to a mutually agreeable advantage. The largest search engine has just replaced its algorithm with hummingbird, a contextual search algorithm which caters to mobile and tablet users. The increase in consumer’s demand for easy and quick access to relevant information is already happening and will probably amplify even more in 2014 and beyond. Friendster ( if anyone still remember what it is) revamped itself into something else entirely, Zynga Facebook games has seen its own rise and fall while we see a shift from activities on social bookmarking sites such as Digg to information-based social networks such as LinkedIn and Google Plus.
Areas we feel will gain even more recognition and should be stressed are mobile, content marketing, ad retargeting and social media, while the overall trend is a shift towards “Less Means More”. One of the major benefits of cloud computing is that it is provided by an outside party not necessarily related to the entity requiring the services.
The overall goal of cloud computing is to provide easily scalable access to computing resources and services.
This will also build a large number of business opportunities for those wishing to start up cloud-hosting services for companies in dire need of a way to cut costs yet still maintain their competitive edge. Now lets assume that the nurse does that without wasting any time and the physician immediately orders the patient to be placed on sliding scale insulin and the nurse injects insulin at 3:30 am. Not only will they sense the levels, but they will inject an estimated insulin dose based on the algorithms! Until then, the future of social media will be segmented, its value being determined by how practical and profitable its applications are while discovering who will be taking responsibility for the direction it is moving. Starting a blog or creating a website has become far easier, and can be done without much technical knowledge. The ability to use each social networking service is concurrent with the responsibility of what it is used for.
First of all, analytics have become more advanced and now comes in many different forms, such as video tracking, scroll and heat maps. If Google themselves are putting in effort to please mobile users, is it not a sign that there is something definitely going on there? If you have kept a close examination on search this year, you’ll have noticed that Google has been making its search results more and more content based; pulling information from Wikipedia, Google+ accounts and what not.
Interest in cloud computing has become significantly more prevalent in recent years due to the spread of high-speed Internet access, virtualization, and a weak economy which is requiring companies do more with less. Video analytics have also made an appearance while social analytics have developed beyond imagination. If the big players already see the need to move in that direction, it’s not something we should be taking lightly. If your website is not responsive or mobile friendly yet, high time to look into website usability on mobile. Facebook will continue to dominate the area with Google Plus and LinkedIn following close behind. Your audience just doesn’t have the luxury of time to go through long ad text or play Where’s Wally to find your call-to-actions. On the web design and development front, this means the move towards minimalist design and responsive websites.

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