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TG Web Media is skilled in leveraging Social Media to increase brand awareness and bring targeted visitors to your site. TG Web Media is a Tampa Online Marketing Agency that can help small businesses improve their online presence. Get web design services that identify your brand and consistently deliver the right message. We stake our claim in the industry as a Tampa Web Design Agency, and while we've grown into a full service Online Marketing Agency, we've been providing web design services to Tampa businesses since 2001.
Our Tampa Web Development Services have been providing businesses with custom built websites for over a decade. Appearing on the first page of a Google search can be the difference between the success or the failure of your business.
The smart business owners and the savvy operators of eCommerce stores know that the free traffic delivered by search engines is worth gold to a business. Research shows that ranking first on Google produces over 40 percent of all clicks to websites. Also a Google search can produce a negative or positive impression about a brand depending on what content and links appear in the search results. For a long time, Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management have been looked upon as two parallel services. The creation of low-quality, thin content was an easy option for a lot of people who were trying to gain success overnight! Google recently rolled out the Penguin update (about 3.1% of all search queries were affected). Post these two updates, the SEO world has started viewing the terms ‘content’ and ‘links’ differently. An outsider speaking about your brand, the brand’s offline activities, and the actions of an important entity associated with the brand, all these can completely change the statistics of your campaign overnight! Also, since you work closely with the brand, you become the official channel of sorts, responsible for creating content and syndication across mediums and platforms! The lines distinguishing both these services are becoming less distinct by each passing day. Is Branding + Search Engine Optimization + Online Brand Monitoring & Online Reputation Management the next big thing? So now creating a web presence includes both SEO to rank for lateral keywords, and also quality ORM to go deep on your branded keywords.
Taking control of your online reputation is vital to all businesses and yet so few are actually doing anything about it.
Reputation has and will always be the currency which distinguishes you from your competitors a new great looking website with no brand reputation at all other than new kids on the block will more than likely get more inquiries than a great looking website where the brand has a bad reputation. Its almost similar to when we shop on Ebay we would rather pay for the more expensive listing where or best alternative to the one with either no feedback or considerably more negative feedback than there is positive feedback.
The success of any project depends to a large extent on overcoming any and all risks to that project.
In creating the list of risks to your project, the first issue to confront is the availability of staff members who are able to contribute to your risk assessment.
You can categorize your risks as suits you, your business and type of project, but divide your ‘basics’ of project risk assessment into three areas – system, people and process. You need to determine the degree of complexity involved in each aspect of the project, that is, rate its importance in the overall scheme of the project, and then determine if your actions to avoid such risks will take a major, medium or minor effort.
Typically, a risk assessment will have two ratings against it, a Probability, so the likelihood that the risk will occur and Consequence, so if it does occur will be have a small or a catastrophic impact on the project.  The combination of these two will help you understand if overall you are dealing with a high, medium or low risk.
With a specific list of possible risks and a rating for each, you are in a position to outline a program of actions to eliminate or greatly reduce such risks actually eventuating. Your strategies to mitigate risk must contain the specific requirements of all parties involved in the project. Risk is by nature uncertain.  But whether it is likely, unlikely, possible or probable risk exists and must be taken into account.
One definition of risk is that it is the probability of the risk happening multiplied by the cost should such a risk actually happen. Remember that risk assessment of a project will include risks within and outside your business. Risk assessment to your project is not a static operation but an ongoing process designed to see your project delivered on time, on budget and to a high quality.
This Project Management Template  kit includes all of the templates you need for projects covering the entire Project Life Cycle.It helps you to start up, plan and execute projects quickly and easily.
The Project Risk templates help you to prevent risks from occurring as well as minimize their impact.
The more time we spend on a task without giving our brain some time out, the less productive we become. Considering we live in a world where data is everything and information overload is almost a daily habit, there’s little wonder that we hit a brick wall.
The Pomodoro Technique is a widely used method for structuring your management task list, in order to incorporate regular breaks. Now that you know how to increase your productivity, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice. We’ve written a guide titled Which Membership Admin Tasks Can Be Done Easier and Quicker Online?

If you're evaluating membership software, many of the features and tools you’ll need might not be obvious from the outset so we’ve put together this free guide so you're better informed when evaluating vendors.
The importance of online reputation management is becoming a real big deal for small and medium businesses in the last 12 months of this writing and is not slowing down anytime soon. Once the reputation of your business is tarnished and your online reputation management is neglected, it takes a while before the momentum is picked up again.
So as a business owner, you have to keep changing with it if you want to stand up and stomp out your competition. For instance, the internet has become the main tool that many local consumers turn to before purchasing local products and services. An important point to note is that it’s better for you to be “proactive” than “reactive” when it comes to managing your reputation online. Repairing your reputation once the damage has already been done is much more time consuming and costly than starting BEFORE things get out of hand. Unfortunately, many businesses are plagued by false information and slander and don’t even realize it.
So it’s best to actively search for your business name online to see what people are saying. This could be as simple as asking your satisfied customers to go online and leave reviews for you.
Then, there’s “reactive” approach – which means you wait until you find out that there is negative information about your business online to do something about it. Unfortunately, many business owners think as long as they have a beautiful, optimized website that their “Online Reputation” is golden.
The internet contains thousands of different ways for consumers and businesses to interact. You’re probably starting to see the many different ways your business’ online reputation can be impacted in ways that have nothing to do with your website. But while we’re on the topic of your website, let’s discuss a few things regarding your website that enforce good online reputation management practices.
These same practices go for any other web properties you may have as well such as Facebook Fanpage, Twitter page, or blog. Because the internet is becoming more and more interactive one of the most important parts of you local marketing strategy is your online reputation management. Small Business Marketing StrategyWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better. You can download Management School Online in your computer by clicking resolution image in Download by size:. DISCLAIMER: All background wallpapers found here are believed to be in the "public domain". We think the core principles that we use to help our clients can also help other small businesses increase traffic to their websites, build an online audience, and convert leads into sales. All the knowledge you'll need to help grow your company through online marketing is either free here on this site, or offered on the web for free.
There were guaranteed success methods and approaches such as the following produced great results.
This update was rolled out in the USA in February 2011, with various refreshes and updates over the course of the next 16 months.
For an SEO guy, content started focusing more on pieces that were not only unique and engaging but also something that a user could associate with! SEO started focusing strongly on content marketing, wherein content marketing has become the crux of any SEO campaign.
The content creation involves having an exhaustive content plan in place and using various mediums including videos, blogs, articles, etc. The objective of both SEO and ORM now align towards the creation of good, unique and engaging content. Anyone who has an online store, not only wants to increase their presence and standing, but also wants to ensure that their brand is being recognized by their target audience. She manages a big team of SEO professionals handling a substantial number of campaigns collectively. I feel like (for businesses at least- individuals may be a bit different), all 3 are heading into the same direction. And on top of all that: you need a quality brand + customer engagement to draw positive links for SEO and to build loyal followers to give you those Yelp reviews and create a solid online reputation.
Sites like Google+ Local pages are the first place that many internet consumers will find a business and if the page offers all of the information that they are looking for, then they are likely to make their purchase there. If not all staff are present or able to contribute, you should rectify this situation as soon as possible and, in the meantime, regard those areas of risk in which staff are missing as being of a worst case scenario.  Never assume they don’t have something to contribute to the risk assessment because you will find some team members have a wide and varied background for identifying risks. The people aspect involves all personnel engaged in the project either as team membersor impacted parties and the process aspect involves the means to reach the end product, the final result.
What are their responsibilities, targets and expected outcomes?  And not only must these specific documents be created; they must also be sighted and signed off by all relevant parties. Any lack of due diligence in the area of assessing risk to a project can have catastrophic consequences. If you apply that definition, you will quickly discover the potential financial outlay your project could incur.
New competition and a changing economic climate are both risk factors outside your business but each can cause harm to your project.

You need a structured approach to risk assessment which is part of risk management and the avoidance of disaster.
Every phase, activity and task within the Project Life cycle is described in depth, helping you to deliver projects faster and more efficiently than before. Regardless of your job description there are methods you can utilise in order to be more productive, more on top of things and really feel like you’re getting the most out of your day. This however can be combated by taking regular, short breaks, giving our brain time to digest information and gain clarity before moving on to a different task.
It works on the premise of solid, focused work for 25 minutes and then 5 minutes to rest, process the information sent to your brain and recuperate. Meetings, appointments, travel, admin – you’ve probably got highly skilled individuals within your organisation whose job it is to manage these tasks. There are a multitude of places online where you can outsource tasks that require a certain expertise and skills to professional freelancers. One customer with a bad experience can be the difference between a great year and a painful year for your business in terms of profits. While this may seem like a great opportunity to expose your business to local consumers, it can also have a negative impact if proper online reputation management procedures are not put in place. Not only that, but you should implement strategies to generate more positive information about your business online – such as positive customer reviews and ratings on local business directories and review sites. Although there are a lot of people who like to post negative information online, there are also a lot of people who like to post good information about businesses they enjoy. At that time, you try to rush and get it “fixed” while you’re losing profits the whole time. Keep it professional at all times and maintain your composure even when it seems impossible.
Lose your cool, and you could set your business up to miss out on massive new business and potential growth. These more or less rule the life of that person who is trying to protect your online reputation. It is essentially the first step to become a major player and stand out in a many player market! Apart from this, she takes up the responsibility of training fresh recruits and ushering them into the ever-evolving world of SEO.
When you search for a business these days, you EXPECT to see a yelp page or a Google places review.
Knowing the risks is half the battle and being able to avoid or overcome such risks completes the picture. Then staff leaving or equipment failing are both internal risk issues yet both are potentially damaging to your successful project outcome. If you’re a Project Manager, Consultant, Trainer or Student, you can use this methodology to improve your project management success. You might manage a team of people, delegating and organising your members is probably second nature but when it comes to yourself, you always seem to be grasping for more time. Just a couple more emails and we’ll be done but sadly we very rarely stick to those silent mantras.
Further to this a recent article that explores why your brain needs more downtime suggests that there comes a point in the working day, where so much information and data has been thrown at us, that we just stop taking it all in. While your role is to manage your members, delegate other tasks appropriately and your productivity will soar. If you find yourself saying saying yes to everything and taking on more than you can handle, then it’s time to start practising the gentle art of saying no.
Sites like Time Etc allocate virtual assistants based on your needs for an hourly fee, whereas freelancing websites similar to People Per Hour, allow you to search through a pool of freelancers who have specific expertise.
This saves the need for copious amounts of paperwork and streamlines the admin process for a more efficient service. Reaching out to new people, gaining greater visibility and creating a stronger brand presence are extremely important.
I can guarantee that this will not only be used by the big fish who are well established and will rely more on the monitoring and the reputation side of things but also by the small startups looking for a strong branding campaign to promote themselves and garner greater visibility!
The same can be said of the other free online business listings, so just taking charge of that aspect of your online presence can give many businesses the edge on the competition.
As human beings we tend to think that we’re failing at our own productivity – wasting time if we have a full inbox or a report left to write. Outsource where you can, delegate your workload for a more efficient, effective work-day and make use of subscription management software to streamline your duties.
Luckily there are a lot of online reputation management services and online reputation management tools surfacing everyday that your business can leverage. The principle of SEO is now to ensure that not only is your brand reaching out to more people but also focus on creating a strong brand presence online. Have you ensured adequate insurance to protect your business should a worst case scenario situation arise?

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