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At one time Britaina€™s most prolific and successful fraudster, poacher-turned-gamekeeper Tony Sales is now offering anti-fraud advice to the online gaming industry.
His opening words at EiG hushed the room into an astonished silence that would last the full 45 minutes and offer everyone present considerable food for thought. This yeara€™s Euro 2016 tournament will be the biggest European summer football event in history. Tom Light, vice president of business development and commercials at SBTech, considers the artistry involved in creating a brilliant sports book. Lojze Rajter, program manager at Comtrade Gaming, considers the artistic and technical merits of game development. InterGame is the only monthly magazine covering the international coin-op amusements and gaming industry.
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Published bimonthly, iNTERGAMINGi is the leading publication for the growing international online gaming industry. An extensive annual buyersa€™ directory with more than 1,500 suppliers listed in the coin-op, casino and i-gaming sectors.
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This website uses cookies to enhance your experience and allow key parts of the site to work. Probably the number one concern I hear from new sellers is “I can’t find any good inventory!” They’ve gone to a store or two, scanned and walked away with nothing. If something is low rank, then it is selling more frequently which assures me that I can turn my money faster. I sent them in the first time because I had faith in the Harley Davidson brand and that I would ultimately sell my comforters. Sometimes the problem I see with a seller’s inventory is that there is too much risk in the mix.
Acceptable risks means setting limits on yourself – keeping within your budget, not overextending, scanning patiently until you DO find that great deal, not putting all your inventory dollars for the month into one purchase.
Lastly, if you have ever gotten into financial difficulties in the past because of gambling or compulsive shopping – this business is not for you.
I personally advocate spreading the risk in the beginning which is why I like books and inexpensive items mixed in with other inventory. Or they may think “I’ve got to make BIG MONEY, right now!” I call this the Wheel of Fortune school of thought. When I buy something, I fully expect to sell it for a price such that I will double my money – at a minimum. I get lots of questions about the exceptions to this rule like “what if it is selling fast? The fact of the matter is Amazon will lose stuff, customers will return stuff and lie about why, sometimes your great deal will be torpedoed because Amazon will drop its prices to dizzying lows, other sellers will race to the bottom and have zillions of units to sell before you can sell yours or you will be forced to lower your prices and take a smaller margin. When someone tells me they are scanning a lot and not finding anything, I ask them what they mean by “a lot” and frankly it usually isn’t. You need to scan, repeat, scan, repeat, scan, repeat, scan, repeat until you are in this lovely Zen state called Flow where you are 100% personally efficient and effective…where you feel calm and fulfilled at your task. When I go to a store now, there are whole categories and types of products I avoid there because I already know they are unlikely to bear fruit for me.
With changes at Amazon, our scanners now are showing us the most competitive offers according to Amazon – and not necessarily all of the offers.
For items with no offers or where you feel the offer is too high, you may need to do extra research through the “Hot List” of research sites. It was a stretch to find the “R” for this last thought so it is technically not part of my “5 Rs”: you have to be willing to make mistakes and learn from them.
As an experienced business owner of 20+ years, I knew I would make mistakes and I planned for them the best I could by spreading my risk and not spending too much in any one type of inventory purchase. I’m always fascinated by other sellers’ stories and what I’ve noticed is that most made mistakes early on that helped them ultimately be a better seller. While I totally understand how FBA Power could appear to be a software program created by Amazon, I don’t think my blog is confusing. I am past the initial stage where I just loved the hunt … as i found that my inventory sold but in the 3-6 month range.
The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975. Target stores in America are now carrying the new LEGO Nexo Knights 30374 The Lava Slinger polybag set. From May 9 to June 3, you can collect up to 4 series of LEGO Star Wars Character Card just for building a Star Wars Spaceship! Collect all 4 series of LEGO® Star Wars™ character cards when you build a Star Wars™ spaceship and compete to rack up points!
The upcoming VIP exclusive LEGO Minecraft the Village will also be available on May 18th for VIP Early Access.
Got LEGO News?If you have LEGO news, images or anything thats LEGO related, please contact us! Bookmark Toys N Bricks!Toys N Bricks is one of the leading LEGO News Site that keeps you up to date on everything related to LEGO.
E3 is quickly approaching, and this year will be one of the most important E3s for both Sony and Microsoft as they prepare to show gamers why their platform deserves a spot in their home. I think that overall, they will both have excellent shows, but which one do you think will be the best, and how accurate do you think my predictions will be? According to VG chartz, Xbox One sales have more than doubled worldwide after the release of Titanfall. According to VGchartz, Titanfall sold over 580,000 copies on the Xbox One in the United States alone. PS4 Sales for the same week were 132,000 with about 30,000 of those sales comming from Japan.
I think this shows that there is still a lot of interest from people for the Xbox One, all Microsoft needs to do is drop the price and put out a few good exclusive games. The Nintendo 64 was the first console I ever played, and as such, I have very fond memory of Nintendo and thier games, but lately, I have noticed a problem with their development strategy. The fact is that most of Nintendo's games in the past five years have felt more like re-releases with small gameplay tweaks that change up the formula just enough to make it fun for a while. The point I am tring to make is that Nintendo has been playing it too safe in the past few years with most of thier games, and as a result are losing peoples interest.
For thier next system, they need to build a machine that is powerful, and even more importantly, easy to develop for. Now lastly, they need to find a way to seriously innovate on their current IPs, as well as bring a whole host of new ones. I did not wright this to criticize Nintendo, but rather to express my concern over their current state. The reason most people have not noticed the resolution difference in the Multiplayer is actually thanks to a very clever upscaling technique used by Guerilla games called horizontal interlace. The whole premise of horizontal interlace is that the GPU basically renders out half of the pixels in a 1080p image, and fills in the blanks rows with the pixels used in the last frame.
Then for frame two, it does the same exact thing, but this time, it fills in the non rendered space (black lines) with the pixels it just rendered last frame. The reason the Guerrilla Games did this is simply because Killzone SF was never built to be a game that ran at 60fps, it was built to be a very pretty looking shooter that showcased the power of the PS4. So I have had Xbox One for about 3 months now, and thought it might be good for me to go ahead and share my impressions of the console and all of it's features. While the difference in graphics may not seem all that big when watching a comparison video on a small screen, there is definitely a big noticeable jump in visual fidelity and beauty.
So far the games have been ok, but I wasn't overly impressed with any of the launch titles.
If you have any questions you would like answered just post them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them all. Earlier today, the NDAs broke for titanfall, and we started getting videos of gameplay footage from titanfall on Xbox one.
Thats not a typo, it is really going to be 792p, however, he stated that the resolution on the final game would definitely be higher with 900p as an apparent target. The million dollar question is of coarse how comparable the Xbox One version will look to the PC version, and how much better it will look than the 360 version.
Personally, 900p is not a problem for me as Titanfall is not really an eye-candy type of game. This will be the third PS4 exclusive game to be delayed (with Infamous & Drive Club being the other two), but other next gen games such as Watchdogs, The Crew, and Kinect Sports Rivals have also had similar problems as well. 2014 is going to be a big year for exclusives as the big 3 compete for the end of the year crown as the most popular gaming console.
Note:  While I love indy games too, I didn't have the time, or space to put them all in as it would make all the list too long, however, I will say that my most anticipated Indys are Below, No Man's Sky, Rime, Super Time Force, and The Witness. Out of the big 3, Nintendo has the most to prove this year as they will try to keep thier 6th console alive. While there is no specific release date for SSB4, it is clear that Nintendo is targeting 2014 as a release date. X is a si-fi role playing game being developed for Wii U by Monolith Soft, the developers of the well received Xenoblade Chronicles game for Wii.
While a release date for Hyrule Warriors if far from set in stone, the developers are supposedly planning on a 2014 release date for this mash up of Dynasty Warriors with the Legend of Zelda Universe.

While this is an impressive list by itself, we do know that Nintendo has been working on the next 3D Zelda game for the Wii U for quite some time now. Overall I think if Nintendo manages to come out with all six games on the list this year, it will have been one of thier best years for publishing games.
Microsoft may be comming of a seasonal low where the PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One in most parts of the world, but they certainly do have a lot to look forward to with a nice amount of games already announced for this year.
Titanfall may not be completely exclusive to the Xbox One, but it won't be comming to any non Xbox Consoles which makes the Xbox One version the only next-gen console version. Kinect Sports Rivals may be one of Xbox One's most Important exclusives comming this year as microsoft tries to justify the extra 100$ we have to pay for the bundled in Kinect camera.
Project Spark is a game about creating your own game and is being developed by Microsoft's Team Dakota. Sunset Overdrive is a bright colorful cooperative 3rd person shooter being made by Insomniac exclusively for Xbox One. Originally Announced at the Xbox Reveal event, Quantum Break is an Xbox One exclusive  that aims to combine a tight action game with a high quality live TV show. While we don't know what the next Halo Game is called, we do know that we will be getting a new Halo game on Xbox One by the end of this year. There are several big rumors that suggest that we may be getting even more games in 2014 for the Xbox One.
Team Xbox Unlocked seem almost certain that Forza Horizon 2 will happen, but for many people the question is when. If everything launches on time, and the rumors end up being true, then this will be one heck of a year for Xbox as it would mean 8 AAA exclusives comming out in one year. Sony's PS4 was the best selling console this holiday, but Sony isn't stopping there as the Wii U still sits ahead of it by about 1 Million Units. While Infamous SS was originally announced as a launch game, it quickly got pushed back to spring as Sucker Punch needed more time to fulfill thier vision. Deep down is a F2P Dungeon Crawler that is supposed to have unique social features layered on top of challenging gameplay.
While we haven't yet seen any concrete game play, the trailer shown at E3 was all done in engine, and the concept looked very good.
While these are the only big PS4 AAA exclusives for 2014 that have been announced, there are some rumors and possibilities of other games which may be announced for 2014. We know that Naughty Dog has been busy working on Uncharted 4, but when exactly will it come out? According to Shu Yoshida, The Last Guardian is not a dead project, and is still in development, and he even went as far as to say that he has played it! While Sony doesn't have as many major exclusives announced for 2014 as Nintendo or Microsoft, the ones they have announced appear to be very promising games, even if they are just delayed launch titles.
Back in 2005 when Microsoft revealed their "next gen console" the Xbox 360, they said that they planned to have a 10 year console life cycle.
The Xbox 360 was the most powerful of the last generation systems as it had a gpu that averaged about 230 Gflops. While compairing a 400$ console to a 1000$ Graphics card isn't completely fair, the fact of the matter is that within 3 years or so, a 5 Tflop (5000Gflops) GPU will probably cost as low as 100-150$. Now again, this is FIXED hardware we are talking about so it's not like optimization suddenly adds on an additional Tflop of power to the GPU, but it will allow every Tflop of performance to be utilized. While Nintendo hasn't been known for making the most powerful consoles as of lately, back in the day they used to be really competitive with their hardware. Now as I discussed earlier, the PS4 is indeed more powerful than the Xbox One as it has a 40% more powerful GPU. Now one big factor that could speed up the lifecycle of each console is if a major technological breakthrough were to occur in hardware that would allow hardware parts to increase the performance of traditional Computer parts.
Personally, I honestly do believe that there will be a next generation of video game consoles.
Even Microsoft (the ones who have been pushing all the cloud computing technology) believe that there will be another generation of hardware consoles.
Thanks for reading my article, and if you have any comments on how long you think this generation should last,  be sure to let me know in the comments below! There has been a lot of buzz about Nvidia's announcement last night of their new Mobile chip, the Tegra K1 which has 192 graphic cores, and duel "Denver" CPUs on the 64-bit version.
Now despite lagging way behind it's desktop counterpart in size, make no mistake, the Kepler K1 marks a rather large leap forward in computing power for mobile devices. So from this we see that the total T-flops of the Tegra K1 is about 0.36 which is about as powerful as the GPU in the Wii U! What is perhaps most impressive about Tegra K1 is the fact that EPIC was able to get Unreal 4 to run on it.
Now, the only question that remains is how long it will take for mobile devices to catch up with the horse power of the Xbox One, and PS4? I have played all the tracks now, and I will say that the detail on the road, the light effects, and the backdrops especially are quite breathtaking, but one thing that really distracted me was the trees which all seem to be the same dull green color, and displayed much less detail than everything else. The 60fps makes a huge difference, especially once you start flying around with the big boys at 150+mph.
The Career mode offers hours and hours of gameplay as you play through tons of different classes of cars, and with each one offering thier own unique challenge. One complaint I do have is that you have to find which modes your car is eligible for in the menu and race in those competitions rather than just choosing which car you want to use, and them choosing the best one competition for you.
A lot of people complained about how there is less tracks and cars than in the previous forza game.
The tracks on the other hand, while they all played looked absolutely amazing, were a bit limited in number. In this article, I will be compairing the exclusive Launch games for each console with the respective scores they got from both IGN, and metacritic (bunch of review site scores put together). Playstation 4 has a smaller number of games, but a bigger amount of games that got a good review (over 7.5). Xbox One has a larger amount of games, with most of their big releases scoring good, but many of their smaller games getting mixed reviews.
Overall, Xbox One's lineup looks to be stronger at launch (most critics agree as well) with 3 pretty solid games leading the way.
Its kind of ironic that the console that has be long touted as the 'gamer's console' is being out performed at launch by Microsoft's 'all in one machine' in the games category, but it is important to remember that these games are just launch games, and there are many great games yet to come such as Titanfall, and The Order 1886, that will in all likeliness blow the launch games out of the water. The latest VG chartz preorder numbers are in, and from this we can approximate the popularity of each console (PS4 & X1) in the US.
The Highest Pre Ordered PS4 game was Cod Ghost which racked up a total of 440,772 preorders in the USA. The Highest Pre Ordered Xbox One game is also Cod Ghost which has managed to score a whopping 462,512 preorders in the USA. Now while Xbox One may have managed to secure the highest preordered next generation launch title, this does not tell the whole story. According to these numbers, It would appear that the Playstation 4 is slightly more popular in the US, however, these figures are not completely indicative of how many units will sell this holiday, or how popular each console will be. Xbox One is more expensive, so gamers buying Xbox One may not be buying as many games to go along with each console.
Some gamers may have decided not to preorder certain games such as killzone, Deadrising 3, or others because they were waiting for the reviews. Some gamers may have decided against preordering the game because they wanted to purchase a digital version instead. Some PS4 and Xbox One gamers may have decided just to pick up the game at a store on release day rather than preordering. Either way, these numbers certainly do suggest a push towards the playstation 4 this generation. One interesting thing to note however, is that while Xbox 360 preorders have remained strong, PS3 preorders have dipped substantially.
This does indicate that there are more Xbox 360 owners who have decided to wait to upgrade to next gen.
Sales talks to iNTERGAMINGi about the internet, a new breed of gangster and a€?acceptable lossa€™. That’s how much Tony Sales is purported to have generated through the use of false identities, stolen credit cards and other fraudulent schemes during a six-year period on the run. INTERGAMINGi first encountered Sales at EiG 2013 in Barcelona where, as a guest of identification and verification specialist Jumio, he took part in a workshop that saw him explain a number of simple if deviously clever scams for divorcing online gaming firms and their customers from their money. INTERGAMINGi talks to some leading figures in the world of sports betting about the a€?Euros factora€™ a€“ and gets some predictions for the tournament itself. They are frustrated because they know other sellers are shopping the same stores and finding stuff.
I will often buy a higher ranking item if it is sold out reasoning that my unit might be quite welcome on Amazon and will likely not have competition (yay!). In my classes, private sessions and in my book I share some rank ranges that I use as guidelines for when I’m shopping. Other things I’ve sent in that I thought were adorable took months and months to sell even one unit. Acceptable risk has safeguards built in and relies on experience and patience rather than luck. Things that seemed risky a few months ago are now part of your regular purchases because they’ve proven themselves. This is a slower growth plan, though, and some people want to buy the high reward items right from the beginning. It is a lot like gambling to me and there’s that “bankrupt” slot that gets sellers all the time who try to fly too far, too fast, and tie up money in inventory that they can’t get out right away. This frequently comes from either not understanding Amazon’s fees or from not understanding their other costs.

Most of the time the answer will be “no” and you are scanning fast to get to the “yes.” During this time you will not only be developing your patience muscles, you will also be learning about the types of items that are likely to be good candidates. There are also brands that are either restricted or practically impossible because they have their own store on Amazon.
This means that if you see something promising, you need to click through to Amazon’s site to see it more completely and make sure that there aren’t other offers that would make your deal less exciting. ScanPower includes direct links to eBay completed, Google UPC and other sites in its product.
Perfectionists will find this business frustrating because there are so many variables beyond your control and because you will make mistakes.
Sometimes when someone posts their numbers or gives a short synopsis of their story, it can appear that they magically started FBA and made zillions. In addition, I think they want to avoid confusion with the seller community who might think that a site such as mine is actually a branch of Amazon.
For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible. The first is DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO 76065 Batman Rescue from Ra’s al Ghul has surfaced online at Amazon Japan. From June 1-15, you can get an exclusive 40221 Fountain set from the LEGO Creator theme with purchases above $75. Or maybe they are buying stuff but it isn’t selling and they are frustrated because all their money is tied up in inventory. If I can make my margin at a lower, more competitive price that is an opportunity if I think everyone else is overpriced. With new shoppers I am conservative because I want them to experience inventory turnover and get some money going.
If there are zero other sellers, for example, I might think my item is super-cool, but maybe no one else does. Witness the Disney Tinkerbell erasers I bought last August – I just sold my first one last week, alas. You also have a greater bulk of good selling inventory so adding more experiments affects you less and less – kind of like seller feedback on Amazon.
Some people I’ve talked with on the phone I can tell by the words they use and how they talk that they are gamblers or compulsive shoppers. I’ve seen some sellers working themselves to bankruptcy because they didn’t understand what kinds of margins they need to make.
He found great things there, but on the days when there wasn’t much, he didn’t have anywhere else to turn to for inventory and his sales would slow as his pipeline narrowed. This adds time to the process which is a bummer but – as I mentioned before – most of the time the answer is “no” which you can usually tell from rank, Amazon’s price, etc., without having to do research. Try to manage your risks such that your mistakes when you make them will not affect your overall business too much. Just kidding – I’m donating them to charity) and I have yet to figure out how to make good wholesale decisions – all my experiments have been failures so far. If you have a lot of mistakes in your inventory right now but you’ve learned from them, then they were simply a necessary part of your business growth. There is also a free adult or child ticket offer for LEGOLAND parks (with full paid ticket) with any LEGO purchase.
4 are really starting to make me wish I had a Wii U, but the game I'm still waiting for is the next 3D Zelda game. They are discovering that, much like real estate, your money is made pretty much at the point of sale. Sometimes, they are doing nothing wrong, per se, they are just impatient or had other expectations for their business. The first time I bought a Harley Davidson comforter set, the rank was over a million (!) in bedding and there were no sellers. They only go to Las Vegas for conferences because they think it is ridiculous to throw money away on a rigged game. While all sellers get lucky sometimes with awesome deals, we don’t build our businesses on chance.
I am saying here what I don’t feel comfortable saying to a stranger on the phone – be honest with yourself. I add in my projected out-of-pocket business costs and figure out for how much I need to sell that item. So can you have items in your inventory that are only making you $5 for every $10 you spend and make money on volume? I ask about how many scans they did (your SerialMagic Gears will tell you if you have Android) and it is very low. We were using the same scouting criteria and we were the only scanners in the room during “members only” night. The item was so cheap, I knew my clients could easily charge less than Amazon and still make their margins. In past blogs and my book I’ve talked about mistakes that I’ve made that hopefully you can avoid. LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick and Knob configurations, and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies. Most of our business is “bread and butter” type purchases that have ranks in our range, a good margin, and not too much FBA or Amazon competition to torpedo our margins. I told her that they would sell over the holidays and that I thought they were all great items. If it seems reasonable that I can sell it for that price in a timely way based on the other sellers, I buy it.
While many people cannot afford ScanPower and ScanFob in the beginning, I tell them to make those tools one of their early purchases after they’ve made some money.
Even when I officially change the name of my blog, I will still often refer to FBA in my posts, etc.
I am the furthest thing from a skater, but I scanned it anyway because the logo looked cool. LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. The “home runs” are fun, but we win the game with steady base gains (I so rarely use sports analogies).
I’m of the “old beater” school of thought because I know my son is going to make mistakes and quite possibly damage his car while he is learning.
Because she needed to make money in the meantime, I talked to her about taking what few dollars she had left and buying books and collectible games. To be clear, if I’m spending $10, I expect to make at least $10 after I deduct all my expenses (including my initial purchase cost).
That margin not only has to reward you for what you invested in it, it also has to cover returns and losses. A few items like that in the context of a much larger well-performing inventory base are perfectly fine. There is no way to circumvent this learning curve so plan to spend hours and hours in the beginning scanning stores. By broadening his horizons and getting him to scan other stores as well, he now has choices and places to go when one store is a bust. If you are not a LEGO VIP member, if you sign up between June 1-30, you can get an extra 100 bonus VIP points! If we spend money on riskier inventory with high rank – or even no rank if it is a product you are adding to the catalog – then we balance it with other, proven inventory.
I’d rather he make those mistakes in a cheap old beater (with good seatbelts!) so he will have greater success later when he can afford a more expensive car. But most new sellers don’t have that yet so I advise them to put that item down for now and keep looking for a better margin. Because her Scanfob wasn’t working that day, she had to use her phone camera to capture the barcodes.
When you read his book, however, you realize that he had years of online and other sales experience before he ever tried FBA.
I had to change dozens of links in my book and blog and people were annoyed and it seemed like I could never catch up – and that was from them changing their name!
If I didn’t step out of my comfort zone when scanning, I would have overlooked it and left money on the shelf.
An addictive, adrenaline-fueled personality will show up in a seller’s inventory in a bad way with lots of risky buying decisions.
We know when we buy that we may never make our margin on this risky item and it is acceptable because this item is an outlier in our inventory and not the bulk of our inventory. He made mistakes and learned from them years ago when McDonald’s was putting Beanie Babies in its Happy Meals. Rank for me is my first test as to whether or not I should buy something – but it is not the only one.
That experience taught me a lot and is largely responsible for my new FBA Library (easier to update changes) and for this gentle transition. While it is OK to have high ranking items in your inventory, make sure that they are the outliers and not the bulk of your inventory.
It is great to have a long-tail sale that nets you big bucks when it sells – but that could be months or even years from now. I thought I was for each of these expensive experiments but apparently everyone else was buying and sending in their stuff at the same time.

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