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Google and Twitter have recently made an agreement, allowing Google to access Twitter’s data and in turn helping Twitter gain greater online visibility with non-Twitter users.
If you are a business entrepreneur who would like to have a crash course in SEO, look no further. Having links that lead to your Twitter account builds up its page authority and increases its chances of ranking on Google. Especially for local businesses, adding the physical location of your establishment on your Twitter account helps improve your online visibility for local searches made by potential customers nearby.
Having more Twitter followers is the best way to achieve social media influence and authority. Keep up with the other authorities in your industry by following other experts within your niche. By practicing these simple techniques, you will be able to efficiently use your business’ Twitter account to improve your SEO ranking and reach out to a greater chunk of your target market. Michelle Rubio has been working with SMEs across the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK for the last five years. In the first part of our series you learnt how to optimize Title, Labels, Headings and comments of your BlogSpot blog. Most of the time archives create problem for search engine crawlers because archives URLs as well permalink (Actual URLs) point to same post which cause confusion to search engine crawler. Now you will see a small box named [search description] next to every new post side bar, so you can write 130 to 150 characters unique search description for every individual post. By default in older blogger templates or in some third party blogger templates there is old static meta description code. If SEO makes you dizzy, just know that at eVision Media, we have a team of professionals that can help optimize your blog, drive traffic, and boost engagement by promoting your content on your blog.
Susan Friesen is the founder of eVision Media, a boutique web development and Digital Marketing firm of over 15 years that specializes in designing, building and marketing professional, unique websites for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations. Susan Friesen is a highly professional business woman strongly committed to her clients, creating quality website design with great integrity and expertise.

Susan and her eVision Media team excel in website design and I strongly recommend them for all your website needs. About Our TeamLocated in the lower mainland of BC Canada., we have been in the web development business since 1999. Take advantage of the 160 character limit you have for your Twitter bio and describe your business using target keywords. Make sure your website and other social media profiles link to your Twitter profile and vice versa.
When you have more followers on Twitter, you also have better chances of getting your posts retweeted or favorited. You can share the same link or content more than once, just make sure the headline is different for every post. Retweet other experts to expand your posts and account, while at the same time developing a good relationship with others in your field.
If you can devote a little portion of your busy schedule to enroll in an online SEO training course, this can give you greater insights on how to optimize not just your Twitter account but your overall online presence. By default this option is disabled in blogger interface So, we will have to enable this option in new blogger interface.
Google AdWords™ is the ultimate tool for helping you find high-traffic keyword phrases.  Not only does it ensure you are writing about topics that thousands of people want to know about, but it also guarantees you’ll get lots of traffic to it too!
If you are using WordPress, there are plugins available such as YOAST SEO that give you the ability to quickly add these tags.
This will give you incoming links to boost the popularity of your website with the search engines.
All of these tips can be very effective at driving SEO traffic to your website but ONLY if you post new articles on a regular basis. We're a talented group of individuals comprised of highly skilled Programmers, SEO, Social Media and Marketing Specialists as well as Copywriters and Graphic Designers that specialize in brand identity, web and print media. With its increased visibility and reachability, Twitter has become something very useful for small businesses that are looking for cost-free ways to reach their target audience.

To gain followers, make sure you only tweet interesting, relevant, and valuable information that your target audience would appreciate and want to share with their family and friends.
Doing this also increases the chances of these experts and authorities following you back or retweeting your posts to their audience. You want to strike a balance of something that stirs curiosity and also includes your keyword phrase. Be sure to get familiar with using YOAST SEO properly so you can master the art of SEO optimizing your articles. Search engines will quickly think your website has been abandoned if you haven’t posted anything new to it for a while.
So your goal is to have YOUR article be the one at the top when someone else does a similar search for your area of expertise. You want people to recognize your business by your Twitter handle and easily find you by searching using your brand. Having an optimized bio can increase your visibility within the Twitter search for users who are interested in your niche as well as your visibility on search engines. Use a URL shortener when linking out to a page so that the URL takes up less characters and you are able to write a catchy headline. This creates internal cross links between your blog articles that will boost your overall blog SEO. Use hashtags to increase exposure to your tweets and make it easier for your target audience to search for them.

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