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Whether they are freestanding, store-bought, or built-in, today's outdoor showers are accessible luxuries for many. While a simple garden hose hanging from a tree can technically pass as an outdoor shower, why not get inspired by these luxurious upgrades to create a little outdoor bathing oasis of your very own?
An outdoor shower built with easy access to the house, this private extension combines natural rock walls and warm wood tones to give it a Zen-like appeal.
Stripping the outdoor shower down to the very basics while keeping an eye on design is what makes this Cascade shower the prefect poolside companion.
Take full advantage of your garden and its privacy producing foliage by creating an outdoor shower oasis like this.
This fenced-in private shower blends seamlessly with the home's classic architectural styling.
While most outdoor showers utilize a single showerhead, this Bridge design has three luxurious sprays to envelope the bather in water.
Decorative Moroccan tiles and a soothing blue periwinkle color palette add an exotic air to this outdoor shower.

Putting the wall of a staircase to good use, this outdoor shower may be small in footprint, but it's large in shower power.
If you are looking for an easy do-it-yourself project, consider making your own outdoor shower. Spring is just a few weeks away, so it’s time to get serious about fix-up plans for porches, patios, and yards.
From a huge Building Wrap to a high resolution Point of Sale Display, Big Sky Graphics will provide the correct solution for your entire Graphic Print, Advertising Signage & Production requirements.
With many years of production experience and using the newest technology available we are able to utilise the most suitable print process for your project. Big Sky Graphics provide High Quality Digital Printing for Indoor and Outdoor Advertising and Signage using a wide range of Printing machinery and equipment at the highest definition that best suits your requirement. Using water based, solvent, UV Curable or Dye Sublimation inks, we are able to ensure we produce your Graphics in the quickest and most cost effective way. Made from galvanized tubing with a wooden plank base, simply connect a garden hose—and enjoy!

As the shower removes your stress, the run-off gets put to good use by simultaneously quenching your garden's thirst.
Simply install an enclosed tent like this over a shower installation and you’ll have all the privacy you need to feel comfortable showering outdoors—even au naturale.
Defined entirely by the arched wall design, the shower is convenient to bathers with an adjustable shower head that also comes free for handheld use. In addition to the main shower head for total bathing, a separate lower fixture just for the toes means keeping water where you want it, when you need it.

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