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Two hard copies and one soft copy with an abstract containing 200 words are to be submitted at the time of event.
The participants can prepare the poster from the below topics or any topic related to computer science can be selected.
Abstract should be in IEEE format and participants have to email the soft copy to our email id. We present you with an ALL-TECHNICAL quiz that covers wide range of topics pertaining to the subjects under our own department, CSE.

The project synopsis with all the required software etc must be submitted in 2 hard copies and 1 soft copy. INTRODUCTION: In this event a written test is conducted with set of 20 questions related to the c-language and a time limit of 15min is given and the participant has to complete the test within the time limit.
1ST ROUND: In this round the participant has to write the written test within the time limit and the top scored 20 members are allowed for the second round. Well, I am more then happy to go by there and check for you but I may not be able to till next weekend and not sure how soon you need to know.

I am also curious if anyone has used their milkweed color paper…do you possibly have a picture?

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