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We’ve had a chance to download the Word, Excel and PowerPoint iPad applications and explore the interface. Microsoft has stuck to the basics here, offering up core functionality in an easy-to-digest manner.
If you’re about to start editing a document, spreadsheet or presentation, it’s possible to create a duplicate so the original remains untouched. If you want to collaborate with other employees or provide feedback, the best way to do this is to track changes.
You can insert pictures from your device by hitting the Insert tab, giving the applications access to your camera roll.

Office is set up to automatically sync content to OneDrive, but it is possible to save files directly to your iPad. If you’ve got a long document to read through and need to look for specific mentions of a particular word, you can get Word to scan the document. You can add in last minute slides or transitions to a PowerPoint presentation or hit slide-show and have a run through before the main event.
There’s no way to print content from the Office apps at the moment, so the ability to share content is invaluable. It’s a good idea to make use of them when creating a document, spreadsheet or presentation from scratch as you can get a headstart on it.

This allows you to change the style of text - useful if you want to emphasise text, or help quotes and sub heading stand out. There are back and forward arrows on the left hand side of the ribbon and these mimic Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y.
If you want to find and replace, just hit the cog on the left hand side and tick the appropriate option.

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