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In American football, you can substitute as many players as you want as long as all your team members will equal to eleven. Quarterback- He is considered to be the field general who briefs the team of the offensive strategy while they’re in a huddle. Running Back - The fastest players in the field which makes them very useful in a running play. Full Back - Most today’s formations seldom use this player but he can be a great aid for a running back. Center- Positioned between two offensive guards, this player will start the ball through a snap. Offensive Guards- They are two of the biggest team members who are to block running and passing plays and mainly to tackle the defense’s quarterback.

Tight End- They are extra linemen who can be wide receivers by catching passes or act as blockers near the tackles.
If the talks of Fantasy Football and prediction on RGIII's comeback haven't tipped you off yet, football season is back in session. That is why it is important for you to know which ones to have when your team is playing as the offense or the defense team. He can also act as a team leader who can pull together or instruct the other players of the offensive line. There are two of them in common formations who position themselves at certain points in the field to make an opening for a pass. That is why it is very important for the to find holes in the defense to avoid having knee injuries when they run into a defense line.  They can be easily spotted with the numbers 20-49.

Well, we have picked the hottest players from this year's lineup that are guaranteed to make it your thing. However, most wide receivers plainly act as possession receivers, the one that catches the ball, or speed receivers the one that stretches the field coverage. Check them out and learn some tidbits of information so when you're forced to watch their next game, your friends will be impressed when you casually mention that the Redskins' Safety, Doughty, got a 4.0 at Northern Colorado University.

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