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To convert a PowerPoint to flash, all you need to do is to click the publish button provided on the software interface. Published output in flash format can be shared on websites, blogs or to any social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc.
You are already a SlideServe user, choose the option 'As Member' and enter your SlideServe username and password.
3.Tick on the option 'Let all people view this presentation', if you interested to upload the presentation as publicly in SlideServe online portal.
Include hidden slides : Tick on this option to convert the hidden slides in the presentation. Advance slide on mouse click : If you need advance slide on mouse click, tick on the option. Converting PowerPoint to PDF gives you ability to share your presentations for people who prefer working under Mac OS or Linux. Universal Document Converter is the most complete solution for the conversion of presentations, text documents and diagrams into Adobe PDF or graphical files. Select the Document to PDF, Color, Multipage profile in the Printing Preferences window and press OK.
Converted presentation will then be opened in Adobe Acrobat or another viewer associated with PDF files on your computer.
A1: After selecting Document to PDF, Color, Multipage profile in the Printing Preferences window, please change Color Depth value to True Color (24 bpp).
The “Insert” function enables you to add many useful contents into PowerPoint, but absolutely it is far from enough. In this article, we would like to share 3 simple ways to insert whole PDF to PowerPoint 2010. We know there are many PDF readers like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, PDF X-Change Viewer, etc., but it seems that only after you installed Adobe Reader, you can insert PDF file into PowerPoint directly.
Step 1: Open PowerPoint 2010 and click “Insert” tab on the ribbon > click “Object” to insert PDF into PowerPoint. The Zamzar might be the best online file converter which enables you to convert PDF to images without installing anything on your computer. Note: Click “Insert” > “Photo Album”, so that you can insert all PDF images into PowerPoint at a time. All posts on this blog are created for non-profit sharing by the blogger staff of Moyea Software.

Subscribe to comments with RSSor TrackBack to '3 Methods to Insert PDF File into Your PowerPoint'. ConceptDraw PRO is a powerful diagramming and vector drawing software for quick, easy and effective creating the professional looking charts and graphs for presentations. ConceptDraw PRO provides the Bar Graphs Solution from the Graphs and Charts Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park that allows you design bar and column charts.
Bar Graphs Solution contains the library with ready-to-use vector stencils that allow you create: Vertical Bar Chart, Horizontal Bar Chart, Double Bar Chart, 3D Bar Chart and Cylindrical Bar Chart.
Bar Graphs Solution provides also the professional looking predesigned templates and samples for creating the charts and graphs in a few moment. This template was created in ConceptDraw PRO using the Bar Graphs Solution and shows the Column Chart. About Farshad Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. We have discussed about how to make flip books from PDF, Word, images etc in other tutorials. If you haven't create a desktop shortcut, please go to Start menu to find the installed Kvisoft PPT to flipbook converter.
Choose "New Project", a dialog box will pop up from which you can browse PowerPoint slide from computer. Kvisoft PowerPoint to HTML5 Converter will open a dialog to let you design the background color, image, buttons, auto page turn, hard cover, interface language, template etc for converted PPT flipbook. To show published HTML5 PowerPoint flipbook online, please copy the whole folder to your web server with FTP or other tools. PowerFlashPoint is the easiest and more featured alternative that lets you to create Flash movies without any programming abilities.
Once publishing is done you have options to save it on several destinations like CD, My computer, LMS & SlideServe.
It can also be uploaded and shared via SlideServe - a revolutionary free service which gives users the power to easily Share, Discover and View PowerPoint presentations Online. PowerFlashPoint allows you to choose one of six attractive players depending on your requirements.
The underlying basis of Universal Document Converter is the technology of virtual printing.
Plus, open the Page Setup tab in the Printing Preferences window and increase the Image Resolution setting to 600 x 600 DPI.

When you’re making a great PowerPoint presentation and want to insert a data document, usually in PDF file, how can you insert PDF into PowerPoint? If you happen to need to insert a PDF file into your PowerPoint presentation, the following tips will be helpful to you. In PowerPoint 2010, paste the copied snapshot to the location where you want to insert PDF into PowerPoint.
You can use PDF X-change Viewer to export PDF as images or some online services to convert PDF to images for free.
The free version enables you to export a PDF file to image formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc. They can be reviewed, modified, converted to a variety of formats (image, HTML, PDF file, MS PowerPoint Presentation, Adobe Flash or MS Visio XML) and easy used in different professional presentations.
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It can allow my readers to view online digital journals on mobile devices or tablets without losing its original layout and content." A question asked by Amy.
In this article, you will get a guide about how to convert PPT to HTML5 flipbook with use of Kvisoft HTML5 page flipping software. If it not looks as perfect as you expected, please exit preview and modify the settings again. If you need to share the PowerPoint flip book presentation on website with desktop and mobile audience, please select HTML and tick "Make this magazine support mobile device". First step towards developing a Flash slideshow would be creating a PowerPoint presentation.
As a result, exporting PowerPoint presentation into PDF format is not any more complicated than printing on a desktop printer. Converted files are quickly turned into PowerPoint slides which can then be used for presentations.
The application offers three conversion modes, namely; the Batch Convert Mode, which converts multiple PDF files to PPT format, Hot Directories Mode, which enables users to monitor a folder on a server for automatic conversion and the Command Line Mode, which can be used to convert PDF documents via the command line. With Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint you can import PDF documents and specify the output folder to convert your files.

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