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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The audience are that much more likely to switch off during a PowerPoint presentation, simply because the brain is so used to seeing PowerPoint presentations. Being too sparse or too colorful in your PowerPoint design can significantly impact your audience.
Minimalist can be good, but having nothing but dry bullet points from a template is a passive way to present information and is a heinous offense in the land of good PowerPoint presentations. A PowerPoint presentation with incomplete sentences, sloppy typos, and misspellings can have a drastic impact on your credibility as a speaker. Too small of a Typeface leaves the jury thinking “who can even read this stuff”?
Having graphics and bullet points (hence the power-point) in your PowerPoint presentation is a great way to provide data to your audience. If you avoid these PowerPoint offenses and utilize your authenticity, the jury will always rule in your favor. Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is a popular speaker on confidence and inspiration, an award winning social entrepreneur, founder of Ginger Training & Coaching and author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson). In order to achieve this, you need to first open the master PowerPoint presentation where you want all other slide to appear. Let’s investigate about the effect upon the audience of switching on the PowerPoint presentation – is it all that necessary?

If that happens, then no matter how exciting or mission crucial your PowerPoint presentation might be, you’re facing an uphill battle. In essence your audience is like a jury, watching your every move and deciding if you’re Public Enemy Number One.
How many times have you seen a speak step aside in a presentation as if the PowerPoint is the real star of the show?
If you want flashy Picasso inspired PowerPoint presentations, consider hiring a professional to design animation for you or stick to eye pleasing but not over-the-top images.
Impressions are everything and nothing is surer to get you into fail jail than poor grammar and spelling. You can separate the presentation by PowerPoint sections if you want to keep it organized and later know which slides belong to which PPT file.Then, open the PPT files that contains the slides you want to copy to the master PowerPoint file. That means that if you step into the spotlight rather than always focusing on PowerPoint, you may well benefit your audience and your message more. The first extreme leaves the audience dry with sparse images that create little lasting impact. People watch for mistakes and instead of hearing your message the jury (audience) will vote GUILTY of incompetence if you’re sloppy. In the slides gallery on the left you can see all the slides and you can click on the desired slides and then select the range of slides you want to copy.
Also think about font and background colors; gray is difficult to read and red can be construed as alarming.

The audience likes you, they want to engage with you, they want to see you and see your eyes and be acknowledged by you. For example, the slides in this example Golden PowerPoint template can be copied.As you can see, the slide list of the left contains a thumbnail view for all the slides in the presentation.
Then use CTRL-C to copy the slides and move to your other presentation where you want to append the slides.In the master presentation where you want to append the slides, use CTRL-V to paste the slides. Also, you can repeat the steps to append many different PPT files into a single PPT presentation.
Of course if you have lot of .ppt then you may be interested to use a mass append or bulk mode.
This can be helpful to combine multiple slides or merge PowerPoint presentations in a single file.Alternatively you can use a tool like MS PPT Join from Sobolsoft  to automate the process.
To protect your original files, the results of the join will be saved as a new PowerPoint file.
By instantly appending your files in batch, this software will save you hours of time spent copying and pasting.

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