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The University of Colorado’s Science Discovery, is one that my daughter attended every summer.
This entry was posted on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 at 9:58 pm and is filed under Focus on Boulder, Mountain Living, Relocating. I don’t really get observed in my teaching that much, and unlike most teachers it seems, I actually really enjoy getting observed. I plan to write up the Quick Ideas as and when they come to me, so it will more than likely be on a very irregular basis. I decided to call these activities Quick Ideas because, as I mentioned, they usually come to me in the middle of lessons. The other day I was trying to quickly find a PowerPoint scoreboard that I could throw up on the screen for one of my classes.
So, with these things in mind, I wanted to create a free PowerPoint scoreboard, that anyone can download in one click, and that is customizable (i.e. If you use it and find any errors, problems, or just have suggestions on how to improve it, please let me know. When I did my CertTESOL, our instructors regularly had us, the participants, get up out of our seats and move around to interact with each other.
For simplicity’s sake, each technique below will describe a class of 16 students, which will be split into four groups of four. This is similar to 1, except rather than the teacher assigning the letters orally, students choose pieces of paper with a letter on.
For this activity, write a list of numbers on the board equal to the total number of students in the class (1-16 for sixteen students). As an added level of difficulty, and if you feel the group is strong enough, you can have students order themselves silently, which will force them to come up with creative ways to express themselves. The following two techniques are a bit more complex and could even be activities in their own right. The final technique I observed one of my colleagues trying out a few years ago, and it looked really fun. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Whether it’s for a school or a community, the budget is likely rather low for new producers of this age old form of media, so these free templates can help in getting you started. Each year was a different experience ranging in Dinosaur Fun to  Chemistry Chefs.  The Science Discovery program offers classes for ages 4-16 including math, science and technology which are taught with hands-on activities that are fun and informative.
Given that outdoor activities can involve risks, he says that the focus is on promoting safety through participant awareness and quality staff.
Typically, I will have  lesson plan, but then half way through think of something new, and try it out. As such there is usually very little preparation required and almost no materials, other than what you might find in a typical classroom e.g. This PowerPoint scoreboard allows you to keep track of points in class, training sessions or anywhere else. However, some people were having problems with it, perhaps because the file came from the internet. I quite liked this, although I’m not sure whether everyone else in the group would agree. If students continuously work with the same people, they are not exposed to different ideas and ways of thinking. This number has no significant meaning and you can adjust the techniques to create more groups or groups with more students.
They require little to no preparation and can be done at any time (number 2 does need a little bit of prep at the very beginning).
This activity is also good to do at the start of the course, because it can help you see who takes charge and which students might be possible group leaders, if you decide to assign leaders to groups.

It is probably my joint favourite book from the Cambridge Handbook for Language Teachers series along with Grammar Practice Activities, see here. The categories can be anything, for example food, nationalities, colours, cities, countries, animals, etc. You can make use of one these templates by customizing it as it is, or just use it as a kind of example to build your own around.
Teachers utilize university and community resources to produce a stimulating environment, both indoors and out, and a variety of field experiences.
All of the staff are proficient and tested in their area of instruction, certified in first aid and CPR, trained in defensive driving, background checked, as well as being experienced with kids and great role models.
I find more often than not that these activities can be adapted and slot into different lessons. Sometimes in class, I’ll imagine that there is someone else there, and it helps keep me on my toes, because I am constantly thinking how would I explain the rationale for what I am doing.
The functionality is exactly the same, the only difference is the newer version has slightly more flashy transitions.
I used macros to create the scoreboard, and Microsoft tries to block them and will throw up a warning message. It’s something that has stuck with me, and I like having my students up and out of their seats at least once during a class. Also, sometimes students who sit with friends can be a bit mischievous and occasionally disrupt other members of the class. In fact I rarely lead classes with 16 students exactly, and quite often lead classes with up to 50 students. I highly recommend you give it a try, even if you don’t want to introduce acting into the class, because it contains loads of great ideas for language teachers. As I have done throughout, I’ll describe the setup for making four groups of four, but these techniques work really well with larger groups. The names can be real or fictitious, alive or dead, so long as your students will know who they are. I think it works particularly well at the start of a lesson, especially if you have quite a tired group. Some of them were available on teaching websites, but you had to register first – I did so on one website just to get access to the PowerPoint. While I only teach adults, and discipline problems are not too much of an issue for me (I know, I’m very lucky), sometimes, certain cliques can get a little over-excited.
With the exception of 4 and 6, I have used all of the techniques (quite) successfully with groups ranging in size from 8 – 50 students.
Tell the students that each person in the group needs to choose a letter from A-D, and no two students (from that group) can have the same letter. Add one of the clipart images to the corner of each worksheet, which will effectively give you four unique worksheets. Decide which captain will choose first (presumably by rock, paper, scissors if you are in Korea).
You can have them introduce themselves, talk about what they did on the weekend, or just do it silently.
Have all of the students stand up and then explain that you are going to divide the students into two groups. I’ll call them Quick Ideas because they are not whole lessons in themselves, but rather can be fit into lessons, or expanded.
However, if you’re in a rush, having to register, check your e-mail, click the confirm link, etc. Hand out the worksheets in the same way you normally would, and then tell students that before they start they should find the students with the same clipart images and form a group with them. First, tell all of the students wearing black (or any other colour) to stand on one side of the room, and everyone else on the other side. Another one of my biggest self-identified weaknesses is explaining my ideas and plans concisely. For example, if I am doing a debate with three or four roles, I like to have the students first prepare and come up with ideas with students who have the same role. Once you have assigned every student a letter, tell them that they must form groups with all of the other students who have the same letter – all As together, Bs together, etc.

Go around until all of the captains have had the chance to choose a student, and then it goes back to the first captain. When I have an idea for a lesson or activity, I can usually pull it off, but when I try to explain it , it never comes out as I intend it to. The PowerPoint that I ended up downloading was adequate for my purpose, but it was pretty limited as it only allowed me to add or subtract 100 points at a time. The file is setup in a way that you can only navigate with your mouse by clicking on the buttons in the file. Then, after say 5 minutes, they should form new groups with students who have different roles. I often like to do this towards the end of the preceding activity, which means that none of the students know who else is in their group at first, until they get up and start moving around to find their members. Now cut each word in half, for example if you have ‘elephant’ you can cut it into ‘elep’ + ‘hant’. So by writing up my Quick Ideas, I hope to be able to reflect on the them, and invite suggestions and feedback, as well as practice explaining my ideas in writing. When I got home I did a little more Googling, and saw that there were some scoreboards that claimed they would allow you to change the points, but they were not free, and I didn’t want to pay for them. Of course, I can easily have the students choose their own partners from other groups, but that’s not always as fun. Individual students can see their name, but tell them they must keep it secret from everyone else for the moment. Try to do it quite quickly so the students don’t have too much time to rest, and (if all is well) they should find it quite funny. It’s okay if a couple of students don’t form a group at first, because it will make everyone act faster next time so as not to be left out.
Instruct each student to stick the name they are holding on to the back of another student (or forehead, so long as the student cannot see the name that they have stuck on them). Once you have done it a few times, and it looks like there is an even number of students on each side of the class, tell them to form groups with the other 3 people closest to them.
More letters will increase the number of students in a group, and fewer letters will increase the overall number of groups. After doing this a few times shout out Atom + the number of students you want in each group.
Whatever the reason for wanting to put students into groups, or having students form new groups, it’s always good to have a few different techniques. Once students have found their partner, they should form a group with the other students who have the same word in their category. For larger groups, just increase the number of words in each category, and for more groups, just increase the number of categories. Students should first try to find out who they are by walking around the class and asking the other students questions to find out their identities. Encourage students to only ask one question at a time, before moving on to another person to ask a question. For an example set of lists, download the excel file which contains 6 categories, with four words per category. To put the students into larger groups, you should create different categories of people before.
Then just like technique 8 above, students form groups with other partners from the same category. With weaker groups you might like to tell the students what the categories are, but stronger groups can usually try and figure it out themselves. If you are teaching students from the same country, you can add some famous duos from their country.

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