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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. RAM also known as “random access memory” it storesthe data which the user currently uses or as we say itstores the data temporary in it. EPROM :-Known as “Erasable PROM” as the word refers “erasable”means we can change or erase the data. EEPROM :-Known as “Electrically Erasable PROM” the type of ROMwhich can be erased by electrical charges. The diagram compresses of micro processor such as Motorola power PC, Intels Pentium and Celron, AMD's K5 and K6 fanuties. The operating is the set of pre programmed instructions that tell the microprocessor what to do. In fact it was Maslow who was the very first to use the term positive psychology" (Boniwell, 2006, p. Stress is a way of life for people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For them, the question becomes how much stress? I think you get the idea… There are a lot of things typical people find pleasant, like surprises, that can cause a great deal of stress for someone with ASD.
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Primary Memory :-Primary memory also known as “main memory”or “internal memory” which is located in the motherboard of system or as we say which is directlyconnected to the CPU. RAM needs power orelectricity to work when the computer power is turnedoff then all the data in it will be erased automatically.This is a circuit which have its separate space or slot inmotherboard. The word “static” refers that thememory retains its contents as long as the power issupplied so that’s why we can say this is volatile innature.

EEPROMcan be erased one byte at anytime rather than erasingthe entire chip by ultra violet rays.
In this we store data so thatwhen the data is needed we can easily retrieve it.This is the fundamental component of comp. Magnetic Disk :- This is widely used popular storagemedium for direct access secondary storage. Hard disk comes fix in our systemand if you require more hard disk then it comes inremovable also. The microprocessor co-ordinates all of the computers functions according to programmed instructions, ie operating system software. The microprocessor is the basis of the laptop and co-ordinates all of the computers functions according to programmed instructions that is the operating system software.
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SRAM does not need to be refreshedperiodically (as we know there are so many programswhich runs in background). In this the data is writtenby Manufacturer company, even you can also purchaseblank PROM chip but it can be programmed by specialtool such as PROM programmers. Input devices to enter data, here mouse, Track ball, Touch pad and keyboard are used as input. The DX-4 processor shown in the photo below is no longer used, but it is typical of modern laptop microprocessors in that it is customized for laptop used.
Download this stylish Computer Board PowerPoint Template Background instantly after purchase and enhance your productivity. Mainly general PC uses this RAM because it ismuch cheaper than SRAM and requires less space. Sequential – This is the method in which we searchthe data sequentially or line by line until you find thedesired data.

RAM differs on a laptop in that it used a different form factor that is the size and shape mof the models that carry the RAM. Although the hard disk drive works the same in a laptop as it does in a desktop, laptops generally have less disk space than desktops and you will have fewer choices for hard disk drives in laptops.
Add your message or ideas to the pre-made PowerPoint Template and you're ready to rock at the work place. For example laptop processors often run at a lower voltage and often have multiple sleep or slow down modes that significantly increases battery life.
Manufacturers have to build laptops to be portable and to withstand move just ling durable than a desktop would ever get, so the memory modules have to be different. Uplift your presentation backgrounds to the next level with our power-packed and classy collections of PowerPoint Templates. Typical laptop microprocessors include Motorola's Power PC family used in Apple Macintosh computers, Intel Pentium and Celeron families used in PCs and AMD's K5 and K6 families used in PCs.
Laptop can be plugged into the wall to receive AC power from the electro power grid through an AC adapter since it is portable batteries are used for power. While some laptops use a standard Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module (SODIMM) , others use the manufacturer's proprietary memory modules.
Most laptops should have at least 64 MB of RAM to have sufficient memory to run operating systems and applications software. Also, some laptops allow you to upgrade the memory of your computer and come equipped with convenient access panels to plug in additional memory chips.

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