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This site does not use persistent cookies and collects anonymous statistical data about navigation through cookies installed by authorized third parties, respecting privacy of your personal data and in accordance with standards established by the law. PRATI Company's STARPlus, high productivity stand-alone glueless turret rewinder enables one of the leading Northern Italian labels companies to approach new markets.
ARO SpA, a major Italian company with strong international sales, manufactures rolls for PoS, ticket offices and lotteries, as well as self adhesive labels for food, cosmetics, cleaning products in addition to industrial and logistics labels. Over time, expansion of the production department's facilities a€“ the latest generation of which enables flexographic printing of up to 10 colours on a 530 mm wide web, screen printing, letterpress, digital printing as well as inline reel-to-reel laser cutting has evolved. The new glueless STARPlus from Prati accommodates production of large quantities of labels, so identified by ARO SpA's production managers for significantly improving productivity.
Alberto Quaglia, CEO ARO SpA, recognises the added value that the PRATI Company's control systems offer compared to their competition having used them successfully for many years: "All of our flexo presses are equipped with automatic rewinders for inline finishing of products. When asked which added value Prati offers, Alberto Quaglia replies: "Following the launch of the automatic glueless turret rewinder by PRATI Company that coincided with our decision process, our choice was made.
Answering the question about further factors that have tipped the decision towards PRATI Company and strengthened the relations between the two businesses, the CEO from ARO SpA does not think twice: "We have always had faith in PRATI staff and we also believe in Italian companies. However, PRATI Company itself does not want to stop at product satisfaction: The customer has to be the barometer to assess supplied state-of-the-art products.
ARO SpA currently is working with Prati technicians on upgrading cycle times and user-friendliness on STARPlus. During the two day event, taking place at the Golden Gate Club at the Presidio in San Francisco, Velodyne’s Wolfgang Juchmann will be showcasing the advantages of its compact and lightweight HDL-32E LiDAR sensors for use on UAV’s. During a live demonstration of the technology, the audience can experience hands-on 3D data capturing at the beautiful setting of the Golden Gate Bridge. A recent proof of concept by Phoenix Aerial Systems, flying Velodyne’s HDL-32E on their Phoenix AL-2, combines the latest UAV, LiDAR and GNSS technology into a cost effective, accurate and compact aerial mapping solution. Point Cloud of San Diego Chargers Stadium taken with Velodyne's HDL-32E on Phoenix Aerial unmanned platform. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The tools and strategies which we will present are certain to offer a wide variety of valuable information to attendees representing diverse operating models. The American College of Healthcare Executives is an international professional society of more than 40,000 healthcare executives who lead hospitals, healthcare systems and other healthcare organizations. Hammes Company is comprised of a team of accomplished professionals with deep industry and functional expertise. By continuing to browse this site, clicking on simply scrolling down the page, you agree to the service and the use of cookies.

Founded in 1977 as a manufacturer of rolls for cash registers and weighing scales, the company nowadays specialises in logistics management and traceability. In addition, STARPlus facilitates penetrating new markets as ARO SpA considers extending its services towards production of film and flexible substrates.
However after the recent purchase of the latest wide web flexo press we decided to widen the scope of possible suppliers, evaluate their offerings to determine which offer us the best possible features, end product quality improvements as well as productivity". The STARPlus operates non-stop inline on any printing press and as we have known PRATI Company and its products for many years, it was easily made.
The exclusive good relationship PRATI keeps in collaborating and trust with its customers distinguishes the company from its international competitors. Which of them are future-oriented and will help its customers to improve production now and in the future based on production requirements and evolving markets.
Juchmann’s presentation will focus on recent advancements of combining the mobility of UAV’s cost-effective aerial transportation platforms with established mapping technologies like Time-of-Flight 3D LiDAR. Data from a scan of the San Diego Chargers Stadium using Phoenix’s Aerials unmanned LiDAR platform will be proof of the upcoming revolution of UAV’s for aerial mapping.
The company’s LiDAR division evolved after founder and inventor, David Hall, competed in the 2004-05 DARPA Grand Challenge utilizing stereo-vision technology.
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Couglin leads the Advisory Services group of Hammes Company and has been involved in healthcare for more than 23 years. Withey, an Account Executive with Hammes Company, is responsible for all aspects of business development, relationship management, strategic and facility planning, and physician alignment strategies for hospitals, health systems and communities. ACHE offers its prestigious FACHE credential, signifying board certification in healthcare management.
The company assists a full spectrum of healthcare clients by advising, implementing and managing key strategies and solutions that build high-performing organizations. Like ARO SpA, there are many companies in Italy and worldwide that express their satisfaction with the products and services that Prati offers.
Based on his experience during this challenge, David Hall recognized the limitations of stereo-vision and developed the HDL64 high-resolution LiDAR sensor. He has worked both in consulting roles and on the provider side with a hospital system and a physician practice management company. With more than 14 years of experience in healthcare administration, her career has been focused in the areas of provider, payor, project management and strategic planning.

ACHE’s established network of more than 80 chapters provides access to networking, education and career development at the local level.
Hammes Company is recognized by leading healthcare providers and industry insiders as one of the most trusted providers of consulting services in the United States. More recently, Velodyne has released a smaller, lightweight HDL32 sensor, available for many applications. IE8??? overflow? IE7 ???? ?????, ??? ?? ??? ????? ????? ??? ??? ? ????? ?? hasLayout ??? ??? ?? ??? ????? ? ????. In addition, ACHE is known for its magazine, Healthcare Executive, and its career development and public policy programs. During this seminar, the audience will be provided with analytical tools to assess the physician environment, a decision framework to prioritize and target physicians with which to align, and successful strategies and tactics to achieve that alignment in a “mixed model” environment that includes both employed and independent physicians. Coughlin has led the development of more than 20 ambulatory plans for a wide variety of clients and markets, with physician integration strategies a key component of those plans. Withey was the former president of ACHE’s Colorado chapter, and the 2012 recipient of ACHE’s Early Career Healthcare Executive Regent’s Award, which recognizes ACHE members who have made significant contributions to the advancement of healthcare management excellence. Through such efforts, ACHE works toward its goal of being the premier professional society for healthcare executives dedicated to improve healthcare delivery.
Velodyne continues to build on its iconic history by introducing groundbreaking technology and design. He is a member of ACHE, Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD).
The Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives was established to further advance healthcare management excellence through education and research.
As an all-encompassing technology company, Velodyne also consists of an Audio division and Marine division.
The Foundation of ACHE is known for its educational programs – including the annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership, which draws more than 4,500 participants – and groundbreaking research. Its publishing division, Health Administration Press, is one of the largest publishers of books and journals on health services management including textbooks for college and university courses.

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