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Twitter's post-IPO monetization quest continues with a new unit that runs ads from American Express before video snippets from Fox programming.
The brand will run such ads before videos from Fox shows including Glee, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and So You Think You Can Dance, among other shows, Jean Rossi, EVP of sales for Fox Broadcasting, told Variety. Twitter began running Fox clips as part of Amplify, a program that brought sponsored clips to users' news feeds in May.
Though Twitter's IPO was considered successful, the company is not expected to post a profit until 2015 at the earliest.
Twitter's recent expansion of photos in timelines was one recent test of this middle path as Promoted Tweets suddenly got more real estate in the feed. Google is working around the clock to quickly find and remove ISIS recruitment video on YouTube for these videos brought in complaints from companies paying YouTube to show their advertisements before any of the video would start. According to an investigation done by the independent 30-second pre-roll video advertisements for sugary sweets and drinks are ran before Zoella’s videos.
YouTube is adding product listing ads to retailers’ video ads with TrueView for Shopping, meaning that viewers can click and buy products listed directly within pre-roll videos.
The ads are powered by an integration with Google Merchant Center, delivered in cards alongside retailers’ video ads on mobile and desktop. The new feature will be available in AdWords in the coming months, though advertisers with a Google rep can start running TrueView for Shopping campaigns today.

Description: These ads are fascinating to me and for a while I thought I was going insane because I thought I was the only one who was seeing them. Since the company's main source of revenues comes from advertising, Twitter has to walk a fine line between pleasing advertisers without compromising the user experience. Twitter isn't alone in testing the boundaries for users' tolerance for advertising; Instagram also recently introduced ads and Google has been testing banner ads for brand searches. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. The problem is the companies cannot chose what video their advertisement would show up because it is up to YouTube’s algorithm to determine where their advertisement would be shown.
Pre-roll advertisements that are not suitable to be shown before the video of the YouTubers exists. Instead, like its imminent “Buy” button within search results, clicks on the product ads take users straight to the merchants’ websites.
But they're of this guy Tai Lopez who calls himself an entrepreneur but what he is selling is pretty hard to figure out, which is usually one of the tell tale signs of a scam artist.
To site a very specific example; Pre-roll Junk Food Ads caused trouble for Zoella due to various reasons. According to Jamie Oliver’s company, YouTube content creators have the ability to control what advertisements are shown before their videos.

But what he is selling is pretty hard to figure out, which is usually one of the signs of a scam artist. First, Zoella’s target audience are aged 11 to 17, nobody wants to promote unhealthy habits to kids aged 11 to 17. They said that they have blocked specific companies from showing advertisements in their videos, thus ensuring Junk foods, sugary sweets, etc.
Sure enough, he appears to be selling some sort of get-rich-quick scheme (although he assures us that’s not what it is) via a monthly subscription service where he gives you articles and information about his 67 steps to success. He claims to be a millionaire with fancy cars in his garage, which is why we should listen to him. It seems like it might be true that he is rich, although some say that he made his money from scam online dating sites.

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