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The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers. These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winning cartoonist who’s one of the most published, prolific and versatile cartoonists in the world today.
So for a few moments, take a break from your daily routine, have a laugh and enjoy these funny cartoons. Internal linking is a great tool for any website owner, but its potential often is not maxed out. Internal links, which are placed in the main menu, create an additional navigation option within the website, for both the users as well as the search engine’s crawlers. The second aspect could easily make you place as many internal links as possible, but that behavior will cause a conflict when looking closer at it. In general, you can say that the user should always be in focus when it comes to a conflict between optimization for the user, and optimization for the search engine.
To find appropriate connections, you should ask yourself which pages could be helpful for the user, and when in doubt, leave the link out. To assure that the user can make optimal use of the alternative navigation, the links should be recognizable as such.
The second advantage of internal links is that the crawler receives an overview of the most relevant keywords, as well as categorizing help of the target page from the anchor text before visiting them.
Here, using money keywords is recommendable, as they allow you to describe the link destination in the most accurate way. When it comes to external links, you should be careful, as using money keywords is rated negatively there. Here is where the internal linking comes into play again, as the power that a page receives by a link directed to it can be transferred to any desired target by placing an internal link on it. When placing the links, it is important to make sure that the most relevant pages get the biggest share of link juice, as otherwise, it can happen that sub-pages with similar keywords compete with each other in ranking. However, you shouldn’t place too many links, as the power of a sub-page is distributed to all links that are placed on it.
Because of the distribution of link juice, I strongly disadvise from linking the same target on one content page multiple times. Additionally, you need to keep in mind that the internal links on a sub-page are rated differently by Google. Placing canonical tags on paginated product overview pages that link to page 1: the links on the following pages are not counted anymore.
Although internal linking is a complex topic, it is a must for every page owner to deal with and make use of its high potential. Quotation marks, or quotes, are used in punctuation to emphasize a phrase or word or to indicate speech. Opening quotations look like tiny little sixes, while the closing quotations look like nines. Another very common mistake in typography punctuation is using the prime symbol in place of apostrophes. You may be asking yourself right now, “What the heck is a ditto mark?” A ditto mark looks like this ( ? In most cases, you can remember the difference between apostrophes and quotation marks by looking at their purpose in the text. Let’s take a look at some of the tools available in the preview build of Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD). Select a Document TypeFrom the Adobe XD Start Screen, select from a number of different mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Pen Tool – can be used to draw custom shapes, consisting of both straight and curved lines. Text Tool – can be used to create individual lines of text, or create text boxes that can contain larger paragraphs of text. Artboard Tool – can be used to move and edit existing artboards, or create new artboards using either custom or preset sizes.
Creating a Repeat GridThe Repeat Grid Tool can be used to repeat content horizontally or vertically, whilst retaining a consistent format across specific elements. Merging & Combining ShapesAdobe XD offers several options when combining and subtracting shapes from one another. The Corner Radius of a shape can be adjusted here; either the radius for all corners can be adjusted equally, or the radius can be specified for individual corners. The Fill colour for objects can be specified, or selected from within the document using the Eyedropper Tool.
The Border colour for objects can be specified, or selected from within the document using the Eyedropper Tool. Several CMS based web platform allows easy site management and great customization power to its owners.
No need to worry, some little tweaks and alterations in your website theme can do what you expect.
Here, a question arises to the mind that how you can make your site notable so that first-time visitors would love to visit your site again.
Being engaged in business, you need to be smart, and an intelligent entrepreneur first identifies how their buyers purchase and what they are looking for?
To know more about sites that offer emotionally intelligent interactions, you can go through this must-read link of Little Big Details. Content is the only medium by which you can deliver the real value to your visitors and buyers. According to the News Cred, “FISHER TANK”, a company with almost seven decades of experience did business for more than 60 years through traditional calling and referrals from existing clients.
Call-To-Actions (CTAs) are pretty crucial when you aimed to attain high conversion for your website.
Therefore, experts’ advice for businesses is to use a proper color combination to increase its visibility, and apt placement is necessary to make it easy to find.
To get an idea how to create a great 404 page for your site, you can follow a must read by Creative Bloq. A well-designed website with the seamless flow can yield fruitful results for your business.
Having highlighted all the essential points above, you can easily conclude that the web is powerful than ever but, all we need to do is to utilize it to its maximum for our benefits. Here, I am mentioning a must read the link from STUDIO by UXPin that portrays few famous UX case studies to improve conversions. Abhyudaya Tripathi is a digital marketing expert with over 8 years of precious experience and presently he is an Associate Director at ResultFirst – Digital Marketing Company.
Have you ever been on the receiving end of an “urgent” marketing request to change a Google Analytics or other script on your company’s website? We’ve got this marketing campaign coming up, and we really need to get this new, different Google Analytics script on our website. We’ve just developed a new set of landing pages, which need a custom script, together with a KissMetrics script, and on certain pages we also want to add CrazyEgg. If you’re like most web developers working with a digital marketing team, the above or similar situations probably sound familiar. We’ll show how Google Tag Manager can improve the efficiency of both website developers and online marketing teams. Any company which has an independent marketing team knows how critical digital marketing is to their success. Google Tag Manager allows users to define and decide what scripts (“tags”) are shown, and under what circumstances, through a UI.
The marketing team is under full control of what tags are included under the different conditions. The development team won’t need to create custom code, conditions, different versions of tags to handle all different circumstances required by the marketing teams. Allowing the marketing team to tinker with your beautifully coded website may sound like a horribly bad idea. What you’ll need to do as a minimum, is sign up for Google Tag Manager and add the GTM script to the website pages where you want to allow the adding of scripts.
Built-in tags for different services allow for customizations as necessary for that specific service. Even if you, as a developer, are handling the adding of the scripts, you can appreciate that you don’t have to perform the server-side coding required to fire the tag under different scenarios. The amount of conditions available under which the tag can fire is enough to handle all kinds of complex scenarios your teams may demand. Preview and debug – this checks the tag and scripts to verify that the scripts are error-free. Create version – as the scripts are prone to multiple iterations, some of may which may need to be reverted, you can create a version of the current tag. Here we’ve used a broken tag to show you how GTM stops you when it detects an error in the script.
There is also a preview feature that allows you to preview what the current set of tags will look like on your current site. Share Preview also allows you to send a URL which will actually contain the same preview, so that you can share with your peers for approval. The benefits of using this approach rather than messing directly with the code every time should be evident from the example above.
Whilst creating the example above, we showed for a moment that you can use triggers to decide when the script should fire or not. Let’s say you want to trigger a specific event, include a tracking pixel, or show a customer survey to visitors who have converted. Let’s create a Google Customer Survey, enter our site ID, and then choose “Some Pages” instead of the “All pages” trigger.
We’re going to use a Regex to match the URL of our Thank You page, but there are plenty of other conditions you can use.
As you can see, our tag will now only get populated when a Thank You page is being displayed. As with any service which touts itself on being flexible and customizable, GTM supports the use of variables.
Variables can also be used in triggers, say to define the page URL under which to fire a page view trigger event.
Our plan is to trigger an Adwords Remarketing campaign specifically to the customers who we know have already spent $1000. We’ve seen that it is difficult for a user to “break” the functionality of the site when introducing new tags. Although performance might be a potential concern, we do believe that if the digital team is assisted by a developer, triggers can be used to ensure the performance hit is only taken where necessary. In the brief history of web design, few issues have been as contentious as the question of whether designers should code.
WYSIWYGs are increasingly competent, and most produce code adequate for prototypes, or to pass on to a developer (if not actually production quality).
On the other hand, most designers who gravitate to the web do so through a natural curiosity. I realized how I might be able to solve a few things that had led to me being unhappy with my work in the past. The post Web Development Reading List #137: Butteraugli, Client-Side PKI, And The Importance Of Listening appeared first on Smashing Magazine. If you ever delved into Flexbox as an alternative to the classic CSS box model, you probably don’t want to go back.
If you have the time, make sure to watch the free video tutorial on which I reported for the colleagues at t3n here. Thankfully, the interface designer CJ Cenizal has also looked into Flexbox and started a collection of ready-to-use best practices on the website Flexbox Patterns. Cenizal gives a detailed and understandable explanation of what he did, the way he did it, and why he did it for each module. Flexbox Patterns has gotten a lot of hype ever since it made its way onto the landing page of Product Hunt.
One of NYC’s finest designers is Roberto Blake who just so happens to also run a small YouTube channel with advice on the design industry.
Recently I stumbled onto this great 13min clip that covers crucial info about marketing yourself and being the kind of person that creative directors want to hire. I’m not intimately familiar with Roberto Blake or his work, but I have to say this is one seriously helpful video. As independent financial advisors in the UK, with a high level of customer service, IMC have access to a full range of financial products, but their old website just didn't reflect it! IMC's previous website was outdated and didn't reflect their level of service and expertise - we had to design and build a user-friendly site that reflects the IMC brand and promotes the business. We provided IMC with a holistic website design and build solution to bring the quality of their website in line with the quality of service IMC's clients receive face-to-face. Each of the above services were vital to create the IMC website, but what about after the website has gone live? IMC said that feedback since launch has been 'amazing' - this is down to a host of reasons: a great looking site which is user-friendly, an easy-to-use CMS and high-quality, ongoing support from the team here at Formoda! We provided IMC with a modern, responsive website which customers find 'easy to navigate and quite intuitive'. The site runs on our bespoke CMS, which IMC described as 'simply great - it couldn't get any easier' to use.
As with all of our clients, we continue to provide IMC with ongoing support with any bugs or amends they wish to make.
While continuing to service our existing client accounts, we've also taken on some fantastic new accounts with exciting projects both on and offline. Of course, we couldn't do all of this without our incredible team, which has grown in strength over the past 12 months. We'd like extend a huge thank you to all our clients for your continued support - we wouldn't be here without you and will be fondly thinking of you all when popping the champagne and cutting the cake a little later today.
Tasked with redesigning their wedding brochure, the driving force behind this was a desire to evolve the brand experience to offer a more truthful and accurate representation of Penton Park's unique offering. Converting initial enquiries to viewings, with the intention of ultimately, increasing wedding venue bookings. Ensuring couples understood the brand, ethos and wedding offering ahead of viewing the estate.
In addition, we ensured the brochure detailed key information, clearly answering clients' questions, and displayed easy to understand costings, leaving no surprises to deter them from committing to a date.
Essentially, we repositioned their offering so that Penton Park's visual identity was more in line with that of other prestige competitors. Since Penton Park started using their new brochure, they have seen a significant increase in bookings. Furthermore, an absolute testament to the brochure is that Penton Park recently received a booking from an international couple.
For Penton Park, not only are they seeing an increase in bookings, but they are also saving time and money. As a full service creative agency, we can help take your business forward with beautifully designed, visually consistent promotional material to suit your marketing strategy - online & offline.
When considering a new website, performance might not be at the top of your list of 'must haves'. Web performance optimisation is the act of streamlining your website to increase your site's speed. According to research, a 1 second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer views and a 7% loss in conversions. With the average (unfocused) attention span of humans dropping to 8.25 seconds from 12 seconds over 15 years, it's had a significant effect on our patience. Getting your users on your site more frequently and getting them to stay for longer will ultimately have an effect on your site's conversion rate, allowing you to get the most out of your ecommerce platform, increase subscribers, propagate brand awareness and more. Google and other search engines look at site and social statistics to determine whether your site is the right fit for a searcher's query. At Formoda we thoroughly optimise code and content to get your website to your users as quickly as possible. At Formoda we recommend hosting your website in the country where the majority of your visitors will be from. When you have a particularly high traffic website, are hosting many files, or have a global audience we can integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies. Darren Heath, world-renowned F1 Photographer, approached us to build a website to showcase his photos.
Caching is simply the process of storing data that has already been generated once so that it is quicker to retrieve the next time it's requested. For appropriate client-side caching, pages and data sent from the web server need to be sent with a correctly configured cache-control header. Reducing the amount of images your website uses and their quality can provide quick improvements to your site's speed. All images contain metadata such as which device took the photo, when it was created and other unnecessary image data that isn't used when the image is used on a website. If we have piqued your interest on why performance is important and you're concerned your existing site might not be fast enough, why not contact us for a FREE site speed audit to determine where the slowdown is? Formoda is a brand-focused, full service design and communications agency based on the banks of the Dart in Totnes, Devon. We're now looking for a talented, enthusiastic Graphic Designer with agency experience to work on a wide range of projects, both print and digital.
Our office will be closed over the Christmas period from 5pm, 23rd December and re-opening 4th January. Colehouse Farm offer luxurious, spacious and award-winning holiday cottages set in 56 acres of farmland in the heart of Devon.
A high bounce rate on the homepage, with the majority of users not navigating past the homepage. Since launching the home page design refresh, there has been an increase in booking figures for these holiday cottages.
Colehouse Farm saw a 59% increase in sessions on the website, as well as a 74% increase in page views only four months after the design refresh went live. We also found that people were staying on the homepage for longer - 45% more time compared to the previous period. A healthy budget helps you to go down the gift route - make sure it's right for your target audience and try to make sure it's something functional.
Chocolate, booze and biscuits are always nice, but a branded mug warmer or diary will be on their desk for the next year.
Saying that, if you're thanking an entire team, but don't want to blow the bank, a hamper will really make their day.
And we know it's a lovely gesture, but we'd suggest leaving it to your Great Aunt Agnes to send goats and chickens to Africa on your behalf. The trick with Christmas marketing is to get in there early, no matter what you're selling. We can provide you with a holistic marketing solution, making use of all of the channels you use to get in touch with your customers.
We're now looking for a talented, enthusiastic Junior Graphic Designer with agency experience to work on a wide range of projects, both print and digital. Google is just the latest of several 'big' names that have refreshed their visual identities for the 21st century. The definition of a logo is "a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition". Google's globally recognised logo was given a face-lift to create a more contemporary look: For the first time in the company's history, the logo has changed from a traditional serif typeface to a sans serif one. Let's take Coca-Cola as an example: They have managed to establish one of the most recognisable identities across the globe, meaning you know the brand without the logo in sight. Going back to Google, we can also see changes to other parts of their identity during the redesign process. So, a great identity is essential to any business: without it, companies would struggle to be recognised and remembered - the key to creating a successful company.
Having a strong brand foundation is crucial to a successful business and it's important to ensure the right messages are sent out your customers.
So there you have it: each element of a brand's overall identity explained in bite sized chunks. Last weekend, our Ops Director Toni joined 1,300 colour-crazy people in running (as well as dancing and walking) 5k in support of local charity Rowcroft Hospice.
Toni says "This wasn't just my first 5k, it was also my first Colour Rush, which made for an unforgettable day. Overall, more than £70,000 has been raised for the hospice, which will help to support adults with life-limiting illnesses and their families in South Devon. There's still time to donate and, in doing so, support Rowcroft Hospice's vital work of providing care and support for the patients. Formoda is a strategic, integrated full service design and communications agency based on the banks of the Dart in Totnes. We currently have an exciting opportunity for an Online Marketing Manager to join our team based at our head office in Totnes. You will have a diverse and varied set of responsibilities - from developing online marketing strategy and managing social media platforms, to developing content and strategy, managing the integration of wider online marketing activity, working closely with colleagues across all other departments to ensure joined up activity and excellent creativity, as well as keeping a close handle on campaign performance. It should go without saying that you have a passion for the digital world and keep a keen eye on all the latest trends, developments and thinking within the space, always looking at how you can make these work for your clients. If you feel you are the type of person who can fit into our busy working environment and would love to help us grow our Online Marketing offering, then we would love to hear from you! The Colour Rush is an annual fundraising event in support of local charity Rowcroft Hospice, which serves the people of South Devon by providing specialist care to patients with progressive, life limiting illnesses.
With 2 tonnes of paint (including NEON), Paignton seafront is set to be engulfed in a super bright cloud of rainbow madness on Saturday 12th September.
Rowcroft Hospice is hoping to reach an all-time high in Colour Rush funds with a target of £85,000. If you would like to sponsor Toni on her multicoloured escapade (and support Rowcroft Hospice's vital work of providing care and support for adults living with life-limiting illnesses in South Devon), please give generously. Wikipedia defines e-commerce as the "trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet".
So as you can see, this multi billion-dollar industry is already fast becoming one of the most important ways for a company to sell their products or services to an international market.
But we're not just going to dazzle you with fascinating facts on the history of e-commerce, the real purpose of this article is to introduce you to the latest trends in the industry, so you can make sure your site caters for new movements and technology.
In 2014, market-leaders such as Apple and Samsung introduced phones that were bigger than they have ever been before and this trend has carried through to 2015.
With that in mind, you may not be surprised to learn that experts predict a huge rise in people making purchases on their phones - as long as the user experience is easier than ever!
When apps first came about, companies went crazy and it seemed like every business you could think of was launching a mobile app. Many high street retailers have recently re-launched enhanced versions of their original apps, which are doing much better this time around. It is expected to be revolutionary for e-commerce because you can use it to pay within apps with one touch of a button, ensuring it's a fuss-free way to make purchases (Apple, 2015).
It's becoming more evident in recent years that online stores are beginning to use video marketing to encourage customers to make purchases. Often if a customer is searching Google for a product of service, any company that has a video embedded on their website will rank highest on the search results.
Companies such as Ted Baker and Karen Millen have taken this one step further by introducing virtual stores, which give customers across the globe the true shopping experience, by allowing them to browse and navigate around their stores. The recently funded start-up Trillenium are taking this to the Oculus Rift virtual reality platform that Facebook bought for $2bn, which means you'll soon be able to 'virtually' wander around a shopping centre, socially with your friends. If you're looking for inspiration for your online shop, we'd love to chat through some ideas! Formoda is a strategic, integrated design & digital agency delivering impact through effective creative. We currently have an exciting opportunity for an Account Executive to join our Account Management Team based at our head office in Totnes.
You should be a university graduate with a background in business, marketing or management.
You will need to be able to advise clients on strategy, develop and plan integrated campaigns and practically manage the account and deliverables with the production teams' support. Your performance will be evaluated based on your ability to deliver work on time and to budget, create good relationships with your clients as well as up sell to your clients. If you feel you are the type of person who can fit into our busy working environment then we would love to hear from you! Nowadays, more and more people are using their mobile devices to go online - Internet searches, browsing social media channels, checking emails, booking holidays, reading the news and doing online shopping (even ordering the weekly shop!) are now carried out across a multitude of devices. Historically, people would use their desktop computers to perform these tasks but online behaviour is changing - and so it's vital that websites keep up with this fundamental shift! In the past, you might have had one website for desktop users, and another one specifically for mobile users.
Google rolled out its 'mobile-friendly' update back in April, and now boosts the rank of responsive sites within mobile search results.
The most important piece of information to take away from this update is that Google recognised (and acted upon) the huge increase in mobile usage. Aside from the search benefits, a responsive website will help to increase conversion rates.
Another great thing about making your website responsive is that you can control where the conversion elements are placed on both mobile and tablet devices.
In addition to this, user experience can be crafted to each device, ensuring that individuals feel considered. The number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work in harmony with your site grows every day and it's essential that your website is able to keep up with these changes.
At Formoda, we can work with you to create a responsive website solution that not only fits your business' needs but also ensures you're staying ahead of the competition. Over this past year, we have been incredibly busy servicing both existing and new clients alike; we've launched some fantastic projects and have lots more exciting work in the pipeline. By strengthening our service offering we're able to continue doing an excellent job for each and every one of our clients. For now, we'd like to thank each and every one of our clients for your continued support - without you, we wouldn't be where we are today! Our new office is bigger than the previous one in The Byre providing more space and allowing us to grow our business further. We can't wait to show off our new premises - just give us a few more weeks to put on the finishing touches! It's that time of the year again - Christmas songs are blasting from the radio, the smell of mince pies is everywhere and present shopping is looming. As we're getting into the festive spirit, we just wanted to give all of you the heads up on our Opening & Closing dates & times over the holiday season.
In addition, Formoda will be closed on the afternoon of Friday, 5th December so we can enjoy a well-earned Christmas party. As the largest owner and operator of commercial bamboo plantations outside of China, EcoPlanet Bamboo is leading the industrialisation of bamboo. Formoda has been working with EcoPlanet Bamboo for a number of years and we were excited when they asked us to re-design and develop their website in order to better display the company's position as global leaders in the development of sustainable bamboo as a raw resource. The new site needed to be high-impact and engaging, drawing users in and clearly showing the scope of EPB's operations whilst of course always remaining on brand. Full-screen video on the home page, which is a striking visual display of what EPB are all about. The new EcoPlanet Bamboo website is fully responsive, meaning the content reshapes to provide optimal user experience (easy reading and navigating with minimium need to 'pinch-and-zoom') across a wide range of devices and screen sizes.
We've received lots of positive feedback on the new EcoPlanet Bamboo siteClick here to check it out - we'd love to hear your thoughts!
Naked Faun is a brand new jewellery company that specialises in providing jewels and treasures sourced from different cultures around the globe. We have since worked with Naked Faun on a range of marketing material, including sleek business cards (with a spot UV finish), luxury packaging (with embossed and silver metallic foil finish), and a template for regular email updates and promotions.
Jazmin Page - is the latest member to join our Graphic Design team after graduating from Plymouth University in 2014 with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication with Typography.
Formoda are urgently seeking a middle-weight PHP developer to join our growing team in South Devon.
You'll need to have drive, ambition and at least 2 years agency experience, understanding commercial demands and working well under tight deadlines. We are looking for enthusiasm and attention to detail, someone who is keeping pace with current technical trends and can help us to push the limits for our clients. Formoda are a strategic, integrated design and digital agency delivering impact through effective creative.
It was with slightly more bravado and enthusiasm than actual fitness that David, our Creative Director, entered his first cycling sportive on Sunday, 22nd June.
The Dartmoor Classic is now bigger than ever with 3000 entrants and the (medium length) 67 mile course over some of Dartmoor's iconic hills, marks it as a firm favourite amongst the nations cyclists.
A gentle, rolling first few miles are soon forgotten as the climb to Haytor begins only to be followed by hill, upon hill, upon hill. Last Saturday (21st June), our Technical Director Rich was part of a successful Guinness World Record attempt right here in Devon. Organised by Skydive UK at Dunkeswell Airfield near Honiton, 279 participants took to the skies, the majority jumping for their chosen charity.
Rich is hoping to repeat the jump one day, to support Tamba (Twins & Multiple Birth Association), a charity close to his heart as the Dad of twins. We are seeking a person who has great computer skills, an extremely enthusiastic nature, an obsessive attention to detail and wants to grow with us as we continue to expand.
You'll be looking after our office, staff and client support so multi-tasking and organisational skills are a must.
Taking care of our office and team will mean that you'll be dealing with a broad range of tasks such as telephone calls, general administration, HR, hospitality for clients, managing office supplies, digitising our filing system and so much more.
Within your role, you would need have a strong customer service approach as you will be handling domain names, hosting, basic technical issues and general support for our website customers. We can offer you a competitive salary, friendly office environment including office social events, regular friendly reviews along with opportunity for progression.
So, if you are dynamic, ambitious, outgoing, organised and if you have excellent administrative and interpersonal skills then this could be the position for you. QI Properties Asset Management (QIPAM) is a UK based investment company that provides clients with quality residential stock throughout the UK.
As part of an ongoing relationship with QIPAM, Formoda recently designed an informative sales brochure to promote their Quantum Property Bond. We began by reviewing their draft content and then re-worked it into sales-driven information, which was visually presented in the brochure. The brochure has been well received by both QIPAM and its clients, thanks to its high-quality, superior design. Over the past year, we have been working closely with Boyce Brixham to update the firm's branded material and establish visual brand consistency across all of their marketing collateral - both online and offline.
As part of this process, we were asked to re-design their website as their previous online presence was visibly dated and neither showcased their properties in the best possible light, nor accurately conveyed their range of skills. The new website design is very modern with large wide-screen images on the Home Page to set a very Brixham feel.
The all important property search pages include Grid, List & Map result views and the ability to refine the search results with advanced filtering options. Overall, the website design is clean with a clear user experience and local imagery; all of this helps to quickly establish Boyce Brixham as Estate Agents with local and professional experience and knowledge. The website was built using the Homeflow platform, which provides website infrastructure and CMS for estate agents. Since launching, the new Boyce Brixham website has generated a lot of positive comments from clients, staff and locals. Castle Keep LLC is a bond investment company that specialises in promoting US property-based investments. We wanted to create a visually impactful document, with simple but effective graphics, and clearly displayed information. We are a London based design & development agency that prides itself on the implementation of high quality solutions for new and existing clients.
With over 20 years industry experience, we at Presentation Graphics like to think we are able to manage the entire creative process from conception and design to final sign off, manage client expectations throughout and maintain a constant dialogue for future ongoing projects.
With over 20 years experience in creative design and communication, producing innovative and conceptual work as highlighted in our Portfolio. We have extensive experience in designing and producing a wide range of marketing literature including brochures, flyers, folders, & newsletters. Website design is all about bringing the best design and software together to create something amazing that can really tell the story of your company or product. As experience cartographers, we can produce bespoke branded maps ranging from street map locations through to GIS data capture for geological interpretation. As was noted in Chapter 9, Section 1 "Selecting and Narrowing a Topic", it’s good to speak about something you are already familiar with. I will reiterate several times in this chapter that your first step for research in college should be library resources, not Google or Bing or other general search engines.
College and university libraries are often at the cutting edge of information retrieval for academic research. Aside from the human resources available in the library, you can also use electronic resources such as library databases. Although Google is not usually the best first stop for conducting college-level research, Google Scholar is a separate search engine that narrows results down to scholarly materials.
Within your search results, you will need to distinguish between magazines and academic journals.
If your instructor wants you to have sources from academic journals, you can often click a box to limit your search results to those that are “peer reviewed.” There are also subject-specific databases you can use to find periodicals.
Newspapers and books can be excellent sources but must still be evaluated for relevance and credibility.
Books are good for a variety of subjects and are useful for in-depth research that you can’t get as regularly from newspapers or magazines. Don’t assume that you can’t find a book relevant to a topic that is fairly recent, since books may be published within a year of a major event. The transition to college-level research means turning more toward primary sources and away from general reference materials. Many students have relied on encyclopedias for research in high school, but most encyclopedias, like World Book, Encarta, or Britannica, are not primary sources.
Wikipedia’s open format also means it doesn’t generally meet the expectations for credible, scholarly research.

Wikipedia revolutionized how many people retrieve information and pioneered an open-publishing format that allowed a community of people to post, edit, and debate content.
When conducting an interview for a speech, you should access a person who has expertise in or direct experience with your speech topic.
Once you have identified a good interviewee, you will want to begin researching and preparing your questions. Even if you record an interview, take some handwritten notes and make regular eye contact with the interviewee to show that you are paying attention. Closed questions can be answered with one or two words and can provide a starting point to get to more detailed information if the interviewer has prepared follow-up questions.
Use the interview to ask for the personal side of an issue that you may not be able to find in other resources.
Mention ahead of time if you think you’ll have follow-up questions, so the interviewee can expect further contact. We already know that utilizing library resources can help you automatically filter out content that may not be scholarly or credible, since the content in research databases is selected and restricted. Most well-known organizations have official websites where they publish information related to their mission. The US Census Bureau’s official website is a great place to find current and credible statistics related to population numbers and demographic statistics.
A key way to evaluate the credibility of a website is to determine the site’s accountability. Most information on .mil sites will be credible, since it is not published for profit and only limited people have access to post information. Most information on .gov sites will be credible, since it is not published for profit and only limited people have access to post information. There are several types of supporting material that you can pull from the sources you find during the research process to add to your speech.
You may also use hypothetical examples, which can be useful when you need to provide an example that is extraordinary or goes beyond most people’s direct experience. Whether real or hypothetical, examples used as supporting material can be brief or extended.
ExplanationsType of supporting material that clarifies ideas by providing information about what something is, why something is the way it is, or how something works or came to be. Since quoting a dictionary definition during a speech is difficult, it’s better to put a definition into your own words based on how it is defined in the original source in which it appeared. As you do your research, think about how much your audience likely knows about a given subject.
Use a variety of numerical representations (whole numbers, percentages, ratios) to convey information. A figurative analogy compares things that are not normally related, often relying on metaphor, simile, or other figurative language devices. When you compare differences, you are highlighting contrast—for example, “Although the United States is often thought of as the most medically advanced country in the world, other Western countries with nationalized health care have lower infant mortality rates and higher life expectancies.” To use analogies effectively and ethically, you must choose ideas, items, or circumstances to compare that are similar enough to warrant the analogy. TestimonyQuoted information from people with direct knowledge about a subject or situation.
Congressional hearings often draw on expert and lay testimony to provide a detailed understanding of an event or issue.
When Toyota cars were malfunctioning and being recalled in 2010, mechanics and engineers were called to testify about the technical specifications of the car (expert testimony), and car drivers like the soccer mom who recounted the brakes on her Prius suddenly failing while she was driving her kids to practice were also called (lay testimony). As you sift through your research materials to find supporting material to incorporate into your speech, you will want to include a variety of information types. Visual aidsMaterials that reinforce speech content visually, which helps amplify the speaker’s message. There are several types of visual aids, and each has its strengths in terms of the type of information it lends itself to presenting.
Three-dimensional objects that represent an idea can be useful as a visual aid for a speech. Do not talk to your object, wiggle or wave it around, tap on it, or obstruct the audience’s view of your face with it.
Practice with your objects so your delivery will be fluent and there won’t be any surprises. Posters generally include text and graphics and often summarize an entire presentation or select main points. Photographs, paintings, drawings, and sketches fall into the pictures category of visual aids.
Diagrams are good for showing the inner workings of an object or pointing out the most important or relevant parts of something. You may even be able to draw a simple diagram yourself if you find it would be useful during your speech. Charts and tables are useful for compiling and cross-referencing larger amounts of information.
A pie chart is an alternative representation of textual and numerical data that offers audience members a visual representation of the relative proportions of a whole. Graphs are representations that point out numerical relationships or trends and include line graphs and bar graphs. Video clips as visual aids can be powerful and engaging for an audience, but they can also be troublesome for speakers. Thus, this article is supposed to give you an overview of the advantages on well thought-out internal links, as well as a couple of rules of thumb. The user wants to find links that are relevant at that moment, meaning a connection to the content that he’s currently dealing with. Internal links have to be relevant to the topic, and should only exceed the topic border when the connection is logical. While this highlighting is only a piece of advice for the user, it is a necessity for the search engine.
On a high amount of links, you should vary between money keywords, and other keyword groups, however. When a high-quality website links another page, this will positively affect the ranking of the latter.
A lot of people just get the two confused, using double apostrophes instead of actual quotation marks. There are four types of quotation marks: single open, single closed, double open, or double closed.
Most word-processing programs change them automatically, but always double check when you’re done. For example, “Sally’s ice cream” is the proper use of an apostrophe to indicate the ice cream belongs to Sally.
Another thing you should know about apostrophes is that they are not the same as prime symbols or accent marks.
The prime symbol ( ‘ ) looks similar to the apostrophe, but you should use it in mathematics and measurements. PsPrint is an online printing solutions company, which you can follow on Twitter and Facebook.
These include (horizontally and vertically) left aligning, centre aligning, and right aligning. Therefore, it has become the highly preferred platform for companies to rely for having a website. But, with the passage of time, technological advancement, and constant researches by numerous developers worldwide has explored its power to utilize this platform to its maximum. And, I am here to give an answer to your “How.” But, before jumping on to the answer, first, understand about the conversion rate.
Goals like get 1000 forms filled in 5 days, sell the first lot of product in the first week, and so on. You apply those insights into your website design to get it as per your buyers’ intent as it will make your site more appealing and authentic in their eyes. But, when they planned to do it through content marketing campaign, their web traffic soared to 119 percent, traffic from social media by a massive 4800 percent, and leads conversions by 3900 percent. Place your CTAs where you provide information so that customers can take actions when they feel prepared.
Thus, it is advised to provide social share button to allow your existing customers and first-time visitors to share your page or information to different social media channels. These errors can prove the biggest stumbling block that can curb your website conversion rate because modern users take seconds to abandon your site and switch to your competitors. However, you can provide a search tool for 404 pages so that users can navigate to some other useful page of your website.
He is extremely passionate about making information seekers and quest lovers aware about digital marketing.
I only recently became aware that Google Tag Manager was a thing, but didn’t know exactly what it was, what it did, or why I might care to use it.
And how many of those times have you had to change, and redo the scripts, time and time again during the campaign. It is different from the one used by corporate, so that we can track specific parts of the websites ourselves.
Google Tag Manager is the solution to create a system which works for both web developers and marketing teams. There are no shortage of tools for adjusting, monitoring, improving, analysing marketing campaigns. You might have various approvals to move from development, to staging, to pre-production testing. I wouldn’t want to let anybody who is not a member of our development team anywhere near our code. Adding too many tags will slow down the site’s performance and it will all come back to development team to fix. If the product or service you want to add isn’t included, you can add any custom tag.
Anything which can be customized in the native script can be done via the Google Tag Manager. You can have different tags fire based on different conditions or different sections of your website. By visiting the site where the tag will be deployed from the same browser where you are performing the Google Tag Manager changes, you’ll see a preview of what the deployed script will look like. Let’s assume that at the end of your sales process, you send your customers to a Thank You page. Once we do this, we are presented with a “Choose Pages” UI, which allows us to define the trigger conditions. As per normal code variables, this is simply a value which is populated or defined at runtime. Anything from the ID of the product being bought, to the username, email or other user data.
Say, we’re trying to grow sales by having a promotional offer for those who spend more than $100. We’ll trigger the remarketing code only if the transactional value of the shopping cart is more than $100. It will match the trigger only if the transaction amount is greater than $100, and at that point inject your Remarketing tag. As mentioned, I was at the beyond tellerrand conference and, apart from meeting new people, I mostly enjoyed the inspiration I got from listening to the great talks.
My trying-to-change-everything-at-once strategy always failed, and seeing that some people just change small things and succeed, I recognized that this is what I want to try over the next months. The hitch is, that you need to deal with it in-depth, and who has enough time for that these days. In the article, we covered the topic of creating a responsive comment section with Flexbox. The respective code snippets are also included, as well as the working examples of the elements. I know the title seems really generic, but the content itself is phenomenal – especially for people fresh out of design school. Whether you’ve gone to college or not these tips ring true for all fields of design including print, illustration, animation, and in some cases even development. Sell your work but also really try to sell yourself as someone that people want to work with. This is something you won’t always learn in college but will always be a big part of any creative career path. So IMC asked us to create a responsive and modern website, which reflects their experience and professionalism while also providing a detailed introduction to all of their services. We also set IMC up with Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, so they can effectively analyse their website traffic and usage data to measure return on investment (ROI) and make intelligent marketing and business decisions.
They have a great team that make things happen, and they are always so professional and supportive.
As Easter approaches, we're once again reminded that our company has grown another year older - and is now only a year away from double-digits!
We've been contending with innovative business ideas, technical challenges, tight (!) deadlines, high-end print specifications, brand developments and more' and we've loved (almost) every minute of it!
Our Client Services team is bigger than ever before to make sure we continue to provide a consistently high level of service while our company grows. Before you think it was all just a big joke, we do in fact have some BIG news in the pipeline over the coming 12 months. By doing this, Penton Park hoped to engage and educate couples to the point that they were 90% committed before booking a viewing.
In order to design a brochure that really worked hard, it was vital to understand the major driving forces behind Penton Park. We simplified their brand message, and evolved this to create a more high-end, luxury and visual product.
They directly attribute this to the new brochure, and are finding that the couples who choose to view the house are already completely sold on the venue. On the back of receiving the brochure, they booked a flight to visit the house, pencilled in a date, and confirmed their booking the day they visited.
All of their booked viewings are with couples who really understand their brand, ethos and offering.
Creative flair and engaging content are vital of course but did you know that a slow website is likely to cost you in lost revenue, reduced user engagement and lower search engine rankings? Read on to discover what impact this can have on site usability and conversion rates and gain insight on what can be done to improve it.
Website performance is even more important on mobile devices - users who are on the go expect the same level of responsiveness with 71 percent of users expecting sites to load on smartphones just as fast as they load on desktop computers.
An alarming 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience, making it even more important to ensure your visitors have the best user experience possible. The knock-on effect from providing a better user experience means that your site will undoubtedly rank higher. Having the website hosted on a server closer to your visitors will significantly reduce the TTFB. AWS provides a comprehensive range of capabilities, from file storage to virtual servers and because the same technologies are used to power Amazon's range of global e-commerce sites, you can be sure they are robust, reliable and well supported. As his website attracts tens of thousands of visits per month from 180+ countries, he needed a scalable solution for the storage and delivery of his high-resolution photography. With CloudFront, your content (be it images, videos, files) is replicated across many servers around the world. If your site has a large amount of data to search we recommend using a dedicated search service such as Algolia. This involves storing a pre-generated version of the page and serving that to all website visitors to help significantly reduce the time the page takes to load.
This simply means storing website data on your computer so next the time you visit it, everything loads much faster.
One of the most important values here is 'max-age' which controls how long the resource remains stored on your device. However, images take up 64% of the average web page so it's important to keep the right balance between having sharp imagery and the impact it could have on your website's performance. A sprite image consists of all your icons placed side by side in a single file, we then tell the browser which section of that file to use to display the correct icon. Running all your images through an optimiser or compressor (such as ImageOptim) helps strip out all that redundant data reducing file size significantly.
All data that's served by our web servers is configured to be compressed using a technology called Gzip.
We will put together a comprehensive report that scores your site on the factors discussed above and provide advice on how you can improve your site's performance and conversion rates. Established in 2007, we've rapidly built a reputation for effective creativity and delivering results. As Christmas fast approaches, we just wanted to give you the heads up on our opening and closing times during the holidays. We'll be periodically checking our email accounts during the holidays, so if there is anything important it won't be missed.
The team will be enjoying a well-deserved Christmas party - mulled wine and festive songs at the ready! Before you know, it's the end of November and you haven't even thought about the Christmas marketing for your business yet. Most retailers make more than half of their sales in the 3 months before Christmas and sales in-store fell by 2.1% in the UK last year - everyone is going online to shop.
In fact, the UK spends the most money in Europe during the festive season, 59.2% of which is on gifts. Logos come in all shapes, colours and sizes; from typographic marks to symbols and everything that falls in-between. Up until that point, the logo hadn't really changed since 1999; some small changes were made back in 2013 but these were very subtle. Rather than going for a drastic change, the company recently made a change to their word-mark, again, to freshen it up. The brief for Eric Olson, the creator of the Klavika font (the original Facebook typeface) was to create a new customised word mark that had a friendlier look but was still identifiable as Facebook.
The colour scheme has been slightly revised to "maintain saturation and pop", while new elements like their website icon, an upper case 'G' that uses all 4 'Google' colours, and the Google dots have all been introduced. People often think that a brand is made up of a few simple elements like a logo and a website; but there is a lot more to it than that. For example, a Coca-Cole Executive once said "If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. Of course, this is our opinion and others' might differ but we hope that this has given you an interesting insight into the world of branding. We have an extremely exciting opportunity to play a pivotal role in developing and driving innovative online marketing strategies for our exciting portfolio of clients. Working across industries from prestige property to sports photography, we offer everything from web design through to social media, strategic marketing campaigns and print design.
The ideal person will have experience creating online marketing campaigns for a variety of brands and have a strong understanding of Google analytics and community management. There's a huge amount to get stuck into from day one and lots of areas for you to add value and make a great reputation for yourself! Toni is planning to join hundreds of colour crazy people who will walk, run or even dance a 5k route along Paignton seafront. Jess Goodwin, Events Co-ordinator at Rowcroft says "The funds our Colour Rushers raise will go towards providing care to over 2200 people facing life limiting illnesses across South Devon every year, as well as supporting their loved ones and carers. Amazon was launched in 1995, but wasn't able to turn a profit until 2003 - that's 8 whole years! However, because of this surge of activity, only a few apps actually took hold and became successful.
The focus is now on improving the user journey and experience, to drive sales, increase consumer interaction and to encourage repeat purchases. It was launched in the US on the 20th of October 2014 and in the UK on the 14th of July 2015. It has become the nearest contender to the in-store experience and, in fact, by 2017 (according to Cisco), it is anticipated that video will count for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic. Given the limiting patience of modern audiences, video is a great way to grab the attention of existing and future customers, and show off the full potential of the products or services. Using 360-degree panoramic photography, consumers can 'walk around' in a similar manner to Google Street View and can click on any item they see, which then opens the product on their e-commerce site. This is still in the early stages, however it is thought that it will become more and more popular for large retailers, and customers who enjoy the in-store experience but can't physically access the stores that they would like to.
While we make sure that we keep up with latest industry trends, we also understand that they might not be right for every business. Working across industries from prestige property to sports photography, we offer everything from web design through to social media, strategic marketing campaigns and print design for our wonderful set of clients. Simply put, a responsive website responds to its environment and optimises its content for the screen size it's being viewed on. In a nutshell, this means that if your website is mobile responsive, it should be placed higher in the search results, and most certainly above those that aren't mobile responsive.
Naturally, Google want their searchers to have the best experience possible when using mobile devices.
The bottom line is, if a website isn't responsive, then it is very unlikely visitors will convert when using mobile devices.
This gives you ultimate control in guiding customers through a strategic sales funnel towards both products and services.
It is proven that when a user has a positive experience on a mobile device, they are more likely to buy a product or use a service.
With more and more people using their mobiles and tablets to search and make purchases online, you have to cater to that audience by having a mobile responsive site. Increase your conversion rates and take potential customers away from your competitors (chances are, they're not making use of responsive designs)!
Our team has not only grown in strength but also in size with new staff coming on board in all areas; additions to the Design, Tech and Client Account departments, as well as an Office Manager, means we are now even better placed to expertly look after our clients (and team) alike.
Unsurprisingly, with all these new additions to the team, things were getting a bit crowded at The Byre, so we moved to a new, bigger studio space at the Waterside in Totnes over the Christmas period.
As you all know we have been very busy this past year with lots of projects and we've also taken on a number of fantastic new members of staff. In a great central Totnes location overlooking the river Dart, the new Formoda office is situated on The Plains just next to The Waterside Bistro.
With a modern, clean interface, the site is easy to navigate and quickly conveys EcoPlanet Bamboo's mission and objectives.
Formoda were recently tasked with creating an iconic brand for Naked Faun that would reflect the unique nature of the products. This gave our designers the idea to incorporate ancient rune-like lettering, giving the brand a simple and clean look, with a traditional crafted element. We also designed the new Naked Faun website and built it on the Bigcommerce platform (a great ecommerce & shopping cart solution). As we've continued to expand our service offering and embarked on exciting new projects for a number of different clients, our team has grown with us to allow us to continue to offer the high level of service that we have become well known for. Alongside her studies, she managed to squeeze in plenty of work experience and has collaborated on multiple design and digital projects. With over 10 years of business support and customer service experience gained across a variety of sectors, Nic has excellent organisation, administration and multi-tasking skills. With a fantastic team made up of creatives, developers and project managers, we're continuing to increase our scope of services and make a real difference to our clients. From web design through to social media, advertising campaigns and print design, Formoda is one of the South West's leading creative agencies. As anyone who knows Dartmoor will attest, the views across all of South Devon are stunning. Each person left the Beech 99 aircraft at 15,000 feet and had 60 seconds of free fall to take in the spectacular views of our beautiful county. Don't worry, we don't expect you to know everything and will provide training and support to help you grow in your role. Visual brand consistency was a crucial element, as was creating a striking document that clearly conveyed the key selling points to the customer. Our team designed an impressive graphic layout, elaborating on the fundamental content through simple, yet eye-catching imagery.
Established in 1925, the Independent Estate Agents pride themselves in their local knowledge and professional expertise.
The same size images are again used on the property details pages to really showcase the amazing local properties marketed by Boyce Brixham. Property details pages include a trove of information including key features, full property descriptions, floor plans, brochures, EPC details, location and more.
It's a great example of a modern, sleek yet usable website design for Estate Agents and sets a new standard in a market where agency websites are often neglected. We work closely with our clients, often acting as an extension to your company, with our strategic approach to improving the way you communicate with your clients and customers. Whether you’re looking for a new brochure, a new website, a new logo or even just a restyling of your existing brand for your business, Presentation Graphics is the design agency for you. We understand how to draw the eye to ensure yours is the stand that attracts the most attention. The days of photocopying journal articles in the stacks of the library or looking up newspaper articles on microfilm are over for most.
In most cases, you can still do your library research from the comfort of a computer, which makes it as accessible as Google but gives you much better results. Library databases help you access more credible and scholarly information than what you will find using general Internet searches. This version of Google has improved much over the past few years and has served as a good resource for my research, even for this book. In general, academic journals are considered more scholarly and credible than magazines because most of the content in them is peer reviewed.
For example, Communication and Mass Media Complete is a database that includes articles from hundreds of journals related to communication studies. Edited books with multiple chapters by different authors can be especially good to get a variety of perspectives on a topic.
However, citing a dictionary like Webster’s as a source in your speech is often unnecessary.
Instead, they are examples of secondary sourcesSources that compile and summarize research done by others. While this is an important contribution to society, Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly or credible source. If you follow the suggestions for choosing a topic that were mentioned earlier, you may already know something about your speech topic and may have connections to people who would be good interview subjects. Open-ended questions cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no” and can provide descriptions and details that will add to your speech.
Unless the guidelines or occasion for your speech suggest otherwise, you should balance your interview data with the other sources in your speech.
Questions that begin with how and why are generally more open-ended than do and did questions. Recording can be useful, as it increases accuracy and the level of detail taken away from the interview. Aside from writing the interviewee’s responses, you can also take note of follow-up questions that come to mind or notes on the nonverbal communication of the interviewee.
It’s impossible to transcribe everything during the interview, but you will remember much of what you didn’t have time to write down and can add it in. People are busy, and thanking them for their time and the information they provided will be appreciated. If you know there is an organization related to your topic, you may want to see if they have an official website. By accountability, I mean determining who is ultimately responsible for the content put out and whose interests the content meets.
Capitalize on this opportunity by incorporating vivid description into the example that appeals to the audience’s senses. Brief examples are usually one or two sentences, as you can see in the following hypothetical example: “Imagine that your child, little sister, or nephew has earned good grades for the past few years of elementary school, loves art class, and also plays on the soccer team. In the previous example, the first time we hear the statistic 1.3 billion, we don’t have any context for the number. He is part of the generation who heard Pastor Niemoller come out of the Nazi death camps to say, “They came after the Jews and I was not a Jew, so I did not protest. When using testimony, make sure you indicate whether it is expert or lay by sharing with the audience the context of the quote. Choosing supporting material that is relevant to your audience will help make your speech more engaging. If you are polling the audience or brainstorming you can write down audience responses easily for everyone to see and for later reference. Posters are frequently used to present original research, as they can be broken down into the various steps to show how a process worked. Pictures can be useful when you need to show an exact replication of what you’re speaking about. Think about diagrams as blueprints that show the inside of something—for example, key bones in the human body in a speech about common skateboarding injuries. Although not all maps are simple enough to be created by the speaker, many maps can be hand drawn during a speech or ahead of time to indicate different locations or patterns. The combination of rows and columns allows you to create headers and then divide them up into units, categories, dates, and so on.
In a pie chart, each piece of the pie corresponds to a percentage of the whole, and the size of the pie varies with the size of the percentage. In the same speech, you could compare the tuition of two-year institutions to that of four-year institutions.
Whether embedded in a PowerPoint presentation, accessed through YouTube, or played from a laptop or DVD player, video clips are notorious for tripping up speakers. At the same time, a smart link structure shows the crawler which content on the website is the most important.
If you randomly place links on the target pages, this will not be the case, as the chance of creating off-topic connections is high. Of course, there are many sub-pages of a website, that are not linked to by external links, and thus, they can’t benefit from the strong quality signal.
At the same time, however, the search engine only counts the first link to a page, meaning that you lose valuable link juice. Exception: When linking the same destination multiple times drastically improves the usability. Links that are within the important content of the page have a much larger influence than links in the footer.
It’s hard to mistake it the other way around, but it will be worth your while to learn the differences. Multiple shapes can also be distributed an equal distance apart, either horizontally or vertically using these options.
Website designs or landing pages are created with the vision to meet that intended goal in the desired timeline. Humanizing any website is a process of adding emotionally intelligent interactions that help you to build a great fan following for your site.
Your buyers will psychologically feel connect to your site with the hope their search ends at your website. Customize your theme, if required and publish your content in forms to sustain the zest of your visitors. Improper placement can make it difficult for your buyers to find which may cause you to lose potential prospects.
It will dramatically increase traffic to your website and boost your brand engagement which will increase the chances for conversion.
Having known the fact that smartphones already surmounted traditional desktops regarding searches which portray that mobile is the future. When it comes to attaining high conversions, you have to give priority to Content, CTAs, Mobile platform, and several other factors that can affect your conversion rate. In developer speak, Google Tag Manager is a script which handles the injecting of other scripts into your website, through a friendly interface. As the marketing teams react to the new tools which come along in their industry to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll get more and more changes in the website. For example, you can have a specific tag for your website’s corporate page, different tags for sales landing pages, and yet again different tags for documentation and support pages. This can prevent lots of headaches, broken sites, panicked administrators, and many frustrated people.
If you are in the industry of creating scripts, you’ll be doing everybody a favour if you keep them lean and mean. While setting the trigger, we can choose what fires the trigger (and hence the loading of the script).
We’ll give a quick example of how to use transactional data as a variable in a real-world scenario. We can define a GTM variable which reads off the transaction amount from a JavSscript variable containing the value which exists on the page. So there’s both less need for designers to code, and an increasingly difficult challenge for those that choose to. Thus, we’re often stuck with old methods of getting things done, just because we know how to reach the goal using them.
However, the project has just started out, and the available modules already cover the most important application cases. Generally, all UI elements are usable via copy and paste, but Cenizal recommends using them in the context of a semantically correct concept, such as HTML5 elements, for example. That’s the secret to getting a 2nd interview callback or building a network of trusted freelance clients.
We're helping IMC to review their data and ensure they're making the most of their online presence! It offers an in-content editing functionality, which makes it far more user-friendly and flexible than other solutions like Wordpress. We've been pushing ourselves and our clients beyond the limits of what's "comfortable" - and it's incredibly satisfying when the end product delivers great results. In addition, the Design and Development teams have both been joined by talented and enthusiastic new staff members. With all that company growth and a weighty workload, our plans have simply been delayed a little bit but we're now back working full-steam towards our very exciting but secret plan.

As a unique family run business, we wanted to know their motives, unique selling points and all the stories in between!
These clients are fully aligned with Penton Park's vision, hence why there is a higher conversion rate!
Wait time is a key factor that strongly affects user experience, reducing this will increase return visitors and the amount of time they will stay on your site. Both should be optimised as a lower TTFB is proven to have a positive effect on your search engine rankings whilst PLT is an important factor from a user's perspective. Our main web servers are hosted at a purpose-built data center in Maidenhead, UK which provides good connectivity throughout the UK and western Europe. We integrated Amazon's S3 file storage service to provide unlimited storage and Amazon CloudFront to provide the fastest possible load time for his images and static assets. When a user requests your content, their request is routed to their nearest geographical server which helps reduce the response time so they get the content faster. Algolia uses their powerful indexing algorithms to provide relevant results at the speed of a keystroke without the need to maintain your own hardware. A secondary advantage of the Formoda caching system is that you can make amends and edits to your site without them going live immediately.
Without client-side caching, for every page you visited your browser would need to re-fetch the website's assets, many of which could be unchanged, wasting time and bandwidth. The use of sprites cut down the amount of files your browser would have to request from the server as many images can live in a single file. This process removes any unnecessary whitespace and characters, reducing file size significantly.
By compressing the pages, there is less data to send from the server to your browser, in some instances up to 70% less, which can have a dramatic effect on page load time for your users.
But it can be easy to make sure your customers feel special, sometimes a simple email campaign or email newsletter will remind them that you're there. Josh Higgins, Facebook's Creative Director said of the change, "While we explored many directions, ultimately we decided that we only needed an update, and not a full redesign". It is the mark of a company, person or organisation that is easily identifiable and creates part of an identity for the company or individual. Although the new logo is seen to be a big change, Google did experiment with various styles that were much more abstract, but ultimately decided to reject these in favour of a logotype that retained their distinct multi-coloured sequence. Each stand-alone element needs to be coherent and work together in establishing the identity. And even with the logo gone, the colour, shape and typeface ensured that the cans were instantly recognisable as Coca-Cola products with the iconic red and historic dynamic ribbon. These additions have been applied to everything surrounding Google meaning they have adapted their identity. It is more than just the visual aspect of the company; a Brand is the 'biggest part of the picture'. In the book The Brand Gap, Marty Neumeier says, "A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or company. By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business".
Give someone who has never seen anything related to your brand a piece of your collateral without your logo; then ask them if they know what your brand is. Collectively, we're addicted to cake, enjoy a good social outing and engage in daily battles to get our favourite songs on the studio's Spotify playlist. Well we're here to assure you that there's much more to it than this, and like all things digital, the industry is ever-changing. It is expected that many smaller sites will also begin to follow suit after seeing the success of the larger brands (Econsultancy, 2015). However, with the increase in contactless bank cards, in the next couple of years, it will become more and more mainstream, as time-restricted consumers use it as a convenient way to make purchases in a matter of seconds.
It is a very clear response from modern consumers on how they wish to make their journey through the buying process: Make it fun. Working across a range of devices (mobile, tablet and desktop), responsive sites aim to provide optimal viewing for the end user.
Whilst this change is important, a variety of other key factors also continue to be used to rank search results such as site relevance, freshness of content, site performance and user experience. Returning searches with high quality and relevant content, websites that are easy to read (no pinching and zooming!) without horizontal scrolling is a high priority of theirs. Responsive design ensures that users have optimum interaction, easy reading and navigation, minimum panning, resizing and scrolling and clear call to actions. We can't believe it's been 8 years now since we started out in the midst of the recession and have since built a creative agency that is continually going from strength to strength. We're working on some very exciting, top secret plans for our 9th year while continuing to produce the best possible design and digital work for our clients.
Whilst we are all moved in, we're still making improvements here and there and have some boxes left to unpack. We'll be periodically checking key email accounts and mobiles during the holidays so if there is anything important it'll get through - otherwise, we'd love to catch up in 2015! Since launching at the beginning of November, the Naked Faun brand and products have received lots of positive attention on social media with orders coming in thick and fast. Jaz's favourite areas of design are branding, typography and photography and she is already producing beautifully designed work for Formoda. This combined with buckets of enthusiasm allow Nic to expertly look after our clients and the Formoda team in an effort to provide support where required and help us expand. Quarterly reviews take place in the pub (with breakfast), we'll give you Spotify Premium and we enjoy regular social outings as a team. Fuelled by a not inconsiderable quantity of energy gels, David eventually finished in four and a half hours, a few minutes from a gold. This included creating attractive, but easy-to-understand charts and using clear, bold icons.
We don’t do  ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions, we approach each and every brief in a unique way; first we’ll listen to your needs to really understand what you want to achieve, then we’ll design, advise and develop a creative response that will help you create a design that targets your audience. Yet, even though we have all this information at our fingertips, research skills are more important than ever. Depending on how familiar you are with a topic, you will need to do more or less background research before you actually start incorporating sources to support your speech. Excellent and underutilized resources at college and university libraries are reference librarians. These databases are quite expensive, and you can’t access them as a regular citizen without paying for them. A strength of Google Scholar is that you can easily search for and find articles that aren’t confined to a particular library database. It is important that you know how to evaluate the credibility of each type of source material.
There are many library databases that can access periodicals from around the world and from years past. The peer-review processA rigorous form of review that takes several months to years and ensures that the information published has been vetted and approved by numerous experts on the subject. It may be acceptable for you to include magazine sources in your speech, but you should still consider the credibility of the source. While there are well-known newspapers of record like the New York Times, smaller local papers can also be credible and relevant if your speech topic doesn’t have national or international reach. If an author is a credentialed and recognized expert in his or her area, the book will be more credible. I tell my students that Webster’s Dictionary is useful when you need to challenge a Scrabble word, but it isn’t the best source for college-level research. Like other encyclopedias, Wikipedia should not be used in college-level research, because it is not a primary source. Previous employers, internship supervisors, teachers, community leaders, or even relatives may be appropriate interviewees, given your topic. Quotes and paraphrases from your interview can add a personal side to a topic or at least convey potentially complicated information in a more conversational and interpersonal way. Don’t waste interview time asking questions like “What year did your organization start?” when you can find that on the website.
Most smartphones have free apps now that allow you to record face-to-face or phone conversations. Even though both research databases and websites are electronic sources, there are two key differences between them that may impact their credibility. It is almost always better to get information from an official website, because it is then more likely to be considered primary source information. The more information that is included on a website, the better able you will be to determine its accountability.
You will want to have a balance of information, and you will want to include the material that is most relevant to your audience and is most likely to engage them. Examples are especially beneficial when presenting information that an audience may not be familiar with. Always make sure to indicate when you are using a hypothetical example, as it would be unethical to present an example as real when it is not. You hear the unmistakable sounds of crying when he or she comes home from school and you find out that art and soccer have been eliminated because students did not meet the federal guidelines for performance on standardized tests.” Brief examples are useful when the audience is already familiar with a concept or during a review.
Anticipate audience confusion and define legal, medical, or other forms of jargon as well as slang and foreign words.
Consciously incorporating clear explanations into your speech can help you achieve your speech goals. They are very credible in our society, as evidenced by their frequent use by news agencies, government offices, politicians, and academics. Even people who are good with numbers have difficulty processing through a series of statistics presented orally. Translating that number into a percentage in the next sentence repeats the key statistic, which the audience now has context for, and repackages the information into a percentage, which some people may better understand.
When you compare two things that actually exist, you are using a literal analogy—for example, “Germany and Sweden are both European countries that have had nationalized health care for decades.” Another type of literal comparison is a historical analogy.
If an entire speech on nationalized health care was based on comparing the United States and Sweden, then the analogy isn’t too strong, since Sweden has approximately the same population as the state of North Carolina.
Expert testimony is from people who are credentialed or recognized experts in a given subject.
As was noted earlier, a speaker should consider the audience throughout the speech-making process. It’s important to remember that supporting materials presented on visual aids should be properly cited. I often have my students do an introductory speech where they bring in three objects that represent their past, present, and future.
Posters can be useful if you are going to have audience members circulating around the room before or after your presentation, so they can take the time to review the poster and ask questions. Audience members will likely appreciate a handout that is limited to one page, is neatly laid out, and includes the speaker’s contact information. Pictures can also connect to your audience on a personal level, especially if they evoke audience emotions. Diagrams are good alternatives to pictures when you only need to point out certain things that may be difficult to see in a photograph. While I would recommend that you anticipate this ahead of time so you can incorporate a more professional version of the diagram created with computer software or more precise drawing, drawing a diagram on an overhead projector, whiteboard, or smart board can be useful. Medical information is put into charts so that periods of recorded information, such as vital signs, can be updated and scanned by doctors and nurses. For example, you could track the rising cost of tuition for colleges and universities in a persuasive speech about the need for more merit-based financial aid. Graphs help make numerical data more digestible for your audience and allow you to convey an important numerical trend visually and quickly without having to go into lengthy explanations. They require more than one piece of electronics when they are hooked to a projector and speaker and sometimes also require an Internet connection. The link juice inherited via internal links can be passed on through further internal linkings. For instance, an average value for a shop’s product overview page is 300 to 400 internal links.
The word “ditto” literally means “same as before” or “repeat.” The truth is, double quotation marks are usually used in the place of actual ditto marks. Convince them through your content, why your buyers should choose you over your competitors.
Additionally, Google also recommends to make your website mobile friendly in order to improve the overall user experience and enable businesses to make their way to the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
As the size of a company grows, all these moving parts tend to become heavier and take longer to complete. We can also easily provide clients with extra, bespoke functionality without having to hack - it's details like this which can make a website even more appealing to users. Attention to detail was paramount to creating a brochure that truly reflected the Rolfe family and their offering. There are also other Content Delivery Networks (CDN) that we can integrate with including MaxCDN and CloudFlare. Once you are happy with the changes, you simply click 'publish' and the content management system will regenerate the cache and start displaying your changes. It's important to try and find an appropriate balance so that resources are cached for as long as possible whilst not too long so as they become out-dated. Although the sprite file would be larger, reducing the amount of requests speeds up your site. So why was Google's update so widely broadcast while Facebook's 'redesign' seemed to slip under the carpet?
Along the same lines, it's clear that the recent change to the Facebook logo isn't an update to the identity, it is only a change to the logo. The logo, the identity, the company values, marketing material and public image come together to make up the brand. If you did this with a Coca-Cola bottle and covered the logo, you'd still know the brand, wouldn't you?
With three in four Britons now shopping online (ONS, 2014), following the latest e-commerce trends is extremely important if you want to succeed and keep up with your competition. The content, images and structure of the site remain the same, but with a little 'responsive magic' the website will adapt to its device. Our challenge now is not accessing information but discerning what information is credible and relevant. Background research is just a review of summaries available for your topic that helps refresh or create your knowledge about the subject.
Luckily, some of your tuition dollars go to pay for subscriptions to these databases that you can then access as a student.
Basically, the pool of resources you are searching is much larger than what you would have using a library database.
A common database is Academic Search Premiere (a similar version is Academic Search Complete). Magazines like Scientific American and Time are generally more credible and reliable than sources like People or Entertainment Weekly. You can access local, national, and international newspapers through electronic databases like LexisNexis.
But just because someone wrote a book on a subject doesn’t mean he or she is the most credible source. Unfortunately, many college students are reluctant to give up their reliance on reference tools like dictionaries and encyclopedias. As I noted earlier, reference sources like encyclopedias are excellent resources to get you informed about the basics of a topic, but at the college level, primary sources are expected.
In addition, since its content can be posted and edited by anyone, we cannot be sure of the credibility of the content. If you do not have a connection to someone you can interview, you can often find someone via the Internet who would be willing to answer some questions. If interviewing over the phone, make sure you have good service so you don’t drop the call and that you have enough battery power on your phone. First, most of the content in research databases is or was printed but has been converted to digital formats for easier and broader access. Keep in mind, though, that organizations may have a bias or a political agenda that affects the information they put out.
When determining relevance, utilize some of the strategies mentioned in Chapter 9, Section 1 "Selecting and Narrowing a Topic". They are also useful for repackaging or reviewing information that has already been presented.
Including the word imagine or something similar in the first sentence of the example can easily do this. Extended examples, sometimes called illustrations, are several sentences long and can be effective in introductions or conclusions to get the audience’s attention or leave a lasting impression.
Remember that we have to adapt our information to listeners who don’t have the luxury of pressing a pause or rewind button.
Using the analogy without noting this large difference would be misrepresenting your supporting material.
Speakers rely heavily on an audience’s ability to learn by listening, which may not always be successful if audience members are visual or experiential learners.
We will discuss proper incorporation of supporting materials into a speech in Chapter 9, Section 3 "Organizing". Students have brought in a drawer from a chest that they were small enough to sleep in as a baby, a package of Ramen noodles to represent their life as a college student, and a stethoscope or other object to represent their career goals, among other things.
If audience members look confused, you can take a moment to expand on a point or concept using the board or flip chart. Posters are not often good visual aids during a speech, because it’s difficult to make the text and graphics large enough for a room full of people to adequately see.
It can be appropriate to give handouts to an audience before a long presentation where note taking is expected, complicated information is presented, or the audience will be tested on or have to respond to the information presented.
Think about the use of pictures in television commercials asking for donations or sponsorships. Charts and tables are also good for combining text and numbers, and they are easy to make with word processing software like Microsoft Word or spreadsheet software like Excel. Remember to always clearly label your x-axis and y-axis and to explain the basics of your graph to your audience before you go into the specific data. By highlighting their pain areas, makes them realize that you want to help and have a genuine idea of the situation they are facing. So, get your website design to run smoothly on different mobile devices so that you could reach out to your mobile audience also. Today, I’ll show you the project Flexbox Patterns as a quick introduction to Flexbox. There's no need for you to worry about this though, as we configure and monitor this so that you don't have to. Combining code files reduces the amount of requests the browser will have make for your sites assets, this and minification are done automatically for us as a part of our development process. In light of all this confusion, we've decided to take a closer look at what the language surrounding a 'brand' actually means. Neither Google nor Facebook have changed theirs during their recent Logo and Identity updates; keeping the same ethics, values and aims, they just visually enhanced the company. It uses contactless payment technology so that you don't have to carry your bankcard everywhere you go. Because the website's front-end design and user experience change depending on the device used, the code behind the scenes is somewhat different to a non-responsive site. Even though it may sound inconvenient to have to physically go to the library, students who did research before the digital revolution did not have to worry as much about discerning. It is not the more focused and academic research that you will actually use to support and verbally cite in your speech. Through these databases, you can access newspapers, magazines, journals, and books from around the world.
The challenge is that you have no way of knowing if the articles that come up are available to you in full-text format. Many databases, like this one, allow you to narrow your search terms, which can be very helpful as you try to find good sources that are relevant to your topic. Academic journals are usually affiliated with professional organizations rather than for-profit corporations, and neither authors nor editors are paid for their contributions. If a search result comes up that doesn’t have a byline with an author’s name or an organization like the Associated Press or Reuters cited, then it might be an editorial. For example, a quick search online brings up many books related to public speaking that are written by people who have no formal training in communication or speech. Many encyclopedias are Internet based, which makes them convenient, but they are still not primary sources, and their credibility should be even more scrutinized. Even though there are self-appointed “experts” who monitor and edit some of the information on Wikipedia, we cannot verify their credentials or the review process that information goes through before it’s posted. Many informative and persuasive speech topics relate to current issues, and most current issues have organizations that represent their needs.
If you do get information from an official website, make sure to include that in your verbal citation to help establish your credibility. While all this information doesn’t have to be present to warrant the use of the material, the less accountability information is available, the more you should scrutinize the information.
Thinking about who your audience is and what they know and would like to know will help you tailor your information.
Examples can be used in many different ways, so you should let your audience, purpose and thesis, and research materials guide your use. It is important to think about relevance and time limits when considering using an extended illustration.
Many times, authors will define concepts as they use them in their writing, which is a good alternative to a dictionary definition. It’s a good idea to put the definition into your own words (still remembering to cite the original source) to make it easier for you to deliver. Unfortunately, statistics are often misused by speakers who intentionally or unintentionally misconstrue the numbers to support their argument without examining the context from which the statistic emerged.
For these reasons, it’s a good idea to avoid using too many statistics and to use startling examples when you do use them. You could disclose the discrepancy and use other forms of supporting evidence to show that despite the population difference the two countries are similar in other areas to strengthen your speech.
To get some practice adapting supporting material to various audiences, provide an example of each type of supporting material that is tailored to the following specific audiences. Even if audience members are good listeners, information overload or external or internal noise can be barriers to a speaker achieving his or her speech goals. While visual aids can help bring your supporting material to life, they can also add more opportunities for things to go wrong during your speech. Models also fall into this category, as they are scaled versions of objects that may be too big (the International Space Station) or too small (a molecule) to actually show to your audience.
Since many people are uncomfortable writing on these things due to handwriting or spelling issues, it’s good to anticipate things that you may have to expand on and have prepared extra visual aids or slides that you can include if needed.
The best posters are those created using computer software and professionally printed on large laminated paper. In most regular speeches less than fifteen minutes long, it would not be wise to distribute handouts ahead of time, as they will distract the audience from the speaker. Organizations like Save the Children and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals successfully use pictures of malnourished children or abused animals to pull at the heartstrings of viewers. Think of presenting your department’s budget and spending at the end of a business quarter. If you use a graph that was created by someone else, make sure it is large and clear enough for the audience to read and that you cite the original source. Therefore it is very important to test your technology before your speech, have a backup method of delivery if possible, and be prepared to go on without the video if all else fails. In this article, we're exploring key terminologies used to describe brands, identities and logos. Major banks have also started to embrace contactless technology; according to The Guardian, Britain's banks have already issued 54m contactless cards and usage rates are soaring, with over 1 billion Visa contactless purchases made in the last year (Visa, 2015). If you found a source in the library, you could be assured of its credibility because a librarian had subscribed to or purchased that content.
Of course, libraries also house stores of physical resources like DVDs, books, academic journals, newspapers, and popular magazines. As noted earlier, most academic journal articles are found in databases that require users to pay subscription fees.
For example, the Quarterly Journal of Speech is one of the oldest journals in communication studies and is published by the National Communication Association. Editorials may also have bylines, which make them look like traditional newspaper articles even though they are opinion based.
For an informative speech on ageism or a persuasive speech on lowering the voting age, a quick Internet search for “youth rights” leads you to the webpage for the National Youth Rights Association. Although not always the case, an exception to this is documents in PDF form found on web pages. Official reports are also often best found on websites, as they rarely appear in their full form in periodicals, books, or newspapers.
Also try to incorporate proxemic informationInformation that is geographically relevant to the audience., meaning information that is geographically relevant to your audience.
You may pull examples directly from your research materials, making sure to cite the source. Since most speeches are given within time constraints, you want to make sure the extended illustration is relevant to your speech purpose and thesis and that it doesn’t take up a disproportionate amount of the speech. All statistics are contextual, so plucking a number out of a news article or a research study and including it in your speech without taking the time to understand the statistic is unethical.
Rounding 1,298,791,943 to 1.3 billion, for example, makes the statistic more manageable and doesn’t alter the basic meaning. Include an example, an explanation, a statistic, an analogy, some testimony, and a visual aid.
Therefore we’ll discuss some tips for effective creation and delivery as we discuss the various types of visual aids. You can also have audience members write things on boards or flip charts themselves, which helps get them engaged and takes some of the pressure off you as a speaker. Double-sided tape works well for this, as it doesn’t leave humps like those left by rolled tape or the bubbles, smearing, or sticky mess left by glue. It’s better to distribute the handouts after your speech or at the end of the program if there are others speaking after you. You could have headers in the columns with the various categories and itemized deductions in the rows ending with a final total for each column. Hopefully, this will allow you to understand the difference, evaluate your own brand identity and how consistent it is. So most of the time, what you see isn't a 're-brand', but more of a 're-identity' as companies update their visual components.
When you use Internet resources like Google or Wikipedia, you have no guarantees about some of the content that comes up. At most colleges and universities, you can find a reference librarian who has at least a master’s degree in library and information sciences, and at some larger or specialized schools, reference librarians have doctoral degrees. You can usually browse your library’s physical collection through an online catalog search. So you are often only able to access the abstracts of articles or excerpts from books that come up in a Google Scholar search. Sometimes a general search like this can yield thousands of results, which you obviously wouldn’t have time to look through. It is important to distinguish between news articles and editorials because editorials are usually not objective and do not go through the same review process that a news story does before it’s published.
Also, citing a dictionary doesn’t show deep research skills; it only shows an understanding of alphabetical order.
Like most organization web pages, you can click on the “Contact Us” link to get information for leaders in the organization.
You may want to do additional research or consult with your instructor to determine if that can count as a printed source.
Government agencies, nonprofits, and other public service organizations often compose detailed and credible reports on a wide variety of topics. For example, if delivering a speech about prison reform to an audience made up of Californians, citing statistics from North Carolina prisons would not be as proxemic as citing information from California prisons. The following is an example used in a speech about the negative effects of standardized testing: “Standardized testing makes many students anxious, and even ill.
If a brief example or series of brief examples would convey the same content and create the same tone as the extended example, I suggest you go with brevity. When you give the audience a large number that they would expect to be smaller, or vice versa, you will be more likely to engage them, as the following example shows: “Did you know that 1.3 billion people in the world do not have access to electricity?
It is also beneficial to translate numbers into something more concrete for visual or experiential learners by saying, for example, “That’s equal to the population of four Unites States of Americas.” While it may seem easy to throw some numbers in your speech to add to your credibility, it takes more work to make them impactful, memorable, and effective. Lawyers know that juries want to hear testimony from experts, eyewitnesses, and friends and family. I recommend that my students not have more than 10 percent of their speech be filled with video, meaning there should be no more than one minute of video in a ten-minute speech. No matter how amazing your typography turns out to be, a little mistake like this can ruin the work. You can use that information to check your library to see if the article is available in full-text format, but if it isn’t, you have to go back to the search results. In this case you may limit your search to results that have your keyword in the abstractAn author-supplied summary of an academic article., which is the author-supplied summary of the source.
So ideally you would quote or paraphrase the author’s definition rather than turning to a general dictionary like Webster’s. Sometimes you can access primary sources through Wikipedia if you review the footnote citations included in an entry. You could also connect to members of the group through Facebook and interview young people who are active in the organization.
Second, most of the content on research databases has gone through editorial review, which means a professional editor or a peer editor has reviewed the material to make sure it is credible and worthy of publication. For each type of domain, there are questions you may ask that will help you evaluate the site’s credibility. You can often avoid this by incorporating a picture into a PowerPoint presentation, as the picture will be projected large enough for people to see.
Since most university libraries use the Library of Congress classification system, books are organized by topic. When you access Google Scholar on a campus network that subscribes to academic databases, however, you can sometimes click through directly to full-text articles. If there are still too many results, you may limit your search to results that have your keyword in the title.
Some newspapers are more tabloid focused or may be published by a specific interest group that has an agenda and biases.
If you must turn to a dictionary, I recommend an academic dictionary like The Oxford English Dictionary (OED), which is the most comprehensive dictionary in the English language, with more than twenty volumes. Moving beyond Wikipedia, as with dictionaries, there are some encyclopedias that are better suited for college research. Most content on websites is not subjected to the same review process, as just about anyone with Internet access can self-publish information on a personal website, blog, wiki, or social media page. You can see a summary of these questions in Table 9.2 "Website Domain Names and Credibility". I tell my students to make the information so relevant and proxemic that it is in our backyards, in the car with us on the way to school or work, and in the bed with us while we sleep.
Unfortunately, many students hit their first dead end and give up or assume that there’s not enough research out there to support their speech. That means if you find a good book using the online catalog and go to the library to get it, you should take a moment to look around that book, because the other books in that area will be topically related. Although this resource is still being improved, it may be a useful alternative or backup when other search strategies are leading to dead ends.
At this point, you may have reduced those ten thousand results down to a handful, which is much more manageable. So it’s usually better to go with a newspaper that is recognized as the newspaper of record for a particular area. You can’t access the OED for free online, but most libraries pay for a subscription that you can access as a student or patron. The Encyclopedia of Black America and the Encyclopedia of Disaster Relief are examples of specialized academic reference sources that will often include, in each entry, an author’s name and credentials and more primary source information. So what sort of information may be better retrieved from websites, and how can we evaluate the credibility of a website? Trust me, if you’ve thought of a topic to do your speech on, someone else has thought of it, too, and people have written and published about it. On many occasions, I have used this tip and gone to the library for one book but left with several. While the OED is an academic dictionary, it is not specialized, and you may need a specialized dictionary when dealing with very specific or technical terms.
When a domain is restricted, .mil for example, a person or group wanting to register that domain name has to prove that their content is appropriate for the guidelines of the domain name.
The Dictionary of Business and Economics is an example of an academic and specialized dictionary. Essentially, this limits access to the information published on those domain names, which increases the overall credibility. I recommend that you meet with a reference librarian face-to-face and take your assignment sheet and topic idea with you. In most cases, students report that they came away with more information than they needed, which is good because you can then narrow that down to the best information.
If you can’t meet with a reference librarian face-to-face, many schools now offer the option to do a live chat with a reference librarian, and you can also contact them by e-mail or phone.

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