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Strategic Marketing Science provides nine different strategies for Pricing based on product quality (see below).
The reality is sometimes Strategic Pricing is contextual to competitive pricing or other uncontrollable factors.
Organisational resources, marketing effort, and budget also play in selecting the best Pricing Strategy. Advanced pricing strategy is about advanced marketing management: Real-time, for each individual segment!
Value-based pricing uses buyers’ perceptions of value, not the seller’s cost, as the key to pricing. For many industrial products, the costs perceived by customers extend well beyond the price charged. An industrial purchaser perceives the cost of equipment as including installation, maintenance, training and use of consumables, as well as the basic purchase price. Equipment purchases are evaluated over their economic lives and comparisons between competitors go beyond straight price assessment.
The company bases its price largely on competitors’ prices, with less attention paid to its own costs or demand. In oligopolistic industries that sell a commodity such as steel, paper or fertiliser, companies normally charge the same price.
The smaller firms follow the leader: they change their prices when the market leader’s prices change, rather than when their own demand or cost changes.
If you have read this far, you are probably ready to engage a pricing strategy marketing consultant.

Remember, "Procrastination is the thief of time" and the sooner you act, the sooner you'll achieve your goals! Pricing strategies for IT services are too often based on what someone else is doing, what someone else wants, or based on a meager increase to the cost of providing the service. Time and again IT services providers sit in on keynote speeches wherein the speaker boasts of charging two or three times as much as everyone else for the same offering. If part of demonstrating your value proposition is detailing how your service is superior to that of your competitors then you should be more than willing to charge more than those competitors! Click here to learn how Mosaic NetworX delivers custom solutions to clients that understand the advantages of paying for IT expertise! I think we all have to ask ourselves these questions and continue to reevaluate our pricing structures when establishing new client relationships. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Just email us by clicking this button, or fill out this form and a consultant will get back to you ASAP.
Specifically, his company would be contacted when a business wanted to move from their current email provider to a more refined and reputable solution that Kyle’s business sold.
Otherwise, a completely inconsequential price is set because the provider thinks it won’t be too off-putting to potential clients.
As the article explains, the value of something is what the market will bear in exchange for that service or good. An important concept in Marketing, it is a tool which is used for deciding what the price of the product should be and what are the factors that influnce the price of the product, etc.

Then they go home and continue right along with the same prices as before, wondering how they could possibly raise their prices to experience the same type of success. While selling low may get your in the door at more places, you may be able to make just as much or more money, serving less clients at a higher price. Like providers of other service offerings and specialized skill-sets, technical professionals often undervalue the real value of their skills and capabilities. As the weeks passed he kept increasing the price of the service, higher and higher, until his company was charging twice as much as the competition. IT professionals fall victim to choosing a price that they think will be agreeable to the customer instead of a price that fairly represents the worth of their skills and the solutions they are offering. Discounting them in an effort to please customers or fit in with the competition rarely works out well in the long run. If you never have a prospect tell you that your offering is too expensive, then you are leaving money on the table with your existing customers. You can look at your competition as a starting point but again, you need to figure your own overhead and optional margins for your service.
In fact, after reviewing his account notes Kyle could not find a single example of a prospect that decided against the service because it was too expensive.

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