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Average Manager Marketing salaries for job postings nationwide are 14% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. You can include this smaller version of your results on a webpage by cutting-and-pasting the code below. In part 2 of this series analysing the results of our product manager survey, we’ll be looking at the breakdown of responses from people based in the UK. Almost a majority of product managers in the UK report directly to the CEO, with another 21% reporting into technology and 17% reporting into marketing. UK product managers tend to work in smaller companies with the median size 150 employees, compared to 185 employees per company across the overall survey. As noted in part 1 of the survey, a key goal was to establish some sort of realistic numbers around salaries and remuneration. A similar percentage of product managers in the UK receive equity as part of their compensation (35%) as in the overall survey. As with the overall data, there is an odd trend where those receiving equity tend towards having a higher salary. Again we see similar salaries between senior product managers and heads of product, although the average salary difference has grown to approximately ?6,000.
Similarly, the relative closeness between senior product managers and heads of product reflects a lack of differentiation between the titles.  A senior product manager in one company may be equivalent to a head of product in another.
There still seems to be a lot of flux within the UK concerning salaries for product managers. Marketing managers identify, create and evaluate strategies to promote their company’s services and products and increase sales. Professionals in this role work closely with product development, sales and other managers to analyze trends that identify consumer needs and wants, and they provide direction that guides the development of new or improved products and services.
Hiring, training and supervising marketing staff is also part of the marketing manager’s job. Those with strong computer and communication skills, a college degree and related experience should have the best job opportunities.
Most marketing managers work long hours and travel often, but they are well compensated for their efforts.
In addition to taking marketing classes, individuals interested in pursuing a marketing manager career should consider courses in accounting, finance, management, business law, economics, statistics and mathematics.
Marketing managers need to have strong computer skills for data management and recordkeeping, and digital marketing skills are increasingly important as more marketing and promotions activities are conducted via the Internet.

While a number of different certification programs are available for marketing managers, these credentials are not mandatory or widespread. Marketing managers held about 184,490 jobs in May 2014, according to research published by the U.S. The BLS expects employment in this field to grow about as fast as average for all occupations, with a 7% increase between 2012 and 2022. BLS findings show that the median annual salary for marketing managers was $127,130 as of May 2014, with the middle 50% earning between $90,630 and $171,390. Our new look introduces enhanced features, improved navigation and a streamlined mobile experience. Of those responses, 48% were from people calling themselves product managers, with 21% of responses from heads of product. I’m interested in what other reporting lines product managers are facing given that 14% of respondents chose that option.
The chart shows a much higher concentration of developers to product managers of around the three to six mark, with quite a few respondents having one or two developers per product manager. The UK company sizes chart shows a similar shape to the overall chart with the exception that it is lighter in terms of large companies. This is not really surprising as the overall results are heavily skewed by the large percentage (53%) of survey respondents being in the UK. There is a similar pattern of about ?15,000 difference between average salary for each job title. The salary for chief product officers seems to remain in flux and if it settles towards the top range then it is likely to generally pull salaries of the other titles upwards as well.
Working with marketing research staff, marketing managers assess consumer demand for their company’s products and services, determine the appropriate target audience and identify key competitors.
Other responsibilities include conducting team meetings and employee performance evaluations. Job pressure can be intense due to schedule changes and problems, but goals and deadlines must still be met. Some give preference to candidates that have a master's degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing.
Many students complete an internship while still in school to gain an advantage in finding a job.
Candidates with the ability to communicate in a foreign language will have an advantage, as many companies seek to target Spanish-speaking populations and foreign markets.

However, the number of managers who pursue certification is likely to grow as professionals seek to distinguish themselves in this highly competitive field. Job growth should result from the expansion of sales in the global market, and the need to differentiate products in a crowded market. While the lowest 10% earn about $65,980 per year, the highest 10% earned in excess of $171,390. Just looking at the overall numbers is interesting, but so too is delving into the UK-specific data. Senior product managers work at larger organisations, whereas heads of product tend to work at smaller organisations. Simon began his career in Space Engineering, where he developed a Fortran realtime program to automate satellite operations. They also help to establish pricing that will drive sales and profitability while remaining competitive with others in the market. News University Directory can match you with online programs that meet your criteria in a few simple steps.
Businesses in highly technical industries, such as electronics and computer manufacturing, may require applicants to have a science or engineering degree. Professionals in this field should be flexible, decisive, creative, mature and highly motivated.
Employers often pay for marketing managers to complete marketing certification and training courses, and they generally encourage them to attend seminars and conferences in association with professional organizations. It is important that they have the ability to keep good personal relationships with clients, as well as with executives and the staff under their supervision. Some of the top employers include professional, scientific and technical services firms as well as financial institutions and insurance providers. During trade shows and other events, marketing managers may work from early morning until very late at night coordinating and participating in promotional activities.

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