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Nearly 30 years ago, when Sam Walton‘s Retail Link gathered consumer info using product bar codes, the big data pronounced its advancement in the digital world. So that the maximum benefits be gained, most reputed companies have initiated their in-house campaigns to capture the essential big data insights. Business Analytics and Intelligence has emerged as one of the most powerful tools in enterprise intelligence system.
In the longter term, consumer responsea€”such as purchase rates and beliefs held about the branda€”can be assessed in more detail. Many foods also spread as some groups of consumers a€?imitatea€? others they see consuming them, and some are encouraged to try new foods based on word-of-mouth communication.
Analyzing trends and innovations from the market around the world, we try to foresee future demands, channeling and implementing new actions and different activations.
Strong know-how in Shopper Marketing, intelligence on retail and trade marketing, promotions, merchandising and tools for a measurement of results in record time. With more than 700 events and activations done in only 5 years, we have a team highly specialized in events production, creation and scenography. With professionals of our own and a dedicated structure, we are able to produce small and big projects with reduced cost all over Brazil. Develop Branding projects for companies and products, including from brand positioning to the analysis and consumer identity. We create and develop promotional material for POS, visual identity, packages, cross marketing and others. We create solutions of digital marketing, social networking, monitoring, blogs, viral marketing, site development and interactive projects. In order to promote something that catches the eye of the costumers, the brand must develop quality content, that is relevant, useful, different, interactive and can be aligned with the strategic objectives of the company. Our proposal is to create identification, proximity, relationship and engagement with the costumers.
Monitoring comments and posts related to Bauducco, Visconti and competitors, in all social networks.
Creating and setting up the Calminex space, with professional masseurs, during the Walmart Run.
Annual activations in Walmart Restaurants and at Fotocenter with promoters dressed as the characters Jimmy Click and "Garfo e Faca".
CrowShow is an iniciative of crowdfunding that gives the collaborators the power to make happen any event that you wish. Publicity event for the new series Wild Brazil from the BBC at Rio de Janeiro and publicity event at Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with Mark Gatiss, british writer and actor on the series Sherlock and Doctor Who.
Staging and activations during the annual Walmart Run, held during the Corpore calendar years of 2011, 2012 and 2013. Tasting of cafe Pilao and the coffee maker Senseo at checkout at Walmart, during the and of the year festivities.
Together with BBC HD Brasil, we covered in real time a 5-day event, broadcasting it to collaborators of NET Digital, and with more than 700 participants.

Publicity blitz for products of Sentir Bem, in partnership with Walmart, with product sampling and massage on the spot. Activation of Veja magazine in various newstands in the city of Sao Paulo, as well as opinion research about the brand. Now when Walmart, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter are all relying on data aggregation and analysis to uplift their business strategies, we know that big data has a lot of unleashed potential and advantages in business contexts. Thanks to the affordable and accessible big data solutions, every company can bank upon big data and Business Analytics. Whether it’s data governance or dealing with customer analytics, this section of social intelligence tracks the data units so accurately that a larger picture can be derived out of it. The promotional activities needed for a given product will depend on factors such as its current stage in the product life cycle. Some strategies may seem brilliant may, under stricter analysis, may be recognized as unrealistic. The next test is then whether this consumer responsea€”such as improved attitudesa€”actually results in increased market share or higher profits.
Some food products have great potential for sales growth through expansion of the customer base. We study the workings and the innovation of creativity, its result and its applicability, offering to our clients innovative ideas transformed into marketing actions. With our own casting with more than 2500 people all over Brazil, we are specialized in recruiting, selection and training of promoters, receptionists, coordinators, amongst other functions for the promotional market for support in activations, promotions, blitz, events, sampling, fairs and booths.
We have a multidisciplinary team, trained in various aspects: creation, social networking, technology and management.
Creating content custom-made for various actions, besides developing media and appropriate platforms for each action or publication. We encounter for our clients a market-driven competitive differential, using creative and innovative strategies.
Besides having its own casting with over 2500 people, we also have available managers of operations and coordinators in the main cities of the country.
You decide what's gonna be, who's gonna play, you can spread the word and, for the event to happen it only depends on you! Analyzing and then translating the big data into actionable insights, companies are more able to optimize promotional campaigns and predict their next moves. We have technological solutions that permit us access browser-based analytics to answer the ad hoc business questions in real time. Few consumers today are aware of the prickly pear, however, but farmers who grow this cactus plant would like to market it as a way to decrease a€?bad,a€? low-density cholesterol without reducing a€?good,a€? high density cholesterol levels. For prickly pear growers, simply getting more people to know that their product exists will be a challenge.
These objectives need to be reasonably specific and manageable; thus, merely saying that the goal is to maximize profit is not enough.
Improving quality, for example, might be achieved either by increased research and development, the use of higher quality materials, or by investing in new manufacturing technology.

Even a successful strategy must be frequently re-evaluated to address changing market conditions such as change in competitor strategies, costs of materials, or changes in consumer tastes. We do not work with associated agencies and all our professionals are qualified in sales, client approach and techniques of products demonstration. DUEE Brasil's biggest differential is that every work of casting and coordination is done by our own team, as we don't work with associated agencies. Business houses have the competitive advantage here because solving issues on a real-time basis will reduce time constraints. Once more people know, a significant challenge is going to get more people to actually try the product. The most appropriate choice will depend on factors such as cost and effectiveness, but may also depend on risk.
This strategy appears to have been used in marketing the Hot PocketsA® convenience products.
More than think and create trends, we offer complete solutions in online and offline marketing, always in search of what's new. We do monthly activations at Walmart pharmacies with the objective of increasing foot traffic in the stores, together with actions of heart rate monitoring, BMI calculation, massages and much more. These are committed professionals who receive constant training in sales and client approach.
This may be difficult to accomplish because of the high cost of the product and the vast number of choices of other products that consumers can consume. There may be a new technology that, if it can be perfected, would represent a large breakthrough but also carries a risk that it will not work.
A firm might like to reduce costs, improve quality, increase distribution channels, increase awareness, and improve consumer percpetion of the product at the same time. A larger firm may be able to shoulder such a s risk but for a smaller firm, the risk may be prohibitive.
If a product category catches on, emphasis may then need to switch to brand differentiation and the firm may need to work on getting consumers to hold favorable beliefs about their brand. However, some of these objectives, such as reducing cost and improving quality at the same time, may not be compatible.
Note that as a strategy is considered and potential complicatons arise, it may be necessary to reassess appropriate objectives. In later stages of the product life cycle, where most consumersa€™ opinions have largely been set, temporary sales increases, usually through price promotions, may be the only realistic objective.
The firm may also not have the resources to pursue all the other objectives at the same time.

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