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Manufacturers need consumers to buy their products and consumers need somewhere to buy products from. A push strategy is where the manufacturer concentrates their marketing effort on promoting their product to the next party in the distribution chain (retailer or wholesaler), to convince them to stock their products. A pull strategy involves the manufacturer promoting their products to the target market to create demand, so that retailers are forced into stocking the manufacturer's product. Our in-depth print materials such as product backgrounders, company stories, and technical articles delight trade editors and sway their readerships.

At the same time, our edgy, in-the-know promotions capture "alpha consumers," those elusive early adopters so important to creating buzz around the "Next Big Thing," as well as the attention of busy media gurus who often act as opinion leaders.
This means that manufacturers not only need to persuade consumers to buy their products but also have to persuade retailers and wholesalers (the distribution chain) to stock their products. Consumer demand pulls products from the manufacturer through the distribution chain and onto the customer hence the name pull strategy. Fluent in traditional promotions and the latest web-based, cutting-edge interactive tactics.

The dedicated staff and strategic partners at CJC Strategists can develop and seed virtually any promotional materials.

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