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The question is often why do this, one answer is to see what people like, market research.  But generally it is almost impossible to figure out why people come to our sites and what they want.
As a graphic designer these days we are called upon to help with many aspects of a project. Stephanie was very nice and granted me an interview on the process of making a best selling book. Stephanie talks about putting the book together, building her publishing platform, social media, launch day, her team behind the scenes, what has happened since and lessons learned.
I just had a great interview by Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert Podcast on my publishing efforts and one of the products I mentions was the Mosaic app that grabs images off your phone and assembles them into a 20 page book that you can print and publish.
I had a cool experience yesterday being interviewed  by Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert Pod Cast. I am one of the co-directors of the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup #BIMM and we recently did a presentation on how to make simple promotional videos using the phone in your pocket, usually a smartphone. In all our presentations we always try to have some kind of handout with the key points of the event. Our second handout from the session was a sheet with a couple of sample scripts that you can use to create your promotional or book trailer video. To receive more of my marketing handouts please sign-up for my weekly newsletter and resource guides over on the right.
I have to admit I started out not really caring much about Google+ because I didn’t really understand it or how it works.
For the presentation I also put together a document with all of my notes and some resources that goes along with the presentation. I am pleased to announce the release of my newest book, How to Publish Your Book, A Beginner’s Guide for Print, Digital and e-Books.
How to Publish Your Book covers why you should self-publish, how you can make money from publishing your own books, and where you should publish. In all of my books there is an extensive resource list of sites and services that you can use in creating your book and this continues that tradition. Kyoto Animation announced on Monday that the second volume of KA?ji A?ji and Taishi Nishiya's High Speed!
The first set of photos of the Blue Exorcist: Awakening the Blue Flame Chapter stage play is finally revealed.
Kyoto Animation's official YouTube channel today posted a one-minute promotional video for Free! Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School vs Choshinjuku When a young idol group meets an old rock band on the streets of Tokyo, things do not always go well.
Gravity Rush heroine Kat recently made a couple guest appearances in Ragnarok Odyssey Ace's latest DLC, and also the free-to-play PlayStation Vita game Destiny of Spirits.

Doraemon to air in US on Disney XD The robotic cat that everyone and their parents have grown to adore is finally making its way to a US audience.
DEAD END and SuG will be gracing the first edition of Japan Music Fest in l'Olympia Paris on July 6th. If you're feeling a distinct lack of first-person shooting action on Nintendo 3DS, Renegade Kid has you covered.
Captain Earth - 06 The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but straight lines just aren't the way of BONES sci-fi. Shueisha has announced that the 11th compiled volume of Io Sakisaka's romance manga Ao Haru Ride will be released in a limited edition that includes a bonus OAD. Blogs generally work easier for this but websites work also especially if you add graphics with alt tags. Second is the ability to use this information and connect back with your visitors and advance our business.
It was so easy to make this book that you could easily go to an event, take 20 pictures, load them into Mosaic on your phone and you have a great gift for your host. For this event I put together some key video production pointers, plus a section on how to set up your YouTube Channel and your video. Weinstein and team from last summer, became the subject of a nice article on the site April 17. After doing all the research to prepare for the presentation I have flipped around 180 degrees on my opinion. Our uniqueness is our personalize attention to our clients and our commitment to cost effective design and production. TheA Disney XDA channel will run 26 episodes of the quintessential Japanese anime about a robot cat. Even their sort sequences are impressive, but the full works, created with hundreds of illustrations, really need to be seen. TV Asahi has negotiated an agreement with Disney to broadcast Doraemon on its Disney XD channel. We're getting there, slowly but surely - the pieces are starting to fit together with Captain Earth. I always recommend that you put out a variety of content on your topic and off your topic and constantly test and see what happens.
This article by Pat Flynn from his blog SmartPassiveIncome gives you the tools of what to do with these popular posts after people arrive.
Having a love of publishing and now selling around 300 books a month on my own, I get asked to help with a lot of book projects. We covered how-to self publish and about how to market your work, Included was : how to read the Amazon sales page, some basic marketing tips and re-purposing your content.

Along with the other members of the team, Lew Sabbag, Keith Spiro and Andrew Penziner we demonstrated the production of two quick promo videos. After discussing where to publish we turn to where to sell your book, the types of books you can make and then how you do it. We learn about some of the other product creation sites that you can use and how to extend your book. In the publishing resource we have Book Publishing, e-Book and Print-on-Demand Sites, e-Book Aggregators, and iPad publishing. Our client mix includes legal, non-profit organizations, publishing, health, and many other businesses both large and small. Youtube user alsione svx posted a 3 minute video demonstration showing how to kiss Hatsune Miku in augmented reality using a modified Oculus Rift. FiguArts Sailor Uranus and Neptune that was seen in the Tamashii Nations Summer Collection 2014 toy show that. One of the points they talk about is getting exposure and pushing your content out to the world. As was the case recently with Stephanie Bavaro where I was asked to step in and help with her book launch. The power is in your hands and we can now publish, distribute and sell our writing around the world for almost no money or resistance.
The book also talks about the Kindle Comic Creator the new free application from Amazon that lets you publish graphic novels, comic books and children books super easy and very fast. Re-purposing Your Content includes; Blog Platforms, E-mail hosting, Google Resources, Video and Video Marketing, Photo Sharing, Single Subject Blog Sites and Social Media. The result was that Stephanie’s book went to #1 international best seller status in 4 countries.
It was great to be part of this project and to see now how it is being used to highlight and showcase the Cancer Program.
After publishing and selling comes marketing and we have an overview of what to do before your start writing to build your platform and what to do after the book is out. The last section of the resources is about re-purposing your content, this section includes; Audio Recording Software, Screen Capture Software, Gift and Apparel Producers, Personal Broadcasting, Transcription Software, Video Distribution and Sharing, Web Based Screen Capture Software and Outsourcing. The Amazon sales page and how much info you can learn about your market, some simple marketing tips that anyone can do and much more. And as I mentioned in the show, be sure to sign up on the right for a free copy of my How to Publish Your Book, A Beginners Guide.

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