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While an increase in activity has been seen in Lake County Real Estate, home sales are still not a slam dunk.
Looking at the chart above, we can see that over half of the homes for sale in Lake County are still taking over 2 months to sell with many taking over 4 months to sell.
As a Full Time and Active Real Estate Agent in the Lake County Real Estate Market, I am in and out of houses on a daily basis and there are plenty of houses up for sale that are not market ready and buyers are passing on these houses left and right. This is certainly a lot of  useful information for buyers and sellers in Lake Country Ohio. If sellers want their homes to sell quickly, they would be wise to take your advice and make it market ready. For ease of reference, the full set of slides for the Investor Presentation are being re-filed herewith. Visit with the Top 20% of your clients this month to see how they are doing, how you could better serve them, what their goals are, and what other unmet service needs they may have. Nothing happens until someone sells something!  Improve this vital skill in all levels of your business. Some agents today research their clients on social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin prior to their presentation. How are you Submitting Offers to your Seller Clients?  Are you losing any good offers because you countered them? In today's market, how you present an offer can mean the difference between selling a home or NOT selling it all.
With a plan built on these 4 skill sets, by this time next year you will be selling and earning far more than past years and have more strength, confidence, and security. A great business plan can be tailored to the Agent who prospects a lot, or for the Agent who works their Spheres of Influence a lot, or the one who gets lots of leads from Internet Marketing.
Tactical Skills: After evaluating the full range of skills necessary for success in Real Estate, your plan should focus on and works your strengths. Motivation and Attitude: Great Agents are continuously learning and practicing the skills that create and strengthen positivity. Think of motivation and attitude like a muscle that needs to be constantly trained and strengthened so that, when needed, you’ll be able to handle the strain and stress that come with a highly successful Real Estate career. With a plan built on the 4 Skill Sets, by the end of 2015 you won’t just be selling and earning far more than past years. Work with your coach, trainer, manager, or other Real Estate business leader to build and implement a plan based on these fundamentals. I don't profess to be a tax expert or an organization genius, but I do know a thing or two about managing large volumes of paper. By paper I mean all of the things that we have to manage to keep our finances and files in order. Because real estate agents are usually independent contractors there is usually some overlap in the paper you must manage. The simplest way to manage this is to have a small paper divider in your wallet that you have for each type of payment method you use. In a drawer close to where you manage your money or pay your bills have your files set up in categories. I also keep a file storage box that is a duplicate of the one you have in your drawer so that as the year goes by and your drawer gets full or papers and receipts you simply transfer the contents of the files in the drawers to the files in the office storage box. I also think it is important to keep all your important documents in a separate binder and have it tucked away safely in a safe or a safe place.
Managing your personal finances this way can save you a huge headache when it comes to tax time.
All too often we see agents with hopeless piles of files, putting their business at risk of missing an opportunity or even negligence. There are two main categories of paperwork to track in your business: Client files and Financial files.
Put all your buyer files in blue file folders to help you easily see your active-working buyers. Put all of your active listing files in red file folders to help you easily see your active sellers. The moment either your buyer or listing goes pending you move that file into the green section of files and you simply wrap a green folder around the buyer or seller file. The moment your buyer or seller file closes you can then move the file from the green pending section to the yellow closed section.
Financial file management and tracking business expenses is an area that many agents have challenges with.
The key to any file management system is to find something that is easy for you to use and maintain. The important thing is to keep your business expenses and your personal expenses separate, so there is never any question on as to whether or not it is a business expense.
Busy, cluttered decor or outdated styles will distract buyers who won’t be able to envision living in the home. In controlled tests conducted by the Real Estate Staging Association that compared identical homes, the non-staged houses sold in 102 days, while the professionally staged properties sold in 45 days.
Many real estate professionals we talk to are hesitant to discuss staging with their clients, unsure of how to tactfully approach necessary updates without offending their client. Hiring a stager who has a full team on standby to manage the entire process and deliver the home ready for market is key. Other staging companies can offer the client one-stop shopping, from selecting the paint colors to coordinating the painter, carpenter, and selecting all of the materials needed to stage the property. When I first got into this business, I was immediately struck by the enigma that is a real estate team.
If you decide you want to be part of such a high performance team, then be willing to make sacrifices and know that the road to success is lined with obstacles, complaints, and limitations that must be overcome.
Want to create a service experience for your buyer that will have them telling all their friends about it?
If you want to create a memorable buying experience that will have your new homeowners singing your praises, here are seven steps to really enhance the services you currently offer and some ideas of how you can improve some of the things that you are already doing.
Have you ever watched a home buying show and asked yourself why the real estate agent is showing the buyer homes much higher than their price range? It is easy to go up in price visually (by seeing nicer homes in a higher price range) but trying to go down in price will make your job all the harder. Unless you have previewed a home you just can't give the buyer all the pertinent details or plan how you will tour the home with the buyers to roll out all the amenities that are important to them. Make sure that your route to the homes you are showing will be the route that the buyer will most likely take if they were to own the home. If your buyer has an objection or question, answer the objection but don't volunteer additional information in a speculative fashion. I don't expect you to love every house you show, let the buyer decide whether or not the house is a good house for them overall and let the inspector inform them of any material defects, unless you know for sure of something that has been disclosed. It is easy to get caught in the middle between two buyers, but it is important to remain neutral.

As a managing broker, I would often see agents frustrated that their buyers couldn't make a decision and as a result, kept adding on more homes to see.
Take the time to really think about your buyers when you take them on their next home buying excursion.
In a people business such as real estate auction and sales, this makes video based marketing and communication an absolute must, rather than a luxury. Those who have found effective ways to integrate video into their business in more ways than one are winning the race. And with video content expected to make up 90 percent of all Internet traffic by 2015, according to industry giant Cisco Systems, the growing video trend is expected to accelerate. Using video effectively goes far beyond just placing a property video on Youtube and your website. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
We are proud to present our business strategy planning powerpoint templates houses real estate sale ppt slides. We design real estate brochures in many different formats: one sheets, trifold brochures, brochures with pockets and ones in custom shapes and sizes. Believe in the service you provide your clients and the actual benefits they receive doing business with you. Imagine how impressed a prospective client would be if you mentioned a few personal tidbits garnered from these sites. A Realtor friend of mine has a substantial federal tax lien since he chose to neglect paying his timely taxes.
If there is ANY way for the Seller to accept the offer as it's written, they can sign that offer and have a CONTRACT, right then and there. Most real estate agents have to manage a lot of paper and when it comes to the management of their personal financial affairs, it often gets put off until April 14th. I have a very simple system that works brilliantly for helping me to minimize the amount of time I spend organizing receipts and filing paid bills. For example, your car is likely has both personal and business miles on it, and you have a system for keeping track of this. The challenge for most people is that they collect a bunch of receipts, cringe at the thought of organizing them, and instead of handling them when the statement comes in, they just add them to the ever-growing pile.
Alternatively, if you use Quicken or another program to keep track of your expenses, make sure you categorize these items every month when you have the receipts in front of you. You then insert the same color file folders into the hanging category folder, this way everything in the mortgages category is red and all the utilities files are blue. That box is labeled by year and at the end of the year you transfer all the contents out of the drawer into the box and then you have a nicely organized system by year that you can have for tax preparation or storage. This way if these documents are in an easy-to-carry binder you can take them with you when you need them without having to rummage through a bunch of files. Make sure you let anyone who may need to make decisions on your behalf know where to find this binder in the event you or your spouse need someone to handle your affairs if you are unable to. And wouldn't you like to spend a spring weekend outside enjoying the sun rather than searching for receipts and getting all your expenses accounted for? Here's a simple paper management system specifically tailored for real estate professionals. When it comes to your paperwork and your business papers it is easy to get overwhelmed with expenses, paperwork, and files.
Let's start with a simple system for tracking your client files and keeping all of the paperwork in order. The eye can pick out files quicker if you minimize the amount you have to look through and by using color coded files you can achieve this. Making the most of your business expenses is a good business practice and one that can save you money in the long run. Many sellers are still reluctant to stage, making it a tough sell for their real estate agent. Most believe their home is decorated beautifully, usually with their favorite colors and personal décor.
Updating decor, particularly in key rooms such as kitchens and baths, can mean the difference between selling quickly and for top dollar or facing a price reduction if a home sits on the market for too long.
For many sellers, staging and low-cost renovations preserve valuable equity and can even boost a home’s selling price. Enlisting a professional stager as a third-party expert and part of the selling plan provides tremendous value to both the real estate agent and seller. For example, one client received a seven- page recommendation from a stager, but shopping for updated décor and managing the updates were up to the seller. No matter how closely teams resemble one another on paper, real estate teams will always vary in terms of production.
The first step is to learn how high performance teams operate, and acquiring this knowledge will take time. I know it can be tempting to take back routes to save time, but you want to show off the area for the buyer which means taking regular routes. For example if the buyer asks if the basement is finished and your reply should be factual and should end there. If they walk into a home and love it, don't rush them just because you are on a timed schedule to get to the next house that they might not even like.
If you are working with a couple let them work out their differences on their own when it comes to choosing the right property.
This process just led to buyers discarding every property they saw in the first few minutes instead of really taking the time to examine the possibilities.
Property buyers are recognizing video marketing as a major differentiator and are moving to favour agents who can demonstrate strong capabilities in the area.
A few years ago they bought Youtube for a hefty sum of money, and re-aligned search algorithms to prioritize video content. Their market update videos show up at the top of the results and position them in the minds of the consumer as experts in their area. Integrated solutions today incorporate video auto-responders and video drip campaigns for more personal, memorable stand out communication, video sharing for social media, cloud-accessed branded video email and video newsletters with powerful analytics that enable extended video footage without file size email limitations, and face to face video conferencing and broadcasting to engage unlimited REO Auction attendees from around the world, capture and re-purpose live events for re-marketing and other communication needs.
Our affordable Business Strategy Planning Powerpoint Templates Houses Real Estate Sale Ppt Slides are only a heartbeat away.
Almost anyone can design a website these days, but not everyone can understand the importance a website brings to a brand. Our postcards are direct mailed to any target market in the country in quantities from 500 and up. WE become the buyer of our own home and are trying to get another person to accept the offer WE are making on the property in our Counter offer. Or you may have a home office which has a percentage of the utilities paid by your business.
By the time they sit down to reconcile these receipts it becomes a major search mission to match receipts to statements because they are not in the right date order or separated by accounts.

For example: If you normally use one debit card and two credit cards then have three dividers and each time you have a new expense simply file the receipt in the appropriate section and all receipts are filed behind one another. They save me so much time when filing because I can simply look for the colored files when I do my filing and it makes my filing so much faster. Those categories need to include any and all accounts you have that need to be paid or that need some attention from you on a regular basis. Go get some colored folders and a binder and revolutionize the way you handle the paperwork in your life.
Many agents struggle with a simple system to keep their files and paperwork in order but it will greatly benefit you to find a good way to handle all the paperwork and files that comes your way during the course of business. Some agents prefer to color code by designating all the files in specific year by a particular color. For keeping track of every receipt you get while out on the road I highly recommend that agents use a very simple system of putting all new receipts behind all previous receipts so that when your bank statements arrive you can easily reconcile them. Several key points can help overcome skepticism and convince sellers to stage first if they want to sell. But there is a big difference between decorating and staging to appeal to a large pool of buyers. Ultimately, I believe staging brings offers in quicker and makes the entire process easier. Take two teams of five agents each, and even though experience level or age or any of those factors may match up perfectly, one team will still produce an average of ten home sales per agent in a given year while the other may only produce five. As long as agents don’t want to jump across those hurdles, you will enjoy increased market share. But successful team building is a constant process, and if you go in recognizing this, then you’ve already started on the path to ultimate team success. They will let you know soon enough if they want to up the budget, because of the compromises they may have to make at a lower budget, but NEVER up the budget for a buyer before they give you the go-ahead. You never know when the property may be wrong but the neighborhood may be right, which targets your search down the road. I actually loved the house, loved the idea of finishing the basement myself, and loved the idea of a house that I could gut and make completely mine. Be open to adjusting your viewing appointments as the seller is able so the buyer experience can be improved. Present the material facts about the property and allow them to decide which is the right fit. I used to provide a viewing checklist for buyers to take notes along the way with some photos of each home. Helping someone buy a home is a great honor, so make their experience sensational by following these seven easy steps.
Their just listed, open house and property videos are easier to find online and are increasingly becoming a key source of business traffic and leads.
We design custom graphics to deliver your message, drive sales, and help you stand out amongst your competitors. And we can offer printing services for anything and everything from business cards to large format, and anything in between.
The only difference between a man and a mouse is a mouse will stop running in a maze if the cheese is removed. Today I am addressing how to keep your personal paperwork from becoming overwhelming and next week I will address some ways to handle your business filing and papers. You may have receipts for things paid by check or cash, debit card, or a number of different credit cards (both for personal and business). The purpose for doing this is so that when your bank or credit card statement comes you can simply and easily reconcile these receipts and they will automatically be in date order because they were filed by date. Your eye quickly takes you to the colored section that is appropriate and you actually save time when filing. During my years as an agent, I have developed a few systems that I would like to share with you and that you may find helpful to implement. Other agents like to color code the way I described in our previous article about personal files and financial filing, which uses different colors for each category of expenses.
Now I ask: If you could somehow figure out how this successful team achieved such high sales, would you do it? For body builders, that probably means countless hours in the gym and careful monitoring of their food intake. This agent was not an inspector or a contractor and his comments lead me to believe there was more wrong with the house than just the cosmetic challenges, whether there were or not.
Their prominence using video technologies has also definitively given them an edge during listing presentations.
Blue Water Designs offers a full array of graphic and printing services for small business, corporate offices, restaurants, political races, and more. Experience lets us work directly with the printer to guarantee you a price that will fit your budget. We take the time to understand your goals and objectives, and find the best possible solution to your online project. You did this without having to think about it or sort anything; you simply had to have a rule around how you filed the receipts when they came in. Here is a list of what some of those categories might be and how I would recommend color coding them.
Color coding it this way makes it easier to quickly identify and file invoices, receipts, and statements.
While real estate success may not require you to put down the sweets and hit the weight room, building a high performance team takes just as much drive, dedication and willingness to change.
Conversely, the High Performance Team will have clear goals, accountability, selfless attitudes, and core values that work to create the kind of high performance group all real estate teams should be.
Some couples banter back and forth and while they might appear to be arguing it could just be the way they process information. We offer FREE consultations to discuss many advertising, printing, design options to best suit you and your business. Our mailing services include presorting mailing lists, CASS and NCOA Certifying Lists, Addressing & Barcoding Postcards, and Use of Permit & Delivery to the Post Office. When your wallet gets too full all you have to do is take the receipts out of your wallet and put them into the account file in an envelope. And, of course, if they haven't found the right home just yet, you want them to want to see more, not be overwhelmed by the process. When you go to reconcile your monthly statements you simply begin reconciling the receipts in the envelope first and then move on to any that might remain in your wallet.

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