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For realtors, postcard printing is one of the most economical and effective ways to make your name and expertise known to the neighborhoods you serve or plan to serve.
If you’d rather leave the design, printing, and mailing of your realty flyers in the hands of professionals, for one very low cost, you may seek out a printer who offers full service EDDM design, printing and mailing. Recent PostsWhy Using Door Hangers Is an Effective Marketing StrategyWhat’s one thing that gets your attention when you walk up to your front door? Should You Use Brochures as Part of Your Business?When you think of a brochure, what image comes to mind?
Preparing Your Artwork Files for Commercial PrintingYou want your printed products to look clean, bold and impressive, right out of the box. Remember when dressing for the office, or for meeting with clients, it’s important to wear clothing that is appropriate, does not send the wrong message, or upstage the person you are meeting with. If however you work in a more relaxed industry, or are allowed to wear business casual, the standards are much less defined.  Pantsuits, more flowing skirts and blouses, as well more even more casual business pants matched with a nice sweater might be acceptable. The trick when dressing for business is to know what the standards are of the company.  Also, if you are meeting with clients vs.
Choose colors in a muted pallet.  Flashy, bold colors may be fun, but they often do not portray a seriousness required in the workplace. Stick to skirts and dresses in a more formal environment.  If the environment is more casual pants are ok, but be sure they are more tailored and more businesslike such as Khakis, or Corduroys.
When choosing shirts be careful to be as modest.  In most business situations it is appropriate to wear shirts or sweaters that do not reveal too much cleavage.

Remember, when you’re choosing to dress for business to consider that co-worker, clients, as well as employers will learn a lot simply by how you come dressed.  Choose clothing that helps to portray your confidence, professionalism, sophistication, as well as style. It is a good idea to get a headshot taken for your flyer that makes you look trustworthy, approachable, and professional. Foil stamping is an easy and affordable way to add eye-catching yet tasteful accents to your postcard, whether you choose to highlight your own name, the realty company name, a certain logo, or to create a pattern or special graphic with your metallic highlights.
We’re just kidding — real estate can be a very profitable field to work in, but, as you undoubtedly know, having a license is not a guarantee to overnight success. Some printers even often turnkey postcard design, printing, and neighborhood saturation mailing services, making it almost effortless for you to get the word out.
Hey, a tiny bit of sex appeal never hurt either, but we’d advise against too much cleavage or any lip licking.
This premium printing option is very effective for realtors seeking to set themselves apart by putting extra thought into the printed materials that represent them. Printers who use this service usually offer a package that includes design services, printing, and then actual delivery (through the US Postal Service) to an entire zip code or just sections of a neighborhood within that zip code, for a very low cost per piece of mail. Get in touch with a trusted printer today and inquire about full-service EDDM marketing campaigns to get the most for your time and money. Obeng to speak at MSU CommencementThe Massive New Medical Marijuana Market in Mexico: San Diego Company, Medical Marijuana Inc. Real estate is one of those fields where you make your own destiny, and while we can’t predict exactly what that destiny will look like, we can guarantee you one thing: If you don’t make any noise about yourself and let people know you’re the new realty king or queen on the block, your career is probably headed for mediocrity at best.

OTC PINK MJNA, Eyes New OpportunityLeading HR tech company offers employees unlimited year-long paid parental leaveThe Massive New Medical Marijuana Market in Mexico: San Diego Company, Medical Marijuana Inc. So while you may not have the advertising budget to put your face over the highway just yet, you definitely do have the dough to make some strides forward in advertising. But once you have your headshot, you can either design your postcard yourself, get in touch with a professional graphic designer, or send your picture and your preferences along to a professional printer who has in-house graphic designers. With it, you can reach every person in your targeted radius, putting your name, your face, your areas of expertise, and your contact information directly in their hands.
Think about using tasteful color schemes that are relatively low-key and that will inspire ideas of reliability. Think about the characteristics people value most in a realtor: honesty, consistency, good communication, diligence, frugality, and high energy. You tell the printer what kind of design or “feel” you’re looking for, you deliver the text and photos you want displayed, and you tell them to whom you want your postcard delivered. Colors that convey these ideals are generally cooler and more temperate – blues, greens, and purples. But your postcard design should also be a reflection of your personality, so if you need to punch it up with some kinetic orange, red, or yellow, more power to you.

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