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OneNote 2013 is a note-taking application by Microsoft that is available for various desktop and mobile operating systems.
It is part of all editions of Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365, and has been made available as a standalone version for Windows as well. This standalone version has been freely available in a limited version for personal use since last year for Windows 7 and newer systems of the company.
Several OneNote features were restricted or not available at all in the free version on the other hand, and users who wanted to access those as well had to buy a full copy of Office 2013 or subscribe to one of Microsoft's Office 365 plans.
Brad Carob, the program manager for the OneNote team, announced yesterday on the company's Office blog that these restrictions have been lifted. This means essentially that users who run the standalone version of OneNote on Windows 7 or Windows 8 get the same feature set as users who run it as part of an Office 2013 installation or Office 365 subscription. A section is a tab in OneNote and it is now possible to password protect individual sections in the application. This is done with a right-click on the section and the selection of Password Protect This Section from the context menu that opens up. This is also the place to delete  all versions or disable the history entirely for the notebook.

It is now possible to embed Office documents and other files directly in a OneNote notebook. While that is great for users of the free version, there is still one restriction in place and that is that you cannot create local notebooks.
If you are already running OneNote 2013 on your system you can perform an update check with a click on File > Account. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
The free edition of OneNote stores your notes on OneDrive for easy access across all your devices and works whether you’re online or offline. Unfortunately, this blog does not mention the addition of 15 GB of OneDrive space (free) that makes it very easy to share with all of your devices (Windows and more). I prefer the windows 8 app instead of the standard onenote - it has a nicer interface and is a fraction of the size and memory footprint.
Last Friday, the Tik Tok singer’s request to be released from her recording contract, because the producer allegedly sexually assaulted her, was thrown out by New York City Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich. Recently, Taylor Swift donated $250,000 to help with her financial needs during the trial, while a number of celebrities and female musicians have rallied around Kesha following the verdict.

Most important for Kesha, is that these beautiful, powerful women are standing behind her, letting the world see how powerful the truth is! Kesha first sued Dr Luke in California back in 2014, accusing him of sexual assault through the use of drugs and alcohol. To do so switch to the Insert tab in the main toolbar and select either the record audio or record video button there. The free version of OneNote supports Microsoft's cloud storage service OneDrive exclusively for saving data. Note that it is offered as a 32-bit and 64-bit download and that you need to pick the right version if you have Office installed on your system.
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