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Restaurant Marketing (when done right) can slash thousands of dollars from your restaurant marketing expenses starting the very first month.
Join now and get immediate access to all of my restaurant marketing articles, downloads, programs, spreadsheets, ads, interviews, our private discussion forum and more.Click here for details.
Many restaurant managers find that they can use a Million Dollar Bill to bring customers back. Everything you need to quickly drive a starving crowd to your restaurant on a shoestring budget. On a personal note, I have a profitable website that I no longer have time to run and I am offering it for sale. For example, the Mandolin and Accordion are two popular and interesting musical instruments used by many restaurants to deliver a unique experience for their guest. Learn the secret restaurant marketing strategies and plan that will slash thousands of dollars from your advertising budget while bringing in all the customers you'll ever want with my . Join our community of independent restaurant owners and restaurant managers who are growing their restaurants by leaps and bounds.
Don't let another day go by without implementing this strategy into your restaurant marketing plan.
Here's the $96 technique Todd used shortly after he opened his new Pizza Bistro restaurant to increase sales by over $10,000 a month. Getting other webmasters to provide a link to your restaurant website (and include it in the text of an article that's on their site) is not easy, but here's a technique that works almost every time. What you see when you do a Google search to check on the ranking of your website is not what the rest of the world sees. Keep the same prices you have now, but the next time you print your menu, show your prices in this new format and it's been scientifically proven to greatly increase your sales .
It takes more than having good food and great service to get customers to become regular customers and get them to make your restaurant their favorite restaurant. If you've been reading my articles for the last few years, you know I have been preaching the reasons why you should use only White Hat SEO techniques.
You can buy newspaper ads, use table tents and banners, but nothing will bring you more calls from people who will actually be booking a special event (today or within the next few days) than this one $25 investment . The problem with most restaurant marketing ads is that they are just you blowing your own horn and potential customers take what you say with a grain of salt. You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to use romance to fill every table in your restaurant. One of the worse things you can do in the restaurant business is try to market a restaurant that's not ready to be marketed.

You probably have fond memories of riding a carousel as a child or of taking your children for their first ride on a carousel. If you had out of town guests and were going to take them out to dinner at some restaurant (other than your own), where would you take them and why? Recently I told you about Google's upcoming Panda 2.0 algorithm update that was supposed to cause major changes in the ranking of websites. The project can be completed with a printed book in your hand within two weeks for a total investment of $4100 and three hours of your time.
Restaurant industry professional helping small restaurants with their training, operations, and marketing needs.
Free Report Of The MonthEach month I reward the people who read all the way down to this bottom corner with a free report. At High Impact Restaurant Solutions our mission is to grow your sales and increase your profits. To sign up for your free on-site restaurant operations consult ($300 value), please send us your full name, email and phone number below and we will contact you ASAP.
If you want more profits, better restaurant reviews and a smoother running restaurant with less stress, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s face it you’re in business to make money and in the restaurant business that means watching every nickel and dime. Hopefully, at the end of the month and year you are able to keep enough cash to squeak out a decent living. If you’ve worked in a restaurant, and I’m betting you have if you’re reading this article you undoubtedly have come to the crossroads of quality vs. If you look around at your employees and feel you want them to have better talents and skills, forget about replacing them. If your tables are full every day, you probably don’t need one (unless, of course, you’d like to make a bigger profit). Our experience includes many building types including residential, public and urban design projects. Here's the simple proven no-cost technique that makes it happen -- that is IF you're willing to do it . Let a retired restaurant advertising salesman reveal the inside secrets of how to buy all of your advertising at discounts up to 80% or more. Not only do these links increase your ranking, but they bring people to your website who are already interested in your restaurant . It's not just that thin content pages won't do you any good, Google will actually drop the ranking of your site if you have pages with what they consider to be useless information.

The worse part is that I don't think most restaurant managers even know what the little things are that are hurting their restaurants. You may know that you need a new website, but you're not sure you want to spend all of the money for a new website that may not be any better than the one you have. Here's how to get a raving article published about your restaurant that make potential customers feel like they have discovered a charming, unique restaurant they will want to visit . If you bring customers in and they're not satisfied, it's hard (or next to impossible) to bring them back again.
Now you can have fond memories of a carousel bringing a lot of customers to your restaurant by taking advantage of the new Google Carousel. Getting your customers to consider you their favorite restaurant or their restaurant of choice is not easy, but it's worth more than any advertising you can do.
It's being called, Penguin 2.0 because it's not just a tweak of the previous three Penguin algorithm changes -- it's almost totally different. Take time and make sure you're not overlooking the obvious things that can make your restaurant great.
Here's how to have a great new website up and running in half an hour for less than a dollar -- and you can do it all yourself .
Our creative process tailored to our clients needs allows us to produce innovative architecture at all scales.
Answer these seven questions and you can get your site back to ranking high -- where it belongs . That’s why we begin with an in-depth situational analysis of your concept, menu, systems, processes and routines.
We analyze each cost and revenue center to uncover where savings can be captured and where your profits will be maximized. It’s critical that we fully understand how you operate today in order to move forward to better profits. Whether fine dining or fast food we have the restaurant consultant experience, expertise and advice to help you achieve your goals.

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