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Posted February 28, 2011 Р Essential HDR is the fourth HDR software to be reviewed by Captain Kimo. Essential HDR is a very limited high dynamic range application, unlike the other three programs that were tested.
Tone mapping options are broken down into two methods, Fast Tone Balancer and Detail Releaver.
There are also 2 other control tabs under the tone mapping window available for adjusting the histogram and color temperature.
Essential HDR was able to process two sets f exposures without a problem, the underground garage and the Bangkok image. For the nighttime moon exposure Essential HDR wasn’t able to properly merge the file. As for the pier sunrise exposure, Essential HDR wasn’t able to merge the three large RAW files. Hello Mike,my eBooks focuses on Photomatix for creating HDR images but my post processing doesn’t stop there I also use Photoshop and Topaz plugins to get the final results.
I have been using Essential HDR (full purchased version) since late 2009 and have been satisfied with it. Video game commentaries, Let’s Play gameplays and montages have become very popular in recent years. Like most of its rivals, the Elgato Game Capture HD makes it possible for you to record your footage from your Xbox 360, PS3 and some of the older consoles. Game capture cards tend to fall into one of two camps: the garish, over-sized camp or the understated, desk-friendly camp. As a fan of gadgets that do the job without any fuss and taking up room, the Elgato Game Capture HD scores a perfect 10.
To be honest, the Elgato Game Capture HD could be pink with orange stripes and I would be none the wiser because it’s the quality of the recorded footage that counts. A lag-free connection means using the Elgato Game Capture HD will not affect response times so no blaming the TV when an enemy player kills you first, either. One of the most useful features is the ability to wind back a recording without actually pressing the record button. Another notable feature is the ability to record live commentaries so as you play a game, you can record your voice. From a tech expert to a complete newbie, setting up the Elgato Game Capture HD should be relatively straightforward. It gets more complicated if you are using an AV cable for an older console or a PS3 but in the box is the appropriate component connector.
Because the HDMI has to do a sort of digital handshake, the screen is likely to go black for a few seconds. With careful deletion and on-the-fly editing you could get away with a small hard drive but having oodles of storage space does make life easier and there’s less chance you will run out just when record a brilliant gameplay. As I mentioned, it’s always recording whether you hit the record button so missing or losing a gameplay only happens if you leave your console running and go out for a couple of hours.
In terms of editing, the cutting tools are good but very precise cuts will be difficult as you can only zoom into a video so far. There is a slight quirk that involves holding down CTRL on a PC or the Apple button on a Mac to gain access to a number of advanced options, including updating firmware and adjusting TV comparability, but at least the method is simple and Elgato’s own instructions are comprehensive. Upon connecting a right-angle HDMI connector I did experience the odd dropout but a quick bit of experimenting with the compatibility slider resolved the issue.
Having made around ten videos, mainly of Call of Duty Black Ops 2, I can assure you the Elgato Game Capture HD is a talented bit of kit.

For a fast-paced game that runs at 120Hz (a rarity, it must be said), Black Ops 2 looked excellent and I was able to worry more about the footage itself and not the output. Ultimately, the Elgato Game Capture HD can compete with just about anything on the market when it comes to video and audio capture quality. You could argue it looks a bit boring and, yes, a couple of its competitors allow you to plug a hard drive directly inside so you don’t need to have a PC or computer nearby, but these are minor points when you consider how well it works.
Simply put, unless your computer or Mac has to be in another room or you can’t afford the asking price, the compact Elgato Game Capture HD should be top of your consideration list.
All the options under these menus could have basically be put into one toolbar, which I would have preferred since I really dislike drop down menus. The Align option works very well as you can see in the photo of the underground garage which was a handheld shot. However I had a problem with the nighttime moon shot at the beach and the RAW files of the pier at sunrise. However, I recently purchased a newer camera (Canon 60D) and suddenly found the RAW files don’t work with this program. Typically, solutions are found in two extremes: prohibitively expensive¬† hardware used by industry professionals and budget devices unable to deliver high-definition output.
As such, it’s now entirely possible for YouTube celebrity commentators to make a good living from creating them. Rivals like the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 and the BlackMagic Intensity Pro have been dominating for quite some time, but an increase in popularity of game capture videos has lead to more companies wanting a slice of the increasingly profitable pie. Basically, the capture card sits between the TV and console connection and feeds off recorded footage to a PC or laptop’s hard drive. Fortunately for those of you with limited space and a dislike of garish colours, the Elgato Game Capture HD is a relatively small black block, with one wire connected to one side and two wires connected to the other. You will be glad to know, then, you get full 1080p capture and H.264 encoding to help keep files sizes more manageable. Because the device is always recording the last two hours, you can slide the bar back to when you want to initiate recording and hit the record button and then press it again. However, you will need a microphone such as the Blue Snowball to do this as you can’t record voice from either the PS3 or Xbox headset.
You first connect the supplied HDMI cable to your Xbox 360, connect your own HDMI lead from the device to the TV and then run a USB connection from the device to your laptop or PC. Head on over to Elgato’s website, download the version you need (both Mac and PC is supported) and go through the installation. Unless you have bought a hard drive just for the sole purpose of gameplay captures, perfect. Although true perfectionists will undoubtedly use more serious video editing software before publishing, the free program will do the job and do it without fuss. Then there’s the obvious button layout and one-touch sharing feature for releasing your video out in the wild.
You can get around this with practice, though, and it’s not really a big issue for most users.
Within ten minutes I knew my way around it and was jumping between the capture and editing tabs like a seasoned veteran. Even with the quality bar set halfway, footage looks detailed and smooth and upping the quality further really did show improvements. Pretty much what you see on screen will be nigh-on exactly what you get, minus a bit of detail lost in encoding. From setting it up to the ease of use and reliability, I’ve experienced only glorious, trouble-free video recording since day one.

Triby is similar to Amazon's Echo, Echo Dot and Tap devices, but adds in some extra features like an LCD display, preset buttons and more.
I only downloaded the community version for testing so maybe there are some limitations to this particular version. Would be even better if I clicked the OK button and Essential HDR allowed me to save my file automatically from there, thus saving me an extra click. I played around with various settings to try and resolve the issue but wasn’t able to fix the problem. I don’t know much about Essential it seems that they are a small company, most likely just one developer.
When I go to Essential’s website, I do not see any newer versions available nor to I see any entries later than December 2010 either on their website or on their support website. Finally, I’m considering buying your book – does it address any HDR program like this or does it only focus on Photomatix? With the release of the Roxio Game Capture bundle, the engineers at the Rovi Corporation hope to offer an affordable, middle-grade solution.Setting up both the capture hardware and bundled software in largely intuitive. Not everyone wants a luminous blue or green light shining in your face as you see with the Hauppauge HD PVR 2.
This saves you having to press record, a neat feature when you will be concentrating on the actual gameplay itself.
For ultra-precise editing you may find it limiting, but for live commentaries and and basic videos what you get will do you proud. Users simply route a component cable from their Xbox or PlayStation 3 to the capture box, and then use another set of cables to connect the device to their television.
Hard drives with 500GB of storage are around ?50 and an external Seagate2TB hard drive like the one I use cost about ?70. I feel that the same results can be achieved by using Photoshop’s Camera RAW software from a single RAW file. I was able to work around the problem by merging the file in Photoshop first to create a (.hdr) file. I’m not affiliated with any HDR software company, I just promote the one I use, which is Photomatix. Finally, a USB cable is connected between the peripheral and any open port PC port within the wire’s six-foot length.
After trying two units, I noticed a small but constant degradation in picture quality, whether the unit was gathering footage or not. Recalling the capability of a full-priced video editor such as Cyberlink’s PowerDirector, the program delivers an impressive toolset. Users can add and manipulate photos, audio, titles, as well as create some impressive transitions. While the application allows for a simple captioned montage to be produced with a little effort, power users will discover the ability to keyframe visual effects or add a picture-in-picture window into VideoWave’s five track timeline. While videos can be automatically uploaded to social sharing site such as YouTube, Facebook, and WeGame, periodically a clip wouldn’t post without any explanation from the application. I’m not sure if fault lay with Rovi or YouTube, but I hope a future software update could circumvent this mild nuisance, and eliminate the need for users to modify their videos. Elevated by a robust editing application, the bundle should be a primary consideration for any budget-minded user looking to share game video.

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