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IMG Worldwide Inc recently reached a deal to manage the Chinese Football Association Super League.
In my opinion, IMG sees the much greater reward to this venture compared to the risk involved. With the recent hard times facing consumers across the European region, McDonald’s has decided to rethink its strategy due to these external influences, and is beginning to offer discounted deals to increase spending into these markets. This article made me think more critically of the impact of McDonald’s long-term future. Yes, McDonald’s will always be viewed as low-cost, low quality as long as they implement the strategy that has allowed them to gain so much success. I was recently reading up on Wal-Mart and came across an interesting article on their strategic plans for the Japanese market. Though, given this information, a great deal has changed since Wal-Mart entered Japan ten years ago.

Prior to the economic crisis, these consumers may have spent more money to acquire items that made them feel as though they belong within their culture. Second, this article demonstrates the importance of constantly evaluating your strategy because new opportunities do arise and markets are always changing.
Possibly, these circumstances causing Japanese consumers to shop at Wal-Mart, might actually open their eyes to see that low-price does not always mean low quality. With the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards being held last night, I felt that it was almost necessary to assess the global strategy of production companies, utilizing successful television sit-coms in multiple countries. This strategy of pumping out locally produced versions of popular U.S shows is not just happening in Israel, but many of the emerging markets around the world. This same technique has been used with many shows, such as the Arabic Everybody Loves Raymond and the Chinese version of Glee.
With the Western market becoming matured, and ad revenues increasing in developing countries, global markets have become a major interest of U.S.

It truly is amazing how globally connected the world has become even based on consumer taste for television entertainment.
With our world becoming more and more globally connected, we must realize that there are profits to be made if you spend the time to understand your market and customize your product correctly.
BlackBerry has found a great deal of success in these countries due to its cheap prices and the dependability of BBM. With the world economy quickly changing, and new world powers emerging, BlackBerry could sustain profitability if they can continue to provide these countries the cell phone services that they most desire.
TV show can be aired in another country and be profitable, however this technique assures that these shows are customized just enough to appeal to their local audience.

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