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Reputable leader and strategic developer with a successful background orchestrating start-ups as well  as elevating organizational performance through skillful restructuring.
Effective in boosting sales revenues and impacting unit recognition, productivity, and membership through advanced leadership and implementations. Skilled presenter, communicator, and trainer with success targeting large community groups, impacting organizational performance and reputation.
Superior capabilities in selection, recruitment, training, and development of top performing talents.
Highly focused on adhering to organizational missions and philosophy while positively impacting bottom line and daily performance. Recipient of multiple national, industry, and organizational awards for superior leadership, performance, and contributions. Chosen to serve as a board member of the  National Trade Association for Fraternal Benefit Societies  as well the American Council of Life Insurance and LIMRA  Marketing Forum board.
Successfully penetrated the senior market  through skillful negotiation and cultivation of a key  partnership with a national marketing firm that enabled the  organization to offer a proprietary Medicare supplement to  members.
Recommended the initiation of a profit  subsidiary corporation focused on providing members with  alternative financial products. Captured $7M savings through orderly  dissolution of the organization's retirement home, ensuring  all residents were successfully and safely placed in  facilities equipped to meet their individual needs.
Introduced an early retirement plan  that captured 10% reductions in personnel staffing costs.
WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time.
The following practical approach to B2B content marketing strategy provides a framework to plan content development and marketing prioritized against your objectives and audiences. For many B2B leaders, content marketing is a key initiative when marketing a complex product or solution. The first step in building a B2B content marketing strategy is committing to measurable marketing objectives and prioritizing their importance against your business objectives.  B2B marketing plans often include both qualitative and quantitative objectives. Because content marketing is resource-intensive, you must prioritize your resource allocation to achieve better results. If you have the opposite priority of attracting more leads, then your investment priorities will be reversed.
The next step should focus on using a customer-focused articulation of the business you are in.

The classic example is Theodore Levitt’s question: “What business are you in?” He illustrates this point with drill bits. The third step in building your content marketing strategy is profiling your target customer segments. First, model your pipeline by understanding the different stages a customer goes through when deciding to do business with you.
The information-seeking has a broad focus, using more generic and high-level search terms and keywords.
They are seeking assistance with definition, scope, and internal buy-in to solving a problem.
Keywords and search terms will be more specific and will start to reflect solution alternatives or categories.
They have a solid understanding of how each alternative measures up and the decision maker is trying to get comfortable with committing to one of the decision alternatives.
Keywords and search terms will be much more specific and will be focused on specific solutions.
They have a solid understanding of how each alternative measures up and the decision maker is trying to get comfortable with committing to one of the alternatives. The chart below is the tool we recommend to map decision stages and content opportunities for your content plan.
Part of the answer to achieving better content marketing results is faster content planning and better execution.
What our customers say“ We have a proven track record with both large and small businesses across all industry sectors. This free business document can also be used by individuals to prepare a Sales Strategy presentation for a new startup or venture. Ensured the effective  promotion, communication, and delivery of member services to  over 200,000 individuals. Result: Unit achieved 20%  revenue increases the first year and profitability in the  4th year of operation.
Planning against these measurable strategic objectives allow you to report on marketing results instead of just tactical activities. This will help to identify which content categories, topics, and approaches are most relevant to your customer. Drill bit manufacturers care about everything involved in the production of their drill bits, but drill bit customers don’t really want drill bits.

Sales profiles, personas, and best customer models are tools you should use to profile your customer segments in order to improve the relevance and effectiveness of your content marketing. Make sure to focus on your customer’s needs and pains, rather than simply providing expert knowledge. Brainrider recommends using these 4 strategic elements as a practical framework to plan content development and marketing prioritized against client objectives and audiences. Otherwise, your campaign will be trying to accomplish too many things at once without focusing on your objectives. The key in building the right segments is to identify customer needs and pains, filter them through the business you are in, group their needs and pains by roles or audiences, and then use that data to profile your top customer segments.
Click here to download a working copy of the B2B Content Marketing Strategy Template or contact us for more information about how we help clients get better content marketing. Since completing the project we have secured two new clients and have a 12 month marketing plan to help us move forward.
While these areas of expertise are important to managing and operating a business, not all of them are relevant to what your customer wants to know. Understanding the business you are in through the lens of your customer ensures that you are marketing holes, not just bits. It is important to profile these segments by developing a long list of customer needs and pains using your customer’s own “How do I” questions.
Liaised with the public,  charitable organizations, and community leaders on a national  level. Provided representation in major events, serving as a key  speaker and member of community and national boards. I'm a South African working for World Vision in Thailand, and my enquiry stemmed from the challenges of my new assignment - The department lacks many things, including a strategy. Anyway, I was so impressed with your straightforward, clear answer that I had to say thank you and compliment you accordingly. The session was both focussed and thought provoking, and by the conclusion the team had displayed such an energy and synergy that I am both excited and optimistic about what we can achieve in the future. We all thought that the way in which you took us through the thought process, and brought it to a conclusion was very professional, and totally inspiring.

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