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Some of my favorite technologies, tools and platforms designed to help salespeople prospect and sell smarter.
Understanding your web traffic is critical to sales and marketing, especially if your website is promoting or selling a product or service. The folks at Google Analytics are sticklers for privacy, making it difficult to unearth any personally identifiable information about your website traffic.
Additionally, Visistat tracks each visitor’s behavior as they navigate throughout the website. As further reading, PC Magazine reviews Visistat at greater length and links to alternate products which I have not had a chance to test. I am a proud early adopter (circa 2010) of Rapportive, a plugin for Chrome and Firefox which allows you to view LinkedIn profiles inside Gmail.
If you need help sharpening your skills, the folks at Wordstream have put together this great resource for identifying unknown email addresses. Yesware is an email tracking tool that provides meaningful details on what happens to each individual email after it is sent.
As a whole, the data captured by Yesware is powerful enough to help each of your salespeople make smarter, more calculated correspondences. As Director of Client Relations, Jameel leads Brolik’s team efforts towards fostering new client relationships while keeping current clients happy. First and foremost, you must find out where your product has the most value and build your go-to-market around this niche. Once you’ve done the work to build your go-to-market strategy, there are great tools out there  that can help in managing your sales funnel efficiently over the course of a long 6 to 18 month sales cycle. As you work with organizations it’s smart to take their fiscal calendars into consideration. What we use: GuideStar is an online database for nonprofit organizations, which most healthcare systems are. The boards of big health systems are full of connected people — if you look at the big hospitals of any given city, they have many of the most important business leaders and well-connected people on the board of trustees. What We Use: Relationship Science is a networking tool that shows your connections to board members and executives. Once you’ve tested messaging and finding contact details for the executives you want to target is necessary in ramping up your outreach.
Given the evolving healthcare landscape and an over-sold c-suite, you need to be pitching your prospects continuously and intelligently on your product’s value. What we use: ClearSlide is an app that hosts shareable presentations, case studies, videos, etc.
You can also update the content you’ve previously sent out through Clearslide, as your messaging evolves over a 6+ month process. Given the long cycles In enterprise healthcare sales, you need as much data about engagement of your prospects as possible.
What we use: ToutApp shows you who’s reading your emails, who’s clicking your links, and who’s opening your attachments.
This is a guest post by the Head of Sales & Business Development of FORCE Therapeutics, William Porter. Clarity in communicating your offering and a clear focus on your ideal client is vitally important, but how do you close the sale when you getting so close…? We kick off with our meeting in Hale reviewing the issues we have with ‘selling’ and investigating solutions and strategies to improve our chances of closing sales more effectively and winning more business!
We’ll continue in more detail over the following weeks in CHORLTON and Northwich uncovering the issues that stop us from closing sales and devise practical solutions to improve our chances of winning business from now onwards! This entry was posted in Busy Bee Marketing Consultation, Marketing Tips, Networking by Caroline Evers.

Since Isagenix started doing business in Canadian currency this summer, we’ve been hard at work developing sales tools customized for the Canadian market. Product Catalog – Customized with Canadian pricing and product names, this recently redesigned product catalog should be one of your go-to tools for sharing Isagenix products.
Bonus Summary – See the Canadian values for all of our sales promotions and bonus programs at a glance!
Price List – See the pricing for all of our paks, systems, and individual products all in one place. Launch Party Kit – The Launch Party Kit contains everything you need to host a successful home meeting.
Use the AMPED Product Line to Help Your Business ThriveWhat Are Isagenix Events Worth to You? All trademarks displayed on this site, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Isagenix International LLC, and are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.
Google’s adamance towards privacy is a hard stance to knock, however it is a small impediment for sales driven organizations looking to make data driven decisions. Knowing which sections or pages a particular company is viewing improves our chances for prospecting them with a timely and relevant solution. I am always pushing Rapportive to every salesperson I meet, continually finding that the majority of sales professionals I encounter have never heard of the tool. Each time you compose an email in Gmail, Rapportive simultaneously populates rich contact profiles for each email address included in the thread. Persistent salespeople will typically follow up with prospects until the effort feels desperate or futile. Yesware tracks if an email has been opened, what time it has been opened and even how many times it has been opened. The service tracks links within emails, if attachments are opened and can even tell you which pages, and how much time prospects spend on a particular page of an attachment.
It eliminates wondering if sales email have been lost in the ether and has helped me reduce the number of pesky follow up emails I need to send. All health systems are not created equal, so figure out which sub-segments of healthcare need your product the most and and which organizations have characteristics that make them ripe for the deployment of your product. For us, it is extremely useful to know the paths we have into these organizations through existing connections (ie., investors, advisors, colleagues and friends). Once you’ve loaded in a list of people you’re close with, you can look at organizations you want to connect to and see if a connection exists.
The most common mistake in cold emailing is talking about a product rather than a solution: executives don’t care about your product, they care about their own challenges and opportunities.
Once you’ve determined which organizations you want to target and their key points of contact, Upwork can efficiently find their email addresses. This is tricky when you might only spend 3-6 hours with a particular executive in the course of year long sales process. Real-time data on who is reading and clicking through your emails helps to clarify the impact of content and drip marketing.
It also allows you to schedule your emails, which is critical when your targets include surgeons who are unreachable from 9-5 or executives who are in meetings all day. FORCE accelerates patient recovery from Musculoskeletal Diseases, which impact 50% of adults every year. We will analyse the problems and come up with solutions and hopefully each person will discover a few good techniques they can put into practice immediately and start winning more business!
Now shipping from the main hub in Utah, has all of your standard Isagenix sales tools, customized Canadian sales tools, and specialized print-to-order sales tools! You may not use the site or the materials available on the site in a manner that constitutes an infringement of our rights or that has not been authorized by Isagenix.

In my opinion every website, business or personal, should be integrated with Google Analytics. Visistat is a tool we use at Brolik to identify the actual companies and organizations visiting our website who would otherwise remain anonymous.
Instantly, you are shown what a prospect looks like, their profession and where they are located. What most prospects do not realize is that a salesperson actually prefers a “no” than no response at all. The service can even tell you the location of the recipient when they opened the email, as well as the device and browser type.
With an abundance of technologies being sold into health systems, knowing someone on the inside is crucial in cutting through the noise to get heard. By getting introduced to executives, Relationship Science helps you stand out in a market that’s flooded with products. They provide control over your materials and intel on who looks at your pitch, how long they spend on each page, and how many times they view it. Leading IDNs, Orthopaedic hospitals and surgeons use the FORCE platform to improve the value of their care through supported patient self-care, standardized provider practices, and streamlined communication.
Whatever small business owners tell us, ‘Selling’ is often near the top of the list! You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, translate, sell, create derivative works, exploit, or distribute in any manner or medium (including by email or other electronic means) any material from the site. Luckily the market is full of technologies, tools and platforms designed to help salespeople prospect and sell smarter. The user experience is straightforward and the data reads simply, making this an excellent resource for almost anyone, regardless of any formal analytics training. Lastly, the folks at Visistat recently introduced a new service called KickFire designed to help with researching leads and sourcing email addresses. Best of all, the data is real time and great for situations where a salesperson can catch a prospect in the moment, using the ability to infer if they are at or away from their desk. Many woman business owners I come into contact with, find it particularly challenging BUT closing sales and winning business simply has to be done!
When you purchase tools at (with a valid Canadian shipping address) you’ll save 10 percent, no coupon code needed!
Having spent the past decade as a salesperson and technologist, I have had the opportunity to try, test, implement and critique a wide array of sales technology products.
Lastly, small to medium size businesses who wish to implement Visistat can do so without breaking the bank. You can even get the scoop on mutually shared interests, something you can mention in an introductory email to establish a rapport. I have only recently begun using KickFire for Google Chrome and although the initial experience is promising, as with any new product it has room to improve. In the past, aside from read receipts, there was little innovation for email tracking and salespeople were often left wondering if their correspondences were forever lost in the ether. Also, Rapportive is a great way to verify the email addresses of prospects you are cold emailing.

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