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Sales managers have so many tasks and responsibilities that they often feel as though they are being pulled in a million different directions.
The best sales managers, though, know that some of their best tools are those that are designed for their sales reps. Of course, the list also includes sales management tools and software solutions that are geared solely toward sales management. The best sales managers provide their people with software that helps them to sell smarter and faster, and Sales Cloud by Salesforce does just that. OnContact CRM 7 is a great tool for sales managers looking to support their sales reps from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle. Helping teams work more efficiently is an important part of the sales manager’s job, and one tool that could not be any easier for sales reps to use is Yesware. A sales productivity platform, Clari combines mobile, design, and data science to help sales managers guide their teams through the selling process. Built for small business, Infusionsoft is sales and marketing software that makes everyone’s job easier, especially the sales manager’s.
Known as “the #1 cloud business management software suite,” NetSuite is quickly becoming the go-to sales management software. Sales managers need to help their teams streamline as much of the sales process as possible, to help teams stay lean and efficient.
Managing sales teams that can “close more leads in less time” is the goal of most sales managers, and SalesExec is ClickPoint Software’s lead management software that helps sales managers achieve that goal.
The Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system (EDGAR) of the United States Security and Exchange Commission is a searchable database that provides valuable information for sales managers and their teams. Motivating sales teams is critical to sales managers’ success, and Xceleration’s sales incentive program makes the process easy for managers.
At times, sales managers provide so many tools for their sales teams that they get bogged down in all of the technology. Sales managers see results with LevelEleven, “a sales performance platform that drives the behaviors that drive sales.” LevelEleven utilizes the competitive nature of salespeople, uses real-time leaderboards and performance recognition, and integrates with Salesforce data to make it simple for sales managers to increase sales with motivated sales professionals. With its cloud-based sales motivation software, Hoopla drives business results for sales managers and teams. Most often, the best tools for sales managers are the best tools for their sales team professionals. With Brainshark’s onboarding and training solution, sales managers have the capability of creating online and mobile video presentations easily. Let’s face it: sales still is all about converting prospects to qualified leads and closed deals.
All sales managers strive to help their sales teams perform at top levels, and Enkata is a sales management tool that uses “data intelligence for performance optimization” to help sales managers achieve that goal.
Geared toward small businesses, Contactually is a great choice for sales managers who want to create a collaborative environment with “increased visibility, shared relationships, [and] total security.” This sales management tool especially is useful in monitoring the team’s progress and performance. The “leading provider of simple, functional customer relationship management (CRM software) solutions for small and medium-sized businesses,” Maximizer CRM is an all-in-one solution.
Achievers is “the only true cloud-based Employee Success Platform™.” This invaluable sales management tool provides employee engagement and alignment, social employee recognition, manger tools, global rewards, achiever analytics, and more to help sales managers take their sales reps and organizations to a higher level. For sales managers looking to ramp up business growth, Point of Reference offers ReferenceEdge, a solution that helps the organization “leverage customer references” to achieve that goal. If you’re branding your signatures, why not create and customize branded ready-to-run mobile apps for your sales teams, too?
Salesforce Work is a sales performance management solution that helps organizations to “sell better together.” Sales managers will appreciate Work’s features that allow them to align teams with their business goals and motivate them with recognition and real rewards.
RAYNET CRM quickly has become one of the top CRM solutions for sales managers because of its intuitive dashboard and simplified interface. Sales managers select Reachable to empower employees “to work as a team to smartly leverage collective personal and corporate relationships to gain a competitive edge.” This unique tool uses the power of the employees to increase productivity and profits, which promotes intrinsic motivation and helps sales managers to inspire their teams without using gimmicks. TeamWox makes it possible for sales managers to foster team collaboration, promote transparency, improve productivity, and even reduce costs. Having access to the latest news and information sources is a critical component of a sales managers’ position, and Factiva provides that access in one place. Keeping sales professionals up-to-date and knowledgeable is important to a sales manager’s success, and Adobe Connect is a web conferencing solution with a few options to help sales managers accomplish that task.

Sales managers can celebrate high-achieving sales reps and deliver personalized recommendations to those who are not performing well with C9 Sales Execution.
Cornerstone Software provides its Sales Motivator software to help sales managers create and implement sales compensation plans.
SuMo for Salesforce helps improve sales management by increasing organizational performance through sales team member motivation and behavioral change measurements.
Chaos Software caters to micro business and individuals with their CRM applications, since their products function on a shared database on a network and do not require any server hardware or software. LivePlan is made for managers, as it “simplifies business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and performance tracking for small businesses and startups.” The sales management software makes it possible for sales managers to do everything from set business goals to view critical numbers in the easy-to-use dashboard. Tactile CRM is web-based sales management software best suited for small businesses and departments. Sometimes, the hardest part of sales management is choosing a CRM solution that sales team members actually want to use. 2015 best sales kitchen tools made in alibaba china electric apple peeler corer slicer2015 best sales kitchen tools made in alibaba china electric apple peeler corer slicer   electric apple peeler corer slicer Product Description 1.
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When sales reps have tools that enable them to work efficiently, sales managers enjoy knowing that they are achieving lean management and increasing profits. Set weighted benchmarks for each role in your organization and give employees a continuously running, real-time score of daily, weekly, and monthly performance.
With a long list of features, Sales Cloud by Salesforce allows sales teams to do more in less time.
OnContact software guides sales teams through everything from scheduling appointments to writing proposals to generating quotes. Sales team members can track emails and work more effectively and efficiently from their Gmail or Outlook inboxes.
An easy-to-use online sales solution, OnePageCRM keeps all contacts and sales information in one place and has a proven follow-up system. Sales managers choose Clari because it works with existing enterprise systems and improves productivity and increases sales forecast accuracy. Not only does Infusionsoft help mangers “get organized, grow sales, [and] save time,” but the company’s Small Business Sales and Marketing Scorecard serves as a tool that helps sales managers evaluate marketing methods, social media efforts, and sales techniques. NetSuite CRM+ especially is a smart choice for sales managers because it “is the only cloud solution that delivers a real-time 360-degree view of your customer.” The software solution helps sales team members work their way throughout the customer lifecycle and offers quotes, order management, commissions, and more to help managers streamline their organization’s sales process. DemoChimp is a solution that sales managers absolutely should not overlook because it packs such a powerful sales punch by automating sales and marketing conversations and then measuring them. From getting leads to reporting on sales activity, SalesExec is a smart sales management software choice.
When companies file their required forms, they include information that is helpful for teams seeking information about them for sales purposes.
With their scalable RewardStation technology, Xceleration is a perfect sales management solution for inspiring individuals and teams or organizations of any size. You Don’t Need a CRM is different because it is a simple and efficient software solution that gets sales professionals tracking and closing deals instead of spending hours filling out forms and inputting data.
Hoopla’s Sales Motivation Platform “combines modern game mechanics, data analytics and broadcast-quality video in a powerfully simple sales gamification application,” making it easy for mangers to create contests and competitions to motivate sales team performance.

Repsly allows sales managers to organize and optimize their field teams, as they can see exactly what their reps see. Bunchball Nitro for Salesforce integrates the advanced gamification engine with your Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to motivate your sales team to sell more.
By providing the right tools for their teams, sales managers satisfy their reps and help them sell more in less time. Brainshark results in more effective training and productivity because it enables sales managers to produce content tailored to their own teams every time. SalesLoft is one of the simplest online solutions sales managers should provide for their teams to make it happen. With solutions for sales management, customer service, and marketing automation, Maximizer CRM is a top choice among sales managers who want to streamline their organization’s sales process. Sales mangers choose ReferenceEdge to help teams spend more time selling efficiently and less time looking for customer reference requests and content. And, everyone in sales knows that standing out from the crowd is one of the best ways to close deals and increase profits. AppGlu allows you to build apps yourself or builds them for you to “ensure that marketing and sales materials are professionally presented, consistent, and always current.” Sales managers need to be sure the right message and look are getting out to prospects and clients, and AppGlu takes the worry out of the process.
Keeping things simple helps sales team members to work more efficiently and productively – two sales management goals that are met by RAYNET CRM. An enterprise management system, TeamWox is a smart choice for sales managers of small and medium-sized companies who are looking to grow sales and team performance.
Through online meetings, eLearning, and webinars, Adobe Connect is a sales management tool for connecting to sales teams and sharing pertinent information. C9 Sales Execution provides analytics and recommendations, plus a performance chart that details reps’ performance to motivate them.
Specifically, SuMo is a sales management tool that employs game mechanics to motivate employees to use your CRM with fidelity and remain engaged and focused throughout the sales process. Chaos Software’s Chaos Intellect 4 is one of the most affordable sales management solutions available for micro businesses or individuals, but it includes a long list of features.
Designed for companies “with large, complex sales organizations,” Right90 Sales Forecast Capture allows sales managers to increase sales collaboration and promote accountability while driving more thorough and accurate sales forecasts. Most sales managers choose Tactile CRM because it is easy to use, keeps all of the important information and resources in one place, and allows them to share information within their organization virtually effortlessly. CampaignerCRM is “the next-generation suite of powerful sales tools for smarter sales management” and is known as being a CRM solution that sales reps actually use because of its integration capabilities and easy-to-use features. Relocking is easy since there are no eccentric components that must be opened or closed inside the hole. Companies and developers want to make the sales management job more… well, manageable, but often the result is too many tools and not enough time to use all of them. Small business sales managers will enjoy more time doing their own work because OnePageCRM allows for “almost zero admin sales,” by making it possible for sales reps to move on to the next action with prospects themselves. You Don’t Need a CRM is perfect for small business sales managers looking to see increased sales and productivity from their sales teams.
After using Repsly, sales managers will wonder how their sales teams worked effectively without it.
Yooba is one of those tools, because it turns sales and marketing materials into apps and adapts to your sales teams’ best practices. Diminished research time allows sales managers to spend more time taking action instead of looking for the information needed to make decisions.
That’s why sales managers choose WiseStamp, a Firefox and Google Chrome add-on, for creating consistent, branded, and appealing email signatures across their organizations. C9 Sales Execution does so much that sales managers will be able to do more to increase productivity and profitability and spend less time on the analysis and reporting that C9 Sales Execution does for them.
The result is sales management spending less time forecasting and more time increasing sales participation.

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