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But you may also be wondering what the heck an algorithm is or what SEO has to do with you. In short, I was looking for someone to speak to me like a human, and all I got was robot talk.
From blogging and writing online for nearly six years, however, I’ve learned that knowing how search engines find your content is worth the hassle of the occasional robot conversation. So, here’s a quick crash-course on search engine optimization (for humans) and why you should care.
SEO is a series of actions you do to make people find your stuff online more easily (for free!). Also, people trying to make money on the internet have discovered that by creating content that is more easily found via search engines, they end up saving themselves a ton of time and cash by creating SEO content. What I want to express more than anything is that there are simple things you can be doing that don’t cost you any more time when creating content that will actually help you out a lot in the long run. For instance, on your blog, you could change the permalink structure so that your URLs contain the keywords from your title. This info is so needed and fabulous!  Thank you for sharing it in a way that can understood. Hi Jeff, I’ve been wondering about SEO for a while, and all I got online were super jargon-heavy tech-savvy guides that made me feel like I was reading a made up language. Every blogger look for some helpful tips and good resource where updates in SEO system available. Thanks for sharing this important and helpful information for doing promotion for your online business. Don’t Miss a Thing!Every week, I write new articles on writing, ideas, and making a difference. Search engine optimization is not a set number of rules or guidelines that are presented to webmasters to follow.
In previous years, search engine optimization was commonly abused by most webmasters and marketers by stuffing content with relevant keywords. While these variables still remain important in today’s SEO strategies the process of optimizing them has changed to some degree. The next step would be to generate hundreds of links to your website that contained the anchor text Black Dress. This process worked for some time, but once black-hat or unethical SEO’s figured out that they could simply take any page on their website and stuff relevant keywords in the content and get other websites to link to that page with those same keywords and rank high in the search engines the process became less validated.
Google quickly realized that they needed to make a change to their algorithm that would move these low-quality pages down in the rankings and reward those pages that are of high quality.

For example, if this guide is essentially the exact same as every other SEO guide and in addition filled with advertisements and unnecessary fluff would it really provide any true value to the user? Does this mean you no longer need to optimize variables like page titles, meta descriptions, and content with relevant keywords? SEO Ranking Factors for Startups in 2013July 23, 2013 By Chad Luckie Leave a CommentAny Startup business owner knows the importance of SEO ranking.
The College of Marketing is a free online marketing community that was started by Chad Luckie the Managing Partner of Digital at Linkmedia 360. Content on this website is designed to help small businesses, start-ups, and individuals learn how to market their business or website on the internet. Feel free to join our discussion in the forums and share your opinion on the latest online marketing strategies!
The administrator of this site cannot be held responsible for what its users post, or any other actions of its users. Bloggers especially have realized the value of optimizing a website’s content for search engine visibility. This guide looks super easy to follow and I’m looking forward to implementing these steps bit by bit.
When someone research over internet then lot of websites are shown in research results which provide helpful tips but people look for trusted source which provide accurate information. I included your article on my lonely little blog, as I just started it and was recently looking up SEO. It is very important for any business to perform best in online market and that only possible with digital marketing and seo.
This blog is where I share my best work and test out ideas before they make it into my books. It is the practice of making a technically sound and user-friendly website that contains valuable and unique content. Google now looks at that page on your website and sees that black dress is an extremely important part of the page and hundreds of other websites are also linking to your website with the keyword black dress so Google assumes that it must be a very important page about black dresses. Google in 2011 announced the Panda or Farmer update that essentially discounted all websites that had thin content, high advertisement to text ratios, content farms (low quality article directories), and variety of other quality control variables.
No, in fact it is still very important to make sure all variables are relevant to the page you are optimizing. Depending on the industry, most businesses should expect to lose money in the first year due to overhead costs. Or perhaps you re a tech-savvy search engine marketer who wants a peek under the hood of a search engine optimized web site.Search engine marketing is a field where technology and marketing are both critical and interdependent, because small changes in the implementation of a web site can make you or break you in search engine rankings.

The modern search engines have evolved to detect fraudulent marketers who simply stuff content with keywords and now look for high quality content that is relevant, but truly optimized for the human user. In lamest terms Google wants to find websites that are technically sound with high quality unique content that provides value to the user. It simply means just adding keywords to add keywords will do you know good and can in fact hurt you if Google deems it is web spam or fraudulent search engine optimization. Companies pay very high to SEO Experts and the scope is continuously increasing.So, if you are also interested to learn Search Engine Optimization and get your job as SEO expert in a reputed company, here I am listing 10 best websites that will provide you most comprehensive and powerful knowledge about SEO.
Each week, I send out a newsletter with free tips on writing and creativity.Start Building Your Audience TodayDownload my free eBook and learn exactly what I did to grow my blog from zero to 100,000 readers in 18 months. I was happy to finally find someone who was able to explain it to where I could understand it! These websites will teach you Search Engine Optimization from the very basic to advance level. Articles provided in the categories: SEO, PPC, Advertising, Marketing, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, etc. You can signup to their plans to get training, tools and video tutorials from their specialized staff.Search Engine WatchSearch Engine Watch is the website similar to Search Engine Land which posts SEO News and latest updates related to marketing, advertising, etc.
He post SEO tips, strategies and advices to help other bloggers to make a money-making blog.
Neil Patel, who is well known SEO Expert (hired by Microsoft, Amazon, Gawker Media, TechCrunch etc.) shares his strategies and other powerful strategies that other SEO experts or companies have implemented and which helped them.
Our website also covers very powerful blogging guides, tips and strategies so stay tuned with our website too. I have a question i my mind, should i have to login or become a member of the site to become a SEO Expert?I like SEO very much, I like your post. However, for sites like SEOBook, Moz, it is recommended to open an account to get access to more features. Get latest software tips, web tools, new freebies, giveaways & contests' details at your Inbox.

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