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Our chart above summarizes the major factors to focus on for search engine ranking success (and thanks to Column Five Media, for the infographic design).
The Search Engine Land Guide To SEO explains factors in more depth, with tips and a tutorial on implementing them.
Get the code to embed the infographic on your site – a variety of sizes are available. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Get new social media, digital marketing, and personal branding content delivered straight to your inbox every month, just a click away, Sign Up Now. Unique and frequently updated content written with the user in mind is a critical component of any search engine optimization strategy.
In addition to exploring the current state of influence that content has on SEO, the infographic also provides a forecast of how the components of SEO will change in the near future.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All of our SEO and social media services are based on principals and techniques of Content Marketing. The first consideration is to understand how the new website will be structured around the specific content the site will contain. Although it is assumed that your current website probably addresses this, it’s often the case that your products or services could be structured better in a new website, notwithstanding the current structure of your old website(s). As you can tell by examples 2 and3, there are often multiple ways of logically structuring information, but frequently one alternative is optimal and easier for users and search engines, but this highly depends on what your exact offering is. Keyword research is a great way to identify the types of words users use when searching for your products and services. Once all three of these areas have been considered, it’s good to construct a thorough document that maps out each major segment of the website and what type of search this segment targets. Once the site structure of the website has been planned out, it’s important to move on to the meat of the site migration.

Those pages you have on old URL’s may have backlinks going to them which are lost if not 301 redirected properly. Similarly to point 2, if by chance any user has bookmarked a page aside from your homepage, when they return to it, it will 404, giving them a bad user experience.
While a new site is being structured, built and redirected, it’s often a good time to audit the on page copy of the website in order to look for ways it could be improved. When migrating a website it’s really important to consider all of these factors and construct a proper 301 redirect map.
Receive a free monthly newsletter and be the first to receive event invitations and free downloadable content. The following infographic from Brafton, an online news and content agency based in Boston, explains how content impacts the visibility of a website in search results. I also recommend checking out Brafton’s blog for more great content marketing related articles. We firmly believe that creating and distributing quality content that isA usefulA  engaging, and fulfills a need is THE best way to promote your business.
I've helped Fortune 50 clients, and many small businesses, increase their traffic and sales from organic search. In this article, I will explain the two major considerations when it comes to migrating a large website or even merging several large websites together into one new site: how to structure the new site and how to properly create a redirection map between the old site(s) and the new one. If it is a new website based off an old website or several old websites then those older website’s content will need to be catered for in a logical manner.
This step involves exhaustively listing your products or services out and looking for the optimal way to bring order to them. If you do have blog articles, how can they logically be organised into categories that represent the interests of your audience?
Not all categories or pages on a website are necessarily keyword targeted (some of them are just logical or structural in order to better organise other areas that are keyword targeted).
Imagine if everyone in a suburb moved address on the same day without leaving any forwarding address for the postman – the postman would continue to deliver his parcels to residents or possibly become confused, and the residents would be at a loss without all their essential mail and parcels. Failing to do so may have very negative effects on the search engine performance of a website.

Often merging several websites together into a newer one yields this opportunity as a byproduct. If you are getting an SEO agency to do the website migration it’s important to ensure that they’ve considered the picture from all of these angles.
Shawn loves his job, loves his life, and is a pure-bred, died-in-the-wool generation Y internet fanatic. Google and other search engines agree in that developing content assets is a great way to promote your business online. Often keywords that people use give insight into how they logically sort information in their minds which yields additional considerations in terms of your website structure. Similarly, if you just migrate a website without redirecting each URL properly, Google will revisit those URLs (the one’s it grew to know and trust) and find them gone. Since you’re launching a new website, take the time to consider: Can this copy be improved in any way?
Failing to do so can lead to a dramatic damage to a website in terms of its search engine performance. The internet is his work, the internet is his play, the internet is his learning ground, and his massive back yard.
It then drops those pages from its index and has to start again in terms of assigning relevance and authority to your webpages. Effectively your major pages (except the homepage if this has not changed) may lose all rankings while Google takes its time to figure out where everything went. Share26 Tweet69 Share22 EmailShares 117 Sunday Seven Newsletter Get 7 hand-picked, mind blowing marketing articles delivered directly to your inbox every sunday.

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