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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Identical content can seriously hurt your website page rankings, but using the Ultimate SEO Suite extension you can reduce the amount of duplication. You don’t have to optimize the functionality of your website, eliminate self-created duplicate content, or change the code – just use the power of canonization. The extension adds rel="canonical" URL's to the head of your product pages what allows search engines to avoid crawling the same page more than once.
The usage of canonical URLs in your sitemap is the best insurance that the pages you want will be found and indexed by search engines bots. Submit automatically generated canonical URLs to Google – allow this search engine to crawl and index your site more intelligently. Google accepts only up to 50'000 URLs per sitemap or a file size of 10MB – rather inconvenient for large websites.
If you allow including pictures in your sitemap, Google indexes these pictures and adds them to the picture search attracting more traffic to your site. The extension automatically replaces short product URLs with canonical URLs all over the store. Don’t worry if you are running a multistore – with this aheadWorks extension you can easily set different canonical links for every product for each store view. Using the Ultimate SEO Suite extension together with the below aW products opens extra possibilities. Although there are may SEO best practices docs on the web, a document for Ultimate SEO would be very helpful. I installed this extension,but faced a problem that my site can not be open,then I asked for technic support,they helped out resolved the problem.Good service!Now,the extension works well.I like it! Google is rigid in their requirements and we had to break down our sitemap into multiple files to meet the 10mb requirement.
I was really glad to have SEO Ultimate, but faced issues in generating the siteamp into multiple files.
As Magento doesn't have a SEO optimized Sitemap generator, the aheadWorks Ultimate SEO Suite is a must have for your store.
This extension runs fine with the Blog Community Edition extension and it can supply with the blog posts URL to the Google sitemap xml of Magento. I needed support from Aheadworks because the extension was not running due to another extension, and the support was awesome, they connected to my server and modified the needed files and in one day all was running. In addition, if you have any questions on the products – the compatibility, the functionality, or anything else – please do not submit them through a product review. I was looking for some site map solution that would satisfy my picky needs (to be seen as wp page not as wp post and to show list of categories with posts inside them). Here, xxx is ID of your plug-in post that you can find in your post URL at the end, or in _posts table of your WordPress database. Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here. A page’s description meta tag gives Google and other search engines a summary of what the page is about. Description meta tags are important because Google might use them as snippets for your pages.

Widget RSSLinux Howtos – Raid1 Setup On CentOS5 February 26, 2011This Howto covers Raid1 setup on preinstalled Centos 5.5 system. O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Recortar slides e uma maneira facil de colecionar slides importantes para acessar mais tarde.
SEO atau Search Engine Optimization adalah kaedah teknikal untuk mendapatkan ranking yang terbaik di dalam enjin carian terutamanya Google.
Selain dari cara yang biasa kita guna untuk menarik visitor seperti blogwalking, backlink, twitter dan sebagainya, SEO juga adalah satu alternatif yang terbaik untuk mendapatkan visttor dari search engine terutamanya dari Google. Search engine Google akan menggerakkan Spider untuk merayap ke dalam web atau blog untuk mencari keyword ataupun kata kunci. Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile. Even if there are two different URLs for one page, the search engine is never definite which page to show on this or that keyword, which page to give the PageRank to, and which page to consider as the main.
When crawling and indexing your site, search engines adopt canonical URLs and single out the main among the duplicate pages.
The Ultimate SEO Suite extension allows you to split your sitemap into smaller more manageable files that get approved by Google. You can either leave default categories used in the canonical URL or easily change them for every product. The guys at Aheadworks were very helpful and assisted us, to even reviewing our current configuration and advising us to do a full re-indexing to remove the old records.
Within a week of implementation on our sites, we saw a definite kick from organic search traffic and had a better rate of conversion. In some themes, like in one that I am using, it had previous post and next post links whenever a post was separately opened. Breaking your content up into logical chunks or divisions helps users find the content they want faster. Users who know a lot about the topic might use different keywords in their search queries than someone who is new to the topic.
You could also write an original piece of research, break an exciting news story, or leverage your unique user base.
This gives the user clues about whether the content on the page matches with what he or she is looking for. Tujuannya adalah meletakkan blog tersebut pada rangking atau kedudukan yang sepatutnya berdasarkan keyword pada hasil carian. Eventually, it divides the authority and page rank on its own what makes the page you are trying to promote far enough in the search listings. In other words, if there are two different URLs for one page, a canonical tag implemented by the extension tells the robots which page it should promote. In the meantime, we are really enjoying our Follow-up Email and Helpdesk Ultimate products which have increased conversion rates and simplify our customer service interaction.
For example, a long-time baseball fan might search for [nlcs], an acronym for the National League Championship Series, while a new fan might use a more general query like [baseball playoffs].

Google Webmaster Tools provides a handy content analysis section that’ll tell you about any description meta tags that are either too short, long, or duplicated too many times (the same information is also shown for tags). Alternatively, Google might use your site’s description in the Open Directory Project if your site is listed there (learn how to prevent search engines from displaying ODP data). Below is another example, this time showing a snippet from a description meta tag on a deeper page (which ideally has its own unique description meta tag) containing an article. O SEO nada mais e do que a otimizacao de uma pagina (ou ate do site inteiro) para ser melhor compreendido pelas ferramentas de busca. It shows page structure and also, some sitemap WordPress plugins create sitemap.xml file that is very useful when search engines map your site. Organic or word-of-mouth buzz is what helps build your site’s reputation with both users and Google, and it rarely comes without quality content. Anticipating these differences in search behavior and accounting for them while writing your content (using a good mix of keyword phrases) could produce positive results. Adding description meta tags to each of your pages is always a good practice in case Google cannot find a good selection of text to use in the snippet. Google AdWords provides a handy Keyword Tool that helps you discover new keyword variations and see the approximate search volume for each keyword. The Webmaster Central Blog has an informative post on improving snippets with better description meta tags. Porem, ao longo do tempo, foi possivel identificar as melhores praticas que se resumem em empregar o bom senso na criacao e estruturacao de um site. Also, Google Webmaster Tools provides you with the top search queries your site appears for and the ones that led the most users to your site.
It had visually all that I wanted (categories with list of posts that belong to them), but it was implemented as a post. Alguns exemplos sao urls claras, utilizacao dos padroes web, titulos de pagina racionais e a correta utilizacao das tags html que e linguagem utilizada para construir paginas web. I didn’t want that (yes, I know I could easily put it in sidebar as a link, but I wanted it to be on the top with other page links). Os exemplos sao quantidade de links apontando para o site, quais sites apontam o site e o conteudo do link apontado.
Dependendo destes fatores, as paginas sao pontuadas pelos sites de busca para que ele possa determinar a relevancia da pagina e quais as palavras-chave relacionadas a ela. Gaste um bom tempo nessa tarefa, este nao e o primeiro item por acaso, essa pesquisa e de fundamental importancia. Termos mais especificos tendem a trazer visitantes que realmente estao procurando o seu produto ou servico, levando a uma taxa de conversao maior. Ainda com a vantagem de pagar menos por estas keywords, que geralmente nao sao tao exploradas.

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